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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 7

Previously On Under The Dome

After the disappearance of Christine, Julia finds a good time to go back to Chester's Mill to try and find some more valuable clues. Julia finds some weird drawings in Christine's office but her investigation comes to an end while Barbie, Eva and Junior walk in to the office, with Julia hiding in another room.

Big Jim finds himself a new call mate Christine, who are now both the main subjects to Dr. Marston's experiment. After getting knocked out by the doctor, Jim gets hold of a can lid that he later slices Dr. Marston's throat open with when the compound is under gun fire by Junior and Barbie.

Drunken in love and heart broken very quickly, Sam finds his new girlfriend floating in the bathtub due to overdosing on prescription pills Christine gave to her. Sam finds out Christine was the one who told her to kill herself and stabs her in her office, fleeing the scene as fast as he can with Junior soon finding out who it was.

When Julia's back in town, she witnesses something very off putting as she see's Junior punishing Joe, while the whole town gather round to watch. Julia tries to confront him about it but ends up being Junior's prisoner and ties her up in Christine's office.

Joe and Norrie pretend they're part of the Kinship just to get by and not get punished by the towns people but also give them both chance to rescue Julia and Hunter in the process of their pretend encouragement of the Kinship. 

Episode 7 - Ejecta


All of the town's people are leaving their bunk beds as Eva notices them all getting up and walking somewhere, so she follows them to see them jumping out of the window and see's them all killing themselves because Christine isn't there to lead them anymore. Barbie who is outside, witnesses the sound of someone landing on the floor behind him and see's Eva struggling to keep in one of the people who is trying to jump out the window, screaming for Barbie to help at the same time. He looks up and runs inside the building as soon as he knows what' going on and helps Eva pull back in the distorted person who is trying to commit suicide. 

"The hell are you dong?" Barbie asks the women who was about to commit suicide with her replying with, "There's no one to guide us, i need to jump." Barbie stops her from jumping once more as she tries to walk through him with force but not enough to get past him to the open window that is behind him. When she calms down she looks behind Barbie and up towards the sky to see pink stars falling, with the rest of the towns people staring along with her and with Barbie turning around to witness the shooting pink stars.

Imagine witnessing a bunch of people trying to commit suicide by noticing them falling on the ground behind you, that would literally be so bizarre and scary to see in real life. Also i thought the whole purpose was to survive on our planet, not kill themselves once Christine dies or gets into trouble, that's just stupid in every way possible. I'm still very confused though, is the egg from Christine's planet or whatever? Or did they come to our planet to find it? And what was Christine doing before she had power with the egg? It just doesn't add up if i'm honest. 

Looks Like A Meteor

Julia and Big Jim are still on Bird Island but this time they're alone on the island and looking for Jim's dog Indie, since the dog ran away from the gun attack which happened earlier that day. "INDIE!!" they both scream with Julia turning around to scream once more but see's something oddly strange in the sky, telling Jim to look at what she's seeing. "Did that star just hit us?" Julia asks as she see's one of the stars hit the top of the Dome, with a bigger star approaching the Dome at the same time. "It looks like a meteor!" Jim shouts with both of them running away from the giant pink meteor that crashes outside of the Dome with no sound coming from it. 

I thought the pink stars episode was all over and done with but i guess i'm wrong and it could mean something like the death or rebirth of Christine? I don't know, i'm just saying anything right now because anything can actually happen in this series as i have witnesses a load of strange stuff go on countless of times. We also see a cut scene i didn't mention, when Christine is inside one of the cocoons and one of the purple lights goes off. This can mean a numerous of things like she is slowly dying, getting healed, the light might be an indicator for when she is ready to leave to cocoon or it means the power from the egg might be wearing off the people of Chester's Mill. What do you think?

Diner Hideout

Hiding out in the Diner where Angie used to work is Joe and Norrie, as they keep Hunter safe and protect him from the other fellow Kinship people. When the two of them notice the pink stars, Hunter comes from behind them and ask them why they saved him from being killed as he explains he wanted to be killed and not be a burden on the Kinship with both of them putting him in the freezer until he cools down (Get it?). Joe explains to Norrie about the secondary debris from the meteors is called Ejecta and talks about how they should give up because the Kinship have won but once they get further into discussion, someone walks through the front door of the Diner when they hear the bell jingle as soon as the door opens. Joe picks up a kitchen knife and swipes the knife at who ever just walked in and its Sam, telling them both he killed Christine and he's not part of the Kinship. 

Norrie tells Joe that what Sam had done to Angie is unforgivable and that they're all in the same boat together and running away from the Kinship as fugitives. They both show him Hunter who is now gagged by the mouth and tied up from screaming for help and when Sam takes the rag out of his mouth, he tells them all that he won't yell, he doesn't want them finding him and thanks them both for saving his life. Norrie and Joe look at him with confusion on both of their faces because he was a different person a couple of minutes ago and now he's thanking them both. Hunter seems to be more in-pain from his broken ribs and Sam gives him some pain killers to ease of the pain for a couple of minutes but as soon as they try get an explanation from Hunter, someone else walks in the Diner and Sam sacrifice himself to get caught so the others can hide. 

OK, that was strange. Hunter was literally talking about how he wanted to die so much by saying he wants to be alive and thanks them both for saving his life. What's all that about? My theory at the time of watching this scene was that he was pretending to be normal so he could find the right opportunity to attack them both and escape. I thought that would of definitely happened but at the same time it would of been difficult for him since he can no longer walk. Also, do you think if he ever gets out of the Dome, he will be able to walk again? Like the Dome might have some sort of resistance against him and what ever goes on in the Dome, only happens and effects inside the Dome.

When i seen Joe pick up the kitchen knife i thought Sam was 100% getting stabbed with it but luckily moved out of the way in time. It must be very awkward being on the same side as the person who killed your sister only a couple of weeks ago and I honestly don't know what i would do in that position, because Joe is forced to trust him so they can try to help the others from the Kinship. This part of the story really interests me the most as we see the two of them work together and maybe rekindle their relationship with each other.

Fighting The Emotion

"Take me back to town hall or i''ll scream," says Hunter who's personality has changed once again and smashing the glass that Norrie just gave him. Joe and Norrie turn to each other and ask "Why is he acting like this again" but both of them are very confused with his sudden change of mood. They turn back to Hunter and see him trying to cut his own wrist with the glass he just smashed and swipes around at Joe as he try's to take the glass off him and Norrie is forced to punch him and knock him out. When he wakes up he asks them to help him because the "Pain is back" and he begins to tell them about when he was young, he watched his mother die and ever since then he's been scared to die young. 

Hunter continues to tell them both about his pain and how when he fell off the roof he should of been terrified of falling but he didn't feel anything because he was under so much medication from what Christine gave to people. "When the pills ware off, i remember how afraid i am...And i'm me again" says Hunter. "It's not the pain, it's the emotion" Norrie tells Joe with a confused look on his face and she explains further on her theory. "Do you remember when Sam stud you up? And i lost it?...That's when you said the real me was back...I was angry" She explains and how tells them that Christine was keeping them from having emotions because when their emotions surface, so does their humanity. Norrie finally finds out the mystery and says "Do you know what this means? We have a way to fight back!"

It makes sense why Hunter was acting strange now, because when ever someone feels emotion, it brings out the human side of the person and fights against the Alien infection inside of them. I think that's why Christine wanted them all to take the medication she gave to people, it was so they couldn't fight against the infection and remain in the current state Christine wanted them all to be in. Iv'e said this many of times but i would like to see them maybe sneak around town and grab people off one by one and help them bring the human side of them back, so they can form a bigger resistance group, maybe turning into vigilante's against Christine.

Wall Of Fire

The unlikely partnership of Big Jim and Julia gets more odd as we see them both become drinking buddies together and share stories throughout the night of drinking. Jim talks about when he "fished out Lyle out of the river, he would always talk about the end of days and about a huge wall of fire, "Flame of fire, a 1000 feet high." They both talk about the extinction of the human race and if they don't get out of the "Fish bowl," Christine will kill them all anyway if the meteors won't. The next morning after a empty bottle of whisky and a dog barking outside the house, Jim and Julia wake up to see Indie barking at their front door but that's not all. "It's getting closer" Julia says with a red glow shinning on the both of them, "What is it?" She asks. "It's a wall of flame" Says Jim starring at the huge wall of flames going towards the Dome.

Do you remember the guy who killed Jim's ex wife? The guy who Jim "Fished" out of the river? Well he was kind of right about the whole wall of fire thing and i don't get why there's a random apocalypse all of a sudden. What do you think it means? OK Theory time...I think that the Dome might be giving them a false projector of the outside world and is able to change the dynamic and the scenes of the outside world, making the people inside the Dome think differently on what's actually happening. If that's true, then i am the smartest man alive for getting that right. If i'm wrong, i should be a novelist or something for making that theory up!  

Iv'e Stopped The Bleeding

Back at the Diner, Sam tells Joe and Norrie to hide in the freezer while he goes to have a look who walked in the Diner, making sure who ever it is doesn't find the others. While Sam walks outside, he see's Junior and tells him that he came inside the Diner to hide from the falling pink stars, asking Junior if they have stopped, "For now" Junior replies. Sam notices that he has blood on his hands and asks him why, telling Sam that Christine has been stabbed and tells him that he's the only one he trusts but pretending he doesn't know about Sam stabbing Christine. He tells Sam that he took her body to the caves and he needs his help because he used to be a doctor, "Christine needs you Sam!" 

The two of them walk through the woods that lead up towards to the underground caves with the Kinship people following them to the entrance. Junior asks him if he remembers but doesn't know what he's talking about explaining what he means by saying "The great destruction, its happening all over again...Like it did on our home world." Sam pretends that he knows what exactly what he means by replying "It was so long ago, so many lives lost," also asking Junior if he's worried about one of the people following them might be the one who stabbed Christine but he re-ensures him that they won't follow them down to the tunnels because they're not special like him and Sam. 

Sam and Junior climb down into the tunnels and Junior gives off the impression that Christine is conscious, making Sam worried about her telling Junior that he was the one who stabbed her but he tells Sam to "Wait & see" as they carry on walking through the dark. Sam is scared for his safety and pulls out his pocket knife as he carries on following Junior who holds the flashlight and leading the way. Junior turns off his flashlight so Sam can't see where he's hiding and punches Sam within the dark, punching him a couple of times at the same time he switches on the touche for guidance. The two of them get into a scrap on the dirt floor, telling Sam he hurt Christine while he strangles him from behind and holds him in-front of Christine's cocoon, "When she comes out, your gonna answer for what you did" he tells Sam. 

For what Sam had done to Angie, i can't help but like the guy and his character. He try's to do the right thing because he desperately wants to get out of the Dome the most, resulting in him killing Angie and stabbing Christine. I thought he was the perfect character to be one of the none effected along with Joe and Norrie because it puts a lot of tension between him and Joe, making the two of them get along because of the circumstances their in. Now that Norrie and Joe know that he also stabbed Christine, it could also make them have trust issues with him even more because he's tried to kill someone else again but i hope they can understand his reasons this time as Christine was a vile women that made Sam's girlfriend kill herself.

When Junior was walking through the woods with Sam and the rest of the Kinship people close behind, i thought they were going to kill him or torture him. I don't understand why they followed them to the cave entrance, unless they're waiting for Christine to be healed. Do you think they will use Sam's health to regenerate Christine back to life? Or use his body? Or just turn him back to the Kinship? Either way, it will be good story if one of the three were going to happen.  I might just rule out the "Use his body" theory for now because we see Christine break out of her cocoon but we didn't fully see her body, making the mystery carry on till the next episode...Hopefully.


The most of this episode was to with the "Apocalypse" and the whole mystery behind it. I'm not going to lie either, i thought it was the most boring episode i have seen so far but i'm guessing its going to be one of the most important ones to follow. The most of the scenes were mostly dry and long conversations between the characters such as Julia and Big Jim as they hangout together and drink together, making the whole drunken conversation unnecessary and boring to watch.

10% of the scenes were epic to watch and we find out some of the mysteries but that's not what i expect from a great TV show like this. I'm not sure if the "Wall of fire" was an important part of the book, making them have to put the concept of into the series. Also if the apocalypse doesn't carry on to the next episode, then it was the most pointless part of the series by far but overall the episode was boring, with one or two good scenes and one thriller scene as Sam and Junior fight towards the end, the fire wall and Barbie turning his back on the victims outside of the Dome. 

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What could of been improved in this episode?
  5. Why did the dog go missing for so long?
  6. Will Barbie ever be himself again?
  7. Who's the best character this series? & Why?
  8. Who's the worst character this series? & Why?
  9. What will the resistance group do?
  10. What can we expect next episode?


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