Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Flash

The Flash

Iv'e already spoken about Arrow and i thought it was stupid not to talk about The Flash, since they do intertwine with one another in crossover episodes but i will talk about that later.
The flash in my eyes is probably one of the most underrated super hero's ever because know one ever seems to know who he is except from the die hard fans of DC Comics. I think this is because he hasn't had much media televised for him since now. Well yes there has been episodes from the 1990s but the only aired for one year. I think back in 80s-90s era i think the super hero act died down and everyone forgot about them all until today. Now i will admit that i didn't know much about the flash and it thought he was a lame super hero and boy was i wrong. Now i know why Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) always wears The Flash T-shirt

Enough about the 90s killing the super hero vibe, lets flash forward..."FLASH" forward (totally meant that by the way) and talk about the 2014 Flash. Where the costume design is so much better, fight scenes more realistic and better super villains for The Flash to fight. If you've watched the updated, revamped version of The flash then you know how amazing the show is and its only been 1 season so far, 1 season of epicness and i cant wait for the next season to begin.

The thing i love about this show is you know how hard the directors and produces work to get where it is now. I mean most of the super hero shows you see out now days don't use special FX like they do on the flash, but i guess they have to since he does run at super fast speeds & fighting other villains with super powers. Plus its all based around science, so it is a bit mind boggling from the beginning but you feel as smart as they do once you get the gist of the scientific lingo. If you're a comic book reader then you probably know the gist of this stuff any way unlike i did.
When i started watching The Flash i knew it was about a guy in a red suit fighting bad guys at super speeds, what else more could there be to it? well it turns out there's a lot more to it. Throw in some secrets, lies and time travel and you have the first season of The Flash!

When i normally watch a TV series of some kind i normally know some actors and how well they act, but when i started watching The Flash i didn't have a clue who these people were! I was thinking that its going to be over after season 1, so basically a one hit wonder for TV. After watching season 1 i knew we was onto a winner and i would be forever addicted to it, which i am. Picking a all new cast of not so well known actors was refreshing in my eyes because i wouldn't of judged them to quickly from past TV shows i would of seen them in.

The image above is the amazing actor who portrays Barry Allen/The Flash, Grant Gustin. did anyone else know who he was before this show? because i didn't and i'm glad to know of him now, hes a great actor and i'm sure the females love him too. But not knowing of him is better i think because the audience doesn't have any idea who hes supposed to be or what his persona is like on or off stage until now. This was his big break in the TV industry and to make the public love him as The Flash. The problem with this is when actors normally play big roles in TV and carried it on for years the public will label them as their TV characters. If that happened to me i would be so frustrated as i would want my fans to know me for my acting skills and not just that one person i played nn a TV show. I hope for the best for Grant Gustin as The Flash and any other opportunities he might have.

So i'm guessing who ever reads this is a HUGE fan of Arrow or you wouldn't be here. If you watched The Flash before Arrow then boy you're in for a treat, so stop reading this and watch the Arrow now so this next bit will make more sense to you.

The coolest thing about this show is how they intertwine The Flash and Arrow together in one episode,so a crossover episode. The writers for each show would normally have the Arrow appear in the flash or The Flash appear in Arrow. In the first crossover they had Oliver Queen and Barry Allen didn't get along to well, so you can gather what happened in that episode. I wont say to much but lets say that superpower isn't everything. But if you did see that episode oh my god how good was it? it literally gave me goose bumps. Now we know they do crossovers for each show so you can imagine how epic some of the episodes will be in the future, like fighting together in a epic battles and maybe making some more allies on the way. 

Behind every Super hero there is team behind them, or even a frenemy. 


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