Thursday, 28 May 2015


What the F!?

So here i am, 13th of May, an ordinary day eating away my boredom and waiting for Arrow finale to come on of course and i'm excited as hell for it. Since the previous last episodes were amazing, well the whole season was amazing so who wouldn't be excited, right?
With Oliver Queen battling with Slade Wilson all last season to eventually put him behind bars on the infamous island where Oliver was stranded for 5 years. So i'm guessing Oliver thought the worst was behind him locked up in a cell, well nope that wasn't the case at all. 
I was actually thinking to my self how can anyone be worse than Slade Wilson, plus could the Arrow screen writers do a better job than last season because it was so amazing. I will answer that question for you now and the answer is yes! They capitalized season 3 ever better then ever.

I'm half way through season 3 and i'm blown away how action packed it is, how good the story is and don't forget the dreaded cliff hangers they leave you at the end of every single episode.
Its so annoying to watch Arrow and it ends with the worse cliff hanger ever, but i guess that's a good thing in a way since it will grab the viewers attention to watch the next episode. Another key feature that i really love about Arrow is the constant flash back of Oliver Queens past, its like having two different story lines in one show which makes it unique.


Enter this man, Ra's al Gul, a real spanner in the works for Mr Oliver Queen. There's me thinking it couldn't get any worse from last season and i was completely wrong. This man is smart, cunning and manipulative, so basically hes like a bad version of the Arrow. Come on though people we all know he isn't on the same level as Oliver because Oliver is a complete bad a**. But wait i was wrong again, this guy is Oliver's worst night mare and quite frankly he would be my worst nightmare as well! Ra's al Gul has an army of league of assassins behind him, hes tough as nails even without his army and hes a a master of the sword as Oliver finds out... Don't worry i wont ruin the story for you guys.

He is a real monster, destroying Oliver's life apart. It was so frustrating to watch the good guy lose every single time. I thought it was obvious that Oliver had a plan up his sleeve of some kind, only allowing Malcolm Merlin into his little secret as he reveals to the rest of the gang in the last couple of episodes. I'll be honest though i was getting worried towards the end with all the mystery and not knowing what was really going on and to be honest Ra's al Gul makes Slade Wilson look like an ant comparing the last 2 seasons together. 

So i barely made it through season 3 with any finger nails intact with all the action and suspense of cliff hangers. So many death scenes and close death scenes that nearly happened. The writers for this season really did outdo themselves this time and i congratulate them and wish them luck for next season.

Lets take a closer look at Oliver Queens life though. being stranded on a remote island for 5 years will clearly have its cons, physically and mentally. When Oliver got back he was pretty much damaged in a good way helping his city as the Arrow. Being a bit of a player in his past life he has had some numerous partners/lovers. Since being back he had a mental block from connecting from anyone, like his family and women. From watching previous vigilante hero's  movies like batman and iron man they all have one thing in common, they all have a goal as soon they put their masks/hoods on. can you see where i'm going with this yet?... no, OK ill continue.

Oliver and Felicity always had that connection even if Oliver didn't or wouldn't allow it. But subconsciously he knew he had a plan to leave the Arrow behind to be happy. OK that's all wonderful and so on but don't you think its a bit early playing the love/happy card in season 3? I mean come on Arrow writers, you've done good until the last episode, It was all good until he drove away happy with Felicity to start a new life. I know its selfish of me but think of the Arrow fans around the world, so many heartbreaks and tears to be consumed by this. 

Now there's no Arrow but many new vigilante characters returning for season 4 to fill the boots of Oliver's legacy. Iv'e tried to play some scenarios in my head what the screen writers have next for us, like having season 4 with out the Arrow and then returning for season 5? or season 4 lost its loyal fans for Oliver's departure so they had to bring him back for season 5? or even having a back story how Felicity got murdered so Oliver has no future life but than the Arrow, but saying that i like Felicity and i wouldn't want her killed off. 

What the F Arrow writers!? will he return or will he not? I hope he does! 


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