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Scream: Season 1, Episode 5

Previously On Scream

The town have a meeting at the town hall, letting the people know of Lakewood that they found the killer dead and assumed it was Tyler, Nina's boyfriend. Audrey on the other hand, doesn't believe what the mayor and the Sheriff have to say and believes the killer is still on the loose.

Back at the morgue, Maggie is telling Sheriff Hudson that they can't identify the body because the hand prints are to burnt to get any finger prints off and they would be able to get dental records of the victim but only if the police could find the missing head.

When her mother is working at the investigation morgue, Emma arrives at home and welcomed by a random parcel that came in the post for her. Emma opens it up and discovers that its her mothers year book but with pictures missing of the Brandon James murders.

After finding out what the missing pictures were, Emma & Audrey agree to go to the hospital where the killer left a message in the book, giving them a clue to go the abandoned hospital where the Brandon James mask was made.

Besides having "Killer" problems in the town of Lakewood, people are trying to get on with their lives as we see Will & Jake come up with a desperate plan to get "Quick cash" for Will's tuition fee and blackmail the mayor with a video they have in their possession (Brooke's father).

Emma, Audrey & Noah wonder around the abandoned hospital where Brandon James had his face surgeries and find some valuable clue such as Tyler's missing head and Nina's missing laptop that have encrypted files on it. Noah being the genius he is, hacks opens one of the videos and accidentally sends a video to most of the town, showing Emma's "First time."

Episode 6 - Exposed

Candle Light Vigil

The town of Lakewood have come together for the candle light vigil for Rachel and Riley, Emma's & Audrey's friends who got murdered by the killer. Emma starts of the vigil by speaking about Riley, saying how shy she used to be when she was 6 years old and Emma used to think she didn't speak a word of English. As soon as she carries on speaking about Riley, she gets a video text message of herself getting recorded as she's speaking up on the podium. The murderer is among the crowd somewhere and recording Emma as she speaks about the girl he had murdered and Emma stutters as she can see herself on the text message, with Noah coming in to finish off the speech. 
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Emma steps to the side so Noah can speak and she gets another text from the killer, "Tell that copper about me and you'll get your mom's heart in a box!" looking around at the crowd of people, expecting to see the killer. When she's walking around lighting the flame for everyone's candle, she see's a glimpse of the killers mask within the crowd and it quickly disappears with a blink of her eye. Emma stops lighting the peoples candles and walks through the crowd to where she saw the mask and unable to see the killer anywhere, leaving her confused and scared.
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First of all, why would someone have their phone right in-front of them while they're speaking about their dead friend? And...How the hell is the killer just walking around the people with his mask on? Unless he's undressed him/herself as a normal person and it was Emma's paranoid mind that made her think she saw the killer, that would make more sense anyway. I honestly think that the killer is definitely someone she knows because how could they possibly get so close to Emma and listen in to her conversation with the new cop without Emma expecting anything? Or am i looking into to much? (Laughs)

I also thought it was a clever concept to put in episode as it makes you think how clever the killer must be, toying with Emma and letting her know that he can get close to her at anytime they want, since it's his/her game as they keep telling her. Imagine if you was Emma though...I would actually shout out "The killers here and they're recording me!" What would the killer possibly do if the whole town is looking for them? That's what they should do anyway, gather the whole town, look and fight against the killer until they catch them. 

Mr Branson/ Webcam

The comic book store is the place where Noah works and also a place where he can do some investigation work as he tells Audrey to use her phone for one second as he wants to test something as he hacks in to her phones camera and records her from the laptop. Noah has found out that Nina's laptop they found back at the abandoned hospital had some nasty malware/viruses on it, letting who ever had the laptop can access peoples webcams and camera phones from the laptop. The two of them think that Mr Branson is the suspect behind it all, saying he hacked in to peoples webcams and Nina kept the files, using Nina as a innocent pawn or a unholy alliance. 
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Back at school Noah and Audrey sneak in to Mr Branson's classroom while he's away and investigate around his desk, looking through his laptop for some more vital clues. Noah finds out that Nina, Tyler and Riley used Mr Branson's laptop and thinking that they knew about Branson's dirty little secret, "What if he killed them all to keep it?" Noah asks. Mr Branson walks in on them both in his empty classroom but with the two of them finishing up on his laptop just in time. "I was just trying to convince Noah to pick a new scene partner, came to see if anyone is available," Audrey tells the teacher to save them from being caught in the act. 
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I've been saying this, that Mr Branson might be the killer and it makes more sense than anyone else if you think about it. When Riley got murdered, Branson wasn't at the hotel room to meet Brooke and has files of Nina, Tyler and Riley on his laptop, why? Maybe he's trying to do some investigation of his own and try find who ever is killing his students, that would be a good twist in the story if that was the case. That could explain both ways of the story why he has the three named files on his laptop, either he's the killer and uses the files to lore them in for the kill or it's information about the murder scenes, so he can find more about the murderer. 


Arriving at an abandoned storage compound is the Mayor of Lakewood, bending down to enter the half opened shutter door. He enters a dark and dirty room, shouting "Hello" to get a response off who ever he's supposed to be meeting. The mayor gets a text to get in the car that is in-front of him and so he does, sitting in the front seat of the car. When he gets in, he pulls out a paper brown envelope, passing it to the masked man who's sitting directly behind him, "I did exactly what you said," the mayor says. The masks man brakes his nose by slamming his head on the car wheel as the mayor didn't bring the full amount of money with him, telling the masked man he needs two days to get the rest of the money and the masked man gives him one day, agreeing he will delete the video off his phone for good.
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When the mayor leaves the compound, another masked man joins the other, with both of them taking off their masks, showing the faces of Will and Jake. Will asks "What the hell was that?" Meaning why he had to harm the Mayor and brake his nose, with Jake saying "Dude relax, i had the mayor eating out of my hand." Jake ensures Will that they will get the rest of the money as they didn't get the amount they wanted but Will tells him he's not doing it again and walks away, "Screw you Jake" he shouts lastly before leaving the compound. 
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I like where this is going as there is a lot of friction between these two characters and its amount of time before one of them blows up, making the two of them conflict with each other. The blackmailing on the other hand could also blow up in both of their faces, resulting in some nasty situations with the mayor and i want to know what's so bad on that video that they're able to blackmail the mayor with, What could it be? Maybe it's a illegal deal he done with someone and they caught him doing it? We will soon find out. Also now that Will left Jake to deal with the situation on his own, i wonder how things will pan out with the two of them and will they sort things out between each other or will one of them tell someone about the blackmailing video.

This Isn't Over

Jake says "Hey dude," to Will but blanks him and confronts Brooke about her telling Emma that he made a bet that he could sleep with Emma within the first month of their relationship, so he recorded it for proof, which ended up getting sent around school and humiliating Emma. Will asks Brooke "Couldn't you warn me first," with her apologising and that the pressure has been eating away at her, resulting in her telling Emma the truth. Why don't you take a breath, bro?" says Jake with his hand on Will's shoulder and Will doesn't take it to lightly as he drops his bag from his shoulder, telling Jake "Stop telling me what to do BRO." Jake gives him a little word of advice which gets under Will's skin and punches Jake who falls to the ground, "I am done trying to help you" Jake shouts and punches him as he lies on the floor and Will punches him again just before Mr Branson comes in to stop the fight continuing. "This isn't over" Will shouts, with Branson telling him it is and takes Jake to the school nurse.
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Did you hear that? That was the sound of the bomb dropping between Will and Jake as things blew up, resulting in a typical fight in the school hallway. I told you didn't i? It was a matter of time before these two fell out and have a heated situation between each other. I thought Will did have the right to confront Brooke about her not warning him first about telling Emma but she alsowas in the right for telling her the truth. The only person in the wrong was Jake as he knows how to push Will's buttons, making him agitated with Jake and punches him. 

Did Jake purposely get underneath his skin so it would make a scene at school, so Jake could use this information if he gets in to trouble. For example if Jake was suspected of something by the police, he could pin all the blame on Will and bring up the incident they had in school together, ruling Jake out and making Will the main suspect or... he could just be trying to get more people on his side, making people dislike Will and single him out as an outcast. 

Last Chance To Back Out

Brooke and Jake are hanging out at her house, talking as normal until he wants to get something of his chest. Jake tells her that Nina and Tyler had a video of her dad and maybe they were blackmailing him with it, "How do you know that?" Brooke asks. He explains that after they died, Will kept the video and picked up where they left off, pretending he had nothing to do with the blackmailing her dad and pins all the blame on Will. As the two are talking about the blackmailing her dad, the mayor in fact is watching them both on a camera he has installed in his house, watching and listening to everything Jake has to say, with the mayor writing down "Will" on his notepad. 
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The two of them are now in her bedroom and Brooke tells Jake that her dad has cameras all over the house accept from her bedroom, so their safe to keep things a secret with in the bedroom walls. "Last chance to back out," Will asks Brooke before showing her the video that him and Will have been blackmailing her dad with but she wants to proceed and watch what's on the video. Brooke presses play on her laptop and see's her dad wondering around the house, shouting to see if he's alone and he is. The mayor then goes to the car garage and opens the trunk of his car, pulling out a body wrapped in plastic, dragging the body from the car and across the garage floor. While Brooke watches her dad drag the body, she tells Jake that it's the same time stamp as when her mother supposedly went away and hasn't seen or spoke to her ever since. 
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WOW! I did not expect the mayor killing his wife, Brooke's mother! It all makes sense now and how did Will & Jake even get the video in the first place? Did they sneak in to his house and steal the video? That's the only way i could think of them getting it. Plus why would he want to kill her? Unless it was an accident and he didn't want to get caught and so he could keep his job as the mayor. If he gets caught and has to explain himself, i would like to see a little flashback cut scene on what actually happened, showing the audience everything and making the story so much more interesting to watch. 

We also now know that Will is in big trouble as we see the mayor write down his name in the notepad, making us think he's going to find him and question him about the video. It could end up in so many different ways like, it could all backfire back on to Jake and get him into trouble,  Will will get caught by the mayor and get him in trouble or Will and Jake will both get into trouble together, resulting in the two to become friends again and overcome the situation they got themselves into. 


I'm not gonna lie, i thought this episode was the worst one of the series so far because there was no action thrilling scenes what so ever. The episode was more of a continuation from the last episode, finding out the Emma's sex tape, tension build up between Jake and Will and the mystery blackmailing video they used against the mayor. 

With all that said and done, the episode was interesting to find out the major cliff hanger from the last episode but that was about it. The episode did make us question ourselves about Mr Branson and the murder or Brooke's mother. Overall the episode was boring but gave us vital information from the last episode and for the remaining episodes for the season. 

  1. What did you overall think of the episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What will the killer do next?
  5. Who will be the next victim?
  6. What will the mayor do now he knows about Will?
  7. Why did the mayor kill his own wife?
  8. What did he do with the body?
  9. What's on Mr Branson's laptop?
  10. What can we expect in the next episode?


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