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Jurassic World

Jurassic World


twenty two years after horrific events of Jurassic Park, the same island Isla Nublar, is now a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, originally founded by John Hammond. After years sand years of studying the genetics, they are are able to breed a new kind of dinosaur. Now the new breed is fully grown for the tourists to see, it all goes wrong as the dinosaur escapes its habitat to venture off in to Jurassic World theme park, but will our heroes stop it in its tracks?

Thoughts & experiences.

Well my day started off so slow and boring as i had nothing to do all day, accept from think about watching Jurassic World later that night. As the night went on and time went very slowly! My day just got a lot better as soon as i opened the doors to my local cinema & bought myself a ticket to Jurassic World.

This is when time got ever more slower, because you know when you're sitting in a cinema and they play unnecessary adverts/trailers, well that happened for about half an hour before the movie started and it felt like 2 Hours. Plus the trailers to the films was rubbish, not even ones i would actually go and see, or maybe my mind was clouded by the fact i wanted to watch Jurassic World so bad.

Woo! The film has just started and it doesn't take long to have me glued and get the gist of whats going on. The action doesn't start off straight away as it tries to reveal the characters of the movie. As soon as the characters was revealed and what roles they played in the movie, you sort of knew the baseline and what could possibly happen as the movie went on.

In the beginning of the film it shows two of the main characters of Jurassic World, who are brothers, Gray & Zack. Gray and Zack have free passes to the dinosaur theme park due to their aunt who works there. When the two brothers check in to their hotel room, Gray opens up the balcony doors and sees for the first time the whole theme park of Jurassic World. This for me, was one of the iconic moments of the movie as it shows some of the dinosaurs and played that wonderful Jurassic Park Theme music, This gave me so many goose bumps, i felt like a human bubble wrap. 

 As soon as i herd the first music play and seen the view of the theme park i was blown away what they have created over the last twenty two years. I always wondered what would happen if everything went to plan with Jurassic Park and how it would look, but Jurassic World shows me that at its best. Now we know Jurassic World is going back to its old roots with iconic green scenery, captive dinosaurs for show and that important iconic music that makes everyone's heart melt inside.

If i was one of the brothers or just a massive fan of Jurassic Park i would of loved this to happen in real life, not including the incidents that happened but the hole buzz and atmosphere it would bring to people including myself. Just imagine that Jurassic Park did happen and it was such a legendary story from the past, but then got remade to its original form years later, and then you went there. How cool would that be or is it just me? i'm just a fanboy its unreal.

Anyway, back to the movie. Enter the two brothers aunt, Claire, who works and operates Jurassic world. She hasn't seen her nephews in over 7 years and she thinks she doing good by giving them free passes. She didn't even greet them when they got to the island, she has her personal assistant look after them, what a B.... you can see what sort of person she is. She is very uptight, always thinking about the standards of the theme park & she is very professional which clouds her decision making for other peoples feelings around her.

Claire is the person who tries and improves the theme parks attractions and try to gather as many people as she can. Since her improvements aren't increasing by much, she explains to the owner that they have created a hybrid dinosaur for their new attraction. When she takes the owner to the cage where the hybrid dinosaur is, the owner is simply shocked at what he is seeing, and so was i! As we look in to the cage of the hybrid dinosaur, you see glimpses of it, making the audience imagine what it actually looks like. I can tell you its massive. 

As we pass the first 30/40 minutes of the movie, which most people might think is boring but is necessary to show, we finally see some real dinosaurs, i mean real as in flesh eating carnivore dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are Velociraptors of course, but these aren't just any normal Velociraptors we have seen in the previous movies, they are trained dinosaurs, yes trained! Like you would train a dog to sit and stay.

The guy behind training these dangerous dinosaurs is the main alpha of the movie, Owen. Owen works as the trainer and in keeper of the Velociraptors, and boy he has done a fine job as training them to be more obedient, showing them off how intelligent these creatures really are. But wait, as a accident happens in the Velociraptors cage, a man falls in as he went to feed them and the creatures surround him as he is the next meal. Owen as the hero as he is, opens the cage doors and goes in to try and calm the situation down as he makes the dinosaurs focus on him and not the poor guy who has just fell in. Finally the boy crawls away through the open cage and Owen speaks to them as he is the leader of the pack. Now he has the boy safe, he finally jumps under the cage doors that are slowly closing behind him, following behind a pack of hungry Velociraptors slamming against the closed door.

Can you actually imagine how scared the boy was after falling in to a pit of hungry Velociraptors. I would literally cry to death, But i really loved this scene as it was the first thrilling scene of the movie and tells the audience that its just getting started. Plus showing us possibly the main hero of the film.

Claire now takes Owen to their new attraction, the hybrid dinosaur, which happens to be the biggest dinosaur on the island, and you know Owen is thinking this is a bad idea to make such a thing. But there's a problem, they cant see the dinosaur in its cage, so they think its gotten out some how. so Owen and some others go inside the cage, looking to see where its gotten out but as soon as they realize its still in there with them, the huge dinosaur comes out from the trees and chases them to the open door they have just opened. Can you guess what happened next? you're right! the dinosaur has eaten a couple of workers and has now just escaped from its cage.
When i first watched this scene of the movie i thought it was a bit obvious that it was some kind of trap or maybe it did get out and jumped over, telling me and the audience that it can jump really high maybe? but no that wasn't the case, clearly. 

You now know the main disaster of the movie as you tell by now. Claire and the colleagues have a job on their hands to try and stop the dinosaur reaching the theme park which is 4 miles away, but at this rate it is near impossible stopping such a creature as its discovering new things and places to go. This leads the hybrid to kill as many other dinosaurs as it can, causing havoc on its way.

Easter eggs.

This is what made the movie stand out so much for me, is the amazing scenes and Easter eggs. If you're a fan boy of Jurassic Park there is plenty of Easter eggs from the first movie which floods back so many memories it makes you feel like a kid again watching the movie for the first time.

  1. Mr DNA

If you have watched Jurassic Park then you know who this friendly guy is. MR DNA is a computer animation that commentates and explains about the genetics on how they have made the dinosaurs. This is the first Easter egg that i spotted in Jurassic World but he was upgrades in to a hologram in the main visitor center where all the kids are learning about the dinosaurs.

As the two brothers steer of course in to the wilderness to escape the hybrid dinosaur, they come across a very famous iconic building, the original visitor center you see in Jurassic Park. Gray and Zack go inside the 22 year old building which is now covered with trees, bushes an moss. Zack also picks up a bone that i think is off one of the hanging dinosaurs from the first movie.

Whilst they are looking around the visitor center they come across some very iconic scenes from Jurassic Park and objects. like the painted dinosaur theme they had on the walls.

And.... the famous zoomed in Goggles. Gray finds one inside the visitors center.


The old clothing merchandise they had in Jurassic Park. Lowery, one of the people who works for the company is wearing one of the original t shirts that he claimed to bought of Ebay.


Remember the Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park, which had crests around its face to scare off its pray and spits venom? well that appears in a scene in Jurassic World as another hologram, when it appears out of know where to scare of the Velociraptors that are chasing Owen, Claire, Gray and Zack through the new visitor center.

If you think i missed any Easter eggs, please comment below and let me know what you guys saw.

Favorite scenes.

OK, so the first of my favorite scenes is the Velociraptors scene, where one of the in keepers fall in after trying to feed them, as i mentioned before.

As he falls in, the Velociraptors surround the in keeper like a pack of wolves, ready to pounce on him until Owen bravely goes inside to rescue the boy who fell in. Since Owen trained these dinosaurs to listen and pay attention to him, he uses his training to good use and gets the attention of the dinosaurs while the other in keeper crawls away to safety.
I loved this part of the movie because it was the first thrilling scene we see and it shows us a different side to the Velociraptors from the previous movies, as they was more wild and non obedient, not like the ones we see in Jurassic World.

As the hybrid dinosaur escapes and kills who ever was inside its cage, accept Owen of course, you see the first close up of its big snout and huge teeth. I loved this part because its been so iconic in the previous movies to get a close up of the teeth & it remind me of a few scenes iv seen before.

The next scene i'm about to show you is the saddest part of the movie. Its when the hybrid dinosaur escapes and goes on a massive killing spree, killing any dinosaur it can sink its teeth in.
As Owen & Claire watch the dinosaur die in agony and pain, they soon realize a field full of dead dinosaurs. The weird thing is, the hybrid isn't eating them, its killing for sport.
I thought this part of the movie made the audience emotional and feel sorry for the dying dinosaurs and shows how brutal the hybrid dinosaur actually is.

I think i can speak for everyone on how amazing and epic the next scene is. I'm talking about Owen riding with the Velociraptors as they track down the hybrid dinosaur that is killing everything.

Owen & a bunch on mercenaries come up with a plan to use the dinosaurs and track their every move with a camera attached to their heads.

This was awesome because it looked like Owen was part or even fact the leader of the Velociraptor pack, leading charge to find the brutal hybrid.

When things get heavy and Owen and his Velociraptors fail to stop the hybrid dinosaur, which is now in the center of Jurassic World, trying to eat Claire, Zack, Gray and even Owen now. Out of no where the Velociraptors turn up after killing their own people as the hybrid could communicate with them to order them to kill the mercenaries.

Now Owen and the gang are surround buy a bunch of hungry Velociraptors and in comes the huge carnivore hybrid. At this point i'm thinking its going to end badly but Owen and a Velociraptor share a moment together, telling us that they still trust Owen after all this time, despite they have just killed his team and now side with the hybrid. The Velociraptors now turn against the hybrid trying to protect Owen and the others.

Most of the Velociraptors get defeated accept from one, but that's not going to stop a huge dinosaur on its own is it? nope! That's Gray says to Claire "We need more teeth," meaning we need another dinosaur. So Claire bravely runs off with an idea and stops towards a gate and it opens very slowly...

Does any one know what the red flare attract? A T Rex!.. Goose bumps again! 
This has to be my favorite part of the movie and most iconic of them all.
As she leads the infamous T Rex out in to the open towards the hybrid, they finally meet in the center of the park and a epic battle begins.

The T Rex is no match against the other huge dinosaur and when the hybrid goes in for the kill, one of the last surviving Raptors comes in to save the T Rex and jumps on top of it. This bit is so epic as the T Rex gets up and fights along side with the Velociraptor, jumping off the T Rex's pack to jump on top of the hybrid.

Final thoughts

I'v always been a huge fan of dinosaurs as growing up as a kid and absolutely loved the Jurassic Park franchise, especially Jurassic World as it went back the original island where it all began. As i think Jurassic Park was the best movie out of the trilogy, i now think Jurassic World is on the same level or even better than the first, but its a hard one to call.

If your about to watch Jurassic World this weekend i think its important that you have seen Jurassic Park as well, this is because there is a lot of Easter eggs relating to the first movie and it will make your experience so much better, trust me!


  1. Do you think Jurassic World has lived up to its hype?
  2. Is it as worthy as the previous Jurassic Park series?
  3. Was the FX and dinosaurs better/worse?
  4. What do you think about the characters/actors?
  5. Was the story good/bad?
  6. What did you think of the many Easter eggs?
  7. What was your favorite scene?
  8. What was the worst parts of the movie?
  9. Do you thnk there will be a another Jurassic movie to add to the franchise?
  10. Overall, did you enjoy the movie or not?


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