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Ever since being a little girl, Amy was believed that monogamy wasn't realistic as told by her rascal father. Now older and working for a magazine, Amy lives by that same credo- being free from stifling, boring romantic relationship. When Amy is assigned to write a new article for the magazine, she starts falling for the subject she's writing about, a charming and successful sports doctor named Aaron Conners.

Monogamy Isn't Realistic

Amy and her sister are only kids at the beginning of the movie, where her father explains himself about their mother and him getting a divorce but because they're little kids still, he explains it in a different way. The father explains his situation to his daughters with their toy doll Amy's sister is holding, saying that "You love your doll but what if i told you that you was only aloud to play with that doll for the rest of your life" With a reply from Amy's sister saying"Sad." He still explains his situation in a metaphorical way to his gullible children, while making them chant "Monogamy isn't realistic" so it sticks in their heads for a long time to come. 
A very short scene but it tells you a lot about why Amy, well...Why Amy is Amy. The father has clearly imprinted on Amy in a very negative way in her life but she thinks its the easiest and best way for her to get by in life and that's why it's so funny watching her become something like her father used to be, a player. I thought the metaphorical explanation with the kids toy doll was hilarious and clever to watch because it wasn't crude in any way but funny where the viewers can relate to and make them think on what he's trying to explain to his own daughters. 

The Rules

23 years later and we see Amy as a mature adult, well...Adult and sleeping with a numerous of men, narrating her own life and the rules she lives by so she can never commit to a real relationship because "Monogamy isn't realistic." When Amy is about to sleep with one of the guys she's just met, she pretends to be all shy and that she's never done anything like that before, which gives her total control of the situation and making the guy do what ever she asks him to do. Amy then pretends to fall asleep in the middle of their activity they were about to have, so that he falls asleep and that's when she starts explaining herself in a narration.

 "I'm just a sexual girl, OK! I am fine, i am in control. This is clearly not my first rodeo" She explains in the narration of the opening scene to the movie, showing us a bunch of guys she's slept with and telling us the rules she lives by each day. "Never, ever let them sleep over," seeing Amy kick out one of her lovers she had that same night, making them leave even when they don't want to leave and she still kicks them out without any choice by saying  "Bye, goodnight," cutting off what the men was about to say to her. After she explains her ways of life and the ordeals she does most nights of the week, she tells us that she has great friends, family, job, a "Sick apartment" and that she's seeing someone, thinking it justifies what she does with her life. 

I love movies where they have narration in them like Wolf Of Wall Street, that was hilarious and at this point in time, this movie is hilarious so far as well. The narration part of the movie was good because Amy try's to explain herself and her antics she does most nights of the week, sleeping around and kicking them out of her apartment, to then trying to justify herself by saying she's "Seeing someone." We all know that the boyfriend is going to be some sort of joke of the movie or the person who will get messed around by Amy and play with his emotions, that's how it normally goes doesn't it? 

The Sensitive Boyfriend

"He's great but it's like F-Bleep-ing an ice sculpture," seeing Amy and her new boyfriend getting steamy in the bedroom but Amy tells him to mix things up a little bit because he's just a simple man with simple moves, so she tells him to speak dirty to her but he doesn't want to sound stupid, saying that he's more of a physical person than a verbal kind of guy. He then agrees to it so he can keep her happy, "I'm going to give my full pecker, pecks but pecker is kind of like my D-Bleep-ck. I'm going to fill you with more protein, going to give you the protein to survive on making muscles. I'm going to put my green drink in you." Amy stops him from carrying on and tells him not to talk about protein or nutrition and talk about sex stuff, so he carries on and tries talking dirty once again.

"There's no I in Team but there's an I in WIN, you can't spell Victory without T, R, Y. Winning isn't everything, (Whispers) it's the only thing." Amy stops him once again because she thinks he's doing sports quotes or Nike slogans. She gives him one last time to try and tell him to talk about the "First time you saw me" and so he begins once more. "That's easy, i remember it like it was yesterday. I was just getting done at the gym and you were in that pizza place remember? and you was holding onto that box...And you walked out...In those jeans...They looked so good from behind...From behind...You looked like a dude!!" and when he says "Dude" he climaxes in the most awkward way but her boyfriend feels good about himself and high fives her in the process, thinking he's just done a work out session with her girlfriend.

This has to be one of the funniest scenes i have seen all year! There was a lot more stuff i wanted to put in this post but it was to rude and crude to write, so i'll let your imagination run wild. Anyway, Amy's boyfriend is John Cena the wrestler and we all know how huge this guy is. That's what made it extra funny because you can imagine what a body builder gym freak is like at talking dirty, adding protein and sports phrases into the sexual occasion. It was just so random to see John Cena play Amy's boyfriend and how into his role he was, he actually played it really good and was really funny through of the movie and i think if he wasn't in the movie, it wouldn't of been the same. 

Amy's New Assignment Lover

Amy has been assigned a new job to write up a article about the successful sports doctor Aaron Conners. When she pays him a visit at his work, it doesn't take long for them to have a connection as they talk with each other about the article and some awkward situations like how Amy actually hates sports and doesn't get why people buy sports jersey's with the name and number on the back of them. Aaron explains that sports is a good way to bring a community together and tries explaining why sport is necessary in the world we live in. When Amy's sitting in his office, a familiar face pop in Aaron's office and its Lebron James coming back to pick up his sun glasses that he left there when he was just with the Aaron, asking him if he can validate his car parking for him but he tells Lebron to ask his sectary to do it for him.

On there second meeting, Amy is took through Aaron's routine on what he does each day with his job, showing her a physical examination with one of his clients who admits who is high at the time and starts to laugh in front of Amy and Aaron. After that she is took to the physio and exercise room where she's wearing a motion capture suit, where it tracks all her physical movement while she runs on a treadmill, showing a computerised version of her on the screen which she can see in front of her. Amy starts doing some weird movement with herself so she shows up on the computer screen in a funny way but Aaron doesn't find it funny and tells her to run normal, so she starts to jog lightly. In the middle of her running session, Amy gets a text off her sister saying that she wants to put their father in a cheaper care home and this makes Amy go into panic mode, stopping the treadmill and starts to hyperventilate. Aaron calms her down with breaking techniques and tells him that she has hardly eaten all day, giving him a long list of foods which she has actually already eaten and Aaron offers her to go for some food.

The fancy meal actually turns into heavy alcohol drinking and the two get very drunk with some funny conversations with each other. When the two of them finish their drinks, Amy pulls over a taxi and says "Are you coming?" to Aaron, who thinks he's sharing a taxi together but Amy has other plans in mind, telling Arron to give the taxi driver his address as she expects to go to his apartment for the night. When the two arrive at his very big apartment he spent with his doctor money, Aaron offers Amy if she wants a drink and as soon as he turns round to see her, she's already in her underwear, kissing Aaron as he says "Holy sh-bleep-t!" in a surprising way. As usual, Amy goes to try and leave Aaron's apartment after her ordeal with him but Aaron gets her to stay over, initially breaking one of her rules "Never, ever stay over." Amy sets some new rules of her own if he wants her to stay over and tells Aaron not to cuddle her, puts the pillow between them both and not to breath on her as she tells him to turn the other way.

The first meeting between the two was quite awkward but that's what made it extra funny, because Amy admits to hating sports and when she finds out that Aaron didn't know anything about sports before taking the job, she starts to relax and come out of her shell more, saying some stupid things to Aaron. Amy would say stuff and dig herself into a bigger hole, which made things more awkward between the two and that's when Lebron James comes in, which Amy didn't really care about and made Aaron question her about sports. 

When they met for the second time, where things got a little more serious and on a more professional level. We see Amy on the treadmill in a motion censor capture suit which must be awkward. Can you imagine meeting a stranger and then having to wear something that tight that shows areas of your body that you don't even want your boyfriend/girlfriend wanting to see, let alone some random doctor. It's also funny knowing how unfit Amy is as we see her struggle on the treadmill, which is probably all the wine and cigarettes she smokes every day but we also see how she can't cope with her sister wanting to put their father in a different care home, seeing her have a panic attack in front of Aaron. This made a great personal introduction on how caring Aaron can is when we see him calm down Amy and offer her some food, which ended up having sex with at the end of the night. 

When the night ended up with sex at Aaron's apartment, you could tell how shocked and surprised Aaron was because when they both got in to the taxi together and she asked for his address, there was a silent pause between the two of them, with Aaron showing the white of his eyes as he's very shocked and Amy having a little smirk to herself as she knows how the night will end, since it is her plan all along. The funniest part of this scene was when they finish up in bed and Amy sets some ground rules if Aaron wants her to stay over, i think it was so Aaron got annoyed with her and wanted her to go home but that wasn't the case at all and she ended up staying over with a pillow between the two of them and her complaining about the "Wind" coming from Aaron's breathing, telling him to breath upwards the sky.

The Whitest Couple In America

"So, we did it, we fell hard for each other. Welcome to the whitest couple in America. Why didn't no one mug us that day, look at his hat! Now we're kissing on a rock, do you know how many homeless people have took a dump on that rock?... Subway kissing, EW! I love how tall he is." As Amy narrates a new chapter in her life when she explains on how hard she fell in love with the successful doctor Aaron Conners. She even explains how her own father likes Aaron and that he never likes any of her boyfriends. Also letting us know that she now has two tooth brushes, one for her apartment and one for Aaron's apartment, showing a bunch of romantic cut scenes with the newly in love couple sitting new the Brooklyn bridge, cuddling in bed and so on.

There's a new couple in town and Lebron James has some questions for Aaron since he has his best interests for him and cares about Aaron in a funny way. Lebron & Aaron are playing a spot of 1 on 1 basketball while Lebron asks how the two of them are getting on and Aaron talks about how he's doing all this new stuff he normally doesn't do like drinking a lot of alcohol and getting hammered most nights of the week but telling him that Amy has some issues also. Lebron asks him if he used "Protection" and Aaron says "Yeah, she has bowls of condoms around her apartment" but Lebron meant a lawyer and begins to quote Kanye West lyrics to Aaron as if he's giving some word of advice to him.
Credit to
On the other side of the city, Amy is visiting her father who is in the nursing home, both talking about normal stuff like work and every day life. Amy tells her father that Arron knows a nurse that could possible take a look at her him for pain management but he refuses the offer in a sexual racist way. "When did Aaron all of a sudden know everything about everything?" Amy father begins to question their relationship and make a mockery of his profession to Amy, While Amy try's to stick up for him and tell her father that he's a good guy. "He's probably got a month left before you give him the boot, right?" explaining to her that she normally breaks up with her boyfriends at the same duration of time and that he's going to break her heat. Amy leaves him and walks off all angry and disappointing in him because she thinks he doesn't want her to be happy.

To be honest with you guys, i thought it started off as a very funny comedy and expected it to be a romantic comedy movie but it turned in to a cheesy romantic movie, which happened all to fast for my liking. Some people may like this if your more of a serious romantic type of person and find the humour a bit to much but the movie is based around the humour so i don't get why they changed it so dramatically. I know they didn't get rid of the humour completely but the romantic side of things just happened to fast, as if the producers wanted to rush in to things. 

The part i love about this scene was the 1 on 1 basketball game Lebron and Aaron was having together and for all you people who don't know who Lebron James is, he a professional basketball player, so you can kind of imagine how that scene panned out. We see Aaron trying his damn hardest to get past Lebron and score a point past him but with no effort at all, Lebron out muscles him every time, which was so funny to watch because he's huge and Aaron is just so small compared to him. While the two of them were enjoying a game of basketball, they're talking about how he should get a lawyer fr protection because Lebron doesn't trust women and starts to quote Kanye West songs to Aaron, thinking its the right advice to give to him but Aaron has no idea what he's even saying to him. 

For some reason i knew Amy father was going to be a difficult character as soon as Amy finds true love of her own and making her think that he doesn't want happiness for his own daughter. I can see why he thinks that though, Amy is his closest daughter and took after him the most with all the "Monogamy isn't realistic" phrase. 

Amy Freaks Out

Aaron has a very important presentation to attend and he takes Amy as his plus one because it means so much to him for Amy to be there while he gives a big speech. When Aaron gets up on stage to say his big speech, Amy's boss phones her in the middle of the speech, resulting her leaving the room and not witnessing what Aaron has to say. When Aaron finally finishes his speech, he catches Amy smoking cannabis outside one of the windows and all hell breaks lose between the two of them, with Aaron confronting her about not being at his big speech because she would rather smoke outside. Amy can't take it and goes to leave the building, saying that she's leaving and that they won't speak for a while but when she says that, Aaron is shocked in what she has to say and Amy questions him on why he's even with her in the first place. Aaron tells her that he loves her but she doesn't get why he loves her, telling her that they will talk to each other and work their way through the situation.

Since having their argument at Aaron's presentation, things haven't settled down and the madly "in love" couple are still arguing, only things get more serious between the two of them because Aaron failed to complete an operation on a superstar sportsmen and blames Amy because she kept him up all night talking about her problems. Aaron sits her down and talk more about their situation and Amy thinks he's breaking up with her because he wants to have two days to have a break so he can prepare himself for the operation next time but she miss understood what he was trying to say, with her agreeing to breaking up because the article is finished because her boss thinks Aaron is boring.

Things changed quick once again as we see Amy and Aaron break up, NOOO!! It was coming, we all knew it, so don't sit there and pretend you didn't know that it was going to happen. You can tell from the argument that Amy knows nothing about relationships and she always assumes the worst, ending the relationship at the first sign of friction. It was as if she wanted it to end and it was the inevitable or destined to happen but you could even tell that Aaron didn't want to break up, he was trying to be the mature one and Amy twisted things around, which ended the two breaking up with each other. 


You must have the gist of things by now with all the romantic movies, hence why i didn't include some of the last key scenes of the movie or all my romantic movie blog post would end up the same because lets face it, all romantic movies end up happy and you know the outcome. All romantic movies are about break ups and realising that they should be together and solving the issues they were brought up with, or one of the couple is leaving their home city and they go to the airport to stop them from leaving. I guess what i'm trying to say is it would of been pointless of me to include scenes that were unoriginal and have the same ending as other romantic movies, so it means you will have to watch Trainwreck and see for yourself.

The thing i love most about this movie is the actors who played the parts, in normal cases or if you want to portray a good romantic comedy movie, the producers or the director will go for some popular actor/actress to play the part but they didn't in this movie. Yes, i know Bill Hader is well known for being one of the funniest actors alive but when do you ever see him do a romantic comedy? Never! I thought he played his role perfectly and he was funny but professional looking through out the movie. As for Amy Schumer, i have never herd or seen of her before this movie and she was hilarious and sometimes predicable with some of the scenes and scenarios but the right actress for the part. For me though, the John Cena scenes were the funniest and the most memorable of Trainwreck and without his small part in the movie, i don't think it would be as funny as it should of been.


  1. What did you think of the overall movie? 
  2. What was your favourite scenes? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scenes? & Why?
  4. Did the actors/actress's play their part well or bad?
  5. What could of been improved in the movie?
  6. Was John Cena worthy for his small role in the movie?
  7. What did everyone think of Lebron James's acting skills?
  8. Would you consider it one of the best Rom coms of our time?
  9. Can you relate to this movie? & How?
  10. Will we see more Amy Schumer movies?


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