Thursday, 4 June 2015

Comedy Movies

My Comedy List
21 Jump Street

A pair of cops who are aren't exactly the best at their job get the opportunity to go back to high school to bring down the drug ring.  As one used to be popular and the other not so much, they automatically switch status when they go back.

In my opinion i think this is one of the funniest films in the 20th Century. The unlikely duo of Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum made a excellent comedian pair bringing me to tears. I was surprised how Channing Tatum was as normally he would be in romantic films or just straight up action films.

I liked this film because it was a classic in the 80's and it was a refreshing remake to bring back to our screens. I also loved the little easter egg when they included Johnny Depp towards the end as the original launched his career.

Kieron's Rating: 8/10.

I Love You, Man

Peter a friendless man is about to get married and struggles to find a best man for his upcoming wedding. Peter then sets out on a mission to find a new best friend and he does. Peters new relationship with his BFF tests his other relationship with his fiancee.

Another power couple in the comedy biz! Paul Rudd & Jason Seagel. These two have instant chemistry from being in previous films together and just being naturally funny.

I love you, man is hilarious, witty and emotional at times and if you have a best friend i'm sure you can relate to this film in so many ways, for example have you ever been to a cloths store and posed as James Bond in front of your friend? That stuff you cant make up folks.

Kieron's Rating: 8/10

The Watch

Four men with four very boring lives decide to form a neighborhood watch to get away from their every day family routine. After forming the neighborhood watch they find them self's not just looking after their street but defending the planet earth from a alien invasion. 

You cant go wrong with four of the funniest men in the movie industry, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Britains finest I.T man, Richard Ayoade.

I like how this film takes place on a average normal looking neighborhood and everything gets turned upside for the men and bet they wanted their old lives back as soon as they saw the alien. I found this part of the movie to be the funniest because if i was in that situation with a bunch of my friends and we knocked out an actual alien, you just know the scenarios would happen like it did on The Watch.

Kieron's Rating:7/10

40 Year Old Virgin

Taunted by his friends at work a nerdy guy who doesn't get out much has a little bit of pressure by his work buddies to "seal the deal". After trying to put himself out there to lose his virginity he finally meets a single mother worth losing it to.

40 Year Old Virgin is a comedy classic and if you ask anyone if they have ever seen it, the answer will probably be yes. I could talk for hours and hours how funny this film is and i hope you can all agree with me on that one.

40 Year Old Virgin was one of those films when you got back to school, all your friends and maybe the teachers were all talking about it. I think its so likable because it relates to every single one of us in someway and that's why i rate this highly.

Kieron's Rating:9/10

Yes Man

A standstill man who has a dead end job and is going no where in life decides to take the YES challenge for a year to see what type of changes he can make in his life. While on the YES challenge he meets a girl he can't say no to.

We all have that one friend who you try and get out for a fun night out but they're " to busy" or they "have plans". Next time they let you down tell them to watch this movie and i bet they will be out with you in no time.

Funniest part of the movie has to be the part when hes in blockbuster an gets caught by his friend so he pretends to be someone else on the phone, while hes actually speaking to his friend outside the store, this part had me in stitches.

Kieron's Rating:7.5/10

Dumb & Dumber

Two incredibly dumb friends decide to go cross country after a women who leaves her briefcase behind at the air port. As the two friends go cross country they get into some trouble along their way.

Dumb & Dumber, i think is the most iconic Jim Carrey film he has ever done. With his bowl hair cut, his chipped tooth and his extremely annoying "most Annoying sound in the world" noise. Don't forget his Dumber companion Jeff Daniels. He was simply perfect for the role and hilarious to watch.

I love this movie because you can't take the two characters seriously enough when they both like the same girl. Jim Carrey's scene when he gags a little when he sees something he doesn't want to was funny as hell. Small things like that are the best laughter.

Kieron's Rating:9.5

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A man called peter is devastated after his long term relationship comes to a end and struggles to move on as everything reminds him of his ex girlfriend. Peter tried a numerous of things to move on but later decides to take a vacation to Hawaii. On his vacation hes bumps into his ex and her new boyfriend but that doesn't stop Peter meeting a girl of his own.

I think this was one of the first movie i seen Jason Seagel in and i think i went to the iTunes store to buy it on digital copy straight away.

Forgetting Sarah Marshal has to be one of my favorites to watch when i'm down or bored.

I think this film is more for the male audience but females would enjoy it to if they don't take it to serious. If you're a male and seen this film i bet you money that you have surprised your girlfriend with the "i'v got a surprise for you" penis side to side slap like the scene from the movie. I nearly died with laughter when i seen that! 

Kieron's Rating:8/10

Get Him To The Greek

A man who works at a record company as a intern has the opportunity to travel to England to get the rock star Aldous Snow to the Greek theater in Los Angeles. On their travels the two get into mischief and both bond over time.

As i was talking about the last movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Aldous Snow was the new boyfriend of Peters ex.

Russel Brand & Jonah Hill are an odd couple to put together in a comedy but it completely worked., with Russel's Gothic sex appeal and Jonah's nervous sense of humor.

I think the film is extra funny because Russel Brand has a unique sense of humor and a large vocabulary that makes him stand out. I like the scene with him and Jonah when he says "hateful respect" when they get into a debate about his latest album.  

Kieron's Rating:8.5/10

Me Myself & I.

A friendly town cop who every one knows has multiple identity disorder. His other persona's come through when he gets into confrontation or stressful situations. In this case hes in plenty of sticky situations after protecting a women from her crazy ex boyfriend.

Me myself & Irene put Jim Carrey in his element since Jim has a wide range of funny faces he can link to different characters.

I don't think i need to tell you what the funniest part of the movie was do i? course i don't. So instead of just telling you what the funniest part was, here is a hilarious Giff, Enjoy!
Kieron's Rating:8/10


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