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Boxer Billy Hope turns to trainer Tick Wills to help him get his life back on tracks after losing his wife in a tragic accident and to get his daughter back from child protection services.

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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 10 - The Finale

Previously On Teen Wolf

Episode 10 - Status Asthmaticus (The Finale)

Scott Gets Some Advice
Credit to Hypable.com

As Hayden is on her death bed at Beacon Hills Veterinarian, Scott is having some trouble in what to do with Liam and the super-moon that will happen that same night, but Theo has some words of wisdom for Scott, telling Scott he needs his pack back. Scott doubts his pack will listen to him and Theo offers to speak to them on his behalf. this makes me think that he's about to take his plan into action when Scott isn't around to protect his own pack, where Theo can do what ever he likes when Scott is doubting his own ability to be a leader. 

Theo starts to talk about how Liam is "16 and in-love", asking Scott if he remembers what that feels like, as Scott says "Trust me, i remember." For me, this brought back some old memories from the old Teen wolf episodes where Scott fell in-love for the first time with Alison and how great it was, but obviously it didn't end to well as she died last season. I'm pretty sure Scott was thinking he wouldn't want the same outcome for Liam, but how very doubtful he is with his ability to protect his friends and pack.
Malia knew All Along

Before Stiles gets in Malia's car, he takes one last look at his jeep which is completely broke down for good and toed away. What a sad moment this is for Stiles and the audience who have been with them both from day 1, but not everyone will understand how much this Jeep really meant to him. Stiles knew the Jeep was a piece of crap to drive, but it was the memories that the Jeep held and Stiles tried his damn hardest to keep the Jeep, so he can keep the memories it treasured. 

Stiles tells Malia he needs to speak to his dad and so she drops him off at the police station, but before he gets out of the car she lets him know that she knows about Donovan, with Stiles getting back into the car. Woah! Malia had us all fooled, thinking she was the quite one out of the pack that knows nothing about her own boyfriend, but she certainly does as we find out that she had always known because of the bite mark on his shoulder from Donovan. 

I Think Malia was just trying to be a good girlfriend and let him carry on with his own business, as she tells him "It didn't matter to me, That's why i didn't say anything," But Stiles tells her "It matters to me." This tells us that Stiles is feeling very guilty in the death of Donovan and is having difficulty in getting over the incident.

Parrish Escapes His Own Cell
Credit to MTV
Busy dreaming in his own police cell is Parrish, as he has the same dream of carrying dead bodies to the tree stump. Oh No, it's about to happen again isn't it? 

Back at the school library, Lydia begins to read a book about the supernatural and finds out what Parrish really is, The Bearer Of Death A.K.A The Hellhound. If you ask me, that's an awesome name for a supernatural being, but it seriously through me off with all the fire, since i was thinking he was going to be a Phoenix of some kind. Lydia also reads out "Guardian Of The Supernatural" and this makes me think he can't be so bad, as he's actually looking after the dead bodies of the supernatural world.

Parrish soon wakes up from his nightmare-ish dream and bends the bars that is keeping him from escaping. That's what he thinks! As he escapes his own Jail cell, Stiles tells the policemen in the station to not shoot him and get out of his way, as Parrish walks out of the station through the front door with Stiles following from behind. By now the police officers must have their suspicions about Parrish or even the supernatural town they all live in, i know i would if i seen someone escape their own jail cell by bending the bars with incredible heat. 

My favourite part of the scene was when Stiles comes out from his dads office to stop the police officers from shooting him, not for Parrish's safety but for the safety of the police officer as he knows how dangerous Parrish can be. 

Theo attacks Lydia

When Lydia finishes reading the book that gives her information about 'The Hellhound,' She freezes on the spot as she hears voices in her head, letting her know what's about to happen. Theo who comes in and interrupts her says "You know whats coming...Don't you?" with Lydia reply "Someones going to die here." At this point i thought Theo was going to kill her there and then as soon as she said that, i bet you all did too!

Theo tells her that he doesn't want her to tell anyone, saying "I want all of you." This doesn't make sense to Lydia and Theo wacks her across the face, knocking her out instantly before hitting the floor, give her more time to think about things as Theo sarcastically tells her before knocking her out. Ouch, i can still hear the slamming noise as Lydia hits the floor inside the library. Plus we now know Theo's plan is in action as he takes out the first of Scott's pack as he told Scott he will speak to them all, which i thought he will take down one by one through out the episode. 

Theo Enables Malia

In the dim cave kneels Malia as she looks for clues of her mother, who's she's expecting to pay her a visit at anytime now, but gets a visit from a fully shaped wolf instead, which shape shifts back into it's human form Theo. OK That's pretty bad ass! I like how Theo is full of surprises, showing us his abilities that none of Scott's pack can do. For Example shape shifting into a wolf and hiding his murderers glowing blue eyes and this makes me wonder if he had some sort of trainer to teach him or if he taught himself. What do You guys think?

Malia asks him how he done that and he offers her to show her, but before he does he tells her that "They need you" as he explains that Scott has took Hayden to the hospital while there's two more Chimera's out on the loose. Theo is really getting around with his stories isn't he? But i can't tell if hr was actually lying or not to get Malia to go after the Chimera's later in the episode. I think it was all to said to put her in danger and hoping to get herself killed in the process of fighting the Chimera's on her own. 

Library-Full Mountain Ash

When Scott finds out Lydia went to the library, he immediately goes to find her, but when he gets there she's no where to be seen, accept from her phone which is left on one of the book shelves when Scott rings her. When Scott looks at Lydia's phone, he notices Mountain Ash on the floor and looks up to see Theo sprinkling it around the Library to trap Scott inside. For the Teen Wolf newbies out there who have only just started watching, Mountain Ash is a plant that is turned to ash to block and exhibit the control over werewolves. So you have guessed correctly, Scott is in big trouble here, but the big question is how can Theo hold the Mountain Ash if he's a werewolf?

Theo explains to Scott that he's "The first Chimera," but it's the Coyote part he can't see in him, telling him that's probably the reason why Malia was the first one out of Scott's pack to trust him. Scott goes to attack Theo as soon he finishes explaining himself, but steps back across the Mountain Ash, which creates a barrier and pushes Scott across the Library and before Theo leaves for good, he tells Scott what comes next in his plan as he says "The Super Moon." Well that answers our previous question! Theo can hold the Mountain Ash because he's not even a werewolf but a Chimera, the first Chimera as well. This part of the scene also tells us he used to be one of The Dread Doctors experiment and one of the first successful ones as he was the closest thing to being the perfect specimen. 

The best part of the scene for me was when he tells Scott part of his place because Theo knows Scott is unable to escape the Barrier the Mountain Ash has formed around the Library, telling Scott about Malia and "The Super Moon," which hints towards Liam as he is the one who will be effected the most from "The Super Moon".

Void Stiles

Theo is on a mission as he pulls up next to Stiles who thinks is getting picked up in Theo's car, but Theo has other plans as he tells Stiles that Scott doesn't want to speak to him and lets him know about the Library card Stiles tried to hide away from his dad, letting Stiles know that Theo has done something to Sheriff Stilinski. He carries on explaining he came to Beacon Hills for a pack, but unfortunately it doesn't include Scott.

Stiles punches Theo as soon as he tells stiles "I'll tel you were your dad is, if you promise if you don't help Scott." I have been waiting for Stiles to stand up to Theo for a long time and let me tell you, it felt good seeing Stiles give Theo a good punch. After getting Stiles angry to the point he had to punch him for the 2nd time, Theo gives him two options to save Scott or his dad, telling Stiles "You still got time Stiles, you still got time." What a hard and horrible position to be in, since Stiles cares for the both dearly because Scott is his life ling best friend and well...It his dad of course! Who will Stiles save though? If i was Stiles, i would go for my dad because i know Scott would have a better chance of surviving because he's a werewolf and an alpha, were as Stiles's dad is only human, he can only do so much to survive and protect himself against the supernatural forces of Beacon Hills.

Scott Dies For A While
Credit to MTV

Scott has tried everything to escape the Library due to the Mountain Ash which is trapping him inside, but as soon as he gets to the roof of the Library, Liam is there to greet him with some angry words about not helping Hayden and Liam goes to attack him. Once again for the Teen Wolf newbies out there, Liam is more stronger and dangerous due the Super Moon Theo was on about earlier, so Scott is in big trouble! 

The two of them fight it out inside the Library as soon as they fall from the roof through a glass window. Scott changes to his alpha werewolf self but is still not strong enough to protect himself from Liam, so Scott tries talking him down and that's not enough either. What now then? Liam gets the better of Scott and is now on top of him, ripping and tearing Scott apart and  Mason enters the Library to stop Liam, telling him that Hayden has died, but Mason is too late as he can see Scott lying on the floor motionless and not breathing. What?! Scott's dead?!! 

Melissa, Scott's mother comes in and saves the day as she doesn't give up on her son who has been dead for about 15 minutes, telling Mason that "He's my son and he's an alpha," as he gives him CPR and gives Scott a mighty thump to his chest, which brings him back to life. Phew!! That was a close call. Can you imagine how angry Teen Wolf fans would be if he actually died, i know i would be fuming. Luckily Melissa was trained well as a nurse, hitting him in the chest in a professional way... I'm kidding, but that was intense to watch and emotional to see his red eyes slowly dim as he died. It gave me huge goose bumps when he came back to life, roaring as loud as he can as he took in his lifeline breath, telling us all he still had some fight inside of him even when he was dead for 15 minutes.  
Theo Has New Pack

Sticking his claws in the neck of Lydia is Theo as he taps into her memories to find out the location of the tree stump of dead bodies. As he finds out the location he preps a lethal injection in The Dread Doctors lab and takes off to find the tree stump. OK, he's officially off the rails, but i like how well Cody Christian is playing the psychotic part that Theo has become later in the series. I had my doubts about his acting throughout the series but when he came out his shell and shown his true colours to Scott as he became more interesting and exciting to watch. 

He now has his lethal injection prepped and at the location of the tree stump, which still has all the previous dead bodies of The Dread Doctors experiments. Theo tells Lydia to watch as he injects the needle in all the bodies around the tree stump as they all come back to life, telling them all "All of you belong to me." What...The...Hell...Just...Happened?! I was not expecting that at all and what a turn around for Theo it was, i mean what an amazing plan it was at the end of it all. I was thinking how are they going to beat last season, but now i know it's been beaten. If he couldn't have Scott's pack, why not make his own hybrid pack? I'm just mind blown on what just happened!

OK, i have some theories that i think will be amazing for next season for Scott and his pack. What if some old faces come back, Derek, Peter, Chris, Alison's dad... And why not Alison? I know she's dead, but what if Scott uses the injection it to bring Alison back? That if it doesn't change her as soon as she gets injected. Imagine how epic it would be though if it happened? Scott could use it on who ever he needed help from and i just think it will be amazing story for next season. What do you guys think? 


By far the best episode of season 5, with all the missing puzzles from previous episodes linked up together and making sense for the Teen Wolf fans. Also Theo came out of his shell once and for all, showing Scott who he truly is and what Scott has to deal with for season 6.

Season 5 was unique in its own way because it tells us even the good guys can even lose and it always doesn't have to end on a good note like most of the previous Teen Wolf seasons have done. With season 5, it ended on the worst possible note for Scott and the pack, making us think if he will ever overcome Theo's new pack and even The Dread Doctors all at once. 

It also shows us that the closest friendships can end and bonds can be broken within an instant, but the strength of the character will show how much they care for their friendship. So Scott doesn't just have a big battle on his hands, but he needs to mend his friendship and bond with his pack, gaining their trust once again. 

Epic picture inside a the wall. What does is stand for and what does it mean?

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favorite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What did you think of the overall season?
  5. What was your favourite episode? & Why?
  6. How will Scott overcome what's coming next?
  7. Will Scott get his packed back together? & How?
  8. What will Theo do next?
  9. What will The Dread Doctors do next?
  10. What can we expect for season 6? 
The End Of Season 5. 

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