Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Animation Movies

Animation Movies

This will be a list of my top ten Animation movies i have watched over the years. This list wont be in any order or ranked, it will be randomized. 

How To Train Your Dragon

A teenage boy named hiccup, lives on the island of Berk. On the island of Berk it is a tradition and the way of life to fight dragons. Hiccup's weird personality makes him an outcast from all the other dragon fighters which makes him a misfit. Hiccup is thrown in to dragon fighting school by is father, who is chief of the tribe. Hiccup makes friends with a dragon and names him Toothless and plans to change the course of dragon fighting.

I liked this movie because it shows an outcast rising to become a hero in a very different way and i think some people can relate to Hiccup if they're very different or maybe they get bullied, but still rise above all, to achieve great things in life, as you see Hiccup & Toothless do.

Toothless the dragon is probably the best character of the movie as he is very cute, funny and is the best breed of dragon, as they explain that he is rare to catch as he is very fast but Hiccup manages to capture him. You could think as it like "Nothing is impossible to achieve," i think a lot of kids could learn from this wonderful movie.

Monsters Inc

Monsters Incorporation is the largest scare factory in the monster world, and a monster named James P. Sullivan is the best work colleague at Monsters Inc, as he is one of the top scarers. His best friend Mike Wazowski and working partner gets a visit from the human world as they are on one of their scare missions. The human named Boo goes to the monster world where no human has been before.

I remember when i went to the cinema back in 2001 to watch Monsters Inc, i was 11 years old at the time & i loved every bit of it. I may of went to the cinema twice to watch this movie, as it was so entertaining and good to watch. As soon as i watched it i would check out my bedroom wardrobe for monsters and hope to see one, my imagination was wild back then!

Monsters Inc has so many entertaining characters to watch, all of them are funny as they are monsters for crying out loud, how would that not be entertaining? Anyway, the two main monsters are very likable and the little human girl is so very cute also. 

The story is very clever and different which makes it stand out from most animation movies. i recommend parents have their children watch this movie.

Toy Story

A good kind-hearted doll named Woody, who belongs to a young boy called Andy thinks hes his favorite toy in the house & think he is jeopardized after Andy's parents after they buy him a new toy, Buzz Lightyear. Andy and his parents are about to move house and both Woody & Buzz have to escape the clutches of the mean kid next door to reunite with their family and other toys.

This movie is one of the classic/legendary films in the animation industry. When you think of animation movies, you will probably think of Toy Story. Toy Story to me is every child's dream come true, to have a toy come to life!

The whole story of the movie is funny & entertaining for kids, plus every kid can relate to this movie, i know i did because every kid goes through a phase of having a new toy, then it gets old and you want a new one. Toy Story shows this quality at its best and that's why i love this movie.


Wall.E is the last surviving robot on planet earth, Wall.E mostly spend his days tidying up the planet, piece by piece. The robot has eventually made a city made out of garbage and over the 700 years, Wall.E has developed a personally of his own. Wall.E is more than a little lonely until he spots EVE, a robot on a scanning mission. The lonely robot embarks on his greatest adventure yet when he follows EVE back in to space.

Wall.E is the type of movie for the kids and adults to enjoy, where kids will like the whole funny side to the story with all its silliness, the adults will understand the loneliness and how powerful a crush can be and what it can make you do.

I really enjoyed this movie as an adult and i would say its my favorite animation film yet, as i could relate to it in some ways. I loved how the robot had a personality of its own over the time he spent on earth and how he collected the most bizarre things he could find. 


A 78 year old balloon salesman named Carl Fredricksen, is about to live a long life dream of his, To try to tie more than a thousand balloons to his house to fly away to adventure the wildness of South America. Carl's worst nightmare is about to happen as he finds a small chubby boy intruding on his dream and they now they both fly together to South America.

UP is a two time Oscar winner and it deserves every reward it got, as it is amazing! The movie is funny, entertaining and it brings out the child in me every time i watch it. Can you imagine flying in your own house that is attached to a thousand balloons, that would be awesome!

I read about on how an old lady and her house was the influence of the movie, as her house was between a property development project and the constructors wanted to buy her house to knock it down, but the old lady refused. As the construction manager became friends with the old lady after years of trying to persuade her to sell her house, the old lady died and left her house in the will of the manager. Now he has the house, he didn'twant to destroy it after all and it still remains between two very large city buildings.

Spirited Away
A 10 year old child named Chihiro and her parents stumble upon a abandoned amusement park while they are driving. When Chihiro's parents are turned in to giants pigs, she meets the mysterious Haku who explains how the amusement park is a resort for the supernatural to spend their time in the earthly realm and she has to work there to free her parents.

When i first watched this movie i was a bit mind boggled because it is so very confusing and weird, but that was a good thing because it kept me interested in the story the whole time.

I don't think this will be a movie for younger kids, maybe the ages of 10-16 would understand it as it is very complex and in depth story telling. It could be a good film for the younger kids if they like weirdness and funny looking characters though.


Flynn Rider, the most wanted bandit is on the run and hides out in a hidden convenient tower but is immediately held captive by Rapunzel. Rapunzel who has 70 feet of magical hair has been a locked away for years and desperately wants freedom. Rapunzel & Flynn Rider make a deal with each other and set out on adventure together.

I think by now we know who Rapunzel is, don't we? She is many of the legendary fairy tales we have loved while growing up as a kid, specially the girls since they love a princess fairy tale.

I'm not usually one for the typical Disney love movies but i really did enjoy this movie as it was funny, dumb and..... funny! The younger kids would love this movie and being an adult myself i think some adults would love it too.

The Polar Express

When a young boy doubts the spirit of Christmas, he takes a train journey to the north pole and also embarks on a journey of self discovery that shows him the wonders of the Christmas spirit that never fades away for those who still believe.

I watch this movie every single Christmas time, its one of those family rituals we have each year. If you want a good Christmas spirit movie to watch then i highly recommend this one for the family and kids.

The film is also very mysterious and magical at the same time but thats Christmas, right? There's nothing like a sense of mystery for Christmas as we all wonder whats we have for Christmas each year.


A celebrity hot shot race car named Lightening Mcqueen gets lost and end up in a small deserted town called Radiator Springs. While hes on his stay at Radiator Springs the famous race car finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

Cars, in my opinion is one of the most memorable animation films out there as it is a popular theme for the kids. Kids love race cars of all kinds and this is the movie that they all want to see. If i was a kid watching this movie i would want to be a race car, not a racer but a actual car!

This movie is fun, funny & fast! So watch it quickly!

Despicable Me

A super-villain named Gru decides to make a plan to capture the moon, hoping it makes him the best super-villain there is. He has a little help from his little yellow minions who are in fact called minions, who make the weapons and equipment he needs to complete his plan. Gru is ready and his calculations are set but nothing could prepare him for his biggest challenge: Three adorable little orphan girls that make his life hell.

This movie has become one of the greats as it was a huge hit with the kids and even the adults like myself. I think it became a huge hit because everyone loves a bad guy who has a good heart, making them the good guy of the movie after all.

Another big factor of the movie is the yellow Minions that everyone loves, i mean they are hilarious to watch and they are all so silly and dumb at times, even though they are the brains behind the organisation of Gru.


Everyone should have a list or at least a favorite animation film they like, they aren't just here for our entertainment but they can be used for a way of life, as we can learn or relate to the stories they tell us in these magical movies. 

If you would like to include you favorite list or animation movie in the comments below, that would be great to hear from you guys!


  1. I love UP, Tangled, and Cars too! Finding Nemo is pretty cool too. :) Minions are super adorable!

    1. Finding Nemo is good! Finding Dory should be interesting as well :) I actually watched Minions last night, how weird!

  2. Finding Dory has promise! Minions are weird but they're also weirdly cute. :)

    1. Yeah I actually watched Minions last night :) it was good!

  3. Wow! Cars over Lion King or tons of others?

    1. I know I know, I'm sorry! I'm not a fan of old animation movies for some reason. Even though lion king is a classic!