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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 9

Previously On Teen Wolf

Sheriff Stilinski and Scott's mother Melissa are discussing the dead body she found her kitchen, while Stilinski calls in the police station to find Kira because her sword was stuck through the dead girls body in Melissa's home.

Liam and Hayden find themselves in The Dread Doctors lab as they have been both experimented on and caged up by an electric gate. 

Back at Beacon Hills, Scott is trying is hardest to try find his way to The Dread Doctors lab where they have took Liam & Hayden, sticking his claws in the back of Corey's neck to try get some more valuable information by tapping into his memories.

As Liam and Hayden wait out in the electric cage, they both meet someone else who is prisoner there and was also an experiment. After a short while of discussion on what The Dread Doctors are doing to them, the prisoner gets dragged away in front of them both because "His condition worsens."

Everyone is on high alert and protecting the dead body found in Melissa's house with most of the police force guarding the hallways of the hospital,  including Deputy Parrish. Things start to get hot in the hospital, when the fire sprinklers on the roof explode as the police officers get tackled and with the dead body being snatched away from under their noses.

With Scott thinking he knows where they are, he gets help from Malia and Mason in the underground tunnels but they get no where but while the three of them are looking for their friends, Theo finds Liam and Hayden, rescuing them both from the electric cage.

Episode 9 - Lies Of Omission

Corey's Condition

Scott can hear the sound of Ambulance sirens as soon as Theo goes to tell him something important but everyone in school rushes outside to see the traumatic event that is happening and see's Corey getting wheeled off into the back of the Ambulance, with mercury pouring from his mouth. "He just started bleeding everywhere" says Mason to Scott but Scott can see Corey shouting towards him just before he gets put into the Ambulance, "Don't let them kill me!" Corey shouts as Scott goes into deep thought while Theo tries getting through to him, telling Scott that they need to follow Corey back to the hospital and after a few long seconds of Scott's time, he finally hears Theo through his deep concentration thought and takes off to follow Corey.
Credit to MTV
When Scott and Theo arrive at the hospital where the ambulance took Corey, they both soon realise that he has already escaped securities custody and is on the run but as soon as they notice Corey's disappearance, The Dread Doctors lets them both know they're near by as the lights start to flicker on and off around the hospital. While the two of them still look around for Corey, Corey is nearly outside of the hospital as he's trying to exit from the Ambulance garage but as soon as he see's the outside world he hears The Dread Doctors right behind him and so he uses his special ability he has just discovered and leans against one of the Ambulances, turning invisible and hoping to hide away from The Dread Doctor who is walking his way.
Credit to MTV
The Doctor pulls out a sword from his waist and stabs it towards the Ambulance which appears to have no one standing there but out from no where, Corey re-appears as soon as he gets stabbed by the long sword and collapses to the floor with The Doctor walking away and disappearing into thin air. Scott and Theo soon find Corey's dead body lying against one of the Ambulances, "We need to find Hayden," Scott says to Theo as he knows whats about to happen next.
Credit to MTV
I really did think Corey was going to get away for a second but as soon as the Doctor pulled out his sword as he walked towards where Corey was hiding, i just knew he was a gonna. If Corey turned invisible, he should of turned invisible and ran away at the same time because The Dread Doctors don't run and i don't think they can be seen in day light. Unless he had to hold his breath each time he used his ability, then i know why he didn't run away. If i was Corey in this position, i wouldn't even get took to the hospital, i mean how do the doctors not freak out every time they get a teenager come in that are bleeding mercury from their body? Also how do they cure them from stopping the bleeding? Surely the bleeding should stop on its own. Plus i would of ran to straight to Scott and his gang because they are the only ones trying to help him, like where would he of gone if he gotten away? And i thought Scott should of got there a lot quicker because he hesitated a few moments before deciding to follow Corey to the hospital.

Tree Stump Of Bodies

On their way to find the mysterious tree stump, Lydia and Deputy Parrish are driving through the wooded area and discussing on how they're going to find this place. "Shall we put it in the GPS?" he asks Lydia, while she shakes her head telling him "Not exactly." "So...How are we going to find it?" he asks like it's a stupid question but Lydia tells him "I think you're already starting to remember...You just took a right turn," as they both look at each other with a worry on both their faces.
Credit to MTV
The two of them are now on foot walking through the wooded area, with Lydia suggesting "Maybe it's something... you need to feel," since Parrish doesn't recognise the area and so Lydia throws the first punch towards Deputy Parrish. "What are you doing?" he asks with a smirk on his face and he can see Lydia getting ready to attack him again an so he plays along, with both of them sparring it out through the woods as Lydia punches, kicks and jumps around the place until Parrish comes to a stop as soon as he blocks both of Lydia's hands together, glancing over his shoulder with both his eyes glowing. They both turn to look through some bushes and trees to see the old tree stump they were both looking for, seeing the missing dead bodies surround the tree stump through the bushes.
Credit to MTV
Anyone else think that it was fairly obvious that they were slowly getting to the tree stump without noticing they were actually getting there? I did but i thought that could of been the only way they could of got there or it would of been to easy to find in my opinion. The scene was merely short and that's why i think they had to put in the time wasting fight scene, that and to show off Lydia's new fight moves she might have to use and prove herself one day.  

Crocodile Tears

Another dead teenager has occurred but only this time it's at Beacon Hills High School, where the students are surrounding the crime scene as forensic analyst research the area and Sheriff Stilinski pulls Theo out of the crowd of student who are trying to get a glance of the dead teenage girl or trying to find out what has happened. "Where's Scott?" Stilinski asks Theo, with him answering that Scott's looking for Hayden but as soon as he finds out where Scott is, he tells Theo he wants to have a word with him as he says "Just you."
Credit to MTV
Flipping the library card through his fingers is Stilinski as Theo asks him "Am i going to need a lawyer?" With a fast reply from Stilinski, "You tell me." Theo begins to explain the situation to Stiles's father,  telling him that Stile's wasn't at the library but Stilinski already knows that as he says, "Donovan was, he was a Chimera." Theo continues to explain the situation, telling him that "Donovan said he wanted to kill Stiles in-front of you. When he saw me there, he tried to get me to tell him where Stiles was....He came at me, i tried to fight him off but, all i kept thinking was i can't let him kill me and i can't let him kill Stiles. i climbed up the scaffolding but he tried to drag me down. Then these support beams slid of top but when i looked back, one of them had gone through him." Theo begins to get emotional and tear up as he tells Stilinski his version of the story, "I didn't know what to do, i dialed 911 but when the Deputy got there the body was gone, even the body, everything, i didn't know what to do, so i didn't do anything." The Sheriff believes every word he is saying and hugs him with comfort as he see's Theo struggle to tell the story.
Credit to MTV
When you thought Theo couldn't get anymore worse, he can! This dude just lied through his teeth to the Sheriff and i don't know if it was to protect Stiles or he has another cunning plan up his sleeve. The only thing i can think of is that he's lying because he has a plan in action and it's all going to fall into place at the end, with the characters finding out in the most horrific way possible. What will his plan be though? Theo is so evil it wouldn't surprise me if he double crosses The Dread Doctors because their all having friction with each other lately and so he might back stab them and Scott's pack.

The only people he's lies to is Scott, Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski and now i'm thinking that he will use one of them for a pawn, helping him do what he wants or maybe he has other major plans for one of the three characters i just mentioned. Maybe Stilinski will even believe Theo over his own son Stiles and that will really push Stiles to the edge, maybe making him do some drastic things and take matters into his own hands. 

Nightclub Fight

Hayden and Liam are inside the nightclub Hayden works at, stealing money from the safe that her sister had hidden away for safe keeping. Hayden tells Liam that her sister will kill her for doing this but Liam comforts and kisses her but as soon as they touch lips, the lights of the dance floor and the projector on the wall comes on and they both know straight away that The Dread Doctors are near by. The both of them hide behind the bar as one of The Doctors walks around the club looking for them both to eventually to walk over to the bar where they are both hiding, with The Dread Doctor takes one last look behind him before swiping his cane which he walks with across the bar table, smashing a group of bottles. The Doctor goes to look behind the bar table and see's that no one was hiding there all along as Liam and Hayden secretly run off to only run into one of the other Dread Doctors, who punches Liam across the dance floor.
Credit to MTV
Being thrown across the club still is Liam as he shouts towards Hayden to run as soon as he lands on the floor, "Run Hayden, run!" Out of no where Scott comes and growls at the two Dread Doctors as he leaps towards one of them, trying to claw him but is unable to as he dodges out of the way of Scott. Liam see's the other Doctors walking over to Scott and so he grabs the Doctor and punches him with all his might but the Doctor doesn't feel a thing and chucks Liam across the floor. Both Liam and Scott are getting beat by the two Doctors and Theo comes at the last minute to save them both, "Get Hayden," Theo tells Liam as he picks him up from the floor and fights one of The Dread Doctors to show Scott and Liam that he's trying to help.
Credit to MTV
"Hayden, Hayden! Hayden!!" Shouts Liam as he looks for Hayden who is missing but finds her screaming and with a syringe going into the side of her neck. Both of her eyes turn silver as she falls to her knees and then turn back to normal again, with Liam screaming as if he was the one who's in pain. As soon as Scott and Theo have stopped fighting against the Doctors, they both run over to Hayden who is comforted by Liam as soon as they get there. "I'm OK, really...I'm OK," she tells Liam who looks worried, especially what he seen the Doctor do to her and explains to Scott what happened to her.
Credit to MTV
Oh look another fight scene inside the nightclub again. I thought they should of picked a new location besides the nightclub because we've already seen a fight in this location before and it wasn't all that good the first time, so why the hell would they pick it again and worse than the first fight they had? I know they didn't fight The Dread Doctors the first time but at least it was a little more intense because they had people inside the nightclub at the time and they didn't know what creature they were up against. The 2nd fight was boring to watch because the nightclub was to empty to take it serious and it was also too predicable as Scott or Liam would not match up against The Dread Doctors and could you imagine if they did match up to them, ending them there and then! Yawn!

Say You Believe Me

It's raining heavy and Stiles pulls up to the veterinarian in his jeep, telling Scott he's sorry for arriving late but Scott just looks at him with a long hard stare through the hard heavy rain drops that's coming down more heavy than ever. Scott still doesn't say anything and looks down to his coat pocket, pulling out the spanner that Stiles defended himself off with against Donovan, "Why didn't you tell me?" Scott asks and Stiles tells him that he "Was going to" but he couldn't. "You killed him? You killed Donovan?" Scott says, with Stiles explaining Donovan was going to kill his dad (Sheriff Stilinski). "Was i suppose to let him?" asks Stiles and Scott tells him that none of them are suppose to take this sort of action, explaining that they don't kill people but Stiles come back with an answer, saying that he had no choice like he does and their not all werewolves like he is, who have the benefit to defend themselves without killing people.
Credit to MTV
"Not all of us can be true alphas, some of us have to make mistakes, some of us have to get our hands a little bloody sometimes, some of us are HUMAN!" Stiles tries explaining his hardest to Scott but Scott keeps asking him "You had to kill him?" With Scott saying its not self defense anymore but Stiles is confused on why Scott is even questioning his actions towards Donovan, that he doesn't understand that he was going to kill him and his dad. "You don't even believe me do you? So... Believe me then, Scott say you believe me. Say it, say you believe me," Stiles keep on saying to Scott but Scott's finding it hard, since hes been told a different story on what actually happened. "Scott, just tell me how to fix this alright? Just tell me, what do you want me to do?" Stiles asks desperately and Scott changes the subject back to Lydia & Malia, telling him he should "Maybe talk to his dad" and turning his back on Stiles, leaving him out in the rain on his own.
Credit to MTV
This scene was rather emotional if you ask me and i couldn't help feel sorry for Stiles because once Theo told a different story to Scott, he had it planted in his head that Stiles brutally attacked Donovan and killed him. When Stiles tries to explain what happened, the story gets twisted around to Scott version that Theo told him and that why i felt sorry for Stiles. I think some of us can relate to Stiles because i know i have and that's what made it so emotional for me on a personal level. Just knowing the truth but no one believes you what ever you say to them. 

It also makes me think if Scott will turn his back on Stiles after finding out the fake "Truth" he gotten told by Theo and i said this from day 1 because Stiles's fear was losing Scott as a best friend and that's what's happening now. I think if it would be awesome if he did turn his back on Stiles and Stiles finds away how to stop The Dread Doctors and Theo, saving Scott and the packed once their all on their last life line. Maybe that's to predictable? I don't know, what do you guys think should happen?


This episode was one of the most deceitful episodes i have seen out of the whole series as we see Theo lie his way into the pack and even into Sheriff Stilinski's head, putting Stiles in a very tough position with his friends and family.

We also see some more troubling scenes with the failed hybrid test subject, including Hayden which made our imagination run wild with idea on how Hayden will survive the ordeal she was now in. There were also some similar fight scenes included in this episode where they were battling it out on the nightclub as we seen from the previous episode but necessary as the course of action was different, seeing Hayden get injected but surviving the outcome.

My favourite part of the episode was the Scott and Stiles scene towards the end as it was very emotional and it made the audience feel sorry for Stiles, making us think where he now stands with his friends and Scott,

Overall the episode was very average but very satisfying and entertaining to watch, making it hard to think how the overall season will end.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. Should Corey of lived a little longer for more story depth?
  5. What did you think of Lydia and Parrish's fight scene to find the tree stump?
  6. What's Theo's purpose of lying towards Scott and Sheriff Stilinski?
  7. What will happen to Hayden after she had no effect to the injection The Dread Doctor gave her?
  8. Is Hayden going to be the tested subject to succeed?
  9. What will Stiles do next now Scott is slowly abandoning him?
  10. What will happen next episode?

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Anticipated Movies 2015 - 2016

The Revenant


Inspired by true events, The Revenant captures one mans epic journey of survival and extraordinary power of human spirit. Hugh glass gets attacked by and left for dead by his own hunting team, guided by sheer will and the love of his family, glass must pursuit a viscous winter to live and find redemption.

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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 8

Previously On Teen Wolf

Liam tells Hayden about Werewolves and Dread Doctors while showing his true self as a Werewolf, scaring Hayden away to nearly getting caught by The Dread Doctors. Luckily Liam wasn't far behind and saves her and makes her believe in him.

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True Detective: Season 2, Episode 8 - The Finale.

Previous On True Detective

While the three detectives investigate the newly found evidence in the motel room where they're hiding out, Paul gets an anonymous text threatening him him with the intimate picture he had with one of them men he met at club Lux.

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Teen Wolf: Season 5 ,Episode 7

Previously On Teen Wolf

The gang including Theo gather up to try and read The Dread Doctors book to see if they can get any clue from it but finding out it brings back memories they thought they never had anymore. Lydia, Scott and Stiles were the ones who were effected the most by reading the book.

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True Detective: Season 2, Episode 7

Previously On True Detective

Ray finally finds out the truth about not killing his ex wife's assailant that Frank had him to do and goes knocking on his house for answers. He then sits down in Frank's house, telling Ray that he had no idea about it and that he will find out the truth for him.

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Ever since being a little girl, Amy was believed that monogamy wasn't realistic as told by her rascal father. Now older and working for a magazine, Amy lives by that same credo- being free from stifling, boring romantic relationship. When Amy is assigned to write a new article for the magazine, she starts falling for the subject she's writing about, a charming and successful sports doctor named Aaron Conners.

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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 7

Previously On Under The Dome

After the disappearance of Christine, Julia finds a good time to go back to Chester's Mill to try and find some more valuable clues. Julia finds some weird drawings in Christine's office but her investigation comes to an end while Barbie, Eva and Junior walk in to the office, with Julia hiding in another room.