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Scream: Season 1, Episode 2


Previously On Scream

Nina, a popular and not so popular high school teenage girl, was brutally murdered along side with her boyfriend as they both put up a viral video up on to YouTube to make someones life a living hell to gain more popularity. In doing this deed she paid the ultimate price as the murderer came to her mansion to murder her and show the whole school what its like to be the star of  a viral video.

We also see a girl named Emma go through some troubles with her boyfriend as she found out her boyfriend cheated on her with the now murdered girl Nina and Emma gets back at him by kissing the new boy in town Kieran Wilcox, who is very mysterious at the very least. 

Emma's mother Margaret AKA Daisy is also having some trouble of her own, as her past nightmares are coming back to haunt her. Margaret was involved with legendary story of Brandon James, who used to stalk Margaret when she was the same age as Emma. Margaret thought it was all over and done with since she saw Brandon James get shot right in front of her but she got a little present to remind her that he still close by.

Episode 2 - Hello, Emma

Hung Up On Love

Rachael Murray is sitting in bed, reading all the mean comments on the viral video of her and Audrey kissing each other in a car. Rachael feels very depressed while she reads the horrible comments and gets a razor blade out of her heart shaped container that sits on her bedside table and cuts herself on her arm, which already has a load of cuts on it. Her Phone goes off while shes about to cut herself any deeper and its Audrey, so she thinks. 

Rachael starts speaking normally towards she think is Audrey on the phone but she can't really hear properly because its all muffled and blames it on bad connection. While Rachael speaks to whoever is on the phone with her, she can hear noises coming from inside her closet and she thinks its Audrey playing a practical joke on her by hiding, so Rachael goes to investigate. Since there was no one in the closet, she hears another noise but coming from outside on her balcony and the person says "Go to our favourite spot" which is the balcony of Rachael's house. 

There is only a double rocking chair rocking back and forth as soon as Rachael goes outside on to the balcony, so she finally asks the most important question of them all "Audrey, where are you?" It all goes quiet on the other end of the phone and Rachael can see something hanging off her balcony and goes to have a look to see what it is. She slowly pulls up that seems to be a rope, until she gets to the very end of the rope and discovers that it is a noose. The killer jumps out from behind Rachael and wraps the noose around her head and throws her off the balcony, snapping her neck and strangling her to death. 
Credit to MTV
I liked this opening of the episode better than the last episode because it was more tense and thrilling to watch. With the first episode it was obvious that the killer was communicating with Nina but in this scene i could't tell if it was actually Audrey on the phone or the killer and it was very surprising to see her get killed. Some times they will play the whole killer thing obvious to actually turn out not to be the killer and to throw off the audiences perception of the scene and that 's what i liked about the opening to episode 2.

The Brandon James Mask

Will and Jake are in the school car park talking about the viral video and how Jake left his car at the car park over night because he had a drink the night before (So he says!). When Jake walks back to his car, he notices a trail of blood like liquid that leads to his car and when he gets a better view of the side, he see's someone has painted "Doosh" on the side of his car, this makes him furious. 

Noah & Audrey are looking at all the pictures, notes and flowers everyone has left Nina at school for her death, while they look and read the grieving notes of Nina's friends, they bump in to a podcast reporter named Piper Shay. Piper is at the school to try get past the "BFF Bull and get a real picture of Nina" meaning she doesn't want to hear the fake stuff most people would say about her because she's dead, she wants to hear the truth about her as a person. Audrey says "She was a stone cold bitch, who got what she deserved".

Jake is shouting and storming through the school grounds trying to find out who ever wrote "Doosh" on his car and he has his suspicions that it was Noah. Noah can see Jake walking his way, so he walks away from the Piper conversation as he looks very anxious when Jake walks up to him. "Was it payback from the lake?" Jake asks Noah, and Noah pretends he doesn't know what hes on about and acts all innocent. Jake tells Noah "If i find out it was you, you are dead!" and Noah replies with "I believe you." 
Credit to MTV
The next scene cuts to Emma speaking to her old friend Audrey as they fell out when Audrey found out it was Emma and her "friends" was the ones who recorded the viral video. They both discuss the viral video and Emma is very sorry but Audrey can't forgive her because Rachael is taking it very badly. When the two are talking at the school lockers together, they get interrupted by a anonymous text message off the murderer, videoing himself at Nina's house with Nina floating in the pool behind him. They both look at the message with shock and look around the school hallway as they notice everyone in school also got the message, Emma says to Audrey "That's the Brandon James mask."
Credit to MTV
I was wondering what that red stuff Noah rubbed on his head, at first i thought it was blood but that would of been to obvious, but it was red paint as Noah was the one who wrote "Doosh" on the side of Jake's car. 

Also who the hell is this new reporter they call Piper Shay? She must be a big deal or a popular reporter. There wasn't much said about her in the scene, accept she was a reporter and trying to find out the truth of Nina. She also vidoe'd Jake threatening Noah for some reason, maybe to try figure out who has the capability to be an aggressive murderer.

The best part of the scene was the anonymous text message everyone got in school of the murderer prancing around the pool to show his accomplishment when he killed Nina. We also know its the mask that Brandon James used when he was on a murdering spree. Telling us its either James Brandon or its a copy cat murderer or hes playing it very smart and trying to throw off the cops to make them believe its James doing all the recent murders. 

Audrey Finds Out

After an eventful morning at school with all the vandal paint on the side of Jake's car and the random text message of the murderer, the classmates finally settle down for their first class of the day but the topic of the murderer is still trending around the room. The teacher tells Jake to "focus on his studies and not the latest web buzz." Noah begins to talk about the murderer in to more depth as its his special topic to talk about and so the teacher lets him speak openly as hes curious to what Noah has to say. 

"Well...Murders a lonely game, you know? I mean say you're the killer, OK...You sneak into Nina's skulk around and scare her, and then you kill her, Boom! But then what? You take a victory lap around the pool? You just stand there watching the blood spread out in to the water, thinking of crazy guy thoughts...Its the age of Instagram, Tumblr... we need to share the things we do or its like it never happened." - Noah

The teacher tells Riley to switch her phone when she gets a text and starts reading it while Noah is talking about the killer. She explains to the teacher that her friend told her that someone else has died at another school, the school sounds familiar to Audrey because its the same school her friend Rachael goes to and this makes Audrey worried because Rachael isn't answering her text or phone calls. 

Audrey storms out of the class room as she looked at her phone all shocked and worried, Emma shortly leaves the classroom to check on Audrey to see whats wrong with her. Audrey explains to Emma that Rachael's mother found Rachael hanging from her ceiling off a fan, Emma looks shocked and about to cry because she thinks its her fault for making Rachael kill herself. 
Credit to MTV
I love the classroom scenes where Noah goes off on a wild talking spree when he explains how the killer would think or act, it gives the audience a better understanding and knowledge of the show. Plus Audrey finds out her friend/Girlfriend has just killed herself but she actually didn't kill herself did she? So why would the killer move the body to some where else? Maybe to throw off the police's investigation of the body or to make Emma and her friends feel bad for themselves as they will think they made her kill herself. 

Emma Gets A Phone Call

Emma is home alone since her mother works with the police as a forensic investigator, and is working on the body of Rachael who just hung herself. She's on lying down on the sofa with her phone but all of a sudden the house alarm goes off, This startles Emma from off her sofa and she walks over to her alarm system which is telling her the kitchen door is open. (But who opened it?) She quickly types in her pin code to turn off the loud noise of the alarm and closes the back door, she then gets a phone call from the security of her house to make sure if everything is OK. 

The caller asks for her security password and checks if everything is OK, Emma tells the man that she fond the back door unlocked and open. The man on the phone tells her to "Take a deep breath" and that a patrol car is near by to check in on her in a few minutes. Emma wants to go outside because she is scare but the man tells her to stay inside as its more safe for her, so she asks the man to stay on the phone with her till the patrol car gets there. 

Emma gets a baseball bat from under her stairs, while the man makes small talk with her about Brandon James and what she was doing home tonight. "What do you like to watch?" the man asks and Emma replies with "Game Of Thrones, Scandal", he then asks if she likes "Horror" but she says that real life is scary enough as she can't get any sleep lately. "You do look tired" says the man, which makes Emma freeze up and asks him what he just said, "You do sound tired" He replies.

Emma has gone all paranoid and can see that one of her windows is open when she see's her curtain flowing in the wind. She goes over to lock the window and the man asks her "The question is, did you just lock me inside the house or out?" Emma threatens him over the phone but he doesn't take her serious and he threatens her back to make sure she carries on with the conversation on the phone. She asks the man what he wants and he says "To show you the truth Emma!"
Credit to MTV
Wow, that was intense scene for me and Emma! If that was me in her situation i would of been out of that house, even if i had to jump through the open window like superman! The person who ever was on the phone really did mix things up for Emma as he explained to her where she stands and that the people around her are not what she thinks. Emma's mother being Daisy, the girl who got stalked by Brandon James and when Emma finds out, well...things will certainly hit the fan!


A great first opening scene as we see Audrey's friend Rachael get brutally murdered in a horrific way and it was very tense and thrilling to watch. I do hope they carry on with these amazing murderous opening scenes for the rest of the series. 

Plus i liked the fact that everyone now knows the masks belonged to Brandon James, they now might all think hes back to murder everyone but that's not the case at all, as we might have a copy cat killer on our hands.

We do see some some scenes where Noah & Riley become closer as they both go on a date in the middle of the football field to look at the stars together. I would of liked to explain their scenes a bit more but i found it wasn't relevant enough, so i hope to see them two get in to sticky situations together as the murderer, murders his way through town. 

And finally! the very last scene to the episode was another one of my favourites as we see the lead role Emma get a anonymous phone call, Which had Emma and the audience think who it might of been, It could of been Brandon James or the copy cat killer... 

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. Should Audrey forgive Emma?
  3. Will Noah and Riley make it official?
  4. Will Noah and Riley maybe become a team and have a story of their own?
  5. Why did the killer move Rachael's body?
  6. How will Emma find out about her mothers past?
  7. Will Emma get back with Will and forgive him?
  8. Who was on the phone to Rachael and Emma?
  9. What would you of done if you was on the phone to the killer?
  10. What will the next episode have install for us?


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