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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 3

Under The Dome

Previously On Under The Dome

Last weeks episodes was truly confusing and intriguing at most, but also it was one big huge mystery until episode 2 ended as it opened the viewers eyes, to actually understand what was gong on. In Episode 1 we see the people of Chester's Mill a year after the Dome happened and what they did with in that year to move on from the horrific event, with Barbie working with a special Ops military and grieving over the death of Julia. When Barbie returns to Chester's Mill for the memorial for the people who died Under The Dome, Barbie is trying to fit the missing pieces together as he is seeing familiar faces that he shouldn't be seeing and seeing people return from the dead as he saw Junior die along side with Julia. 

Julia & Junior discover tunnels leading to some kind of purple cocoons which have the people of Chester's Mill trapped inside, giving them the virtual world they think they are all living back at Chester's Mill memorial, that's why Barbie is seeing familiar faces and cant make sense of it all. With all this going on in the tunnels, Melanie finds them both and puts Junior in one of the cocoons and off he goes to the virtual world, while Julia confronts Melanie about the cocoons and the egg, big Jim intrudes on them both to destroying the egg, freeing the people inside the cocoons to eventually escaping the underground tunnels.

Episode 3 - Redux

Same Town, New Faces

After a normal life in the virtual world of Chester's Mill which everyone believed it was real, no one questioned the new face of the new towns psychiatrist Christine Price. We see Christine and Barbie 's new girlfriend Eva help each other out in the cocoons as if they knew each other before everything happened. Now the two characters are in a hotel room discussing that they have been inside the cocoons for only 3 weeks, which they thought was one entire year. 

Christine & Eva are talking about how they went looking for the egg and all of a sudden the two was in a virtual reality world in Chester's Mill, that Eve fell in love with Barbie and they were about to have a baby together. Eva thought it was all so real and how it still feels real to her even now she is out of the virtual world.

How heart broken would you feel if you was Eva? Falling in love with someone you thought you was with for an entire year and was about to have a baby together, to all of a sudden to be woken up from the purple cocoons that made her believe in this fairy tale. Also have you ever had an amazing dream before and thought it was real and then you wake up to realise it was a dream? that's how i think Eva feels but with more emotional attachment towards her experience.  

I'm also wondering why the two of them were looking for the egg in the first place and why Christine seems to think she knows whats going on, more than Eva does. 

Christine is now back down in the tunnels speaking to Melanie about who should be the Queen of the egg on who touched it last. Melanie said she was the first one to touch it 25 years ago but Christine tells her that the connection was broken off as soon as she died. Christine also blames Melanie for not protecting the egg when they were in the cocoons and tells Melanie to kill Julia if she comes looking for her.

OK, so Christine knows Melanie how? The two must of had brief contact before Christine got put inside the cocoon so the two hatched a plan together and all this might get revealed in future episodes. I seriously need some light shedding down on the series as i have know idea where they both stand with each other and what Christine is planning next.

Congratulations Junior

The virtual world changed everyone but changed Junior the most as he thought his life was on track because he thought his abusive father was dead and Junior thought he was his own man, but all that was shattered as Big Jim saved him from the cocoon that brought him back to reality. Ironic? When Junior sees his father waiting for him outside of his cocoon, Junior pushes him away as if he can't believe he is still alive and he would rather be back in the cocoon.

After Juniors virtual experience came to a end, he is struggling the most and is considering killing himself as we see him kneeling in front of the Dome with a gun to his head. Luckily uncle Sam finds him and persuades him to not kill him self by saying "congratulations Junior, you've just hit rock bottom"

In the last couple seasons of Under The Dome i didn't really like Junior because he was weird and abusive to his girlfriend Angie, but i can see why he was like that, its because of his abusive father. He would always put Junior down and bully him mentally and physically, and i can see why Junior would prefer the virtual life. 

A Love Triangle

In the previous episodes it mostly shown us the stories of the characters and how they lived their life a year after the dome happened. We see Norrie become a sorority sister and Joe, well Joe is just Joe. The two of them meet back at Chester's Mill but Joe can tell that Norrie is different and that the sorority life has changed her for the bad because her personality has changed and now she has started smoking. There is a lot of friction between them both, so Norrie goes to see Hunter at his hotel room and both of them start flirting and are about to kiss, until they are both woken up from the virtual world that Big Jim has just saved them from.

Ever since getting back from he virtual world, Norrie and Joe still have a lot of friction between them both but Joe is trying to keep the flame alive and he is trying his absolute best to be in her good books as he tries to be helpful with her and hangout as much as possible, but when the two are alone, Hunter comes along and Norrie follows him like a lost puppy every time and Joe has his suspicions about them both.

If i was Joe i would of gathered by now that Norrie obviously likes Hunter and something might of happened in the virtual world with them both, or maybe that's just me be paranoid but i would have m suspicions like Joe does. To be honest with you i am not liking the new Norrie and her whole new persona she has.

Hunter & Norrie go to the house where all the supply food has been stashed, so the people of Chester's Mill have something to eat, and when the two of them are looking around the house for food they start talking and messing around as if they don't care, and begin to play loud music through out the house. Joe enters the house where Norrie and Hunter are supposed to be looking for food but Joe can hear the loud music and the two of them laughing, so Joe turns off the music and complains to them both on how they should respect the house as he knew the owner very well and that they are very inconsiderate and storms out of the house, dropping a bunch of flowers on the table he wanted to give to Norrie.

OK now i hate Norrie & Hunter because they are very annoying characters to watch as if they don't care and both of them are very inconsiderate as both of them try and have fun in a dead women's house. Plus Norrie now thinks shes better because shes in a sorority and probably thinks she deserves a better boyfriend and hops on to the nearest thing that gives her attention, which makes me want to punch Hunter in the face!.. I'm joking, but seriously they are both annoying me in this episode.

A Lovers Tiff

Eve decides to show up at the town hall of Chester's Mill and surprise Barbie as he is having a fight with Big Jim until hears someone shout "Dale" and its Eve. Barbie is shocked as ever because he thought Eve was fake or wouldn't ever see her again and Julia can see that Barbie is shocked so she asks Eva "Who are you?" but she storms out of the building.

Well that's awkward! Might as well be on a date with Julia and then see your fake pregnant girlfriend show up out of know where. 

When everyone got assigned new tasks to do around the town, including Julia and Barbie to go down to the tunnels to find Melanie for answers, Julia brings up the subject of Eva and Barbie explains to her that he "mourned her" and that "time went past" and he fell in love with Eva but it "Feels like yesterday" as he says to Julia. 

I really do feel sorry for Julia as she loves Barbie so very much but Barbie is in the hot seat as his virtual girlfriend shows up out of no where and makes things awkward. Is it possible to love two women at once? Who knows, but i would prefer if Barbie went back to Julia as i like her character and i don't trust Eva one bit!

Melanie's Dead?

Julia and Barbie are climbing out of the tunnel on narrow climbing ladder and when Julia gets to the top, she gets aggressively pulled out of the tunnel and the ladder breaks with Barbie still attached, making him fall back to the bottom of the hole he just tried climbing out of. As soon as Barbie is able to climb out of the hole, he sees Christine with a bloody knife with Melanie and Julia on the floor. He asked what just happened and Julia responds "She just saved my life"

I think this was part of Christine's plan as she told Melanie to kill Julia but Christine wanted to double cross Melanie an gain the trust from Barbie and Julia, so she killed Melanie in front of them both so they can see her as one of the good guys. Orrrr Melanie might still be alive and they were both running the same plan to throw them both off course and get them by surprise in the next circumstances.

Also when Barbie is burying Melanie who he thought was his sister, he mentions that now Melanie is dead that they will never know the truth. I initially thought that she might of killed Melanie to stop others finding out and that Barbie might be on to Christine and her ways. 


Episode 3 was more awkward and entertaining to watch as we see Barbie and his two girlfriends find out they both still exist. I'm also excited on how Joe will react when he finds out about Norrie & Hunter, I'm hoping he puts Hunter in his place and dumps Norrie so she comes running back to him. The biggest mystery for me is Christine and what she has planned for the people of Chester's Mill but i'm sure her story will get revealed in a dramatic way.

We also see Big Jim find out the truth about Christine on a cam recorder of her discovering the egg which makes him leave Chester's Mill to a remote island across the river. I think hes hoping things will go bad for Chester's Mill and everyone will look up to him again, to fix things as he was be right all along.

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was the best part of the episode? & why?
  3. What was the worst part of the episode? & why?
  4. What should Joe do next?
  5. How will Juniors and Big Jim's relationship turn out?
  6. What do you think Christine is up to?
  7. Who will Barbie pick out of his two girlfriends?
  8. Should we trust Eve?
  9. Whats the purpose of Big Jim's new dog?
  10. What will happen next episode?


  1. [ Smiles ] I have not seen the television show, "Under The Dome".

    However, judging by your review, it appears to be very interesting.

    1. Oh it is Renard, but it depends if you would rather read the book or watch the series like me. If you like mystery and a lot of cliff hangers then give it a watch :)

    2. [ Laughs ] I will add that to my "to do" list.

  2. Its time to pick up on Under The Dome. I love Teen Wolf and have kept up on that show. I wish Wolfblood will pick up another season.

    1. Under the dome is very mysterious, I think you would like it.

      Iv not seen Wolfblood, is it any good?

  3. i have seen season 1 and 2 of under the dome and fell in love with it just cant find season 3 though...

    1. Are you watching it on TV or online Jacqueline? You've only missed 3 episodes so far anyway :)