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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 6

Previously On Under The Dome

Big Jim & Julia have a unlikely partnership as we see them both team up on Bird Island and try and take some valuable information off Aktaion, but it all backs fire on them both when Julia gets caught trying to steal back the camera Jim once had. 

When Dr. Marston have them both in his head quarters with a gun pointed towards himself, he is forced to tell them about the egg and what it is capable of, explaining who ever touches it first will be the controller and who ever touches it afterwards, will be controlled.

Hunter goes to find Norrie and Joe, seeing them both fitting some solar panels on top of a roof and tells them to come down as Christine wants them both to come back to the town hall. The two of them don't want to go and Hunter is forced to make a forceful decision, grabbing Norrie by the wrist and falling off the roof when Norrie resits going with him.

Hunter gets back to the town hall with major injuries and is unable to move his bottom half of his body. Junior is angry with Norrie & Joe, telling them both they both need to be punished as the towns people block them inside the building from escaping.

Barbie and Pete were manipulated against each other by Christine and resulted in Pete attacking Barbie while he was meeting Eva. Barbie and Pete begin to fight with one another, with Barbie killing Pete with a huge plank of wood that Pete brought to the fight.

Episode 6 - Caged

Julia's Back In Town

With Christine out of the way and locked up on Bird Island, it's a good time for Julia to come back to town and see what she can find. Julia heads to the town hall seeing a gathering of the towns people, whistling in sequence as she walks into the building with them all looking at her before turning back around. Julia asks one of them what they were doing, "The beds are finished, were waiting for Christine the go ahead to move in." Julia then leaves the crowed of people to go up stairs to Christine's office. 

Once again Julia is "Snooping" around Christine's office, looking around the room and drawers to eventually finding something that is worth examining. She finds a piece of paper with some weird looking drawings on it, a circle with 7 narrow strands coming from the middle of it, with 7 different deformed shapes on the ends. After looking at the picture, Julia can see that the book case has some moved marks in the dust, telling her that the books have been moved and initially telling her to go and look. When she is looking around the bookcase for clue, she finds a device behind that needs a password, but before she can pick a password to type in, Junior, Barbie & Eva are about to enter the room. 

Now that Barbie has left Eva & Junior in Christine's office, Julia is hiding in one of the side rooms where she can over hear Eva & Junior talk about "How far this town has come" and that "most people have completed their journey and Barbie is so close." Junior begins to ask Eva what will they do if Hunter's injuries are permanent and Eva replies with "We will have to put him down," for being a burden on the "Kinship" of the town.

This women is determined to find out the truth and i love it! It's making the whole season more enjoyable to watch and more intense as each episode goes on.  It's like she's becoming the main lead character of the series now, carrying the weight of Chester's Mill on her shoulders as she's doing most of the work on her own, even though she had Big Jim at times, but even that didn't last long. 

Also, what could be on that device she found behind the bookcase? Another voice recorder? It did look a bit different from the other one that she previously found, but i guess we will find out sooner or later. I'm also thinking if Julia will go and save Hunter if he is actually paralysed, stopping Eva from killing him since he is being brainwashed. Deep down somewhere inside Hunter is the old Hunter,  he's just very vulnerable to Christine's power like the rest of the people are. 

Always Cover Your Own Ass

Big Jim now has a new cell mate when the Aktaion soldiers bring in Christine and dump her in the cage next to him. The two talk towards each other in a civil manner but they both know they don't like each other. Christine starts tormenting Jim, asking him when he last felt fulfilled with himself and talking about how everyone could all get along with each other, but Christine's people will defend themselves if its necessary. "What's the point of having you in here with me?" Christine asks Jim and he looks at her as if was about to answer, one of the Aktaion guards roles in  a smoke grenade in their cages which puts them both to sleep. 

Jim finds himself waking up with Dr. Marston above him, telling him that he wasn't doing such a good job in gathering information from Christine. Jim tells the Dr that he needs leverage with Christine and picks up a tune can, "This will do" explaining he will pick the lock with the metal key that pulls open the can. Dr. Marston punches Jim as he expects him to be on the same side as Christine and throws him back in the cage next to her. She eventually wakes up with some wounds on the side of her hip and notices that Jim has been punched, while seeing him getting the metal from the tuna can and begins to pick the lock with it. 

"Take me with you" Christine says to Jim as he tries to open the cages doors of Aktaion, with Christine trying to flirt her way out of the caged situation. "We can take it from here" says the Dr as he enters the room, unlocking Jim's cage and Jim tells her "Only one rule, cover your own ass," but before he thinks he's being set free, guns are going off outside. Jim goes to walk out of the cage but  Dr. Marston tells him he has to stay, "You know, only if we met in that bar Doc" and Jim slices the Dr's throat open with the tuna can lid he was trying to pick lock the door with earlier and bleeds to death, collapsing on the floor. He leaves Christine in the cage when Barbie and Junior come from the raging gunfire from outside to rescue her, unlocking the birdcage she has been trapped in for a few days.

Well once again Jim escapes from the Aktaion compound and this time the others know of the facility where they have been hiding out and capture Christine. The security guards must have the worse aim ever, since they all got shot by two men who only had pistols and the guards had automatic machine guns. It all seemed a bit to easy saving Christine and i was hoping more of a epic gun fight in the process. i also feel like the producers some times cut corners to rush into the main story of the episode.

After last episode when the Dr told Jim he was going to be experimented on with Christine's powers, i thought that this episode was going to show us Jim getting tortured by her powers and maybe see some more scientific research on the two of them. Another corner skipped, where we could of seen some interesting scenes for the episode and i thought the whole bringing down and killing the Aktaion people came a little to fast if you ask me.

Sam Rescued From Love

After finding his new girlfriend dead who shared the same love for alcohol as Sam, he finds the prescription pills she killed herself with and has his suspicions straight away when he see's someone else's name on it. He kisses her on the head saying "I'm sorry" and leaves to go to the town hall, realising when he gets there, the strange in-sync whistling from the people of Chester's Mill. He once again looks at the prescription pills before Eva spots him and asks for a helping hand with something, leading him to Hunter's bedroom where he lies with his injuries. 

He see's Joe helping Junior out with the X-ray machine and gets denied by Joe when he offers his help, seeing Hunter lie in his bed motionless. When the rest of the people leave the room, leaving himself, Hunter and Eva to work the machine, he notices a bottle of prescription pills on the side table to Hunter. Sam asks where she got them from and Eva explains that Christine handed them out when she asked everyone to handover their medication. Sam takes in the information and works the X-ray machine for Hunter's injuries, telling him that he will never walk again. 

"I was just thinking about you" Christine says to Sam as he enters her office, hiding away her piece of paper with her drawings on it. Sam begins to talk about how he sobered up and that he saw into his future if he kept on the same path he was on. He tells Christine he went to Abby's house and found her dead and apologises for straying away from her. "You did it for me didn't you? Abby couldn't of got the pills and she already tried killing herself, but i saved her...But this time i was to late...But you saved me" Sam says to her, who looks anxious. Christine believes in his gratefulness and hugs him, saying "It had to be done" confirming she made Abby kill herself and Sam stabs her in the side of the torso.

From the beginning scene where he found out the prescription pills and the different labelled name on it, you just knew there and then he was going to go on a mission of his own and find out who gave Abby the pills. Who wouldn't right? At first i thought he was contemplating on killing himself with the same pills he just found, but i'm glad he never. The most weird thing about the scene is, when he walks in to the town hall and hears everyone whistling the same tune, but never questioned anyone about it. What's all that about then? That's just freaky if you ask me!

Sam's apology and gratefulness to Christine almost have me convinced, util he jabbed her in the side of the body, letting her bleed out. He storms out the room before Junior discovers her, but my question is, where will he go now? & what will he do next? Knowing the producers, they will have him give up or kill himself to skip corners to rush in to the next plot of the story, which i hope they don't. I do hope they bring Sam into the series a bit more, because he has the most baggage out of everyone and he would be an interesting character to follow, making the series more exciting to watch.

Hand Cuffed To A Pipe

As punishment for letting the "Kinship" down, Joe is carrying the solar panels for the town hall on his own, while the people gathering around to watch him struggle. Julia who just arrived moments ago can see Joe struggling, arguing with Junior when the solar panels fall over and she steps in when things gets heated between the two. "You don't have the right to punish anyone" she says to Junior and walks away with Joe, but automatically stopped by the people surrounding them and gets herself knocked out from behind by Junior.

At the foot of the window stands Junior, waiting for Julia to wake up from being knocked out be him. When she finally wakes up, she kicks him in the groin and attempts to run out the door, but someone's already guarding the door and stops her from escaping. The only thing Junior can do is tie her up to the pipe attached to the wall and gag her, until Christine arrives back, telling Julia that she will know what to do with her.

Julia as always, gets herself into a pickle again, but that's what i like about her, she's brave and ballsy. Only this time i think she's in more trouble as we see her already get hit, out of no where, resulting her to get knocked out by Junior. There was also a cut scene where she seen Barbie & Eva kiss outside while she was trying to scream for help, but couldn't due to her gagged mouth, and then Eva goes to the room to torment Julia about it. How horrible would that be? Watching someone you love kiss someone else while being tied up and helpless, to be tormented about it afterwards with out saying anything about it. I really do hope Julia gives her a good slap in the remaining episodes to come. 

Power Couple To The Rescue

As one of the guards is watching Julia as security, Norrie and Joe make up a plan to come round the corner of the hallway and pretend that Norrie has been seriously injured. When they call the security guy over for the help of the "Kinship", Joe tells him to grab her legs to help lift her up, but as soon as he goes to pick her up, Norrie knees him in the face while Joe knocks him cold out with a mean punch. The two of them drag his body into the room and tie him up, then untying Julia from the pipe attached to the wall. "You two are unbelievable" Julia says, as she's very happy to see them, telling them both they need to go save Hunter because Eva is going to kill him, because of his injuries.

Eva is about to put Hunter to sleep until Joe slaps the needle out of Hunters arm and Norrie tackling her to the ground, "Stop i want this" Hunter yells desperately, with Joe confused on what he's saying and Norrie's still fighting Eva on the floor. The two fighting girls on the floor, go to reach for the same needle and Norrie grabs Eva by the head, slamming her against the wall twice until she's unconscious. Joe gets a wheel chair, "Let get him the hell out of here" he tells Norrie, who gets off the ground from her brawl and drags Hunter out of bed.

The only real action, intense scene we've seen all episode isn't it? I don'y have any problems with that because i like how the  people who aren't effected by Christine have a small group and they're picking their fights off one by one. I think for the remaining episodes, the group will eventually get bigger and bigger and maybe hide out from Christine until they gather enough people to fight against her, i think that would be awesome anyway. If they hide out with Hunter he could possible help them...Even though he cant walk...Can't he?

My next prediction for the three of them is that Norrie and Joe will take Hunter down to the caves, putting him inside the cocoons, so hopefully they can repair his injuries and become his normal self.  When Sam stabbed Christine, Junior took her to the caves for the same reason and we still yet have to find out if she dies or gets healed. I also think that Sam will meet up with the three of them, where Joe has to forgive or get along with each other and think of the people of Chester's Mill. 


We can kind of see what could possibly happen for Under The Dome, but at the same time the producers haven't given any major leads to make us believe on what could happen next. In this episode they played it out in a perfect mysterious way, as it should be and making the cliff hangers to obvious on what to come for the next episode.

Sam Stabbing Christine could hide out and form an alliance with one of the none effected, since he is now on the run. Also if Christine is healed from the cocoons from the tunnels, i think it would be a great story for Norrie and Joe to take Hunter down so he can be healed, after the intense battle to save him and including Julia.

As for Julia, she's still doing her thing roaming from place to place and i think every can agree that her story is the most interesting and has more action  scenes as we see her try and save everyone on her own. I think she believes in herself to much, which makes her get into sticky situations at times and that's what i love about her character so far.

Overall the episode was a good one this week and i'm hoping to see Barbie come into action a bit more and sway away from Eva, making her angry and doing what ever Christine tells her to do. Also i'm hoping for the producers not to get to lazy and pick more action/intense scenes where there should of been.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What could of been improved in the episode?
  5. What do you think of Julia taking on the lead role more?
  6. Will Barbie ever believe in Julia?
  7. What will Sam do next?
  8. What will Norrie and Joe do with Hunter?
  9. What will Christine do next?
  10. Is Big Jim's dog have anything to do with the Dome?


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