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Scream: Season 1, Episode 4

Previously On Scream

Emma finds out that her mother doesn't think that Rachael's death was a suicide and it may have been a murder, because her body might have been moved from the original murder scene. After finds out, Emma goes to Rachael's wake and tells Audrey about what she found out and the two of them knew that already.

Jake and Will are having some money issues, when Jake goes to find the hidden money that they hid in the woods and someone else has took it. Will tells Jake that he took the money and put it somewhere safe, with the two of them going to collect it in the night time darkness of the woods to only find out they're both are lying to each other.

Emma finds out her mothers darkest secrets and finds out that she's Daisy, the legendary Daisy from the Brandon James stories. Emma confronts her about her secrets but she won't tell Emma any more information and open up to her.

The killer makes Emma choose between Brooke and Riley on which one to save and which one to do, but Emma choose'd one without knowing what she done, resulting in Riley being the next victim to the Killer.

Episode 4 - Aftermath

The killer Is Dead

The Mayor of Lakewood is holding a town meeting to ensure the residents about the murderer and Sheriff Hudson takes the mic to explain their current situation and knowings. Sheriff Hudson shares with the people of Lakewood, that the killer was Nina's boyfriend Tyler. After making a cunning plan to meet Tyler in the woods, the cops get tricked as the person who went to meet them wasn't Tyler, but a random person that was holding a message for them as we seen in the last episode. The Sheriff then tells them that "The security footage shows that her assailant was wearing the same mask as the person who killed Nina Patterson, and that mask was found in the wreckage of Tyler's car." 
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After the towns hall meeting, Sheriff Hudson pays Maggie a visit at the autopsy to see if the body they found in the wreckage was in-fact Tyler. Sheriff asks her if she can confirm if it is Tyler, but Maggie tells him that "The hands are to burnt to pull prints," and she started a DNA panel and they also take time to see the full results. "Wouldn't dental records be faster?" asks the Sheriff and Maggie tells him if she had something to compare them to. Maggie tells the Sheriff that the investigation team have been looking through the wreckage all night and can't seem to find Tyler's severed head.
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So i guess the show must end now they have caught the killer, i mean whats the point in carrying on the show if the main plot of the series is revolved around the killer. You know i'm joking and the police must be stupid to think that the killer was Tyler, it was to easy to find and place blame on the nearest suspected killer of the show, when in-fact he was the first person to get killed by the murderer. At this point in time watching this scene, i was thinking to myself that Tyler's head is going to get revealed and discovered by someone, once Maggie told the Sheriff about not finding it. Did everyone else think that?

Special Delivery

Work is over and Emma has just arrived home with a postal package waiting for her as she walks to her bedroom to open the package up. with Emma having know idea who it's off or what it is,she opens it and see's a book with "CW, 1994" on the front of it and opens it up to see a memorial page of the Brandon James victims. Emma realises she's looking at her mothers school year book and when she flips through the year books pages, she can see some of the people in the year book have been cut out, seeing her dads face has been scribbled out in pen and with a message waiting to be read. "The truth lies where the mask was made."
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With a confused message on her mind, Emma decides to visit Noah at work and he's with his best friend Audrey. Noah is drinking as he grieving the worst over the death of Riley, but Emma has something for him to take his mind of things for a couple of minutes. Emma shows him the year book she got in the post and he quickly tells her that the missing pictures in the book were Brandon James's victims, that her dad was the only survivor of the killings. Noah explains why and where the masks was made, telling them that they have to go the hospital where the Brandon James masks was first made. Emma and Audrey agree to go to the hospital together, without Noah and being prepared for the worst. 
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This scene was clever, how they got one small detail of the scene (the year book) to connect one of the biggest missing puzzles "Where the mask was made." This is a great opportunity for Emma & Audrey to go investigate on their own and where anything could happen to them. The missing pictures in the year book got me confused, was the pictures cut out when Brandon was on a killing spree back in 1994? Or was they cut out just for Emma to find out some clues of her own? Either way it gave it more mystery to the scene and for the further duration of the episode. 

As Noah tells Emma that it couldn't be Tyler because he's dead and it's not like him to send something sentimental like that, bringing up the past of Maggie. I totally agree with him, because 1, we seen Tyler get killed by the killer in the first episode & 2, he probably didn't know anything about the Brandon James murders or anything about Maggie's secrets. 

Make Some Extra Cash

"What's the 911?" shouts Jake, who runs up to Will asking the question. Jake tells Will that he got in to Duke university but without a Scholarship, meaning he will have to pay "63 thousand dollars," explaining it might as well be 63 million dollars. Jake looks at him and asks him if he's told his dad yet and giving him a thought to think over, "You know, if you need fast cash for tuition...There is another option, we can finish what Nina & Tyler started." Will's shocked at what Jake has to offer, blackmailing some very important people of Lakewood town to get some unearned money. 
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Will says that there's no more copies of the video, with Jake telling him there might be another copy, "I knew you didn't delete everything!" Will says to Jake. He tells Will that they have another opportunity to make some fast cash and if the guy "barks," then they they walk away from the situation with out any harm done or them getting caught in the process of it all, but if the guy pays, then "Hello Duke."  

Aww, hard times for Will as he won't be able to afford his college tuition fee, or will he? Since he is desperate to leave Lakewood town, i think he will be desperate enough to do some blackmail work to get some "Fast cash" and see them both blackmail who ever the video is linked to. That brings up my up my next question, What could possibly be on that video? It must be something bad anyway, to make someone pay loads of money to not show it to anyone.

 Through out the episodes so far, Jake seems to be the more dominant one out of him and Will, as he's always coming up with vindictive ideas, where Will has to think twice and question Jake's choices he makes. This also makes me think, will Jake & Will conflict against each other?

Hospital Admission

Emma & Audrey arrive at the abandoned hospital and prepare themselves with a some weapons for protection from the killer, one taser gun and 1 crow bar. The two of them enter the building and wonder around for a while, until they see a trail a blood and begin to follow it, leading to door with a spray-painted image of Brandon James's mask. The two of them enter the room and find a corpse of a dead pig, with its heart ripped out of it. "The hearts gone, my mom got a heart in a box...This is where it's from," Emma tells Audrey. They switch on the lights to the room and notice they're standing in a operation room where they think Dr's tried to fix Brandon's mutilated face. 
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They enter a small side room to the operation room they were just standing and find out that there's more than one Brandon James mask and as soon as they are snooping around the room, somebody else enters the operation room, so the two of them hide. Emma and Audrey jump out on the person and go to attack Noah as he falls down to the ground with a fright. Now there's three of them to look further look inside the dark hospital, entering a room to discover momentum's of the killers victims. The room is also filled with hanging pictures of Emma's face and finds Nina's laptop, switching it on and finding encrypted files on it, named with some very important people of Lakewood town.
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Emma see's a file with her name on it and says "We must take it to the police", but the other two disagree and want to take it with them so Noah can hack open the encrypted files. The three of them hear something in the building with them and decide to download the files on Audrey's memory card. When they all rush out of the room, Emma finds one of the masks on top of a shelf and decides to pull it off the mannequin's face, only to realise it Tyler's missing head. They all scream to see Tyler's face land on the floor and run out of the hospital, running in to the police who are waiting outside for them. 
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This is probably my favourite scene, because its creepy and thrilling to see the two of them walk through the dark hospital alone and to get intruded upon by Noah, although i thought that was going to happen anyway. When Noah arrived it was like he knew everything about the place as soon as he looked around the room, saying that its where the murderer is staying but then saying its possible it could be staged to look like that way.

I'm also thinking at this point in time that the files on Nina's laptop could contain the video's of what Jake and Will were discussing moments ago. What do you think? The Tyler's head scene was funny in my opinion as we see them all scream in sequence and run out of the hospital.  Imagine seeing that in real life, that would be scary and i think i would end up doing the same thing, scream and run like a girl!

 Now that the police knows there's some valuable evidence inside of the hospital, they need to ask themselves why would the murderer keep momentum's of his victims and why he kept Tyler's head? Maybe it was just to make the scene look more believable or the killer wanted to make them all to think that's where he was staying and preparing his killings.

Encrypting The Files

Noah & Audrey sit down at Noah's geeky work shop to open up the laptop, so he can hack open the files that are encrypted on it. Noah begins to open the files but realises that he opens them up to quickly, destroying what ever was inside the files, all accept from one of course. Noah's fingers are typing faster and faster as he tries to unlock the one file that is left on the laptop and it opens up for him. The file opens up in a video file, showing Will and Emma having a steamy moment in a bedroom, with Audrey shouting "Turn it off now!" When Noah tries to turn off the video, the video automatically uploads and he can't stop it from happening, saying the video is uploading to a "List Serve."
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A cross town, Emma decided to pop into her coffee shop to speak to the podcast speaker Piper Shay. Piper tells Emma that her work is all done and she's going to be leaving Lakewood, since the killer was found and killed in a car crash, that's what she thinks anyway. Emma says "Maybe you shouldn't!" and Piper looks at her very unknowingly and asks what happened at the hospital because the Sheriff won't tell her anything. "If you were me, would you stay or would you go?" asks Piper, "I would stay" Emma replies with an intense look on her face. As the conversation is about to come to an end with Emma & Piper, the whole coffee shop starts ringing as everyone's phones are going off with alerted text messages. Emma eventually looks at her own phone when she receives a text message of her own, showing the video across town of her "First time" as she tells Piper.
Credit to MTV
Oh my god, what did Noah just do? I know he didn't mean to send the video but MY GOD, Emma will be angry as hell with him. I know i would anyway and also was it the same laptop with all the blackmail video's on Jake and Will was talking about earlier? It may well be. If so, why did Will video tape it, unless he knew he was going to get something out of it or maybe Will told Jake about it and Jake put it there to have some leverage on Will, just in-case Will went crying to the police. 

I'm 99% sure that it is the same video's they were discussing, because Jake told him they will finish of what Nina & Tyler started and it's on Nina's laptop, which is huge give away. Either way, Nina and Tyler had plans to ruin Emma's life and maybe Will's also, so it was bound to happen and it just means it going give the future episodes a better story for the viewers to watch. 


I liked this episode because its been the most unique episode so, as most of the episodes has been revolved around seeing the murderer do his killings and who's going to be next. Within this episode it shows us the anger and determination of the people who are involved the most, to find out for themselves who the killer is or what he wants, now that they think the police can't do they job properly. 

We also see in the episode the struggling and vulnerable Brooke, as we see her discover a vote poll someone had made, for people to vote who should be killed next. Brooke is also struggling with not seeing or speaking to her mother, who is traveling and her father tries to comfort her, but he couldn't  because he has some demons of his own.

The overall episode was thrilling, creepy at times and funny, when we see the three of them discover the head of Tyler. I think the video situation Emma now has on her hands, will spice things up for the next episode and secrets of her vindictive friends will come out, showing their true colours. 

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What does the murderer have planned next?
  5. Will the Sheriff & Maggie get more involved?
  6. Will Jake & Will have a issue with each other?
  7. Who will be the next one to die?
  8. Who's the murderer?
  9. How will Emma deal with her leaked video?
  10. What to expect in the next episode?


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