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True Detective: Season 2, Episode 6

Previously On True Detective

The three detectives are going through some troubles in their personal life as we see Ani attend a sexual misconduct group, Paul protesting his innocents against his sexual misconduct claim made against him and Ray fighting to keep his son.

With Ray's being off the case and no longer a detective, he looks for more opportunity with Frank and does odd jobs for him at the club, also tailing his other colleague Blake. Frank has his suspicions of Blake and gets Ray to follow him, to see what he's up to.

Paul pays his mother a visit, so she thinks as he's only there to claim something that he hid within the walls of her home, 25 grand in cash. When Paul can't find his money, he finds out that his mother spent it all without him knowing till now.

Ray gets another opportunity but this time with the police, when they offer him to come back on the case, giving him a better chance to win his court case battle for his son. He also finds out that the person he killed that he thought raped his wife wasn't the right person, initially thinking Frank set him up to kill someone else.

The blue diamonds in the photo is the main case for Paul, as he goes round to different jewelry stores to find out where they come from. Where as for Ani, she has a missing girl case shes trying to work on, but also help Paul with the main case of the reopened murder case of Caspar.

Episode 6 - Church In Ruins

A Staring Contest

Ray is now sitting in Frank's small getaway suburban home, with both of them sitting at the dinning table with their cup of coffees untouched. Frank has his suspicions as its very tense between the two of them and haven't spoken a word why Ray has turned up on his doorstep out of the blue. Ray with one hand on the table and the other hand on a gun under the table at Frank wants to confront Frank about killing the wrong man who raped his wife, thinking that Frank set him up with someone that Frank might of known."You banged down my door for a staring contest?" Frank says sarcastically to Ray who has not yet spoken a work since his arrival. 

"A long time ago...You gave me a mans name on a piece of paper." is the first sentence he says to Frank since walking through his door. Frank explains to Ray that the information came to him and he passed it on to Ray, because one of Franks men was speaking about it. The situation is still intense and Ray still thinks he's being blackmailed, with Frank denying it, saying he believes in a "Sense of Justice." Ray tells Frank that the guy he killed was the wrong guy since Ray only just found out that they only just caught his ex wife's rapist last month by DNA. 

"I sold my soul for nothing!" says Ray frantically and confronting Frank that he used his ex wife's tragedy to do his dirty work. Telling Ray that that he already had the idea of killing before Frank even gave him the piece of paper with the mans name on it, that it wasn't Frank's fault to push him to do anything. Frank tries justifying Ray killing some man by telling him that he was "Scum", basically telling him that he deserved it. "I didn't set you up and i'm not your suicide ticket" he tells Ray with a gun pointed at him under the table, but the heat dies down when Ray slowly calms down and leaves Franks house with some sort of clarity.

This was the one scene i was waiting for since we seen Ray turn up on Frank's doorstep as a cliff hanger in the last episode, giving us the idea that something bad might happen when Ray found out the truth. Even though nothing bad did actually happen, Frank tells Ray and us that he didn't set him up and makes us all believe in his word he's telling Ray at the dinning table. I also a bit unsure if Frank is telling the truth or not, but i think it will play on Ray's mind even more, now that he knows he killed a random man for no reason at all. 

Now that the intense scene was over, What is Ray's next move? Now that he knows his ex wife's rapist is in jail and alive. Will he try and get him killed? The questions keep on coming and coming, since Ray is one of the most unpredictable characters in the series as we have just seen him contemplating on shooting Frank in his own home. 

A Phone Call To Satan

Sitting down behind the glass window phone booth is Ray, as he waits to speak to his ex wife's rapist. "What?" is the first words out of the mouth of the convict, sitting on the other side of the window, holding the phone to his ear, waiting to hear what Ray has to say. "I thought i killed you...11 years ago...Maybe i still will" with a deadly serious face telling the convict through the glass window.  He then tells the convict the situation and the surroundings the convict was in the day he raped his ex wife, trying to remind him of what he has done, but the convict can't remember. "You have no idea of what you have caused me" he tells the convict, with him trying to hang up the phone, but Ray keeps him on. Ray gives him his last final words he has to say, threatening him to torture him if he doesn't get life in prison and the convict yells at him "I don't even know you man!"

OK, so that answers my last question on what Ray was going to do next, because we see him pay a visit to his ex wife's assailant. It was another intense scene, but Ray was more calm as he thought he was 100% sure that the person he was speaking to behind the glass window was indeed his ex wife's assailant. So Ray's calm manner was his way of showing us that he finally knows who it is and knows what he wants to do the convict, but towards the end of the conversation the convict denies knowing him or anything to do with his ex wife. Could this be another decoy for Ray, so he's made to kill another random person? Using Ray as leverage to kill and if so, that's an awesome story plot for Ray and the remaining season. 

Ray Gives up

Now after sitting with his ex wife's assailant, Ray is spending sometime with his son, but with a visitation colleague that has to keep an eye on them and write everything down what they are doing together. Ray opens up a box with a airplane model and his son doesn't want to build it as he tells Ray "It kills people". He then asks his son what he wants to do instead of building a plane and he wants to watch "Friends" on TV. Ray lets him watch TV, while Ray has a pop at the visitation person for writing down on her notepad, "What are you scribbling over there? Is there some hot drama i don't see?" he asks the colleague and she tells him to carry on with his "Man date." Ray begins to tell his son that people might tell him stories about him and his son, but that he will always be his father and he will always love him. 

Later that night Ray returns home with a paper brown bag with whisky, some beer and some drugs and sits down to prepare himself, putting a CD on to play some Rock music to get him in the mood. Ray begins to take the drugs and drinks heavy, mixing both his drinks and narcotics together, making Ray pace around his living room and pulling himself up on the pull up bar. After having some drugs and alcohol in his system, he takes a long stare at the airplane models he made with his son over the years and phones his ex wife. She picks up the phone to hear Ray tell her he "I won't contest custody, he's yours" and begs her not to tell his son about her being raped and where he comes from. 

I thought Ray was going to put up more of a fight than that and not just give up, but i'm guessing he's only doing it so his son can have a better life. Now we have to wait to see if Ray's ex wife will actually go along with it or will she feel sorry for him and let him keep on seeing his son. If he actually does give up his son, he won't have anything else to fight for and this may make him more suicidal and more ruthless with his case and with the other two detectives, making him have a death wish if he ever gets into more guns fights. Maybe that's what this season needs though, is more spice to the episodes and see at least one of the characters be more ruthless and daring to do some dangerous stuff, but i think that will most definitely happen even if it's not Ray.

Mexican Standoff

After some intense investigation of his own, Frank gets one of the Mexican's to tell him a location where they might find one of the missing girls that might know something about Caspar's death. With this new information, Frank goes to the location with 3 of his men and fully loaded with guns, breaking down the door of the house they're investigating. The house looks clear but out of no where, the Mexicans come from one of the backrooms, with both Frank's men and the Mexicans in a stand off in the middle of the living room.

Frank knows one of the Mexicans as he turned his business proposal down after taking his night club back, with the Mexican saying "You here to talk some more?"He tells the Mexicans he didn't know it was their place and they all sit down to see what Frank has to say, since he did break their front door down and point their guns towards them all. Frank and the Mexicans make a deal to get the girl who he is looking for, to phone him, while Franks gives them permission to "push" their stuff through the clubs for 3 nights a week, for 1 year only if they can get the girl to him.

Later that day, Frank receives a phone call from the girl who he was looking for, telling her that they need to meet to get some information off her. The women tells him that he doesn't trust him and then agree's to meet him when he tells her she can take her own men to protect her and give her 1000 dollars for her time. When Frank arrives at the remote location to meet the girl, he can see her dead body and see her throat cut wide open. That's when the Mexicans come out from the headlights of their on cars and tell him "As promised, you seen her," beginning to tell Frank about their deal they made with the club, with one of the other Mexicans whipping his bloody knife as he explains their deal. 

I for sure thought there was going to be a gun fight within that house, when they were all pointing their guns at each other. Imagine if they did, ending Frank and the the Mexican gang and leaving us hanging with no information what so ever. I probably would of stopped watching if that happened, as i'm very interested in Franks story and where it might end. i'm hoping it ends good for Frank but i highly doubt it, because he lives in a very dangerous world and he knows he might be the next target to get killed like Caspar did. 

This scene must of made Frank furious as they used him and the girl he wanted to see, to make a deal to move drugs around the club he now owns. Last time they met, he turned them down bluntly and that's why the Mexicans might of killed the girl, but still promised him to see her, as he didn't say dead or alive. How patronizing is that? Making a deal to meet the girl face to face, to only find her with her throat slit wide open, then with the Mexicans having the nerve to complete their deal with the club. 

Undercover Prostitute

Ani's sister got her into the premium party and is now undercover as a premium prostitute at the party for the very important people of Vinci. Before starting the party the girls are lined up in one of the big mansion rooms, while someone sprays a drug into each one of the prostitutes mouths as Ani is told its to make you relax and feel more happy. Ani is reluctant in doing it and does it anyway, when one of the ladies tells her to ope up and sprays a bottle substance inside of her mouth, with Ani swallowing the drug.

When Ani is getting ready to entertain her party guests, Ray and Paul are outside taking care of the armed guards, waiting to see if Ani brings any information to them. While the two take out one guards, they see two business men talking about a deal inside one of the mansions rooms, talking about the clients money and how it won't end up like Caspar's deal went. When they finish up, Paul pick locks the door outside, entering to gather some evidence the men were talking about, rolling up and shoving a bunch of papers into his trouser waist band.

A very confused and with blurred vision is Ani, as she walks around the mansion pretending to find someone to entertain is actually looking for some valuable evidence for her case. When she see's someone she knows, she goes to walk away but bumps into a very interested male, "I've been watching you miss" and walks her upstairs to have her way with her. Walking up stairs with her client, Ani tries to look through her blurred vision of the sex crazed mansion, while she gets a flash back to her childhood of a man taking her in to his van. Ani notices she's back at the mansion and tells the man she needs to go to the bathroom.

Ani puts her fingers down her throat so she can make herself be sick to get the drugs out of her system and noticing one of the girls collapsed on the floor, is the girl she has been looking for as a missing person case for someone she knows. She picks her up and carries her through the mansion, bumping into the client she was supposed to entertain, but Ani defends herself with him ending up on the floor. She gets grabbed around the throat by someone else, while she slices him multiple of times with a knife, with him ending up bleeding out on the floor and with Ani running with the girls arm over her shoulders to meet Paul at the basement door for their getaway.

A Very dangerous situation Ani put herself into, but a very entertaining scene to watch and that's what this show lacks! More entertaining scenes! I liked this scene because i was constantly thinking what was going to happen to Ani, as she's drugged up and has no control over her surroundings, so anything could happen...And it did! We see her get into some conflict and accidentally kills one of the men, but she was desperate and drugged so she didn't know much on what she was actually doing.

One of my favourite cut scenes in this part was Ani flashback, which was one of the biggest adaptions in the first season and i wish they add more flashbacks into this season. I think her flashback was of a younger Ani as she was lured in a van and maybe sexually abused by the man. I hope they add more flashback scenes with Ani and some of the other characters, but my gut feeling is telling me that the producers won't include that in this series (Sad face)


Another drama, intense episode as i expected, but a very well plotted story within this episode as we see what happened with Frank & Ray. The two cleared things up but i don't think the awkwardness and the intensiveness between the two will be over, hoping to see them collide in future episodes.

Every episode have been similar to each other as the action scenes always happen towards the end of the episode, but through the duration of the remaining episode, the plot thickens, with hardly any light shed on the murder case of the detectives and the characters just keep digging themselves into a hole, making things harder on themselves.

I think now that Ani has her missing person in her custody, maybe she will tell them more about the premium sex party and gain more valuable evidence, making more action packed episodes for the viewers.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was you favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What was you hoping for with Ray's & Frank's situation?
  5. Will Ray ever trust him again?
  6. What will Frank do about the Mexicans killing the girl?
  7. Will Frank get revenge on his ex wife's assailant?
  8. Will Frank actually leave his son alone for a better life?
  9. Who will be the next major character to die?
  10. What will we expect in the next episode?


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