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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 1&2

Under The Dome

Quick Recap Of Season 2
  • Julia randomly Finds a unknown girl drowning in the lake & Sam knows her
  • The Dome is getting stronger and pulling everything magnetic towards it
  • Angie follows the "unknown" girl in to the high school
  • Angie gets killed in the high school while she followed the "unknown" girl
  • Junior is having realistic dreams about his dead mother. Turns out shes alive
  • Angie left a bloody hand print on a locker that turns out to be the "unknown" girls locker, 25 years ago
  • They discover the "unknown" girls identity is Melanie and shes the sister of Barbie
  • They discover a tunnel under the school and barbie falls down a black hole while he was abseiling it
  • Barbie wakes outside of the dome in a random city and asks his dad for help
  • Barbies dad takes him to a back door that takes them back in to the Dome, with 3 other people with him, including Juniors "dead" mother, Mollie
  • All 4 of them got back in to the Dome and they all appear to be in the lake
  • Mollie keeps getting bad head aches from the domes egg so Jim agrees to get rid of it by giving it to the military and by doing so the Dome is contracting inwards, destroying the town
  • Melanie got sucked in to a whirl wind hole and created a tunnel, which the towns people follow, hoping it will lead them out of the Dome 
  • The towns people can see Melanie in bright light and says "Follow me, where going home"

Episode 1&2 - Move On/ But I'm Not

The new season of Under The Dome doesn't actually start off inside the dome but with a new story with Barbie as a Special Ops. We see Barbie holding a powerful automatic gun, patrolling and killing what ever is in front of him and gradually capturing one of the people to gather information from, to eventually killing him after he got the information out of the person he just captured. Anyone else confused yet? i know i am!

We see Barbie arrive at the Special Ops HQ and with a new girl involved with Barbie as we see them have a intimate shower scene together and also share the same bed. Barbie and his new girl are napping down for the night and we see a cut scene, i think its a dream of Barbie's as there is a white glow around the screen, meaning its a flash back or a dream of some kind. It would make sense if it was a dream.

The dream is of Barbie shouting for Julia but then finds her dead, lying in a ditch and covered by tree branches. Barbie picks her up and says "I'm Here, Just Like I promised." Barbie wakes up suddenly with a cold sweat, waking up his new girlfriend beside him as well. She says "its been over a year now, maybe it will be a good idea to back to Chester's Mill for the memorial...So you can move on."

What the hell just happened? i'm confused as anything! First of all, when did Barbie become special Ops? & 2nd what happened when they got out of the Dome? I felt like they have just skipped a whole lot of stuff, with Barbie's new job, new girlfriend and the 1 year later business going on, talk about throwing me in to the deep end here.

Another cut scene jumps to Julia & Junior, down in the tunnels shouting for Barbie, but nothing shouts back. The two hatch up a plan to get a ladder to cross the other side of the tunnel but Big Jim ruins the plan by tying the two up and asking them what their plan was. He eventually lets them both go to carry on with their plan but shoots Junior in the shoulder in the process of it all.

Now we are back in Chester's Mill with Barbie and hes just seen a familiar face walking the street, Melanie. Barbie wasn't the only one to see Melanie as Ben saw her too. Ben creeps upon Barbie in the woods, confronting him that they saw the same person and that everything isn't all that it seems, that everything around them isn't real. 

OK, we see Barbie return to Chester's Mill a year later after the Dome incident, for the memorial of the people who died, but everything seems weird as he is seeing Melanie roam the streets and other people can see her too. what does this even mean? Also how are we seeing Julia and Junior down the tunnels if they are dead? or are they dead? I think these questions will be answered further into the episode.

As we see cut scenes jump back and forth to the people who were trapped under the dome but now living a life Dome free for a year, we see them how they all turned out but all have now gathered back to the same place for the memorial. Coincident? Melanie can see them all through the purple window like screens, as if she is controlling them by touching the screens. We can also see Ben running towards the memorial and collapsing and stops breathing as if hes being strangled, but he is being strangled, strangled by Melanie in the world they actually all live in and not in the fake world, Chester's Mill. Kind of making a bit more sense now isn't it? 

Julia & Junior are on the other side of the tunnel were Melanie has just killed Ben, but Julia or Junior know nothing about this yet. Junior collapsed on the floor while being attacked by the aggressive butterflies and Julia is discovering that all of the people who went through the tunnel are all unconscious in purple cocoons. Melanie can see Junior on the floor and wakes him up and kisses him, which takes Junior to a bright room with the echoing of Melanie's voice and he begins to get sucked in to one of the cocoons that Julia has just found.

Now it makes sense! The people in the cocoons are all being controlled and have been made to believe that they are all been living their life normally but in-fact they are still in the Dome in the Tunnel cocoons. 

Barbie has been seeing some familiar faces right? But when he goes to the diner he bumps in to some one he thought that was dead, Junior. Barbie swears on his life that he saw Juniors dead body and his name on the memorial wall, but he cant make sense of it all. Also remember the guy Barbie killed on his Special Ops mission?  Well Barbie just bumped in to him at Chester's Mill. Whaaaat!!

On the other side of the Dome Julia & Melanie have met up in the tunnels and are now waiting at the lake for Melanie's Father, because Melanie wrote on the Dome "Daddy Hurry." Don, Melanie's father lands in the lake and he has brought the egg with him for Melanie's help, but he doesn't know that Melanie isn't really his daughter and she begins to strangle him to death to steal the egg from him. 

I think Barbie is on to something as he keeps seeing dead people roam around Chester's Mill like nothing happened. First with the dead guy from the Special Ops missions and 2nd Junior walks in to the diner, all happy as Larry! 

If you don't understand what just happened with the junior situation, ill break it down for you. When Junior got put in to the cocoon by Melanie after she kissed him, he was automatically made to believe he has had a normal life and the dome was a year ago, which brings him back to the fake world with everyone else, including Barbie and the others. The cocoon is brain washing the people at the Chester's Mill memorial. 

Now Melanie killed her "father" for the egg, what will she do with it now? kill the people in the cocoon with it?

Because Barbie has seen the dead guy from his Special Ops mission, he follows him to find out what is happening, but he is shortly interrupted by a phone call off his new girlfriend and it turns out to be the new psychiatrist of Chester's Mill telling Barbie that his girlfriend is in hospital. Another coincident from stopping barbie finding out the truth?

Julia has followed Melanie back to the cocoon tunnels and Melanie places the egg on top of one of the cocoons which activates it, making it do something to the other cocoons around the tunnel. Julia has now found out who Melanie really is but still questions on what she is doing with the egg, and when Julia finds out, Melanie slaps her and begins to strangle her. This is where Big Jim comes to the rescue and interrupts them both, smashing the eggs activation beam leading to the cocoons, freeing the people inside them all. The new Psychiatrist and Barbies new girlfriend help each other out of the cocoon by grabbing on to each others arms, as if they know each other.

When Barbie got a phone call when he was about to follow the guy he thought he killed, i thought it was a bit obvious that he got interrupted on purpose from stopping him from finding out the truth. 

Also what was the egg doing when it got activated? and what would happened if Big Jim didn't stop it? Annnnnnd who is Melanie? she been on a massive killing spree, killing her father which is actually not her father, which makes me think she might be someone else or a alien of some kind!

I also think that the new girlfriend and the psychiatrist might also be involved with Melanie's plan as they might have been in the cocoons to stop the people knowing what is actually happening in the Dome, as you see them both interrupt Barbie and his plan to find out. 


Overall it was a very confusing episode but it gradually made sense towards the end, making me think how clever how it turned out. I think the Barbies new girlfriend and the psychiatrist is working together with Melanie, maybe they are the same kind or that they have made a deal with Melanie to keep the rest of the population safe, so they agreed to help her.

To be honest i don't have a clue now how it will all plan out, now they are all out of the cocoons. They might all be trapped in the tunnel with the two new characters that Barbie thought one was his girlfriend and the other who people turned to for help, who were actually involved with the plan. 

  1. What did you think of the 2 hour long episode?
  2. What was the best part of the episode? & why?
  3. What was the worst part of the episode? & why?
  4. Was you confused as much as i was?
  5. What do you think of the two new characters?
  6. Why are the two new characters helping Melanie?
  7. Are the two characters the same as Melanie?
  8. What was the egg doing to the cocoons?
  9. Who is Melanie & what is she there for?
  10. What do you think will happen in the next episode?


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