Thursday, 28 May 2015

Best Sci-Fi ever?


Best Sci-Fi ever?

So i thought i would start this blog off with possible the best film i seen of last year, which is Interstellar. This film has already been said to be "An instant classic" and i totally agree.

Do you?
This movie was a delight from the beginning to the end. It gave the audience a sense of wonder & mystery throughout the duration of the film which is rare in our day in age.
in some big budget movies you either lose the richness of the story to only focus on the amazing FX, big explosions and amazing fight scenes, but not with Interstellar. Yes the FX are amazing throughout the movie but the story line is just perfect in my eyes.

OK its pretty early days to call Interstellar the best Sci-Fi movie ever but it is most certainly "An instant classic". There is a lot of timeless classic Sci-Fi movies out there to be ranked against this wonderful film, making it hard to be amongst the great contenders of the Sci-Fi world. But saying that, i looked upon the IMDB (International Movie Data Base) website & its been ranked at #26 in the top 250 movies of all time. which is pretty darn good if you ask me, wouldn't you say?

The first time i watched this movie it had me mesmerized & stunned towards the TV. I was totally glued. The film is so convincing it was always making me question myself, 'how is that possible?', 'is this possible?', 'Is this based off facts or theory?' and that's the beauty of it all.

Another thing i loved about this film is that it doesn't waste time to start off like most films do. In the first taking off scene there could of been a lot more edits and cut scenes to build up the suspense, which there wasn't. but in this case it was a cut scene straight to space & off they went to embark on their journey to save planet Earth. So no nonsense scenes was added which made it refreshing. I wont say to much about the film  in case some people haven't seen it yet. But If you're like me who likes to stay away from the reviews and comments before actually watching the movie, then bravo! It is so off putting to know the review or story line before watching the movie while you have bad thoughts already planted inside your head.

Christopher Nolan

The man, the myth, the legend Christopher Nolan, the man behind the magical movie Interstellar. I don't think there could be anyone else better to do this movie. yes you could of got Steven Spielberg or James Cameron to do a good job but i don't think they would of been as close as Nolan was, it was pretty much perfect. Christopher Nolan's films are raw in a realistic way as you can see from his previous films such as Memento, Batman trilogy, Man of steel, inception and now Interstellar. if Spielberg or Cameron made this film in their own style i think it would be aimed towards kids/teenagers rather than adults and family's. it is a truly an all rounder film for all types of people and ages.

The way he Put real scientific theory into his work is truly amazing. I really do praise this man so much for the effort he put into this film. I hope to think he made his audience believe that it could be true in some way or another.
But Christopher Nolan's films are so raw and in depth he is bound to get better and better at his craft and i think he just painted his masterpiece with Interstellar.

Hans Zimmer

The man behind the music of Interstellar. If this man was a boxer he would be world champion right now, this guy is a real heavy weight in the movie soundtrack industry. he is one of the very few composes that has mastered his work and i think he will be labelled as a legend in years to come or even now. Hans Zimmer & Christopher Nolan is an absolute power house duo together, destroying any and everything in their way.

If i didn't watch Interstellar and just listen to the soundtrack i could conjure up the same emotion i felt while watching the movie. he can truly capture the moment and emotion with this score. I was watching a interview with him on YouTube at like 3;00am and he mentions how Nolan approached him about the film and only gave him the script to work with. While  Zimmer thinking the film was about a relationship between a father & son to only find out is was a father & daughter relationship. since Hans Zimmer has both son and daughter he could put his own emotion in his music either way.
You can tell the soundtrack is themed around a relationship of some kind, but in a mysterious way. He truly is the icing and cherry on top the cake.

But lets try sum this up. The writing and directing is fantastic in every way, the acting is spot on & emotional. Plus with Hans Zimmers music it could easily make a fully grown man cry.
So yes this wonderful film could be one of or even the best Sci-Fi film we have encountered in years, but that's just my opinion. If you guys have any thoughts/opinions about this film please comment below & and i hope you all enjoyed this read.


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