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Game Of Thrones: Season 5

Game Of Thrones

Its Been 10 long weeks and i'v just watched the last episode of Game Of Thrones, ending season 5 in a dramatic way. Now all i have to do is wait a billion years for season 6, which every GOT fan hates! Lets go over some of my favorite & memorable parts of season 5.

Mance Ryder's Death

This will have to be my first favorite/memorable scene as i thought the season started off slow, but this scene was brutal and brave at the same time. Jon Snow who wanted to keep Mance alive was out powered by Stannis & Melisandre, as they thought the fate had to bring Mance to death by setting him alive on fire.

When Mance is half cooked already, being burnt alive, we see an arrow go straight through his heart as Jon snow puts him out of his misery.

  The Many-Faced God

After leaving Sandor Clegane, Arya Stark embarks on a journey of her own, which leads her in the city of Braavos. Arya is confused on where to go or to be, but she comes across a man called Jaqen H'ghar, who is mysterious and takes in Ayra as an apprentice to The Many-Faced God, Where she has to reinvent herself to become "No one"

This part of the story had me very confused on who this person is and represents and to be honest with you i'm still confused after watching the entire season, but its very tense so far with Arya Starks story and i think it will get better for the next season to come.

Dany Struggles With her Dragons

From the previous seasons i have watched, Dany become something powerful and a iconic figure to the slaves and many other people that hear the legend of the "Mother Of Dragons." Dany, The Mother Of Dragons is practically raising dragons, but they are getting bigger and hungrier, so they are becoming hard to handle, even for their own mother. As they are getting bigger & hungrier, Dany decides to chain them up in a chamber. 

This cant be good for the dragons surely? keeping them in a cage like chamber, chained up to be starved. Plus every time she goes to visit them shes terrified of her own dragons. So this makes me think what will happen now she cant control them, will she lose her power? will other people stand up against her and fight? Its a massive cliff hanger for sure in this episode.

Tyrion, The Captive

After killing his own father, Tyrion is on the run and flees his on city on a boat. After his long journey in a box, across the sea, Tyrion is finally free and able to get to the closest brothel possible (Typical Tyrion). Tyrion is in his element with beautiful women, good conversation with his companion and lots of alcohol. When Tyrion goes to re-leave himself, he is taken by the one and only Ser Jorah Mormont who is bannished from Dany's city. Jorah thinks capturing Tyrion will allow him to be in the presence of Dany again, since he is in love with her.

When i saw Ser Jorah Mormont behind Tyrion, who is taking a tinkle, i thought he was going to get murdered there and then. I would of been very upset if that did happen, but luckily it never. He got bagged and gagged to be captive in the arms of Jorah. I Think this made the audience stumble across their imagination, thinking what could possibly happen next? or what does Jorah want with Tyrion?

Attack Of The Greyscale

Ser Jorah Mormont and Tryion are now travelling companions, travelling across a river together. Even though Tryion is still a captive to Jorah, they still speak humbly together, sharing as little as possible with each other.

While on their travels across the river in their small rowing boat, they are under attack by the infected Greyscale people, who turn to stone if touched by one. Jorah is trying his best to fight off the Greyscale people off the boat and protect Tyrion at the same time, Jorah does a good job of this but has been infected in the process of it all.

I loved this scene as it was very unexpected and thrilling to watch. Imagine fighting off infected people but you're not allowed to touch their skin in case you got infected your self. It would be scary as hell, i think i would jump off the boat and swim for safety.

Jon Snow Vs The Wildlings Vs The White Walkers

Jon Snow and his former prisoner, Tormunds Giantsbane traveling together to the Wildlings village to try and warn them about the white-walkers. When they arrive at the Wildlings village, they are not welcome straight away as Jon snow is an enemy to them, so it is a dangerous but bold situation they have gotten them self's in to. 

Jon Snow talks to the Wildlings about the white-walkers & their weakness to "Dragonglass," and persuades half of the wildlings to go back to castle black, where they will be protected and welcomed by the Nights Watch. 

I Think the audience liked this part because it is showing two enemies agreeing and coming to terms with one another, to protect their friends & Family, but it is also very tense and awkward between the two tribes.

Now that Jon Snow has more than half of the Wildlings to come back to Castle Black with him for safety, they are surprised by an ambushed attack by the white-walkers, which forms as a snowy like mist from the distance of the wildlings village.

When i first saw the mist come over them cliffs that hanged over the wildlings village, i knew something bad was coming and knew it might be the white-walkers, which it was! This scene has to be one of my favorites parts of season 5 so far and i think many of the viewers would agree with me.

The attack on the wildlings has just begun and its not a pretty site as most of the wildlings who wanted to stay, are now dead...or are they? Jon Snow & Tormund Giantsbane are fighting along side each other, while gathering the wildlings to the boats to get to Castle Black. In the process of  it all, Jon Snow goes back to get the dragonsglass but is intruded by the The White Chief Walker.
The two of them fight it out in the blazes of fire, to the cold ice weather outside. Jon snow is near death as he is been beaten pretty bad and has no dragonglass to kill the Chief with, but out of desperation, Jon Snow pulls out his sword "LongClaw" and defends himself with it, killing the chief with a heavy swipe to the torso, smashing him to pieces.
Another favorite part of the season, the killing of The White Chief White. Why you ask? because it was a epic fight and how could he kill the white walker with out the dragonglass?Jon Snow & the audience question has been answered, can the white walkers be killed only by dragonglass? no!  The desperation from his sword gave us the answer we all needed.

After escaping with his life, Jon Snow and the other living wildlings escape on boats, to set sail to castleblack, but looking back to the wildlings village a very iconic scene is about to happen with the dead wildlings that lie motionless on the floor.

The boss of the white walkers, stairs at Jon Snow and the Fleeing wildlings, while he raises his arms up in the air, bringing back the dead wildlings back to life as the white walkers army.

I thought this was the most iconic scene for season 5 and tells us all that the white walker army is getting bigger and bigger for every kill they make.

The Fighting Pitts & The Dragon

Dany, the mother of dragons has just reopened the fighting Pitts of Meereen. While she watches the fights go on, she is attacked by the "Sons Of The Harpy" and ends up in a brutal show down. When surrounded by the Sons Of The Harpy, there is no hope for Dany and the men protecting her. 

As Dany looks up towards the sky, she hears a ferocious roar echo around the fighting arena, and its one of her dragons coming to save her.                      Finally! we get to see the dragons in action! As soon as it lands in the fighting Pitt, it gave me goose bumps as it roared at the enemy and setting them a light with fire. When most of the enemy was burning alive or eaten, Dany gets on top of the dragon and flies away. This was amazing in every way and tells me that she has power of her dragons once again

For The Watch

Now that Jon Snow is back at Castle Black and lead the wildlings to safety, it feels a little to uneasy for Jon Snow as everyone thinks as him as a traitor, for saving the wildlings, including Olly who always looked up to Jon.

Olly, the young kid at castle black, tells Jon Snow that one of the wildlings have told them they know where his uncle is and hes not dead. Jon Snow believes Olly and goes outside to speak to the wildling. As soon as Jon is outside he pushes through his castle black companions and sees the sign saying "Traitor" written by the nights watch people. When Jon snow turns around he is stabbed numerous of times, while they say "For The Watch"

So i guess the fan favorite Jon Snow is now dead? i am gutted as he played a vital role in the Game Of Thrones series and he will be missed by everyone, plus i think i heard a thousand hearts break last night as well. 

Now that he might be dead, we don't know yet what lies install for castle black and the left over wildlings Jon Snow left behind? its all one big mystery.


I thought this was one of the slowest seasons out the other 4 as it took so long to get in to the good parts. I think it took longer because it had to build more of a story for season 6 and had to go into more depth to reveal where the characters lie for the next season.

Season 5 only got interesting in the last 3 to 4 episodes for me, as that's were all the battling and drama started to happen. It might be good to someone else but these are my opinions, but overall i thought the season was more tense than the others and had better cliffhangers, making the audience want more than ever.


  1. What did you think of the overall season 5 of Game Of Thrones?
  2. What was your favorite episode?
  3. Who was your favorite character of season 5 & why?
  4. Who was your least favorite character of season 5 & why?
  5. Could they of improved the season in any way?
  6. What was your favorite scene of season 5 & why?
  7. What was your least favorite season 5 & why?
  8. What was your impressions of the dragons?
  9. What will happen with Dany?
  10. What do you think will happen in season 6?


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