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Franchise & Trilogies

This list will be of my personal favorite Franchise and Trilogy Movies.

Franchise &Trilogies

The Matrix Trilogies.

Neo is contacted by Trinity, a beautiful stranger that leads to him to the underworld to meet Morpheus. Both Neo, Trinity and Morpheus battle for their lives against the intelligent secret agents. The big question on Neo's mind is, What is the Matrix?

This has to be one of the most complicated movies i have ever watched in my life. It took me a while to fully understand the concept of this great imaginary film, The Matrix.

I like this movie because it is complicated but after you fully understand it, its hard not to like. In my honest opinion though, the director must of been on drugs or something to pull this out of his head. Simply amazing & unparalleled. As the trilogy goes further into the matrix, the depth in story gets more complicated and suspenseful

  1. The Matrix
  2. The Matrix Reloaded
  3. The Matrix Revolution

Spiderman Trilogy.

Peter Parker, after being bitten by a enhanced genetic spider, gains super strength and spider like abilities to climb on any surface. With his new abilities he vows to protects and fight crime in his city.

The original trilogies are the best in my opinion but the remake versions aren't to bad either. If you're a kid you will absolutely love these films and what kid wouldn't right? I loved these movies as a kid, growing up.

As i said before i like this movies because its the original Spiderman trilogy of its kind. I loved all the actors/characters in this film and i think the story is much better than the new revamped version, "The Amazing Spiderman," Even though i do like that movie as well, i consider this to be better.

  1. Spiderman 1
  2. Spiderman 2
  3. Spiderman 3

Toystory Trilogy.

A good kind-hearted doll named Woody, who belongs to a young boy called Andy thinks hes his favorite toy in the house & think he is jeopardized after Andy's parents after they buy him a new toy, Buzz Lightyear. Andy and his parents are about to move house and both Woody & Buzz have to escape the clutches of the mean kid next door to reunite with their family and other toys.

Toystory was the main trend for me as a kid growing up as everyone had a Woody doll or a Buzz lightyear. I remember begging for a silver glow in the dark Buzz Light year, unfortunately i didn't get one.

I loved this movie because why wouldn't you? its the best & a classic! As for a trilogy, its a kids dream to have 2 other movies come out for the franchise as it was such a big trend.

  1. ToyStory 1
  2. Toystory 2
  3. Toystory 3
Lord Of The Rings.

A Quiet hobbit named Frodo, sets out on a long dangerous journey to Mount Doom to destroy a cursed ring and the Dark Lord Sauron.

Is this the best trilogy ever? in my opinion, yes it is. It was such a huge hit when it first came out and everyone loved it, and now days its so rare to get a 3 hour film loved by the public without being bored to death.

The thing i loved about this movies is the FX, sounds, costumes, actors/characters and the general story it gave us. It made the audience think you was embarking on a journey with Frodo as it was very compelling and emotional to watch.

  1. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellow Ship Of The Ring
  2. Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
  3. Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

The Hobbit Trilogy.

A Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, sets out on a quest to the lonely mountain with a group of Dwarfs to claim back their rightful home, and the gold that lies deep with in its walls, guarded by the fire breathing dragon, Smaug.

The Hobbit, the story before the "Lord Of The Rings" as i just mentioned before. I think i had to include this trilogy as it tells the tale of what happened before the cursed ring got exposed.

I liked this film because i'm a massive fan of LOTR's, but i don't think it was as good. I think this is because Lord Of The Rings is probably the best trilogy of our time and its a hard movie to compare to. This trilogy is still worth the watch and i consider it to be a classic.

  1. The Hobbit: A Unexpected Journey 
  2. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug
  3. The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies

X-Men Franchise.

Mutants of a private academy for their own kind form up a superhero team called X-Men. They use their abilities to stop any terrorists who have the same powers & abilities as them.

I'v been watching X-Men since it came out in 2000 and they keep producing amazing X-Men movies till this day.  Since year 2000, they have released 7 of the X-Men movies including the origins of Wolverine.

Any one who is a typical nerd like me will love this movie no matter what. They keep us interested with in the story and different characters which i think the audience want & love.

  1. X-Men
  2. X2
  3. X-Men: The Last Stand
  4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  5. X-Me: First Class
  6. The Wolverine
  7. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Batman Trilogy.

After his training with the league of assassins, Bruce Wayne becomes the Batman and fights crime in his beloved city, Gotham. He must Protect Gotham from the likes of The Scarecrow, The Joker & Bane in all three trilogies.

2005 was the day for Batman begins and it became a very special year as it was the born of a wonderful trilogy to come. As a huge DC fan boy i am probably one of the biggest Batman fan there is as i think i can relate to the movies in some way, Don' tell anyone but i'm Batman (Deep Voice). In all serious though i recommend this film to anyone and everyone.

I love this adaption of Batman because its so raw and realistic that the other Batman films lacked. The other Batman movies were more of a comic book style, as this one was more up to date with new gadgets, better costumes, characters and better stories for all three films.

  1. Batman Begins
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. The Dark Knight Rises

Starwars Franchise.

Luke Skywalkers joins with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a Wookiee and two droids to save the world from being destroyed by the dark force Battle Station, also trying to rescue princess Leia from Darth Vader.

Starwars is one the biggest and iconic films that has ever been made, with a instant hit with Sci-Fi lovers of today. Since being made in 1977 it has has its own trilogy ending in the year of 1983. After thinking the Jedi force was over it had 3 more movies to add to the collection, telling the story of what happened before the original 3 movies of Starwars.

Starwars was one the first of its kind as it was very unique with visuals, sounds, costume and amazing story telling. you could imagine how great it would of been in the 70's when the Starwars hype was at its peak. That's what i love about this movie!

  1. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
  2. Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones
  3. Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith
  4. Episode 4: A New Hope
  5. Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
  6. Eipsode 6: Return Of The Jedi
  7. Episode 7: The Force Awakens (Coming Soon)

Tranformers Trilogy.

A struggle between two robot races, the brave Autobots & the evil Decepticons, with a clue from a young boy that holds the key for ultimate power, but which hands will it gall in to?

If you're a fan of AI (Artificial Intelligent) Robots that have crashed landed on earth, then this is the perfect movie for you!

I used to watched the Japanese Animation version before it came out and i loved it as a kid. When the Movie came out i was thrilled with excitement. I loved the FX, action and the comedy behind the film and the rest of the trilogies.

I also like the new series of Transformers films they are making out but these movies stand out more for me.

  1. Transformers
  2. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
  3. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
  4. Transformers: Age Of Extinction 

Harry Potter Franchise.

A Young boy named Harry Potter lives with his awful aunt and uncle after horrific incident happened when harry was a baby. Rescued from his horrible family, Harry has a destiny to for-fill While attending at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

I thought i would finish the list off with probably the biggest franchise movie in our decade, Harry Potter. I think Harry Potter was just as big of a trend as "Starwars" was back in the 70's. I mean the Movie was huge, selling out over the country and world wide. The trend continues to grow with merchandise, Harry Potter Studio Tours, Books, Movie and it will continue to grow over the years.

I think everyone loved this movie because it was simple magical, corny i know, but its true! It gave the younger generation a sense of wonder and mystery, the same type of feeling you would get for Christmas and what a feeling that is.

  1. Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone
  2. Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets
  3. Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire 
  5. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix
  6. Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince
  7. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Pt 1
  8. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Pt 2

I hoped you enjoyed my Top 10 list of Franchise & Trilogies. If You think i'v missed any or you would like to add some to the list then feel free to include them in the comments below, hope to here from you guys.


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