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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 5

Previously On Teen Wolf

Deputy Parrish talks about his dream to Lydia he keeps having and explains how he's walking through the woods, carrying a dead body to a old tree stump, while being on fire. As he's explaining the dream, Lydia is testing his pain threshold by burning his hand with a lighter, but nothing seems to faze him as he explains the dream in deep concentration.

Donovan becomes the next victim to the Dread Doctors and turned in to a monster that no one has seen before, until Theo motivates him to attack Sheriff Stilinski where it hurts the most, which is his son, Stiles.

Dr Deaton intrudes on Scott & Kira to explain that someone has changed the rules of the supernatural world, creating their own hybrid monsters. Dr Deaton pulls out a numerous of jars that have different characteristic DNA samples inside of them, which he gathered from Tracey's body.

Malia pays the old crime scene of Tracey's bedroom, to find a mysterious book that she found on her desk, named the "Dread Doctors." She has yet to know what the books is about or what mysteries it could hold for the rest of the gang.

Liam & Mason decide to hit a warehouse nightclub and stumble in some trouble as they come across one of the hybrid monsters that the Dread Doctors made. Luckily, Scott & Kira arrived on time and save the day, but the hybrid monster was killed as soon as the Dread Doctors turn up and execute the failed monster.

Episode 5 - A Novel Approach

A Deadly Fight

Donovan comes up from behind Stiles with his hand, that appears to have a sharp teeth in the center of it, biting Stiles on the shoulder. Stiles headbutts Donovan and hits him with a wrench, from when Stiles was trying to fix his car. He then runs in to the school and in to the Library, locking the door with his card-key, but Donovan has one of his own and enters inside the Library to look for Stiles. Stiles phones starts to ring, "You've dropped your phone, Its Malia, should i text her back?" Donovan says sarcastically to Stiles, who is hiding behind one of the book cases. Donovan shouts around the library room, tormenting Stiles about his father, with Stiles trying to contain his anger and watches Donovan slowly walk up stairs above him.
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Stiles waits patiently and quietly behind the bookcase as he begins to calm himself down, to suddenly behind grabbed from between the book case behind him, breaking the entire book case. Stiles yet again hits Donovan and starts to climb the scaffolding that's inside the Library, being pulled down by his leg that Donovan has grabbed, saying "Don't worry Stiles i'm not going to kill you, i'm just going to eat your legs." Stiles is still struggling to climb the scaffolding & can see a pin that's holding up some steal frames from falling, initially thinking to pull it out with desperation and finally finds the strength to pull it out. The steal frames fall from the top of the scaffolding, impaling Donovan through his chest and in to the ground, with Stiles looking down from the Scaffolding, while watching him die.
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OK Donovan, you failed once again. I actually thought he was going to get him good this time and kidnap Stiles at least, but instead we see him die in the opening scene. It would of made more of a better story if he did actually kidnap him, bringing Sheriff Stilinski in to try and rescue his own son or even better, they turned Stiles in to a hybrid monster, where Scott and the gang have to find a cure tosave him from being killed. I should be one the Teen Wolf writers i tell you! What sort of monster was he anyway? He has teeth in the middle of his hand and one appeared on his neck also, is he going to bite someone with his neck because that would look so weird and funny to watch at the same time. 

The scene its self was so intense when Stiles was trying to keep his anger in and hide at the same time, but then when everything went calm, he gets grabbed from behind when everything goes quiet. At this point in the scene i was expecting Stiles to get seriously injured but he actually got away and killed Donovan. The weird thing about the scene i didn't mention is, after he kills him, the police arrive and find nothing. So Stiles goes back into the school and see's that Donovan's body has been taken and the killing scene has been cleaned up by someone.

Finding The Author

After Malia finding the Dread Doctors book in Tracey's room, she shows the rest of the gang including Lydia, Scott & Kira, who is making copies of the book in the Library. While Malia is showing the book to Lydia, she starts to read the back cover of the book and says "Sounds vaguely familiar" as the book explains to them that the Dread Doctors would take teenagers in the night, bury them and wait for them to transform. Lydia asks how the book ends, "It Does't, this is suppose to be volume one" Malia answers. The two of them are discussing if there's another book that carries on from the one they have in their possession and deciding if its "A novel or someones prediction?"
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Scott Shows Theo the copied pages of the Dread Doctor and Theo has no idea what its about as he flips through the pages, pretending to be confused. He tells Scott "You guys do this a lot?...Do what?...Get involved...Yeah i guess." Theo asks about the author, seeing if Scott knows anything about him, "It's pretty much a dead end" Scott says with Theo still flipping through the pages. "What about this guy?" handing Scott the book, looking towards the specific page Theo just pulled out for him to read "A Providing scientific prospective and valuable insight. This book is dedicated to Dr Gabriel Valack." Scott just realise that he knows the author personally and knows exactly where to find him, as he tells Theo.
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This book sure does have a lot of mystery behind it, giving nothing valuable to Lydia or Scott, accept finding out who the author is. Also if it's a volume 1 book, sell it on eBay, it must be worth thousands!...I'm joking! They should be asking some important questions like "who gave the book to Tracey in the first place," "Where did they find it?" and "how Tracey got her suspicions of the specific book The Dread Doctors." Scott does ask some valuable questions within the scene because he notices that someone is taking all the dead bodies that The Dread Doctors are killing, after the failed attempts of their plan.

After they find out the author of the book of The Dread Doctors, we see Theo return to the doctors scientific lab, to tell them that book "worked" & hes going to see Valack tonight! This tells us a lot, seeing Theo work alongside The Dread Doctors and telling the plan of Scott's next move and also telling us that it was part of their plan all along. This made me think what sort of plan they're actually planning, because it seems to me that The Dread Doctors and Theo are one step ahead of Scott at the moment, so they must have actually planned it out pretty well since they have had many failed attempts from the past.

Theo Takes Malia For A Drive

In the library is Malia, who is studying and highlighting her books and incomes Theo, inviting himself to sit at the same table as her. "Need a ride?" asks Theo, just before Malia packs her bag and leaves but refuses as she wants to take the bus that left and hour ago Theo tells her. Theo tells her in a joke kind of way that he saw her destroy some traffic cones and tells her "You could still use some practice" throwing her his car keys to catch.
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Malia is now driving his car with Theo saying "We can go a little faster...If you want" and Malia is doing the speed limit she tells him. Theo tells her that no one does the speed limit and also "you don't have to hold the steering wheel like that", putting his hand on her hand, placing it in a different position on the steering wheel. "Better?" he says and out of no where, Malia starts getting flashbacks to her car crash as a kid, seeing herself in the back of the car with her mother driving. In the process of seeing the flashback, she starts to put her foot down on the gas pedal and gains a lot of speed with Theo shouting "Stop the car! Stop the car!" and Malia breaks and skids in the middle of the road. She gets out of the car and falls down to her hands and knees, with another flash back about to happen.

The flash back she can see her mother driving their car and playing in the back seat of her, throwing her doll up in to the air and catching it. There's another car parked right in the middle of the road with the head lights on full and someone holding dual pistols, shooting towards Malia's mother which makes her crash in to the woods. Now realising that she's seeing these visions on the wrong side of the road while and on her hands and knees, Theo has no choice to pull her up from the oncoming car and rescue her from being ran over. "It was her, it was her she was here" with Theo asking "Who?" with a reply of, "The Desert Wolf."
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I think Theo is trying it on with Malia, as we see him put some smooth moves on her and touch her hand in a flirty way, when he corrects her hand positioning on the steering wheel. Another cringe worthy scene if you ask me,and i don't want her flirting back with Theo because i think her and Stiles make a great couple. Unless the writers are trying to break them up somehow and get Stiles with Lydia, since Scott mentions to Kira that Stiles still likes her. So who knows? Stiles & Lydia might get close again and surprisingly end up with each other, like most of the fans wanted in the beginning of the show anyway.

The flash back scene was interesting because as Stiles and Lydia talk to Valack, he mentions how the book is used for a tool to open your eyes, and because Malia was the first one to read the book, i think it helped her see further on in her subconscious mind and see the truth that she couldn't of seen before, showing us The Desert Fox kill her mother. 

Paying Valack A Visit

Buzzing on the front gates of Echo House, is Lydia, Kira, Scott and Stiles as that's where Valack is kept. After a few attempts of pressing the gate buzzer, the gang are eventually let in and the gate opens for them, with the gate slamming shut behind. The four of them are told to empty their pockets of sharp objects and anything that could potentially harm the inmates of Echo House, including Kira's belt that she tries to refuse giving up because its her only weapon that she carries on her. They are all escorted to the underground cells where Valack is located, but Scott and Kira can not go any further as there is mountain ash in the hallways, which are also part of the security defenses against the inmates.
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Stiles and Lydia continue with the escort to Valack, while Scott & Kira wait at the edge of the force-field mountain-ash. They are told not to make eye contact with the cellmates, but Stiles can't resist and see's Donovan, who he killed and looks again to see a ugly looking monster staring back at him. "Tell me what you just saw" Valack asks Stiles in a demanding tone, but Valack knows what he saw as he explains it in detail, that Stiles saw a monster that takes on the appearance of lost souls. The book is now the main topic of discussion and Valack explains that its just not a book, but a tool to "open your eyes" to The Dread Doctors.
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As the three of them talk about the book, Valack wants something in return, he wants Lydia to record herself screaming and does as he wishes. when Lydia hands him back the recorder, the electricity power goes off as Kira is converting electricity around her body and can't control it. Valack tells Stiles & Lydia that "There here & you unlocked the front door for them," hearing their animal like clicking sounds as they enter the building. Lydia & Stiles hide out in one of the rooms, while Scott carries Kira's unconscious electrified body, burning himself in the process of escaping The Dread Doctors, that have just walked down the hallway they were just in. One of the doctors unlocks Valack's glass jail cell and the 3 of them proceed to rip out Valack's 3rd eye by pulling it out with one of their customised tools, leaving Valack on the floor to use the recorder to break out the glass jail cell by leaning it against the glass, inside of a cup.
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Credit to MTV
Remember Echo House from season 3? Well the gang bravely go back, after nearly dying in the events that took place inside the Asylum. They all go to see Valack but "all" of them can't, since Scott and Kira are getting blocked by Mountain-Ash. At first i thought it was some kind of trap, so they could maybe kidnap or injure Lydia & Stiles, with out Scott and Kira doing anything about it, that would of been another great idea for a story. The monster that Stiles saw was a great part of the scene i thought, as it shown Donovan standing in the middle of the cell, realising that the monster takes form in to those who are trapped souls as Valack explains.

Is it me or is Kira the most annoying character of the show? I mean she just gets in the way and  just a waste of a character, because she shows up out of no where, to find out her true power and now she can't control it as we see her bust out electricity from her body. Also when ever she fights alongside with Scott and the others, i can't watch because i think its cringe worthy.  I think she's only part of the team to make Scott look good, when we see him stopping her from killing Donovan and now, where she faints from the electricity and carried out by Scott in a epic kind of way.

Now Valack is a smart man, because he knew that they were coming to take out his eye, that is buried within his forehead. That's why he asked Lydia to record herself screaming because he knew he had to escape the prison now he's not part of the paranormal world anymore...I think. My theory for the remaining episodes is that Valack will escape and help the gang with the knowledge he knew from his visionary eye he used to have and use it against The Dread Doctors. Or maybe he will try and steal back the eye from them, so he can put an end to them with the help  from Scott and the others. What do you guys think?


In this episode, there were lesser scenes as normal but they were longer as we don't need to know all the small little details, like who The Dread Doctors are and what they are capable of doing. The scenes within this episode were mostly main scenes that were more part of the main story as we find out who the author is, seeing Donovan die and see how the book can effect the subconscious mind when we see Malia have her vision. The whole episode itself was a bigger build up for the next remaining episodes, since there wasn't many fight scenes but a lot of putting the mysterious puzzle together and hopefully this means there will be loads more fight scenes and intense moments.

Overall the episode was average and i think its one of the most important episode so far, giving us valuable information that will connect the future episode together for the Teen Wolf Fans.


  1. What did did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. Will anything happen to Stiles after he got bitten by Donovan?
  5. Will Kira learn to control her inner Kitsune?
  6. Why is Theo helping The Dread Doctors?
  7. Why was Theo flirting with Malia?
  8. Does Stiles still like Lydia?
  9. What will Valack do next?
  10. What to expect next episode?
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  1. deputy phoenix is stealing the bodies. what is he up to? "you don't have to do that." umm, we do if we want your brain-eyeball. what weird chimera are they going to build with that?? scott remembers now, he's in trouble now!

    1. Do you also think he's a Phoenix as well then? They probably stole he eye ball so they can try predict the future with it and anticipate Scott's next moves!!