Monday, 1 June 2015

My Horror List

My Horror List

The Conjuring is probably one of the best Horror movies iv seen in the last 5 years and iv seen a lot of horror movies. Its based on true events of the famous paranormal couple
Ed & Lorraine Warren.
The couple investigate a demonic house that a new family has just moved into. You can see where this movie is heading to already.

I liked this film because its original from other horror movies that i have seen and had a very good story behind it. The Conjuring had a lot of suspense, jump scenes and scary faces to have nightmares of.

Kieron's rating: 9/10. 

Alien is a timeless classic and is known as one of the best Sci-Fi/Horror films of all time. The story is based around a space expedition team that receives a distress call from a unknown planet. After they explored the planet the team then head home but not alone.

This film was truly a first of its kinds kind scaring the whole 80's and 90's decade. This is one of my favorite horror classics yet. I like this film because it was one of the first lead female roles that captured the attention of the world. plenty of mystery, suspense, action and jumps.

Kieron's Rating: 8/10

Another classic movie from the 80's that i loved to watch. The Lost Boys is a story about family that move to a small town & the two
brothers think its overrun by vampires, and boy was they right! 

This film was watched to many times when i was a kid. begging my dad to let me watch it every time i went to his. The Lost Boys is my favorite vampire movie still because its an iconic 80's movie with a lot of action, vampire caves, comedy, holy water and a hell of a lot of garlic.

Kierons Rating: 7.5

I'm going to include Rec 1 & Rec 2 in this section because they are carry on sequels and equally scary. The movie in English subtitles since it is Spanish but worth the watch. Its based around a news reporter and cameraman following a emergency  team when they get called to a dark building and all get locked in, this is when terrifying events happen.

This film is one of the scariest films i have ever seen that i had to buy the whole collection on DVD. Its POV (point of view) camera angle gave it edge over other horror movies and made it very unique, this also made it a lot scarier because it made me think i was there.

kieron's Rating: 9/10

Another favorite POV movie of min, Grave Encounters. There is a sequel Grave Encounters 2 but its not quiet as scary as the first, but ill still recommend you watch them both. The story is based around a team of paranormal investigators filming at and abandoned psychiatric hospital for their TV show.

If you love watching paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters then you will absolutely love this movie. Its pretty much what you would expect to happen off camera and make your imagination run wild. The POV angle puts you on edge with a lot of Jumps, suspense and mystery.

Kieron's Rating: 7.5

This film is a couples nightmare but perfect to watch together. The movie is about a couple stranded near a isolated motel and the couple stumble upon hidden video camera around their room. The next 24 hours for the couple is going to be hell.

If you're not good with stress or high levels of suspense then this movie isn't for you, if you can handle this movie then its totally perfect. The good thing i liked about Vacancy is that it makes you think in their position and what would you do next if you was them. Also i don't recommend you to watch Vacancy 2, its pointless and a waste of time.

Kieron's Rating: 7.5

If you've seen this film while travelling i feel sorry for you. The Hills Have Eyes is about a family road trip that goes wrong, stranded in a atomic testing zone in a desert. The family soon discover that they are not alone in the desert. 

This film is rare one because the director didn't fail to film this horror remake from the 70's. The story is full of action and thriller although out. The face cosmetics are amazingly realistic and scary for some. The Hills Have Eyes is a families nightmare and i recommend you to watch the sequel. 

Kieron's Rating: 7.5

If you don't being tormented then look away now! i'm just kidding this film is worth the watch. The strangers follows a couple staying in a isolated vacation home and tormented by three strangers.

I remember this movie very well as it is one of the very few horror movies iv'e seen in the cinema, all those screams and faces hiding behind their own hands is all coming back to me now. Another film about a couple being terrorized so its a little bit like Vacancy but different in their own way. In this movie you just want it to be all over and stop them tormenting the poor couple. 

If you have ever been home alone at night and you think someone is in your house because you imagination is running wild, then you can imagine how scared this couple are.

Kieron's Rating: 8

I'm going to include Scream 1-3 because they are all so good but i will only speak about the plot of Scream 1. The movie is about a group of teens being murdered by a masked murderer and their knowledge about horror movies will be tested. 

As a kid this is one of the movies i have grown up with a long with Scream 2 and Scream 3. I love this movie because its another female lead role and its all about surviving the masked murderer. The other 2 movies are full of action, thriller and a lot of mystery behind the masked murderers.

Kieron's Ratings: 8.5

If you guys think iv missed any good horror movies out or you want to add a list in the comments, feel free to. 


  1. Of course I think you missed a few horror movies, but I'm also a massive horror geek! It is pretty much all I watch. I agree with most of your choices, especially The Conjuring. That movie blew me away. I'm such a Ed and Lorraine Warren nut that I couldn't not love the portrayal of them in that movie. It wasn't the scariest movie but it kept me entertained from the very beginning.

    I also love how you picked Grave Encounters. That movie is something else. Sure it is confusing and sometimes the shaky cam drives me nuts, but it was so much fun. I'm a big fan and have watched that movie several times over. I haven't watched the second one yet. . .I'm not sure I should.

    The only movie I would have added was Cabin in the Woods. That movie blew me away more than any other movie in the past. I loved all of the horror references and tributes. I know very few people that didn't like that movie on some level. I mean cmon. There is a merman scene. How could you not love it. (I have a feeling there is a reason that movie isn't on the list)

    Sorry for the long ranting comment. I'm just a passionate horror fan!

    1. I love how passionate you are about Horror movies Nicole & I love them as much as you do too!!

      Yes the Conjuring has to be in my top 3 of all time, I mean the story was so clever and how the adapted old fashioned ghost investigators in the mix was superb. Ed & Lorraine Warren would be proud of it for sure!

      I love POV horror movies like grave encounter because I'm just a sucker for realism, hence why I like Rec & Rec 2 also! Plus the movie reminds me of Ghost Adventures, which is my favourite TV show ever!

      I actually liked cabin in the woods but it wasn't scary but a movie where your imagination does the scaring for you. Imagine being in their position?

      It's ok about the long reply, just expect to get one back :P