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The Minions find them self with out a villain to serve and look up to, so the minions fall in to a deep depression, but one minion named Kevin has a plan, along side the teenage minion Stuart and the lovable Bob embark off in to the open world to find a new evil boss to follow. 

Thoughts & Experiences

In the beginning credits and intro of the movie we see the cute, yellow beings called Minions as a singular living cell and they evolve in to the cute, silly and dumb beings as we see in the above picture. It just doesn't show us them evolving but how they seek out for the most dominant, evil leader to follow and to look up to. In the process of seeing the minions fail each time they find a suitable leader, they then look for the next one and the same thing happens over and over again. 

As time goes by the Minions fall in to a deep depression because they can't find anyone evil enough to fit in with and so one brave Minion named Kevin comes up with a plan to go out in to the world and he wouldn't come back with out the biggest and baddest villain for the Minions to serve. Whilst Kevin announced his plan to the tribe, he needed help, one of the Minions named Bob was very eager to go with Kevin, but Kevin thought that Bob wasn't strong enough for the dangerous journey ahead. 

One of the other Minions volunteered with out knowing as he put his hand up whilst he was asleep by another Minion, which he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Kevin now had a companion called Stuart and had to pick one more for the road, so he picked Kevin since he was the only one enthusiastic enough to go alongside them. Kevin felt pride, Stuart felt...Hungry mostly and Bob was frightened of the journey ahead, and they were off to find their new boss!

I loved the beginning opener credits of Minions as it explained briefly how they came along and what their purpose in life was, to find the most meanest, baddest leader there is. It then went through different time periods of the Minions lives and shown us the many great leaders and how they came to fail them as the Minions would accidentally kill them with their stupidity. It was a funny opener for all ages to enjoy and explained the rest of the story with in the first 10 minutes.

Meet The Nelsons

When the Minions decide to leave the city of New York and travel to Orlando for the Villain-Con, where they will find hundreds and hundreds of villains in one place at a time, the Minions decide it will be a good idea to hitch hike to Orlando. After many failed attempts at hitching a ride to the convention, one particular family stop to offer the Minions a ride and they are the Nelsons. 

Credit to gmovies,ph
The Minions join the family on the car ride and the 3 yellow naive creatures don't know what they are getting themselves in to, when the Nelson family stop the car and the father, Walter Nelson says "Who wants to stretch their legs?" and when the family are about to leave the car, the whole family put on ski masks and loaded up their guns "OK Nelsons, lets do this!" The Nelson family rob a bank while the Minions are waiting in the car and come back, to drive off like nothing happened, except there is a bunch of police cars after them.

The Nelson's have gotten themselves in to a police car chase, while Walter Nelson is shooting paintball bullets at the police car window screens to blind their vision. Kevin & Stuart who are in the back of the car fighting over a rocket launcher, accidentally shooting the rocket out of the back window, which destroys a telephone post and brings down a water tower that stops the police cars in their tracks, as they all crash in to the destroyed water tower.  

Madge Nelson has her suspicions about the minions and asks why they're going to Orlando and they all find out they're going to the same place, Villain-Con.

I thought the Nelson's was a funny asset to this scene as it was very random and entertaining to watch. The whole family was evil, including the their baby as we see the baby rob the bank with the rest of the family and threaten Bob with a hand grenade as a joke.  The way Kevin & Stuart blew up the telephone pole and brought down the water tower with the rocket launcher was the funniest because Walter asks "who did that?" as if he was angry and the two minions both denied doing it, but then says "That was awesome!" and both minions try and get the praise from him. 

Meeting Scarlett Overkill 

The Nelsons and the three Minions arrive at Villain-Con and part ways as soon as they get inside, so the Minions start to wonder around as they look for a villain to follow. Stuart and Bob are looking around and they are not pleased with some of the wanna-be villains but Kevin stumbles upon the key note speaker convention, staring the star of the show Scarlett Overkill. Scarlett Overkill is the worlds first female villain and is the most famous, ruthless and successful villain there is. 

Scarlett Overkill makes a dramatic entrance as she flies on to the stage with her red, rocket powered dress and explains to the audience that she is looking for "new Henchmen" and the 3 minions and the crowed go crazy with excitement. Scarlett then explains who ever can take the trinket out of her hand will be her new henchmen and the audience over crowed the stage as they all try and get the trinket out of her hand, but Scarlett is a excellent fighter and fights off her audience one by one.

The 3 Minions get caught in the fighting and the other villains pile on top of Scarlett with the 3 Minions underneath them all, but Scarlett uses her dress to blast them all off her and she realises she is holding a stuffed bear, Bob's bear in fact. Scarlett can see one of the Minions cough up the diamond and is amazed and also announces to the crowed "Meet my new henchmen, Minions!"

Can you imagine if Villain-Con was real! Maybe it is real but its secret, like the one in the Minions Movie...On a serious note the Villain-Con scene was excellent as we see different types of villains that are entertaining to watch as we see some of them fail with their time machine inventions and we also see Bob try out to be a villain at one of the convention stands, trying to scare the lady with his stuffed bear.

The Mission

The 3 Minions land in England where Scarlett Overkill lives, and gives the Minions a house tour around her Villain mansion. She then explains what the Minions have to do for her as she stops near a painting of Queen Elizabeth and tells the Minions she wants the Queens crown, so she can rule England and if the Minions succeed they will get "Respect, Power and...Banana!"

The Minions are now in Scarlett's husbands weapon laboratory where 'Herb' hands Bob his stretch suit which able's Bob to stretch his limbs at great length, Kevin gets a Lava Lamp that shoots real lava and Stuart gets a Hypno Hat that he can Hypnotise anyone and control them in anyway he wants. Kevin, Stuart & Bob are now well equip and begin their first mission at the Tower Of London, where the Queens Crown is held.

After fleeing the Tower Of London with the Queen and followed by her men, the Minions get chased through the city of London on the Queen's horse and carriage. After the Minion crash the carriage in to a tree, the police are soon behind them and begin to chase the Minions on foot. Kevin and Stuart get caught by the police, while Bob runs on top of a large stone and pulls out a sword from with inside the stone, making the policemen shocked and bow down on their knees, as Bob has become the king of England by pulling out the sword, from the legendary tale of Sword In The Stone.

Being a British person myself i found this hilarious as they joked about our tradition and the royalty ways of life, as we see Bob pull out the sword that made him the new King Of England. Only if being made King was that easy, i would travel down to the "Sword In The Stone" right now and pull it out myself, if it was real that is.

Scarlett Overkill just seen Bob get crowned the new king of England on the news and she wasn't happy at all, so she pays them a visit at Buckingham Palace. Scarlett is angry towards the 3 lovable Minions and tells them that it was supposed to be her dream to become Queen, so Bob comes up with an idea to change the law and to make Scarlett the new Queen Of England. Oh No!

Scarlett, The Evil Queen

Now that Scarlett is about to become the future Queen Of England, she has to get rid of the Minions that she thought betrayed her, so she leads them down to the dungeon that is underneath Buckingham Palace and waiting is a torture room. The Minions don't know its a torture room and begin to have fun on the torture machinery and tools and Herb joins in. 

Scarlett and Herb leave the Minions down in the dungeon while they are off to get crowned Queen and king of England. The 3 Minions find a tunnel that leads down in to the sewage system and the 3 of them walk through the dark tunnels until they find a way out that is close enough to Westminster Abbey, where the coronation of the crowning is taking place. 

When the Minions arrive at Westminster Abbey the front doors are locked and guarded, so they decide to climb the building to find a way in from the roof. As soon as the Minions find a way in the 3 of them automatically get in a sticky situation as the Bob & Stuart are being chased around by a bee on top of a chandelier, which is unscrewing itself while the coronation is being present below. The Chandelier then falls from the ceiling and lands on Scarlett, but when everyone thought she was crushed to death, her dress saved her and she blasts her way from the wreckage.  

Kevin, Stuart & Bob are now being chased through the streets of London by the villains that attended the coronation of Scarlett's crowning. The 3 of them get split up as they get chased and Bob and Stuart get caught by Scarlett as Kevin can see her broadcast it on the news. Its all up to Kevin to come up with a master plan to rescue his two friends and he does! He plans to sneak in to Herbs lab and get loads of weapons but when the villains know hes inside the lab they all try to break inside to get to Kevin. The villains are now inside the lab and Kevin panics and jumps in the nearest machine and he accidentally turns it on, turning him in to a giant Minion.

So Kevin is now a giant... How cool is that?! Nothing can stop him now surely, but saying that he is naive and stupid at times so anything could go wrong.  I was trying to think how could it be possible for one minion to save his friends from two genius villains, it was impossible but now hes a giant i think he has a good chance now.

Minion Vs Villain

Kevin the big lovable giant scares away the villains that just tried chasing him down and off his goes through the city of London, but he gets stuck between some of the buildings because he is a giant of course and things get a littl to tight for Kevin. He eventually squeezes his way through the tall buildings and saves Bob and Stuart from the explosive dynamite that they were just tied to by picking them both up with his giant hands. 

Scarlett can see Kevin rescue his friends and this makes her furious with rage and turns her dress in to a huge rocket, she then fly's up in the sky and says to Kevin "That's your plan? Make yourself a bigger target?"  While her dress unravels two lava rockets on each side that aims towards Kevin and his friends.  While the giant Minion fights it out with Scarlett and her rocket powered dress, thousands of  Minions spot Kevin and its the rest of the tribe.

Scarlett can see the giant Minion and the rest of the tribe and turns her dress in to a huge nuclear rocket and shoots it towards the Minions. Kevin catches the rocket with force and fights against it, but then decides to swallow it so it protect the rest of the tribe. Scarlett and Herb begin to fly off as they think they have won but Kevin's giant hand grabs hold of the flying couple and tags along the ride and flies up in to the sky with Scarlett and Herb, to explode over the city of London.

The Minion tribe begin to whelp and cry as they think Kevin has just exploded, but Kevin surprisingly floats down on his giant dungarees that have turned in to a parachute and Kevin is alive and normal sized again.

Well that a funny and random battle from a giant Minion and a supersized dressed Villain. The Minion tribe should of helped i thought to show off more humor of the Minions but i guess the battle was funny enough for me. When Kevin survived the explosion, shouldn't Scarlett and Herb survived as well? 

A New Chapter

The Minions have been rewarded by the Queen Of England for their bravery and for saving the nation from Scarlett and her Villain ways but when they think it is all over, Scarlett and Herb come back and steal the Queens crown. When they are running away with the Queens crown in the crowed of people, they suddenly get frozen by an ice gun.

This is where the Minions found their new boss. He was Cunning! He was Evil! He was Perfect! He was... Despicable! 

If you have seen the original movies then you know who their new boss is. This gave me goosebumps and it was amazing how he sorted out the best villain in the world as it was nothing and to easy for him to do, which catches the eyes of thousands of Minions. 


I really did enjoy watching Minions as it was original and unique and loads of funny scenes. I would say that this movie is more for kids and not for the family as it is very childish with all the baby talking Minions and i think adults would not enjoy or understand the concept of the movie, being an adult myself i did enjoy it but i would't watch it again as i now know it wasn't the type of movie for me.

On the other hand if you're a parent and want to make your child happy, then i would recommend this movie as they would enjoy it a lot!

  1. What did you guys think of the overall movie?
  2. What did you think of the story of the movie?
  3. What did you think of the characters?
  4. What was you favourite character? & Why?
  5. What was you least favourite character? & Why?
  6. What was the funniest scene? & Why?
  7. Best scene? & Why?
  8. Worst scene? & Why?
  9. Will there be a sequel?
  10. What will the sequel be about?


  1. You have definetly encouraged me to watch Minions! I was hesitating about watching it but now i am sure that its cool :) Thanks
    happy Blogging

    1. Hey I'm glad you liked it & you should watch it as it's worth the watch :)

      Your blog is good. Keep the good work up!

  2. [ Smiles ] I have not seen it as yet; but from the various advertisements that I saw on it, it appears to be highly entertaining.

    1. It is very entertaining but i think some adults might not like it as it is very silly and immature at times.

      Its a great movie for the kids to watch though and you should give it a watch as you might like it as an adult :)

  3. Great post really. thanks for sharing