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Fear The Walking Dead:12 Best Moments

Fear The Walking Dead: 12 Best Moments

The Very First Scene

Remember before the show even started and we had that little promo trailer of Nick running from the abandoned church? Well i clearly had to include this in the best moments, as i thought it was probably one of the most vital scenes of the season, when we see the reaction of Nick seeing a Walker (Zombie) for the very first time and what a reaction it was! 

Nick is a heavy drug user and awakens in an abandoned church from a night of drug abuse, but his day quickly turns into a living nightmare when he finds one of his female friends (Who is also a drug addict) eating one of his other drug abuser friend. What would you actually do? Seriously?!

At this point, Nick is still high from the night before and runs frantically out from the building and gets hit by an oncoming car, putting Nick in hospital to reunite him with his worried parents.

Nick Killed His Drug Dealer/Zombie

Nick escapes from the hospital to ask his drug dealer Calvin about the drugs he had got from him, because Nick thinks the drugs were making him hallucinate, making him see the things he saw back at the abandoned church.

The drug user and dealer finally catch up with each other to discuss the product his dealer has been selling to people, including Nick, but his dealer doesn't like what he saying about his product and takes Nick on a car ride. Maybe he thought it was bad for business?

The two of them get to a remote location near the Los Angeles river and Nick notices Calvin is carrying a gun, telling Nick to get out the car and when he gets out, Nick fights him off and shoots Calvin by accident. But wait!

Nick panics and phones his parents to tell them both what he had done to Calvin, but when he takes them to the location to where it all went down, the body of Calvin has disappeared and when they're about to drive away, they spot Calvin walking towards the car, but this time he's turned to a zombie and Nick runs him over multiple of times.

City Riot

With all the police shootings and goings on around Los Angeles, there's bound to be some protesting going on by now and that's exactly what happens in this next scene. 

We see Travis's real son Chris get off a bus to carry out a protest against the police shootings that have been happening all over the city with no explanation at all on why they have been shooting people and when Chris gets down town of Los Angeles, there's already a big gathering as there's been another victim to the police shootings as he films the crime scene on his mobile phone. 

When Travis and Liza (Chris's mother) get down town to get their son, they witness another police shooting right in-front of them, but this time they see with their own eyes a women get shot multiple of times and all hell breaks loose as a huge city riot begins. 

Zombie-fied School

Being a drug addict must be tough right? I mean with all the buying and using and buying and using buying and using, but i bet going cold turkey is the hardest part of it all, especially getting your own mother to go to desperate measures for you to get over your own addiction and with Walkers now being a pain in the ass.

Madison (Nicks Mother) is trying to get Nick sober and over his addiction, so she goes to the school she works at and breaks into the nurses office to steal some medicine for Nick. Bear in mind she's only doing this because of all the riots and traffic which would take longer to get medicine for Nick.

When she gets the medicine she bumps into one of her students Tobias, who was wondering around the school for supplies as he thinks it's the end of the world and when the two of them briefly catch up with each other, they both bump into the school principle...Who is now a Zombie! I bet you didn't see that one coming did you? 

Because Madison is good friends with the school principle, she approaches him normally, calling out his name but he doesn't answer and Tobias stabs him with his pocket knife before the Walker takes a chunk out of Madison, with both of them falling down the stair together, with Madison stepping in to smash in the Zombies head in with a fire extinguisher. 

Infected Neighborhood

When Travis and the rest of his family get back to his 2nd family (Madison, Nick, Alicia) after spending a night at a random mans Barbour shop to hide out from the riots, they are not welcomes by their other family, but something else awaits for them all...

After waiting for Travis to get back home, Madison Nick and Alicia decide to go into their neighbors house to get a gun so they can protect themselves, but as they go inside they see their neighbor going inside of their house also.

Travis has finally got back home with the help from Barbour shop owner, Daniel and his family. When Travis goes inside his house to expect to find Madison, he sees his neighbor eating a dog in his very own living room.

Madison can hear the screams coming from her house and sees Travis being attacks by the neighbor zombie as she points the shotgun towards him, but is unable to pull the trigger, so Daniel steps in and shoots the zombie twice in the head. The part of the scene clarifies to the all three families what they are all up against as they all witness the zombie taking a shotgun blast to the head and surviving it, until the 2nd one finishes him off. 

In-Come The Military

These guys were bound to come in sooner or later and what perfect timing it was indeed! We see a huge military force come in to save the community the family live in and take down one of the neighbors, who just recently attacked Alicia the night before as she went back to get more bullets for the shotgun that previously killed another Zombie-fied neighbor.

Madison and rest of the families are setting off West to try and wait it out till the virus is cured, but before they make their travels, Madison can her neighbor getting home from work to his wife who is waiting for him. The wife was the same Zombie who attacked Alicia earlier that night! 

She stops the car to try warn her neighbor about his Zombie wife, but Madison and her family sees the old man hugging his wife in shock and out of no one, a bullet hits her right int the head and the military force take over and quarantine the whole neighborhood.

Evil Because Of Fear
Credit to AMC
Daniel the new tough-man of the series is telling Madison a old story about himself as a young boy, telling her that when he was younger that he went through the same stuff as they are now, with the Military coming in and taking people away.

With Daniels version of the story is more gritty and grim as he tells Madison that his father said that the people that had been taken away by the Military will all come back and he believed in his father. Why wouldn't he right? One day when Daniel was fishing in the river by himself, he saw all the people back as his father said, but all the people were lying in the very same river as Daniel is fishing in. 

I loved this part of the scene because it painted a vivid image in my head as i tried to imagine the story he was telling Madison and it was very interesting how he was trying to use his pas experience to warn Madison for the upcoming events that might take place.  

Taking The Infected

As the families of the small quarantined community think they are safe, they are wrong as the Military are forced to take action and bring in the infected away from their families. 

I thought this was a huge part of the series as it made us think what sort of plan they have for everyone and are they really helping the people or are they just helping themselves? 

Imagine being with your family and this happens and if this even happened to me in real life, i bet you i would be in the shower, so i'm dragged off half naked. Just my luck! 

Tortured Intel

Both families are getting desperate as each of their families members have been taken away by the Military to a secret location and because that they're getting Desperate,  Daniel takes matters in his own hands as he uses his daughters relationship to lore and capture one of the officers for Intel. 

When Ofelia (Daniels daughter) goes back to check on her father, she finds out that Daniel is torturing him by dissecting his fore arm, so the officer can tell them where they have took his wife and the other family members.

The scene was very powerful, gruesome and told us a lot more about Daniels character.

Arena Full Of Walkers
Credit to AMC
If you hate cliff hangers then this next scene as the king of all cliff hangers int he entire series of Fear The Walking Dead!

When Daniel tortures the Military officer that Ofelia was dating, he finds out that they plan to leave them all in the quarantined area, where they have also left thousands of infected Zombies in the one of the Arenas close by. Also finding out that "cobalt" is a code word for their plan to terminate the infected family members that they took away the night before. So really... It was a good idea to capture and torture the officer or they would of never found out that they were going to kill Nick.

As Daniel approaches the doors to the stadium, he sees all the doors have been chained up and locked, but also being aggressively rattled by the infected people that are trying to get outside to the open world!

I hate how it ended the episode there, making me feel like i was going cold turkey like Nick was, waiting for my next dose of Fear The Walking Dead for next week! 

You Should Save Your Ammunition
Credit to AMC
OK, if you have a sick, gritty unfunny sense of humour, then this next scene will probably make you laugh. I know i did...A little. 

So both families are now planning a rescue mission for Nick and Griselda (Daniels wife) who are kept captive at the secret location where a dozen more people are held against their own will also. 

Daniel casually walks up to the fence of the compound, where 2 armed men are watching from the watch tower as they see Daniel walking towards them both. The two armed men ask each other if he's infected but they can see him carrying something and Daniel says, "You should save your ammunition" as they see thousands of Zombies walking behind him and towards the metal fence.

Even though it wasn't supposed to be funny, it really was! Just how casual and calm Daniel walked towards the fence with 2000 odd Zombies walking behind him! 

She Was Bitten

It's been a very successful series as in no one important has died accept from Griselda, Daniels wife, but she was a goner from the beginning anyway, since the scaffolding fell on her and damaged her leg. So at this point i'm thinking that someone has to die or something bad needs to happen to wrap up the first season of the walking dead and what better way to do it by killing off Travis's ex wife, Liza.

When everyone is back together, they retreat to Strands (New character Nick met) mansion house that is near the coast and set up refuge there until they have a plan of their own. 

When everyone is settling and resting down, Liza walks off towards the beach, with Madison following her close behind. Liza tells her that she's been bitten and shows her the teeth marks on her stomach, handing her the pistol gun but Travis is soon there trying to find out what is going on.

When Travis finds out the truth, he now knows what has to be done and shoots his ex wife in the head, with the echo of the gun making its presence known to the people inside the mansion, including Chris.

This scene was very sad and powerful at the same time, showing us the types of situations they have shown us in The Walking Dead previously. 

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