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We all know who Batman & Robin are don't we? They are the most famous vigilante hero's to ever be on a comic book magazine and on our TV's, Fighting & protecting their beloved city, Gotham. Have you ever wondered what Gotham was like before Batman & Robin became the infamous vigilante's you see in the movies? Our question was answered last year when a TV series of Gotham arrived, bringing us the origins of the Vigilante's, Cops and even  the famous Villains.

Gotham arrived on our TV's late last year of 2014 and it was a huge hit with the viewers and I. Focusing around the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) detective James Gordon. As James Gordan realizes that Gotham City and the police department isn't all what it seems, he immediately takes action. By doing this he also makes a lot of enemies along his way and some allies such as Penguin, Riddler as Dr Edward Nygma, a British butler named Alfred, a younger Catwomen and even a young Bruce Wayne in the mix.

 So far from watching the first season of Gotham is that i'm loving every bit of it. Sure it was a bit slow from the beginning while revealing the big characters as we know from the movies, and what day jobs they were doing before being molded into something evil. But i think the first season was all about connecting the dots together and figuring out what the characters purpose, friends, and enemies were. I must admit though being a big fan of Batman i was excited to know how it was going to plan out for the characters such as young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Catwomen). Just knowing that they're going to be huge part in the future Gotham series really excites me.

As growing up we all had that one person we wanted to be in life and mine was Batman. He was just the coolest of them all with all his gadgets,utility belts and the Batmobile of course, who would want that on their drive way? Your house would be safe as nails with all them guns and rockets on the side, but we all have to grow up at some point. Now at 24 i grew out of that phase but to this day i would still love to be Bruce Wayne. Being a billionaire would have some cool perks like nice cars, big mansions and having beautiful women on my arm to walk with.

The Future Of Gotham

We're at the beginning of May and season 1 of Gotham has just ended and wow what a season it was! Loads of bullets flying every where, explosions in your face, crooked cops and killing the next in line to be at the top really sums up Gotham season one.

But what does Gotham have installed for us in season two and possible future seasons. Its hard to tell but there was a lot of tensions left behind between Penguin and Fish Mooney played by Jada Smith. I can imagine the tension will just keep growing and growing until someone takes action. but what would actually happen if one of them dies? there wont be much story to run off by killing off one of the main characters, unless another high roller comes in to play an stir things up for them both.

As for James Gordon, well hes going keep on being James Gordon i think. Hes to stubborn and passionate to make Gotham a better place. He will obviously make a lot of new enemies and over come new obstacles along his way but that wont stop him at all, since James Gordon is a honorable man.

After James Gordon losing his first love we see in Gotham he soon jumps back on the horse and gets a new girlfriend, but this will only lead to bad news for James as he will always want to protect her and make sure nothing bad happens like it happened for his first love. This will be a huge burden for him and a lot of fuel to the fire, hopefully making future episodes much better.  

 When Bruce's parents got murdered a fire inside started to grow inside of him, leading him to try to better himself in combat, awareness and self discipline. This also lead up to the friendship with Selina Kyle (Catwomen). I hope they will stay as friends now that Selina is helping fish Mooney take over Gotham. If they carry on their friendship i think Selina will try and persuade Bruce to help them fight off Penguin or Bruce will realize Selina has completely changed. Imagine if Bruce was to help Penguin in some way and the two youngsters was to collide with each other, now that would be very interesting story indeed!

What do you guys think of season 1 of Gotham? and other predictions for seasons 2? feel free to leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this post. 

Whats next for Bruce Wayne & Alfred?


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