Sunday, 20 September 2015

10 TV Shows To Watch This Autumn

10 TV Shows To Watch This Autumn


Air Date: September 21st     Channel: Fox

Being a massive fan of Batman and the 1st season of Gotham, there is no point telling you why this is on the list, it was simply amazing!! I loved how we see the backstory of each character before they became the Vigilante, Hero & even  the villains. Also don't get me started on what Bruce Wayne found at the end of season 1, i think we all know what that secret passageway is going to be... A down stairs toilet! I'm kidding!

Season 2 'Rise Of The Villains' pretty much says it all really and i can't wait! I'm just hoping to see more origin stories with some new characters we may know from the movies we have all loved and seen. How cool would it be to see The Joker before he turned into a psychopath?


Air Date: September 22nd     Channel: CBS

Remember the movie Limitless that starred Bradley Cooper? Well this is the same Limitless, only it's the TV series version of the movie and After watching the movie, i can see how and why they've made a TV version of it. I mean the story its self can create so many different episodes and possibilities surrounding the NZT drug that gave the main character his amazing abilities, but let's hope it's not a one hit wonder for the first season of Limitless.

I think the season will do well since they have Bradley Cooper appearing and being a executive producer for the series, which i think will gather a lot of fans from the movie to come a long and watch how it all turns out, including me!

Heroes Reborn

Air Date: September 24th     Channel: NBC

One of the most anticipated TV series of 2015, Heroes Reborn! I think i can speak for all the Heroes fans out there, that this is a must watch, agree? And if you miss this rare occasion, then what sort of Heroes fan are you? 

I must admit i was a late bloomer in watching the Heroes seasons and binged watched them all on Netflix, completing the lot of them within 2 weeks of my time, but this time i'll be able to watch live with all you fellow Heroes nerds!

In the trailer of Heroes Reborn we see some very familiar face like Noah Bennet and Hiro Nakamura, but how will they impact on the new mini series? Will they have the same role or completely different role now times have changed? Also Sylar (The main villain in the original seasons) reportedly won't be back for the mini series, which was a huge part of the seasons back in the day and one of my favourite villains of all time.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Air Date: October 7th, FX     Channel: FX

For us Horror fanatics out there, American Horror Story is the one to watch on the TV screen if we have no other horror movies to watch. American Horror Story is one of the uniquest TV series i have encountered as each season follows a complete new horror story, but with the exact same cast involved. What other TV show does that now days? None!

After watching last season of American Horror Story: Freakshow, i was a little disappointed with the story, because it was simple boring and not scary at all. This  has made me skeptical of the oncoming season to be aired on October 7th, but i have my fingers crossed for a very entertaining and horrifying season to come.


Air Date: October 7th     Channel: The CW

When we thought it was all over for Oliver Queen, he comes back to season 4 when he couldn't resist the vigilante life, as we see in the trailer, Oliver tried to live a new life with Felicity, but goes back to Staling City... I mean Star City, Yes, Star city! We see the name of Oliver's beloved city change it's name in the official trailer, along side a new name of the Arrow, The Green Arrow and with a more accurate costume for Mr Oliver Queen.

I always say this about CW TV shows, "how will they beat the last season?" Really though, how will they beat it? It was the best season so far, with a kick ass story, characters and even a bad ass costume for Oliver, but by looking at season 4, the costume, characters and story doesn't quite seem to match against last season of Arrow. What do you think? 

Either way it's a must watch for this Autumn and i am very excited!! 

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Air Date: October 31st     Channel: Starz

I'm not going to lie, i haven't even seen the movie yet and i'm only watching this just to jump on the band wagon, because it sounds awesome. How can it not be awesome? It's a guy trying to stop a plagued world from spreading with the nifty help from his two chainsaws he carries on him. Now that's something to watch this Autumn surely?

It's also been said that 'Ash Vs Evil Dead' is a "Sort-of sequel to the 1981 cult horror film." If that's the case, then i'm definitely going to have to watch the movie before the TV series starts.

Is the movie any good? Let me know in the comments below. 


Air Date: October 6th     Channel: The CW

Another unique favourite of mine, iZombie! let me explain why this brilliant TV series is so unique from any other Zombie genres out there. First, Zombies are normally portrayed as lifeless, dead-looking, bloody-looking, foaming at the mouth looking Zombies...Well not with iZombie. iZombie Zombies are just like you and me, but a lot more pale looking and adopted the albino look as they all have white hair once they turn to a Zombie.

The clever part about this show is that how they adapted a CSI/NCIS type of show and thrown in a Zombie in the mix. I mean the main character Liv Moore starts to work with the police as she discovers that once she eats the brains of her dead victims (From the morgue she also works at) she gathers their memories, which is helpful for any unsolved crime investigations.

Have i sold you yet to watch iZombie? I knew i would!

The Flash

Air Date: October 6th     Channel: The CW

Any DC fan boys out there? Well there's no need for any introduction for this legendary DC super hero, 'The Flash.' Being a DC fan boy myself, this TV series was a must watch for me, especially when the show intertwined with 'Arrow,' bringing us even more epic episodes of Arrow & The Flash battling it out against each other to eventually becoming really good friends/work partners with each other.

Before the first season of The Flash, i thought to myself that the TV industry was lacking a super hero TV series, since they've all been adapted into movies, but now that The Flash is on our TV screens, it's gave us hope for the super hero TV industry and more epic stories to follow!

As season 2 is nearby, i am very excited on what it brings to the table, as in new characters, new story, new costumes and most important, new villains for The Flash to battle it out with.

The Walking Dead

Air Date: October 11th     Channel: AMC

The biggest and most popular TV series of the year is hitting our screens in October and it seems so long away, i can't cope with this count down, especially with the dreaded cliff hanger we all got left with from season 5. So if you want major cliff hangers that make you whole week feel like a life time while you wait for the next episode to come on, then you need to watch The Walking Dead and if you haven't started watching it yet, then i don't know where you have been for the last 5 years.

I'm also a bit worried for next season as there has been major rumors about one of the characters being killed off and there are so many big characters left in the series, so i'm hoping it's one of the new characters or any of the new characters from last season.

I swear to god, if Daryl dies, i'm going to start a riot and have it trending on Twitter so everyone else can join me! Other than that i'm too excited for the new season and for the new story to unravel.

Minority Report

Air Date: September 21st     Channel: FOX

Another popular movie that's adapted into a TV series is one of Tom Cruise's infamous movies, Minority Report. If this show follows the same entertainment and action packed values as the movie did, it will be a huge success, but it could also be a massive fail. So it's 50/50 for the new installment of Minority Report and i'm hoping it does well, as i am a big fan of the movie myself.

All i can say about the series is, if it's just going to be a futuristic investigation series, it might get too repetitive and boring for some viewers, so i think they will need to pull something magical from the writers room and come up with some unique ideas for the show.

Overall i think the show has some good potential to become a contender for Autumn and that's why iv'e included it in the list, so why not give it a watch and let me know what you thought of it.

Your Thoughts

Let me know in the comments below if you plan on watching any shows above or if you have any other TV series you might watch in the Autumn.


  1. excellent list i can't wait for arrow especially but also looking forward to Gotham flash and izombie. This show legends of tomorrow isn't on until next year in January I believe but I can't wait for that either. In also looking forward to other cw TV shows like supernatural and the originals. But I won't be watching Jane the virgin and crazy ex girlfriend . Heroes reborn might be worth a look especially if it's like the first season the save the cheerleader save the world one. But if heroes reborn is like the second and third seasons if the show it will fall apart quickly.

    1. CW shows are the best aren't they?! I haven't watched supernatural or the originals before, might have to give them ago!

      I agree with you on the heroes part, even though I liked all seasons accept from the last one. That one sucked!

    2. Judging by your list, I would say more The Originals than The Vampire Diaries (but the first few seasons are killer, they just changed the pace after that.) Also The evil dead is more than one movie. I watched them when I was about ten, so as a ten year old scary as ****. Now though they are probably terribly fake looking. The series will be a hell of a lot better, due to amazing graphics/make up that they can do now. You have some great taste in shows!

    3. Is there any point in watching the evil dead movies then? Or do you think I'll be fine just going into the to series straight away? I'll probably try get into the originals but not vampire diaries, it's a bit girly for me haha! And thanks for saying I have good taste :)

  2. I'd say yes, for amusement and to say you have. If you don't want to though I doubt you'd need to. The Originals is so much better anyway, it's more action than girly haha. My pleasure :)

    1. Might have to watch the movies anyway, since its some sort of sequel haha I'll check the Originals out :) Thanks!