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Inside Out

Inside Out

Riley is a 11 year old, hockey-loving, Midwestern girl, but everything changes as soon as her and her family move to San Francisco. Her emotions led by Joy who tries to help Riley through this difficult time in her life, but the stress of it all brings the emotion of Sadness in to Riley's life. Joy & Sadness get lost in to the far end of Riley's mind, leaving Anger, Fear and Disgust to act alone while Joy and Sadness try to get back to headquarters.

Thoughts & Experiences

I would firstly like to say that i am a huge fan of Disney Pixar movies as they bring the best out of people, even if we are fully grown adults like i am. Pixar are not only here for our entertainment but can also teach us a thing or two as we grow up and yes, they are very emotional movies to watch but that's the best part about Pixar, So why not do a movie about thoughts and emotions? They finally did!

Inside Out starts from the very beginning of life. the birth of our very own existence, showing us a baby of Riley being born. When we are being shown the baby version of Riley and seeing through her eyes, we see her two parents being very happy to see her, this makes baby Riley very happy and brings Riley her first Joyful emotion, Joy.

We see Joy playing with baby Riley's emotions and collecting valuable memories from inside her mind, controlling what everythng she feels and in this giving time she feels happy & Joyful as she is the only emotion around, for about "33 seconds," then comes in Sadness, the sad emotion to Riley's mind. 

This part was one of my favourite parts of the movie because it reveals to of the two main characters of Inside Out in a funny and very different way as the two characters are shown playing with Riley's emotions and thoughts for the very first time. 

The 3rd emotion to show up is Fear, Fear is the emotion that is scared of everything and tries to keep Riley safe as he stops a older but still a very young version of Riley from tripping over a wire in a scene where she is running and playing freely. Disgust is the emotion that keeps Riley from being "poisoned, physically and socially," when we see Riley's father try and feed her some broccoli, Disgust comes in and saves Riley from eating the horrible healthy food. Last but not least we have Anger, Anger shows up when Riley's father tells her she wont have any desert if she doesn't eat her broccoli, making her throw and tantrum with anger!

I thought this part was spot on with the reveal of the emotions of a young Riley, as parents might think "This is how my child acts," making the audience feel involved and relate to the movie straight away. I think with out being a parent, every single person can relate to this movie as we all have emotions of our own, unless you're a robot of course.

From every emotion Riley gets comes with a memory she got from the emotion, for example when Riley was still a youngster and scored her first hockey goal with her father, she felt Joyful and the memory was instantly saved in her mind. Each core memory that Riley has, creates a aspect of a personality of herself, creating a memory island and for this instance it will be Hockey Island as part of her personality.

This part can be a bit confusing but once you understand it is quiet clever from the produces to come up with. I will try and come up with my own example from myself so you can understand better, hopefully. So, before blogging i read about blogging, which lead to me writing this post right now, which has now created a Blogger Island in my mind which is part of my personality. Can you see how it has made me think from watching this movie, i bet it will have you thinking like this as well. 

We can now see that she is growing up quickly, creating a lot of different personalty islands as you expected, but Riley & her emotions will face her biggest challenge yet, as they will be moving to San Francisco. Riley and her family are now in San Francisco, where Riley feels like her new home doesn't feel like home but Joy is trying to keep her positive about things.

Riley is about to start her new school where she feel very nervous but very excited at the same time. As Riley is in her new classroom she introduces herself in a Joyful way but Sadness is getting in the way of Riley's emotions an things go wrong very quickly as Riley starts to cry in front of her new classmates. Joy & Sadness at this point in time are fighting over Riley's memories to try and save her from being sad but they get sucked up in to a tube where all distant memories go to perish.

Will Joy & Sadness make it back in time before things get worse with Riley's life? 

I haven't moved house or any where before so i wouldn't know how it feels, but i think i can understand, as it would be very sad and unknowing on whats to come. If you have moved before you can certainly relate to this part of the movie and i bet you it conjure up some past memories and emotions you might of had in that moment.

I liked this part of the movie as it shows us how Riley's emotions will play up in the most difficult situations that come in to her life. It made me think of some hard times that i have had in my life and over come through emotions of my own, it made me feel Joyful as Inside Out related to me on such a personal level and i think it will relate with most of the viewers.


Joy/Amy Poehler

Sadness/Phyllis Smith

Sadness/Bill Hader

Anger/Lewis Black

Disgust/Mindy Kaling

Inside Out, for me was a brilliant movie as it made me feel and think from past life experiences that i had while growing up, and iv never had that before from a movie to relate to me on a such personal level. I think this movie will be good for kids who are growing up and living their life as they should but also great for adults as they may think from their past childhood memories to bring some old emotions up they might of had.

The voice-over actors were fitting to each emotional character for Inside Out and they should be as it was a 5 year production plan, so they had time to find the right personalities for each character for the movie.

The story of Inside Out was average but very smart how they made difficult situations play with emotions as they would in real life to help us adapt and overcome our emotions, and to mold our own personalities from life experiences like Riley does.


  1. Is this one of Pixar's best Movies yet?
  2. What did you think of the characters of Inside Out
  3. Who was your favourite character? & Why?
  4. Who was you least very character? & Why?
  5. Could you relate to the movie?
  6. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  7. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  8. What could of been improved?
  9. What other emotions would you put in there if you could?
  10. Did you enjoy the movie overall? 


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