Thursday, 4 June 2015

It Follows/The Lazarus Effect/Maggie

Horror Time

You either hate horror or you love horror but in my case i frigging love it! I think the reason i love horror so much is because i started watching horror films at a very young age, but now looking back i was way to young to be watching horror's.

I remember when i was younger about 6/7 years old (told you i was young) i saw my very first horror movie, it was called Maniac Cop. Maniac Cop was a 80's horror about a cop being an absolute maniac, the tittle gives it away pretty much. I hated this film so much as a kid but i would always watch it no matter what.

Every since i watched my first horror movie i have been hooked till this day. I am a horror junkie at heart and always will be.


A young teen girl sleeps with her new boyfriend for the first time and she learns from him that she is now cursed by evil that she can only see her self. The only way she can get rid of the evil curse is if she sleeps with someone else, passing it on to victim to victim. As her recent sexual encounters die from the evil curse it slowly creeps back down the line towards her. 

Thoughts & experiences.

OK, i watched this film about two weeks ago because i was bored as ever and normally i wouldn't watch this sort of film but i gave it chance. I think with sexual horror movies it kind of gets rid of the horror with all its sex appeal like 'Jennifer's Body'. Jennifer's Body was a film staring Megan Fox an we all know how sexy that women is,  so it was pretty hard to take her serious as a horror actor and not just dribble at the TV every time she came on. That's why i don't normally watch films like this but i'm glad i did watch 'IT FOLLOWS'. 

IT FOLLOWS was actually pretty good and so original as i don't think there has been a movie like this before but tell me if i'm wrong. The thing i liked about this film is that all the characters didn't over shine each other, by  this i mean there wasn't much of a strong leading role. Yes it was a female role but the movie gave it's chance to other characters, this gave it more depth to the story. Another big thing i noticed while watching IT FOLLOWS is the music. The music sounded different to other horror movies and it made it stand out from the crowd. 

The thing about this movie is while you watch it you go through scenarios how you would deal with it yourself for example, the girl started to sleep with a few people to buy her time but if that was me i would be thinking i gave them a transmitted disease that walks very slow and finally kills you after it catches up to you. Plus you would have to be so desperate and scared to actually sleep with someone knowing that they will get killed at some point. 

The Lazarus Effect

A research team try to achieve the impossible and to try revive the dead back to life.  After a successful attempt to try and revive a pet dog the boss of the company finds out what they are researching and shuts down the team. After the team finds out, they try one more attempt at the experiment but one of the researchers gets killed  in the process, this leads them to attempt to bring her back to life. While she is brought back to life something evil is with in her.

Thoughts & experiences.

If you're in to low budget films but include great actors in them, then you would love this movie. The only problem was  that i knew and loved the actors but the story died after she was brought back to life as it was obvious what was going to happen. If you have ever watched a film with someone but haven't seen the movie before but you can actually tell whats going to happen,  with them questioning you like "have you seen this film before?" this would be it.

If i was part of some experimental team like this and brought a dead dog back to life i would be so freaked out of what just happened. I mean if it did actually happen all i would be thinking of is "Zombie Dog" and leg it home and quit my job. The team then take it a step further and bring a human back to life, this is where i be scared pant-less because its not natural to play god and i wouldn't know how to react.

The Lazarus Effect is the type of film you would only watch once or to watch with your partner if they're aren't to good with horror movies as it wasn't that scary. 


A man has been looking for his missing daughter named Maggie who ran  away a couple of weeks ago. The daughters fathers then finds Maggie in a quarantined hospital to only find out that she is infected by a virus that turns its victims in to a zombie.  The Dr that treated Maggie releases her from the hospital to spend her last remaining days with her father. As she slowly transforms in to a zombie her father still protects her but he still  faces a horrible decision. 

Thoughts & Experiences.

As the years pass there has been 100's maybe 1000's of zombie movies out there making it hard to stand out , but this film isn't all about blood, guts and gore. The film is mainly about a father and daughter relationship but is tested in the most horrific way imagined.  'Maggie' is an emotional film that could bring relationships closer and i think people could relate to this movie in some way or another. 

Lets talk about the father who is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the greats. The father is desperate to find his daughter to only be hit by a brick to the face that his daughter will die by a terrible virus.  You would have to be a strong willed person to carry that burden with you while watching your daughter die and i think Arnold portrays this emotion and characteristics spot on.

I think this film is very unique from any other zombie movie as they are all about blood, guts and gore but not with Maggie.  I think many produces/Directors could learn a thing or two from this film as they always wanting to make the same zombie movie as we have all seen from the past years.

Maggie is worth watching for the first time but i don't think i would watch it again as it wasn't my cup of tea. I still praise the produces for its originality and braveness to step out from the zombie crowd and create its own path.


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