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True Detective: Season 2, Episode 2

True Detective

So last week was a pretty slow start for the premiere of True Detective and made me think if the show would get any more thrilling, as the first season was. Maybe it was a slow start because there's more characters involved, so they have to cover more stories for the series. Plus i'm hoping to see more than just 8 episodes as they did for the first season of True Detective, because they have more characters for the series & after two episodes we still don't know the true plot of the story yet. 

Episode 2 - Night Finds You

Frank Semyon & His Demons

The opening scene of True Detective shows us Frank and his girlfriend lying in bed, and Frank starts to talk about his old man back in Chicago. Franks old man used to lock him up in the basement whenever he went out for a bender (Drinking) and Frank thought he was just trying to keep him safe. Now Frank explains a little deeper and darker on how when he was 6 years old his father put him down in the basement and the door was locked when Frank woke up. Frank says he got arrested or something but he explains further. On the 2nd morning he woke up and he was out of food, on the 2nd day the light bulb went out, making it pitch black and it made the rats come out.

Frank wakes up to a rat chewing on his finger and his girlfriend asks "What did you do?" Frank replies on, when he woke up he grabbed the rat and smashed it on the floor till it was goo in his hands, and two days later Franks father comes home.
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This little story that Franks has at the beginning, had me intrigued so much i could picture everything he as saying to his girlfriend. Can you imagine being down in the basement in pitch black darkness while you have rats trying to chew your finger off! This tells me that Frank had a dark childhood while growing up and its just the tip of the iceberg on what really his character is like. I think he is trying to keep his demons in the past but they might catch up to him sooner or later in the series.

Paul's Mother & Girlfriend Issues

We know Paul has had some traumatic issues from his injuries to his body but he also has relationship problems with his mother and girlfriend, as we see in the 2nd episode.

His mother who lives in a trailer is trying to get Paul to stay over and always says "You can stay in you old bedroom," but Paul tells his mother that he has a new assignment with special detail and he wont be around as much, also Paul asks his mother about her shifts at the restaurant she worked at but she no longer works there anymore. He eventually stays over in his old bedroom while having a smoke next to his window.

I don't know why he has issues with his mother, but he really didn't want to stay over in his old bedroom. From the look on Paul's face, he always looked like it was a major effort with his own mother and he found it difficult to be around her for some reason, but why?

We also see him packing his stuff at his girlfriends flat, telling her that he has a new job at being detective, but she explains to him that she cant do this anymore as it is to difficult for her. Paul keeps on packing anyway and leaves her as she tells him its basically over between them and Paul says "This is you doing this" as in its all her fault for ending the relationship.
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In the first episode we knew that they had problems to begin with, as Paul had erectile dysfunction and how he would always leave in the middle of the night. I think he used her for comfort for whenever Paul got lonely or bored an his girlfriend couldn't handle him leaving her in the muddle of the night or the lack of communication between the both of them.

The Unlikely Partnership

Ray Velcoro & Ani Bezzerides, we see together a numerous of times in the 2nd episode of True Detective. The unlikely partnership are trying to investigate the murder of Ben Caspar as they are driving round to place to place trying to gather information, putting the missing pieces together. As doing so, the two find a house of Ben Caspar and they also visit his psychiatrist he had been seeing for the past 3 years. With all the information they had got, it seems the two were getting no where with the investigation, until Paul gives them a bank record that matches the information Ray & Ani previously had in their possession.

It was random putting these two very different characters together but very necessary as the two work in the same department as each other, but i thought it was a matter of time before everything blew up as it was very awkward to see the two working together. There was a lot of stares and a lot of awkward silent scenes between them both.

Ray & His Son

From Rays antics with his son from the previous episode, it was a matter of time something bad was going to happen with him and his sons relationship. Ray is being the desperate weird father that his son doesn't want to be around him but Ray is always there and when Ray found out his son was getting bullied, he went to the others kids house and beaten up his dad in front of his sons bully.

When Ray thinks hes about to meet his son, he is met by his ex girlfriend/wife and she tells Ray that his son wont be here and that she is going for full custody of their son and supervised visits because of Ray's antics lately.
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This clearly has made him very angry as the one thing he has in his life and loves dearly, is going to be taken away from him if his ex girlfriend gets full custody of their son. If a desperate father is trying his best to do good for his son, how desperate will he get if they take him away from Ray?

Franks Getting Desperate

Now that Frank knows that Ben Caspar Is dead, he pays a numerous of visits, one of those visits is to a dealership businessmen for Ben Caspar which now Frank has a problem with,  as he tries to explain to the dealership businessmen how Caspar died with 5 million of his money and now the business deal can no longer go on with out Ben Caspar's deal papers. 

The deal that was suppose to make Frank a fortune is down the drain as the death of Caspar has ruined everything for him, taking most of Franks money to Caspar's grave. Who wouldn't be angry right? 

Two Russian guys have just beaten up a businessman after they crashed in to the back of his car, but that was the plan, since they wanted him out of the car to beat him up. After they've beaten him, Frank runs across the road, to the beaten man who is lying on the floor moaning in pain and Frank starts to ask him patronizing questions on "Who would do such a thing, to get guys like that, after you?" and that he should take more care and not to try p*ss people off.

Frank had this all planned out and he did this to scare the man and threaten him in some way but tried to act all innocent and patronizing towards the businessman. It was a bit passive aggressive in some way as Frank was trying to get in to his head with out doing any physical harm to the man. 

Franks pays a last visit to the city Mayor and hands him a little paper brown envelope with money inside for "business." The two talk about business but also the mayors son and how Franks wants to know who killed Caspar, because his life's work is put on hold.

OK, now we see Frank getting very desperate because hes going to the most powerful man in the city, the mayor! The mayor obviously must be dirty since he took the money from Frank and talks openly about Franks ongoing business but no major information about this scene was given away as the mayor is very mysterious and blunt.

A Killer Ending

Frank and Ray meet at the dreary dim bar where the music is down and slow as much as the people who drink there. 

Frank hands over a piece of paper with new information, that Caspar had another house in Hollywood. He tells Ray to go check it out but Ray also has something on his mind to tell Frank. Ray begins to talk about how Ray & Frank met & that its not the life for him anymore, that he has no reason to to carry on because hes tired. Frank doesn't take it on board and tells Ray to go check the house anyway.

I think Ray doesn't want to work with Frank anymore because he knows his son will be taken away from him and what else is there to fight for? That's why hes bringing this conversation up. Also Frank is desperate and he wont take him serious enough to care about Ray's thoughts.

Ray arrives at the house Frank advised him to go to, and he pick locks the front door till it opens. He enters inside the house and hears old music playing in the background, so he moves around the house slowly so hes more aware of his surroundings. Ray sees a puddle of blood on the living room floor as he switches on the light and this makes him look around the room for more clues. He opens up a hidden mirrored door that lies with in the walls of the house and sees a cam recorder facing towards the one way mirrored door he just opened. As Ray backs out of the room, a masked man who is wearing a crow mask to his his face, shoots Ray with a shot gun and Ray falls down to the ground, the gunman  then walks up to Ray and shoots him again in the stomach to finish him off for good. 

Told you it was a killer ending! And how very random was that? I did not expect to see Ray get shot or killed so soon in the series, that's if he is dead. He might of had a bullet proof vest on or something. 

Does anyone else think it was part of Franks plan to get him in the house to get him killed? Or it could of been the person who killed Caspar, which puts Frank in more of a bad situation. Plus if Ray did die, it might mean that Ani & Paul will have to partner up to find Caspar's and Rays killer for the duration of the season, while Frank is also trying to find out but obviously on the other side of the law.

The overall episode was slow as the first episode but had more of a thrilling ending as we see Ray get shot viciously. I think it was more of a build up episode for the future of the series as we might see more compelling and thrilling scenes as we see Frank get desperate to find the killer and make the deal happen and also the work of the detectives and officer Paul.

I'm excited to see what happens with the upcoming episodes of true Detective and i hope you guys are also excited.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. Did you expect more from the episode?
  3. What was your favourite part of the episode? & Why?
  4. What was your least favourite part of the episode? & Why?
  5. What do you think will happen next with the characters?
  6. What do you want to happen? & Why?
  7. Why did they shoot Ray?
  8. Is Ray dead or alive? & how would he even survive if so?
  9. If Ray does survive how will he fit in the rest of the season?
  10. Do you think there will be more episodes than the first season of True Detective?


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