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Susan Cooper has worked her whole life behind the desk for the CIA, working in a partnership with the handsome agent Bradly Fine, being his eyes and ears to help Bradly avoid danger. Sadly, Bradly gets assassinated by a beautiful Bulgarian arms dealer Rayna Buyanov.  Despite Susan's agent training she has never been out in the field or held a gun before and she manages to wiggler her way in to her very first mission as a secret agent, to help capture Boyanov and avenge Bradly.

Thoughts & Experiences

After a long boring day yesterday i was deciding what movie to watch, and i thought i was going to watch Mad Max again because its so awesome, but then i changed my mind to watch SPY. I was a little reluctant as i thought it was going to be another typical wacky comedy and that wasn't the case at all, i was surprised on how well it turned out in the end.

The lead role was played by Melissa McCarthy who plays the behind the desk agent, Susan Cooper. Most of the movies i'v watched Melissa McCarthy in have all been well and funny but none have made a impact on me and made me think that was amazing or funny as hell, they all seem to be the same type of film but with a different story. I think this is because Melissa has created a image for herself, so most of the movies she plays are very similar to each other.

The opening to SPY was full of action straight away, showing us Bradley Fine (Jude Law) do his job as a CIA agent, as he is undercover at a guest party. Bradley creates a diversion at the party to sneak of into the background and goes to a under underground stair way to find his target man at gun point. At this point i'm thinking hes done his job well and its almost completed, but wait... There's more. The two men are now facing each other with Bradly asking the terrorist "where's the nuclear bomb?" and gives him a warning of 10 seconds to tell him or hes dead, but BANG...Bradly's gun shoots the terrorist in the head as Bradley sneezes from allergies he suffers with.

This was so funny because it was so unexpected, i didn't know what just happened as it was so fast of a sneeze reaction. The terrorist was saying "I think i have more than ten seconds," and when Bradley starts to talk again, "Ahhchoo!...Pew," right between the terrorists eyes. He stands there for a while before collapsing, when Bradley realises what just happened he shouts out in anger because that was the only terrorist that had the information he needed for the CIA.  

While that just happened he is talking to his partner, the eyes and the ears for his safety, Susan Cooper. Susan Cooper is telling Bradley that she put his allergy medicine in his coat pocket and says "i herd you sniffle before, so its blood on my hands." Susan then guides him out of the armed building to safety and praise each other in to their ear pieces. 

Random but very funny opening to SPY and a good way to introduce the roles and the characters of the movie, making the viewers & i have a very good first impression.

Bradley Fine is now on his 2nd mission to get the Bulgarian women named Rayna Boyanov (Rose Bryne). Bradly is wondering around a house looking for Rayna but its deserted as no one is around, but as he notices this, two men come from behind and Bradley takes them out with his agent trained combat moves. When Bradley is showing off to Susan in front of the mirror, Rayna already has him at gun point which leads to Bradley's death. As Rayna shoots and kills Bradley, she speaks to his camera which Susan is watching on the other side and Rayna names all of the undercover agents, blowing their secret identity.

The thing i didn't like about this scene was i thought it was a bit to obvious on what Bradley's plan was, but i wont get in to that. I think this because his hidden camera that Susan looks through is getting connection problems so she cant see properly & at the time of Bradley's death we actually don't see him dying, we just see and hear the gun shoot at him, initially making the audience think he's dead, but is he?

Now all of the secret agents are sitting round a table at the CIA headquarters, discussing what to do next now their identity is not a secret anymore. Rick Ford (Jason Stathem) is among the secret agents who has been identified and is very upset, screaming profanities towards his boss and fellow agents around the table. The agents are trying to come up with a plan but unable to since they have no way of getting close to Rayna as she knows who they all are, accept from Susan Cooper. Susan comes up with an idea to go out in the field as a secret agent so she can revenge her friend/agent Bradley Fine. This makes Rick angry as the boss is considering it and he quits his job (This leads him to be a rogue agent) and storms out.

Jason Statham's character Rick Ford literally had me laughing all the way through this scene as you couldn't take his character serious because hes always swearing and coming up with stupid scenarios to catch Rayna. Rick Comes up with a plan to go in to the "Face off machine" to change his identity but it was a joke and he didn't know that the machine isn't real. 

Rick ford quits and this makes him a rogue agent further in to the movie, this leads to Susan to become a real agent and its hilarious because she hasn't been out in the action before,  let alone shoot a gun. 

Favourite scenes

one of my favourite scenes is where she is discussing with her boss, and she is handed a new identity for her mission. Some of the costumes/wigs are funny and entertaining for the viewers to enjoy and to laugh about.

The first fight scene Susan gets her self into is probably the funniest part of the movie for me as she kicks the bad guy between the legs, making him stab him self and falling off a balcony. As she sees him on the ground, she throws up vomit and it lands all over the dead guys body and face, she drops the knife that lands in to his chest and finally faints to the ground.

Susan Cooper is on a epic car chase, well a scooter chase as she chasing a car through the city of Rome on a scooter. She is chasing and shooting the car, almost loosing it as she is blocked off by road works, until she sees a ramp that leads to the other side of the road work.

Susan goes for the jump in epic slow motion and lands in wet cement on the other side of the road works. Now she is driving awkwardly slow through the cement while all the angry builders shout at her for ruining their hard work.

can you imagine doing that awesome jump and then to land in wet cement to ruin your jump. Any way this part was funny because Susan's face says it all on how awkward it is.


I expected to have a typical Melissa McCarthy movie & i think it was a typical McCarthy movie as its similar to some of the movies she has already done, like Heat & Identity Thief. I like her similar movies but i would say this, don't expect it to be any different from her previous movies.

Jude Law did an average job on acting, nothing to serious but he was very funny and entertaining to watch, something different from the actor that i liked. Also Jason Statham didn't have much acting to do with the movie but i would honestly say he was the funniest person out of them all, with his one liners, swear words and his ego that you cant take very seriously.

Overall i liked the movie as Melissa McCarthy was her funny usual self, the other two actors were funny and some of the scenes were hilariously fitting towards the story line, so i would recommend this movie.


  1. Did you like the overall movie?
  2. Could the movie have been any better?
  3. What parts of the movie would you improve? & Why?
  4. Did you like the characters/Actors?
  5. Who was you favourite Character? & Why?
  6. Who was you least favourite character? & Why?
  7. What was your funniest part of the movie?
  8. Do you think there will be a sequel?
  9. What will the sequel be about?
  10. Any new or original actors for the sequel?


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