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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 5

Previously On Under The Dome

Joe finds out about Norrie and hunter when the two were kissing down by the lake, Joe interrupts them both as they were kissing each other and both of them were embarrassed and shocked to see Joe. Joe storms off after he tells Norrie its over, leaving them both to do what every they want.

On the other side of the lake, on the remote island is Big Jim and he's spying on Junior with his binoculars, where Junior has set up camp. Big Jim can see Junior speaking to Christine and Jim doesn't like them two together. As Big Jim is watching them both talk to each other, two men ambush Jim from behind, hitting him till he falls to the ground and capturing him.

Jim wakes up in a research lab, tied to a wooden chair as he notices when he looks around the room. Jim can see two quarantined people dressed up in protective clothing and preparing to inject Jim with a needle. Jim puts up a fight but doesn't last long as the two people get the better of him and jab him with the needle.

Julia is now the only one in Chester's Mill that can see through Christine and so she goes "Snooping" around in Christine's office and finds a voice recorder in one of her desk drawers. Christine spots Julia and asks her what she's doing, while Julia back fires the questions towards Christine and the conversation gets heated between the two.

Back at the research lab where Big Jim is captured he knows one of the security guards and he starts beating on Jim, to make him tell him where the egg is. Jim gives up and pretends to know where it is, so he unties him from the chair and the two fight it out till Jim takes him hostage to try get out of the research facility. Jim escapes from the lab after they shot their own security guard and runs around the remote island which he is now trapped on.

After intense couple of days between Norrie, Hunter & Joe, Norrie starts to feel her normal self again as she speaking to Joe in his bedroom bunker and the two start to kiss each other like they have missed each other. On the other side of town Julia is waiting for Barbie to return home and when he does, he doesn't seem his usual self and angers out towards Julia.

After Julia witnessing Barbie have his anger episode back at the motel room, Julia decides to be a lone wolf and cross the other side of the lake to find Jim. When she gets there, she has Jim at gun point and Jim starts to explain that he got captured by the same people Christine works for. Julia shoots the man that is behind Jim and both of them run away.

Episode 5 - Alaska

Jim & Julia Team Up

Big Jim and his new dog are waiting patiently, as they wait for an explosion to happen near where the research lab is. Jim is looking through his binoculars saying "One more step," while he watches a man get closer where he wants him to be and an explosion occurs right in front of him. The explosion brings out the security guards that are inside the research facility, which is also part of the plan as Julia is also waiting patiently in the bushes and gets ready to sneak inside when the guards go to investigate the explosion.

Julia sneaks in through the front door and wonders around until she finds the camera Big Jim stole off Eva. She plugs in the camera into a computer and finds out it does't have the video on it, that Big Jim told Julia about. Since Julia can't retrace the video, she then searches the computer and comes across a file named 'Alaska' and downloads it on to the camera. When she waits for the file to download, Julia is held at gun point by the research facility boss Dr. Marston. "Put your hands up" he says to Julia and at the same time Jim comes in and points his gun back at Dr. Marston, "put the gun down" Jim shouts.

Now that they have Dr. Marston in their custody, Jim asks where the camera is and the Dr tells him that it got damaged when they tried to download the video. The Dr goes to prove it by showing them the remaining bit of evidence that is left on the camera and it's all ruined with parts of the video missing. Dr. Marston asks where the egg is and Jim doesn't tell him but gives him the option to give them more details on whats going on and Jim will tell them where the egg is. When the two agree on the terms, Julia asks about "Alaska," the file she was downloading before she pointed with a gun.

What an unlikely partnership this is, but i'm liking it so far because you don't know what to expect with Big Jim or Julia as they both don't trust each other, well Julia doesn't trust Jim more like. However i did expect them to come up with a master plan like we see in the episode, but i'm wondering why Jim let Julia go inside the facility to do all the dirty work, while Jim waits there to talk with his dog. Surely the man should be doing all the action work and sneak inside the facility, but i guess it says a lot about his character. 

I thought it was going to be to obvious though when we see Julia get caught in the process of getting the video back for Jim, i think that's why Julia was sent in and not Jim, because if Jim went in, the situation and the outcome might of been a lot different. For example, Dr. Marston would of had more of a reason to shoot or injure Jim and the scene could of played out so much differently, with the story being more difficult to carry on from there. 


Dr. Marston explains about the "Alaska" and tells Julia and Jim, who are still holding him at gun point and explains to them that a team of explorers found fragments of a egg inside a crater. Every time the explorers touched the a shards of egg, it gave off an electrical spark and further test of the egg gave off strong heat signatures and readings. The egg was a different kind of energy, clean and none radioactive, making the explorers think they could achieve greatness with this new energy supply coming from the egg. Which meant more efficient energy for humanity, no more power plants and no more radioactive energy.

The explorers who are still researching the egg discovered who every touched it, would get infected by it, which then altered the explores characteristics and behavior. All four of the explorers went on top of the roof together and jumped off one by one, committing suicide. "When their leader walked off that roof, the assistants followed him" Dr. Marston tells them both, he then explains to them that they found organism cells inside the explorers that has never been discovered in any human being before. "What ever the leader does, the group will follow" he tells them bluntly and with a gun still pointing towards him.

This to me was the most interesting and valuable scene of the episode, because it shown us how the egg really works and what it can make people do. It tells us that who ever touches the egg first has the power to control the other people who have also touched the egg. So if i touched the egg and my dog touched the egg, i could control my dog to finally sit, as i was the one to touch the egg first and the dog was controlled as he touched it after me. Make sense?

My theory is that Christine knew about getting caught eventually or stopped at sometime, so Christine would have to find a weak person and turn them on to her side so she can have someone else to trusts and control the egg with her. That person would be Junior as you see the two get down and funky with each other and kiss. Also showing Junior the in's and out's on how the power works when the two are down in the tunnels together. What's your theory? 

Norrie Pushed Me

Norrie and Joe are on top of a house roof, fitting in solar panels for the people who live there and gets stumbled upon by Hunter, who is standing at the bottom of the ladder. "Joe..Norrie...Christine wants you back in town hall, pronto" shouts Hunter as he looks up at them both, but they tell him that they're taking the day to fit in some solar panels. Hunter then climbs the ladder and tells them they have to come back to town with him and Norrie still refuses and sits down. Hunter who is now angered by Norrie's actions walks across the roof and grabs Norrie by the wrist, while Norrie pulls back to refuses to go any where with him, Hunter loses his grip on her wrist and falls off the roof on to the concrete floor.

They stretch off Hunter to the town hall to be checked out and to see if he has any bad injuries, but as soon as Barbie checks if he's injured, Hunter wakes up in a shock and can't move his legs or feet. Junior asks what happened on the roof and Hunter explains he went to get grab Norrie off the ground and lies about Norrie pushing him off the roof, resulting in the injuries he now has. "You're responsible for this, there needs to be consequences" Junior tells Norrie in a demanding voice and with the rest of the towns people circling Joe and Norrie, trapping and stopping them both from getting out of the town hall. 

I honestly thought this was the most tense scene of the whole series by far, because as Hunter was becoming more possessed by Christine's power, he became more possessive on giving orders to Joe and Norrie. I thought this made him more of a unpredictable character and more tense to watch as you can see the look in his eyes become more angrily and focused the rules that Christine had ordered him to do. Also why the hell did Joe invite him on top of the roof in the first place? Hunter, only a couple of days ago was kissing his girlfriend.

If i was in the exact same position i would of done the same thing as Norrie and sit down to refuse to go any where with Hunter. When he first fell i though he was dead but then he came to wake up in the town hall to blame Norrie for pushing him. OK!... Hold up a second, how can someone forcefully push someone else while they're sitting down? She must be very strong to push a fully grown man while she is sat down. 

The Fight That Never Ended Well

When the roof collapses inside the town hall, where Junior was working and positive that it wouldn't fall down, injures and kills some of the towns people who were still inside. Pete who wanted to work inside the town hall, blames Christine for the horrific event that just happened as they move the injured and dead bodies from under the ruble. Pete and Barbie work together to try and fix the damaged roof and find common ground with one another after they both find out they both served in the armed forces, making Barbie take Pete's side and backing him up against Christine. 

Christine finds out that the two of them are getting along with each other, more than Christine expected, which now puts her in a desperate position. Christine who has no choice to pay them both a visit each and manipulate them both to turn against each other by lying to Pete that Barbie is going to kill him because he found out that he was the one who was responsible for the roof collapsing, making Pete think twice, puts him on edge with Christine's lies. 

Barbie who ia now with Eva are walking back to the town hall so Eva can check on Hunter who is badly injured, and as soon as they both run back towards the town hall they both get hit with an explosion, that splits them apart, throwing them against the ground. Pete comes out from the distance with a plank of wood and starts to beat Barbie up with it and Barbie defends himself, trying to fight Pete back. When the two of them are lying on the ground injured from fighting, Pete hits Eva as she tells him that he will never have her over Barbie and this makes Barbie very angry to see Eva get hurt. Barbie who now has a the plank of wood in his hands, beats Pete none stop with it and kills him him.

I'm a bit confused on this scene because i wasn't sure if Pete did actually cut the wood beams, having a reason to blame Christine for her last actions she had against him. I thought that Christine cut the beams so Barbie would find them, resulting in him thinking it's Pete idea and he would initially go to Christine, cancelling her out of the situation and give her the opportunity to plant in Barbies head to "Take care of him" as Christine puts it. 

This scene really frustrated me because i wanted Pete and Barbie to get a long and go against Christine, but Christine had to get her own way and stir things up and lie to them both, so they would turn against each other. The fight scene itself was pretty entertaining but very brutal at the same time when we see Barbie go full rage attack and hit Pete none stop with the plank of wood. The noises each time he hit Pete was gruesome and made me think of the type of injuries he was inflicting towards Pete, who is now dead.

Jim Becomes A Guinea Pig

Julia is successful as she captures Christine at gun point and drives to the lake, where two guards pick Christine up for the research facility, where she will get tested for a vaccinated cure. Dr. Marston gets told they have Christine in their custody and sticks to his deal with Big Jim's freedom outside of the dome. Dr. Marston leads the way to where Jim thinks is the place to get outside of the dome, but Jim once again gets ambushed by one of the guards from behind and pushed in to a cell cage, locking the door behind him as soon as he goes flying inside the prison. "What is this?" shouts Jim, Dr. Marston sarcastically tells him it a bird cage and Jim tells him that he's not infected.

Jim who is looking at Dr. Marston for answers turns around to a sound of a dog weeping, and its Jim dog. One of the guards comes in from another room, carrying Jim's dog in both arms and gets blackmailed by putting a knife to the dogs throat. "Wait! Wait!" Jim shouts to the Dr and tells them that the egg is at the town hall and Christine has it, but Dr. Marston knows Jim is lying and tells the guard to take the dog in to the other room and slaughter it. "Alright, it smashed...I broke it, its broken...It's smashed...Give me my dog back" Jim tells the Dr and opens the cage to give Jim his dog back. Dr. Marston explains to Jim that he's part of an experiment, "Christine is the experiment & you are the controlled" he explains.

Finally Christine has gotten captured and took away from Chester's Mill, i think...As Christine basically tells Julia that it's not over, the worst is still yet to come and she's to late. What could that even mean? I think it means that what ever she had planned for the town has already begun, because we see all the towns people act all different when we see Joe and Norrie get trapped by everyone as they tried to escape the building. Also maybe Christine now has them all under her power and can now control them all. it actually makes sense if you think about it, who ever touched the egg first can control them as Dr. Marston explained, but Christine said to Junior "You're like me now" meaning he could also control the towns peoples even when Christine is gone, making two controllers of the egg.

As for Big Jim getting tricked in to thinking he was about to leave the dome, i couldn't help feel sorry for the guy because he trusted the Dr's word and followed him in to the room, to only get captured in a bird cage. I also cringed as he put the knife to the dogs throat because i thought he was going to kill Jim's dog right in in front of him and make him watch it. At least we now know why Jim is there, he's going to be a lab rat and see if he can be controlled by Christine's power, maybe to find a cure for it or maybe to take away Christine's power for themselves. Who knows?


I think overall this episode was action packed and gave us valuable information about the egg and how its works, making us think about what Christine is trying to do. Also the episode gives you a chance to come up with scenarios of your own and think what is actually going to happen next, now she is part of Dr. Marston's experiment.

I also found some of the scenes boring and showed to much of the same scene, such as the town hall rood collapsing. I know it was a major event of the episode but they played and dragged it out to much, showing the same thing over and over again but with different scenarios and character conversations.

If i could sum this episode with one word it would be "useful" or "Valuable" because it gave us useful knowledge we can now use for the coming episodes and have a better understanding of the story plot of Under The Dome. Overall i enjoyed the episode and was entertaining to watch throughout. 


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was you favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What could of been improved in the overall episode?
  5. What will now happen to Norrie and Joe?
  6. What will Julia do next?
  7. Is Hunter Paralysed from the waist down?
  8. What do you think Christine will try do next?
  9. What can we expect from the next episode?
  10. Why is the dog following Jim? 


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