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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 4

Previously On Teen Wolf

Young teen Donovan gets arrested and taken away by his lawyer and police guards to agree on some terms for his future sentence. While they take Donovan in a secure police van, they get stumbled upon by Tracey, who then attacks them all while Donovan runs away to eventually getting caught by the three robotic scientist and injects with a needle. 

We find out that Tracey isn't a wolf but a Kanima as she attacks Scott, Stiles, Malia & Dr Deaton with her new developed tail, which paralyses all 4 of them. Later that same evening Tracey intrudes on Sheriff Stilinski and his date with Natalie (Lydia's mother) and attacks the remaining police officers inside the station, leaving the two confused on what just happened.

The rest of the gang soon catch up to Tracey, and Malia finds her in the basement with Natalie's unconscious body, resulting in a fight between the two of them to eventually Malia getting the better of Tracey, but as soon as things were about to be over, the three robotic scientist intrude once more as they pin Malia to the wall and inject Tracey with another lethal injection. 

Episode 4 - Condition Terminal

A Dream

Deputy Parrish is lying on his sofa, fiddling with a deck of cards and one of the cards he's holding is the Queen of diamonds, which looks a lot like Lydia. A cut scene jumps to Lydia sparking up a lighter and Parrish says "You going to do a magic trick?" "No" She replies, but talks about how he walked away from a burning car "Unscathed", so she asks Deputy Parrish for his hand and holds his hand out which is now hovering above the lighter that Lydia has just lit, burning Parrish's hand with intense pain within a couple of seconds. "You can last longer than that" Lydia tells him with a smirk on her face and Parrish holding his hand in pain.
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"This time i want you to do something different, don't think about the flame, don't think about the heat...Don't think about it hurting...Don't even look at it," as she holds his hand out to try the painful trick once more. Lydia holds the burning hot flame under his hand way longer than the first time and smoke starts to come from his hand, while Lydia looks surprised and burns her thumb in the process of holding the lighter for to long. She asks him if it hurt him and he shakes his head to say "No" while rubbing the black smudge from under his hand, "What was you thinking about?" Lydia asks him and Parrish replies "A Dream."
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Parrish begins to explain his dream... Parrish is walking in the woods, carrying a body but he can't see who it is or what it was. He's taking the body to a tree he claims to think looks "A 1000" years old as its only the stump of the tree and Lydia's face drops with no expression, "That's real" she says. Lydia explains to Parrish that its a real tree in Beacon Hills & the history of the mystical tree, that it was a meeting place for Druids, scientist and healers a 1000 years ago. He explains further about his dream...Parrish puts the body down on the rings of the tree and claims to Lydia that's the end of the dream, but its not as it cuts to a scene of Parrish Laying down the body on the tree stump, while Parrish's body flames up on fire, sitting next to the body with a dozen of other bodies surrounding him.
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I thought this was a sick opening scene to Teen Wolf because it made the audience and myself think of what the dream could be about. It must be a metaphorical dream and mean something to Parrish or must be some kind of sign on what Parrish must do in the future. Also it doesn't just make us think about the dream but what ability/supernatural animal he could be and in my opinion i think he's a Phoenix because he got set on fire and survived, What other mythical creature could do that accept from a dragon? A Phoenix! Plus when he got set on fire, it was like he got reincarnated from the ashes and became the Phoenix, Phoenix's are known for dying in their own ash and being reborn again. 

Donovan The Captive

After a horrifying events back at the police station, Donovan is now strapped down in a reclined chair, struggling to set himself free while he looks around the room anxiously. Donovan can hear clicking noises around him and appears out of no where are the three tall robotic scientist. As they move around the chair, examining his body as they touch him and look inside his mouth like a dentist would. One of the robots say "His condition looks promising" and one of the other scientist gets a long pair of pliers and starts pulling his teeth out, so the his other sharp teeth can come through and grow quicker.
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The three scientist dudes really do like Donovan don't they? I've see him get capture twice now, one back where he got injected in the neck which made his eyes turn silver and now, which makes it twice. I think it's their whole process of doing things and how they turn humans in to their own scientific lab rats, as they will capture somebody, inject them with something, capture them once more to see how well they are doing and enable them to become the monster the scientists wanted to create with in the human. 

We previously seen two different kind of monsters the scientist have created so far and both of them got executed if they didn't do their job properly. They always say "Their condition is terminal" while stabbing them in the neck with a massive needle, but i'm not sure if Tracey did die or if Scott and the others are just waiting for her to become stronger and more evil-er. Only time will tell!

Back to this scene...What could Donovan be, do you think? I know he can't be a wolf because he didn't have wolf like teeth, as you can see his teeth are all very narrow, sharp and the same length as each other. He could be another Kanima? But i think that would be a boring choice to include in this episode because we've already seen one of those. What ever he is i'm sure he will be more dangerous since the scientist last two monsters didn't complete their initial plan they were set out to do, which we still need to find out!  
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The Rules Have Changed

"Sorry to interrupted" says Dr Deaton as he enters Scott's house without any permission and carries on explaining about Tracey. "A werewolf, but with talents of an Eagle" pulling jars out of his bag of Tracey's body tissues and wolf claws. Dr Deaton explains that she could possibly be a shape-shifter as she had different characteristics from different supernatural beasts, wolf claws, Kanima venom and scales. "What do you even call that?" asks Kira, "Personally i call it terrifying" answers Dr Deaton (Laughs).

The three of them are trying to boggle their heads around how Tracey got through the Mountain Ash, even though she's supposed to be supernatural. No supernatural can get through Mountain Ash and Scott, Kira and Dr Deaton now know she isn't supernatural, "She wasn't born, she wasn't bitten...She had of to be made" says Dr Deaton. The 3 of them talk about how someones trying to blur the lines between science & supernatural.
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Its all about to get real ya'll!! Wow, what a great scene as we see Scott & Kira kissing and to be intruded upon by our favourite vet, Dr Deaton. I loved this part because it was all serious but through some sense humour in there... I think they did any way because i laughed at the part where Deaton says "Personally i call it terrifying" and it does sound terrifying. Imagine having some monster beast having the best of both worlds with wolf claws and teeth, venom and Scales, well...Scales ain't so much.  Scott and the other should be scared.  

All i'm thinking now is how will Scott and the others find a way to treat them? I mean they can't kill them because they're not really supernatural and their still human inside, they're just being made to do the chores of the robotic scientist. Scott can maybe fight them off while Stiles gets in close with a cure for them, but how can he defeat the scientist? They're like ghost floating from place to place, injecting needles in to whoever they can find. 

Theo, The enabler

Someone is speaking to Donovan, who is still strapped down in the reclined chair and outcomes from the shadows Theo. Theo is holding a folder of Donovan's results when he applied to be a policeman and torments Donovan on how badly he failed, how he scored high in the psychiatric questions. Donovan gets mad, struggling to break free from the straps that are holding him down and Theo unties the head-strap, turning the reclined chair upwards so Theo can speak to him on a personal level. Theo starts to tell him that he now has real power, "strength, speed, heightened senses..But what do you do with power like that?"
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Theo knows that Donovan is angry with Sheriff Stilinski for failing him on the law enforcement test and for arresting him, so Theo tries to give him some word of advice. Theo grabs Donovan by the jaw and tells him that physical pain is manageable and that real pain, is emotional pain. He then tells Donovan if he wants to cause real pain he shouldn't go after Sheriff Stilinski, but go after the ones he loves.
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This means trouble and i mean bad trouble as i think my favourite character of the show is about to get hurt real bad and real soon, which is Stiles. If they kill of Stiles then i will be angry with the produces and i think everyone who watches Teen Wolf would agree with me, hes the brains and soul of the operation and he makes the show funny and entertaining to watch. In my opinion though i don't think they will kill him off because he's the only none supernatural person in Scott's pack, but saying that they brought in another none supernatural in the pack, Mason.

Now that Mason is becoming part of the pack, i think it could be a good time to kill of Stiles and replace him with Mason. If they don't kill off Stiles in this season it would make a great story for Scott and the gang to rescue him and hopefully we will see Sheriff Stilinski more i action as he tries to rescue his son from Donovan and Theo. That's my theory of the who Donovan/Stilinski situation, What do you guys think?

The Dread Doctors

Malia & Stiles are at the library researching...Well Stiles is sleeping on the table while Malia is researching. Malia is sitting there in a deep thought of mind as she clicks her pen with her thumb and comes to a reminiscing thought of Tracey. How she saw Tracey get stabbed in the neck by the robotic scientists, realising on what to do next and tells Stiles that shes taking off, who is slobbering on the book covered table, mumbling towards Malia as she walks out of the library, leaving Stiles to sleep on his research books.
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Malia is now sitting in the crime scene of Tracey's bedroom and looking at the wall, which is covered in drawings that Tracey drew while she was having her night terrors. She lifts up some of the pictures that are stuck on the wall and can't make sense of any of the drawings, so she looks around the room while stood in the same spot, looking towards a book with Tracey's purse on top. Malia lifts the purse off the book and underneath it is a note, saying "Here's the book you asked for. Cheesy stuff, But still a fun, scary read." When she finishes reading the note, she lifts it off the book to see what it is, "The Dread Doctors" reads the title of the book and Malia looking is shocked as she discovers it.
Credit to MTV
Finally we know the name of the "Scientific Robots" iv'e been calling all through the series, The Dread Doctors! What a cool and creepy name for the characters, i still can't make sense of the name though, can you? The part about "Dread" is is the creepiest part because Dread means "Anticipate with great apprehensive or fear"....How dare you think i looked up the definition on Google... OK, Maybe i did, but still that's a very creepy definition to give to the robotic scientists... I mean "The Dread Doctors." 

Wolfs Can Be Wing-men too

Its Friday night and its time to party, as we see Liam & Mason walking towards to be a abandoned warehouse but you can tell their going to some kind of party because Mason is asking Liam to be his "Wing-man." The two of them walk inside the abandoned looking warehouse and its a underground nightclub and they walk around the place, with Mason looking around like a child in a toy shop. Liam seems a bit lost and out of his comfort zone and bumps in to Hayden who works at the club, knocking the drinks on the floor she was just carrying. Liam offers to pay for them with the remaining money he has and she says "You still owe me 200."

Liam is anxiously still walking around the club and senses something strange, something supernatural but he can't figure it out. On the other hand Mason is having the time of his life and has just spotted his target of pray and starts flirting with a young guy called Lucas, eventually kissing him in a quiet spot inside the club. The two are still kissing and you see sharp looking spikes develop on the back of Lucas's  neck. The two kiss some more but Lucas  gets pulled away by Brett who was in the club at the time and throws Lucas across the room while shouting "RUN!" at Mason.
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Scott & Kira are now at the underground nightclub looking for Lucas, because he put someone in hospital with his new abilities and Scott helped with the pain he was suffering with,  leading to some valuable information about Lucas and how he's cross between wolf and a scorpion. Bret & Lucas are fighting it out behind stage and Bret gets injured, so Liam comes in and takes over but soon gets pinned down and Scott and Kira show up on time, " You're a little late" Shouts Liam towards them both.

The two late comers tag team him both and fight against him, with Scott kicking and scratching him, while Kira swings her belt sword at him, but none do any physical harm. When Lucas is about to attack again, Liam comes in and throws him on the ground with some force, turning him back to normal as you can see his eyes change back to normal. Kira uses her Kitsune ability and goes to finish him off with her sword, but Scott stops her from making that mistake. When Scott and Liam go to carry his unconscious body out of the club, The Dread Doctors shoot him and kill him with a mini bow gun of their own and say "His condition was terminal," with Scott replying "What does that mean?" as he repeats twice to the Dread Doctors to finally getting an answer. "Failure" one of them replies looking back towards Scott.
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I was kind of expecting The Dread Doctors to come in and steal the show, like they always have done in the previous episodes. I didn't expect them to shoot and kill Lucas though, but maybe that's because they didn't want to get to close to them as they were out numbered and their not the fighting type? Since they do get other people to fight their battles for them.

If i was one of them fighting Lucas i would be terrified in-case one of his spikes caught me and injured me, like the poor lad Scott saved in the hospital. I can imagine it be like fighting someone with a knife, as you try punching them cautiously because you don't want to get stabbed in the process. Also it was a brilliant first appearance for Scott and the others, as Scott was shocked and had a lot of questions for them but not all was answered and The Dread Doctors kept their answers short and sweet, not giving to much away for Scott to use for ammo.

There was a lot of injured characters in this episode which i liked, because we hardly see anyone get injured in this series so far and i'm glad its starting to pick up a bit more with fight scenes, injuries and mysteries coming alive. The fight scenes were amazing as usual and loved the new bread of supernatural beasts that are appearing in the series, making things more interesting and diverse with the story.

I like how Malia solved the mystery of The Dread Doctors by going back to where it all began and found a book of Tracey's, I'm just hoping they can use the book to good use and maybe find a weakness with The Dread Doctors. Also there wasn't much of Stiles in this episode but i think he will be a main part of the rest of the remaining series as we see him get attacked at the very end of the episode by Donovan, when Stiles was trying to fix his car on the side of the road.

As usual there were a lot of mysteries i was constantly asking myself like Parrish's dream, what it could of meant and what Parrish could be? Like i said before i think he's a phoenix. There was a cut scene where we see Lucas get put in the morgue by Scott and his mother and shortly afterwards we see Parrish turn up, taking the body of Lucas to the tree stump in his dream and being on fire. Maybe he's burning him to ashes or maybe he's reincarnating him with his phoenix abilities. Also when Lydia got took to hospital for her wounds from the previous episode, she saw The Dread Doctors and she disappeared from the hospital, so where is she now?

Overall= Amazing episode!


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. Where is Lydia?
  5. Why is Theo helping The Dread Doctors?
  6. What does Parrish's dream mean?
  7. What supernatural beast is Parrish? & Why?
  8. What is Parrish doing with the dead bodies?
  9. How will they defeat The Dread Doctors?
  10. What will happen to Stiles?
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  1. killing stiles would be a terrible idea, dread doctors isn't really a scary name for the steampunk scientists, but i like that they are creating hybrids. i think it's weird that lucas was a scorpion, i don't think that's been on the show yet. isn't donovan part wendigo?

    1. Yeah killing Stiles would be the worst thing for the show and i'm not sure about Donovan, he's a weird hybrid for sure!