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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 3

Teen Wolf

Episode 3 - Dreamcatchers

Previously on Teen Wolf

We see Tracey, a struggling teenage girl who suffers with night terrors as we see her explaining to the school councilwomen and the oddest thing happens when she vomits black liquid all over her desk, which also includes a crows feather. As the episode goes on we see her terrors get more intense and see Tracey get tormented through out the episode.

There's also a new wolf in town and Stiles is having trouble in trusting him, so Stiles and Liam follow the new wolf Theo and shortly regret doing so because they stumble across him and his sisters grave. With all this being done, Scott already told Stiles not to do anything but they soon collide as tensions rise between the two.

Tracey's night terror's are getting worse and Lydia can see that she needs professional help but the school council won't do anything, so Lydia takes matters in to her own hands and asks Deputy Parrish to check out and watch her house for the night. Parrish thinks that everything is OK and that Tracey is sound asleep but really she is sleep walking through her nightmare and ends up in the worse place imaginable. 

Episode 3 - Dreamcatchers

A Date With Revenge

Sheriff Stilinski is off duty for a change and getting ready for a date later that evening, but he's having his doubts as he hasn't been on a date in a while. While being consulted by his own son Stiles and friend Scott both tell him its a good idea and he should still go through with it. Stiles and Scott are very eager to find out who hes going on a date with but the sheriff won't give any clues away and says "A very beautiful women."

Outside of the office is Donovan who is handcuffed and being escorted by Parrish as hes getting ready for court because he got on the wrong side of Stilinski and put him in jail on his last warning, resulting in the life changing events that will happen to Donovan as his lawyer tells him that he might go to prison for 3 to 5 years but they will plead for 2 years. Donovan shouts Stilinski out of his office with rage and tells Stilinski that he's going to stab him to death but this doesn't phase the sheriff one bit. 
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What a psycho! I bet if that was any other normal person getting ready for a date, it would ruin their day if they got told they was going to get brutally murdered, i know it would play on my mind most of the day but it didn't even phase the sheriff. Also Stiles comes in with some humor towards the end to lighten the mood and says a joke towards Donovan which makes him even more angry as he try's to charge towards them both but the escort police had it under control. 

Run Donovan, Run!

When Donovan and his lawyer are in the escort van on their way to plead for Donovan's sentence, the driver of the van is speeding very fast and the lawyer tells him to slow down but something is wrong with the driver as he moans in pain and complains about his hand. The driver tells the lawyer to take the wheel as he looks to be paralyzed and not able to drive the van. In the back of the van Donovan can see liquid formed goo that is dripping down from the roof and then the lawyer crashes the van in to a wall and they all come to a sudden stop.
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One of the police escorts notices something climbing on top of the roof, as the van squeaks and can hear noises when the van moves, but the lawyer then looks out from the drivers window and says "Tracey?" Tracey, the girl with the night terrors is at the side of the van looking inside at them all as she is grunting and about to kill somebody. Tracey punches through the drivers window, splatters the drivers head with blood flying everywhere, while the policeman shoots off his shotgun towards her.
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Donovan who managers to run away from the gruesome scene of the van, runs fast and as far away as possible, but falls to the ground as he hears the final screams of Tracey's father who she just killed. Donovan is terrified on what he see's next walking towards him as he see's the 2 robotic scientist come towards him, grabs him and use a drill-like device that drills down his ear as his eyes cover up with a silver substance. 
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I don't know if i would rather be killed by a sexy psycho or have a drill pushed down my ear, both sound very painful at least and very terrifying. At this point i was still trying to figure out what sort of creature Tracey is, as her eyes glow a different colour to all the other werewolves. As for the robotic scientist things, i think they just follow Tracey as she does all the dirty work for them and they come in with a weird device to probe their victims with. 

Tracey Isn't A Wolf?

Scott and the rest of the packed find Tracey in their school but the situation is under control as she faints and they take her to Dr Deaton the veterinary. Dr Deaton explains to Scott, Stiles and Malia that her condition appears to be normal but Dr Deaton wants to make sure that she is contained and he puts Mountain Ash around the room (Powdered substance that blocks and exhibits control over Werewolves) and this makes Stiles anxious as he feels trapped with the creature they know as Tracey.

Dr Deaton is still examining Tracey as he put a scalpel to her arm, which she doesn't draw blood from as her skin seems to be a lot tougher and he can see something moving in her neck, "This is interesting" says Dr Deaton. Malia helps the Dr turn over Tracey so they can have a look at her back and they can also see something moving in her spine, which suddenly spits wide open as soon as the Dr touches it and splatters black substance all over Scott's and Dr Deaton's face. They all step back as they can see Tracey has developed a very long tail which she then whips all 4 of them with, resulting them to be paralyzed as Tracey runs through the Mountain Ash and outside of the vets office, "Kanima" says Scott as he lies on the ground motionless.
Credit to MTV
Remember in season 1 when Lydia's old boyfriend Jackson got scratched by Derek, who at the time was suffering by being poisoned by Wolfs Bane. Jackson thought he was going to become a wolf like Derek and Scott but then it went completely opposite and turned him into a giant lizard they call Kanima, well that's what Tracey is now. 

Kanima Intrudes On The Date

Lydia and Kira have just finished up looking around Tracey's bedroom for evidence and Lydia figures out that Tracey is looking for the people who have been trying help her. Kira thinks she was looking for Lydia since she was the one who tried helping her back at school and Lydia agree's, but also says someone else was trying to help her as well, "My Mother" says Lydia, "Where is she?" says Kira, "On a date."

Oh My God, we finally know the biggest mystery of the episode, we found out who Stilinski is dating and its Lydia's mother Natalie! I'm kidding of course, but now we know what Tracey is up to and will they get there in time to save her mother and the rest of them?

Sheriff Stilinski is locking up at the police station while Natalie (Lydia's mother) waits for him, so they can go off to their date. While he locks up he notices one of the policewomen is lying on her desk motionless and he asks her what she is doing, she replies "I can't move." Lydia and Kira barge their way in to the police station and Lydia shouts "Tracey is coming for you!" Tracey is already there as they notice by looking up towards the ceiling with Tracey staring back at them with her yellow glowing eyes, sharp fangs and her waving poisonous tail.
Credit to MTV
Tracey jumps down from the ceiling, punching the gun out of the sheriffs hands and on to the floor. Kira gets her sword out and starts fighting with the creature as Lydia tells her mother to run, but the Kanima herd Lydia and so she whips her tail in a whirl and wounds Lydia in the side, making her bleed heavily and paralyzes her to the floor. Kira can see her injured friend fall to the ground and so she finds her inner power of Kitsune (Thunder Kitsune)  and chops of Tracey's tail with one swipe of her sword and she runs off injured.

Malia is the only one out of Scott, Stiles and Dr Deaton to move first and gets to the police station to help the others from Tracey. When she gets there, Malia can see everyone paralyzed on the floor and inured and Lydia tells Malia that Tracey has her mother in the basement and so off she goes to find them both. When Malia gets to the basement she follows the trail of blood coming from Tracey's chopped of tail and find her dragging Natalie on the ground. The two of themm fight it out around the room until Malia gets the best of her, bringing back Tracey from her unusual self.
Credit to MTV
Tracey is struggling to come to terms that her night terrors aren't real as Malia try's to explain to her but when she try's calming Tracey down, the robotic scientist come out of no where with one of them pinning Malia to the wall and the other injecting Tracey with more fluid from before. "Her condition is terminal" says one of the robotic scientist and they walk away to disappear into thin air, while Malia is shocked of what just happened.
Credit to MTV
That was all epic, intense and emotional all at once as we see Kira use her inner ability as the Thunder Kitsune, what ever that is! Also the fighting was amazing with Kira and Malia as they try to fight off Tracey, but it all seemed pointless towards the end as the robotic scientist injected her with more stuff, probably to heal her or to make her even stronger. 

How do the robotic scientist work though? They just appear out of no where as if they were ghost or part of a dream but how can they be a ghost or a dream if they are physically real? AND please someone tell me what they are called because i have no idea and i just keep calling them "Robotic Scientist"


I thought the episode didn't have much story involved as it was more focused on what Tracey was and capable of doing. The whole episode was intense and full of fighting scenes which i loved and the mystery of the "Robotic Scientist" remains.

Not much of Theo involved but there were some scenes where he tried to get himself involved by asking to help but nothing further happened. We also see Mason get brought to the group as he now knows about the secret of werewolves and the many other supernatural beings that go on in Beacon Hills.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was you favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was you least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. How will the gang fight back against the robotic scientist?
  5. Will Mason be more involved with the gang, now he knows the truth?
  6. What is Theo really up to?
  7. What will happen to Tracey now she was injected again?
  8. Will Kira become stronger as she used her inner ability?
  9. Will Malia finally meet her mother?
  10. What will happen next episode? 


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