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Insidious: Chapter 3

Insidious: Chapter 3

Teenager Quin Brenner, asks a psychic Elise Rainier to contact her dead mother for some closure but Elise refuses due to her negative past events as a child. After visiting Elise, Quin starts to notice some paranormal on goings in her house and Quins father is skeptical at first but then starts to believe. Quins father goes back to the psychic Elise for help, to use her gifted abilities to try and stop the demon that has his daughter, who wants to possess her living body.

Thoughts and experiences

Iv'e seen the trailer on the adverts a dozen of times of Insidious 3 and it looked like it was going to be the best one yet out of the 3 films they have now made. The story is completely different, new back ground setting and new characters but some familiar faces from the previous insidious movies. Will this movie give the horror trilogy justice or will it simply fail? Lets find out!

In the beginning of the movie there is a teenage girl, who is seeking help from a psychic to contact her dead mother who she deeply misses. As she knocks on the front door to the house, the door opens and we all see a familiar face, its the psychic from insidious 1 & 2. Quin, the teenager asks for help but the psychic doesn't want to help as she seems traumatized. The psychic invites the girl in because she feels sorry for her and begins a psychic session. 

Quinn starts to talk about how her mother died and how she can feel her presence around her while she is sleeping, that sometimes she can hear her voice speaking to her.

OK, now i think we know its going to be a new story as we see a new character which is Quin, the teenage girl, and that shes already looking in to the other side of the afterlife as she misses her dead mother. When she gets invited in to the psychic's house, the psychic looked consistently worried and shook up about something, which made me think on whats going on with her life? Or what can she see with her psychic abilities? Is there something attached to the teenage girl?

After a disappointing first appearance with Elise the psychic, as she gets no contacts with her mother but she looks very worried towards Quinn, telling Quinn that "everything is going to be fine" or "there's nothing to worry about." Quinn goes home with a lot on her mind and pretty upset.

If i was Quinn sitting in front of the psychic and she told me that, i would automatically think something is obviously wrong, especially if shes looking at me with a worrying face!

Quinn is about to go to sleep as she thinks she can hear whispering coming from the air vent above her bed which she can, so she goes to check out and try get a reply from the whispering voice she can hear. She slowly climbs her bed, upwards towards the air vent but hears nothing, accept from a loud-ish bang and some wind.

This was the first tense scene of the movie as i was trying to anticipate the out come of the scary part but nothing happened, accept from some intensity. I thought a hand was going to come from the air vent and grab her but unfortunately that didn't happen, maybe that would of been to obvious.

The next morning Quinn has a drama audition for the school she always wanted to get into and is very nervous about it. As she is auditioning, things go wrong and she forgets her lines, so this plays on her mind all day as she is telling her best friend on how bad it went. When Quinn and her best friend are hanging out and converting, they both get up and leave but Quinn can see someone standing in the middle of the road and automatically stops to look, as she stops a car from behind rams Quinn to the floor, running her over viciously.
I did not see that coming! i jumped like hell when the loud thump of the car hit Quinn from behind, and was really strange seeing someone standing in the middle of the road for no reason, but i think they were there to get Quinn to stop and to get run over on purpose. Getting hit by a car that hard will have you in crutches or even plastered up, like Quinn's both legs was, making her home-bound and disabled for a while.

Elise the psychic is bedding down for night, saying "good night" to her beloved dog and lies down on her bed with her dead husband's cardigan she gets comfort from by holding it while she sleeps. Elise slowly goes to sleep but suddenly wakes up with a fright as she has seen something in one of her visions, so she immediately gets a book from a draw and writes down "Quinn Brenner."

When you finally think the nights over and watch everyone settle down for bed, you get a right big jump scene as Elise wakes up out of the blue, i seen this coming but i couldn't contain jumping as  she jumped up as well. When she wrote down Quinn's name in the book i knew that she saw something bad to do something with Quinn. 

Now we know the baseline of the story and what could possibly happen, lets get into some of my favourite scenes from this point onward's. 

Favourite scenes

From the last scene i left you with, the next part starts with my first favourite scene. This scene is where Quinn is in bed about to go to sleep, but decides to knock on the wall to get a response from her friend who lives next door, she soon gets a response knock from the other side of the wall. She then text's her friend who lives next door to her and says " Did i wake you up" and gets a reply saying "i'm not at home, I'm at my grandma's house." Quinn looks freaked out and knocks on the wall again to get a response ,but nothing knocks back!
Quinn tries and forgets on what just happened and goes to sleep, but as soon as she goes to sleep a pale white arm grabs her from above and wakes up screaming, as the arm disappears there is a loud thump coming from the ceiling above, followed by a large forming crack.

Quinn is hiding under her quilt as she is terrified of what happened from before and is sleeping in the living room on the couch. As she is under her quilt thinking that something is going to happen, she comes from under her quilt and notices shes not on her couch anymore, but in her wheelchair in the building hallway. Quinn starts to wheel her self to the elevator as she is not on the right floor to her apartment, but then wheeled away by the demon that torments her. The demon then takes her to an apartment and chucks her out the wheelchair on to the floor.

Quinn now laying on the floor can see something crawling towards her in a demonic like way, but its herself she can see but with no eyes, mouth, hands or even feet. 
Can you imagine being disabled as Quinn is and having a weird demon crawl towards you and you cant move away! I would be terrified and i would try crawl the opposite way ARGHH!!

After Quinn's father finds her in the above apartment where she is screaming for help, the demon that was crawling towards her has now gone and her father sees her on the floor screaming for her life. Quinn's father sees oil foot prints leading to the window and sees a man lying dead on the street floor outside, making us think that he jumped out the window, killing himself.

Quinn gets out of her wheel chair to have a look at the man who jumped but suddenly is surprised by the demon who is actually hanging at the bottom of the window ledge, grabbing Quinn to pull her out the window.
This was very unexpected as i thought the dead body was going to disappear and not be right in front of her face, what a scare!

I think this next part has to by my favourite part as it was new to the trilogy and was entertaining and funny at times to watch, i'm on about the two paranormal investigators Tucker & Specs.

The two are brought in to the Brenner's apartment after things get out of hand for the family. They use their hi-tech gear and attach a small camera to Quinn, for when she is asleep. As Quinn naps down they can see her every move on the night vision portable screen and see Quinn wake up and walk towards them down the dark hallway. When Specs goes to look down the hall way they see on the portable screen, she disappears as soon as the flash light shines towards her. The father then goes in to the room they expect her to be in but can't see her in there or where she is on the portable screen, so they use the flash light to locate her and as the light shines they can see where she is hiding on the screen, which is in the wardrobe...

I loved this part because it was very dynamic from different point of views, also very tense from watching what they can see on the portable screen from actually what is in front of them.


I'm sorry i didn't have many favourite scenes but i thought most of the scenes were to obvious or that i have seen them before in the trilogy or other horror movies.

Overall i was pretty disappointed in Insidious: Chapter 3 as i thought it was pointless making it and the back ground story build up was also pointless, because the whole movie was centered around a demon that wasn't even scary at all and a poor excuse to try possess Quinn. At the end of the movie we see Elise, Tucker and Specs talk about a business start up and that's how they met, so the whole movie had a horribly story just to show the audience on how the three previous insidious characters met. WHAT?!

On the plus side it had a few jump scenes, but no creepy or scary scenes and i think its the worse insidious movie out the other 2 but it has mixed reviews, it all depends what you look for in a movie.


  1. Is Insidious 3 worth making just for a trilogy?
  2. Was you scared as much or less from the previous Insidious movies?
  3. Did you think the story was good/bad? and why?
  4. Was the characters good/bad? and why?
  5. What was the scariest part of the movie?
  6. What was your favourite part of the movie? and why?
  7. What was you least favourite part of the movie? and why?
  8. What could of been improved?
  9. What would you of done in certain scenes?
  10. Whats the best Insidious movies in order? and why?


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