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Ted 2


Months after John's divorce, Ted and Tami-Lynn's marriage seems to be going no where and to fix things, Ted and Tami-Lynn decide to have a baby with Johns help. Things back fire when Ted is named property by the government and loses his civil rights to live like a normal citizen. They all decide to fight in court with a young lawyer to gain his civil rights, but unfortunately Ted's drunken and drugged use past has caught up to him and exploits his opportunity to have civil rights. 

One Year Later

One year later from their Marriage, Ted & Tami-Lynn are having a rough time and things aren't looking so good for the couple. They keep fighting and arguing over the smallest things, like the monthly bills since the two of them are finding it hard with their cash flow situation. One of Ted's work colleagues brings up the idea to have a baby to patch things up with Tami-Lynn and so Ted asks her what she thinks of the idea. Both of them decide to have a baby but through the adoption agency because Ted is unable to have babies, because he's a teddy bear of course.

Ted asks John if he would help him ask Sam Jones (The actor from Flash Gordon) to be the sperm donor for his child but tells them both he can't reproduce because his sperm count is 1%, so they come up with a bright idea to steal Tom Brady's sperm in the middle of the night while he sleeps. Ted and John sneak in to Tom Brady's house at night and climb through the window to his bedroom, they're about to the deed but Tom Brady wakes up and chucks them out of his bedroom window, throwing Ted like a football at John and leaving him out of options.

John tells Ted that he would do it for him and Ted is happy to hear him say that because he was going to ask him but he didn't want to upset John since he recently split up with his wife. So the both of them go to the sperm clinic to deposit John's sperm for Ted's future child and when John is off to do his thing, Ted is off speaking to one of the people who work at the clinic and takes him on a inside tour of the sperm lab. John catches up with Ted in the lab and shows him his sperm deposit cup and They're both left alone in the sperm lab as the work colleague gets an emergency call, leaving the two get up to some mischief as Ted throws John a sperm cup full of someones else's sperm and drops it, spilling it all over the floor. When John goes to scoop the sperm off the floor, he slips on the sperm, bringing down the whole shelf full of sperm which lands on top of John. 

It was an average start for the movie as it wasn't to funny and not many good scenes i would remember in the future. There was a lot of swear words and time wasting scenes like the introduction credits where Ted is dancing in a Broadway kind of show and it didn't make sense or didn't look good  in any way. What was Seth McFarlane thinking? It did remind me a lot of the opening credits to Family guy, maybe he was going for the same idea? But either way i didn't think it suited the movie.

However, i did love the sperm clinic scene because we see John at the beginning trying to flirt with one of the female colleagues but she has a boyfriend, making it supper awkward and funny to watch John in that situation. The funniest part was when John and Ted are getting in to trouble as John slips on the sperm that brings down a load of other cupful of sperm on top of him and Ted takes a picture of John in the sticky situation he gotten himself into.  

The Rookie Lawyer

After Ted finds out that Tami-Lynn can't have any babies due to her heavy drug use before she met Ted and finding out that he has no civil rights and getting a dozen of letters telling Ted more bad news, like his and Tami's marriage isn't legit since the government don't see Ted as a human being. He decides to fight against it and battle it in the court of law to gain his civil rights back that he deserves and to re-marry his girlfriend.

They all decide to go to one of the top lawyer's in the city and they find out they can't afford him since he is the best there is, so the lawyer points them to a very young, none experienced layer for free. They take up the offer because they have no choice and go to visit the young lawyer who just banged her head on the bottom of her desk table as soon as Ted and John enter her office. The young lawyer is Samantha as she introduces herself,  but the two of them are having their doubts as they see how young she is, but as soon as they're about to leave she pulls out a marijuana bong and sparks it up, inhaling the bong.

The three get stoned with Samantha's supply and get down to hard work to study for the legal battle for Ted's civil rights and over the course of hard work and getting high together, the two of them form a close relationship bond with Samantha as you see them all having fun and working hard together.

The day of the court case is upon us and Samantha is prepared as its her first court case battle ever, but Ted and John have faith in her. Samantha is up against the best lawyer who hasn't lost a court case yet and the two of them debate it out, one who is fighting for Ted and the other who is fighting against Ted's civil rights. After Samantha steps up and says an inspirational speech about "justice", they wait for the jury's results of the court and it all goes against Samantha as they lose the court battle and label Ted as property and not labeled as a human being.

The introduction to Samantha was highly entertaining because i wasn't expecting her to spark up a weed bong and smoke it in-front of Ted & John, also it was a funny reaction to see them to walk out of the her office to suddenly staying only because of seeing her smoke some weed. The funniest part for me was seeing John react to the Marijuana as he starts hallucinating and becomes scared and paranoid as we see Ted & Samantha try walking him back home when hes terrified to walk the streets of down town Boston. 

I think the court case wasn't so funny as i thought they were trying to make it as serious as they could, but they did try adding some unnecessary jokes in there and it was cheap and not funny at all as it ruined some parts of the scene. For example Samantha asks Ted if he has a "soul" and he starts singing to prove that he has one and the African-American Judge of the court high fives him with respect, to tell Ted that he does have "soul." For me that was pretty stupid & cheap but i can see why some people would like that kind of humor. 

Donny & His New Plan

Donny is back, with a new plan and a new hair piece when we see him working as a janitor cleaner at a high end toy company called Hasbro. Donny is cleaning the floors of the companies hallway and see's the boss of the company, which he interrupts him from speaking to his work colleagues by telling him that he changes the urinal cake daily because he appreciates him and thinks of him as a highly important man to the company, the boss Tom Jessup is freaked out by the first introduction from Donny and keeps walking down the hallway with his colleagues.

"Fresh cakes" says Donny as he enters Tom's office later that day with his optimistic look and positive attitude, while Tom is disappointed in seeing him again after he didn't have a good first impression on Donny. "Mr Jessup, i can make this company a billion dollars" says Donny as he walks across the room to Tom and starts to explain to him that if Ted loses his case battle with civil rights, he will become property an Donny could steal Ted with minor illegal action and cut Ted open to see how he works, so the company can make millions of Ted's to sell around the world and make a lot of money. Tom agrees with his idea as long as he has nothing to do with it and Donny does all the dirty work for him.

So the weird and possessive Donny is back and still wants Ted to himself as we just found out in that scene, this also tells the audience the plot of the story and what we can expect from the duration of the rest of the movie. At first i thought it was an easy story plot to come up with but later watching the rest of the film i did enjoy it as it had some entertaining scenes and some valuable humor with in the movie.

With Donny's new plan i am expecting to see him be more aggressive and determined than from the first movie as he failed miserably, making him come up with a better plan to steal Ted. We see Donny spying inside the court case battle for Ted's civil rights campaign, so he has the information for Mr Jessup and so he knows to follow through with the rest of the plan. 

After Donny has finished spying on a disappointing ending for Ted, Donny visits Tom for the final time as shows Tom the results of the court case and Tom tells him to capture Ted with out any connection to Hasbro.

Ted Goes To Comic-Con

Ted, John & Samantha go to New York to meet the top civil rights lawyer Patrick Meighan, to see if he will be willing to take the case for them so Ted has a better chance of winning. The journey to New York was disappointing for the 3 of them since Patrick doesn't feel he should take the case because of Ted's and Johns previous influences, when they got arrested for buying weed and some other actions they have done together.

Angry with what seemed to be a waste of time, Ted storms off into New York city and goes inside the ongoing convention Comic-Con. Ted has wondered around the convention for a while now and bumps in to a person who is dressed up as Raphael, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The turtle knows who Ted is and asks for a picture with him, saying "Great, follow me" and explains to Ted that he's a celebrity and he doesn't want mob people recognising Ted, Ted understands and proceeds that hes about to take a picture with a random guy until he takes of his turtle mask.

Its Donny dressed up as the Ninja Turtle and Ted yells "Go to hell" while he runs under Donny's legs, in to the crowded Comic-Con convention. Ted phones John up and tells him Donny is after him, but hangs up shortly because Donny spots him and begins to chase him again. Donny comes to a shelf full of teddy bears where Ted is hiding and Donny starts to sing his favourite song, which Ted can't resist singing himself, it makes him stand out of the shelf of bears to get caught by singing the rest of the song.

Iv'e always wanted to go to Comic-Con because i'm such a nerd and the atmosphere would be amazing, anyway! This scene is a bit thrilling as we see Ted get chased by his old nemesis Donny and gets caught by the most stupidest way ever by finishing the song off that Donny was just singing. They could of made a better way for getting Ted caught surely? Like climbing on top of the convention props over the crowd and Donny follows him in to a dangerous situation for them both, to eventually catching Ted, and obviously make it funny at the same time. 

Ted also runs in to a friends that he invited to the wedding Guy & Rick, a very macho, manly gay couple who go to the convention to bully and laugh at the costumed dressed up nerds that linger Comic-Con. I found this the funniest part of the scene because we see the gay couple bully their way through the convention by wedge-ing, tripping and pushing drinks in to the "nerds" faces. This was a minor and short cut scenes of the gay couple do their antics but was the most funniest out of this scene in my opinion. 

 John Die's

When John arrives at the Comic-Con convention, Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) spots him and has a problem with Ted and John because they smashed his car window for not donating his sperm to Ted. Sam Jones tackles John to the ground, pushing a bunch of people in the process of it all. This starts massive brawl with the character costumed people as we see fight scenes with Godzilla, a Transformer, the she Hulk and the predator and John and Samantha run off as Sam Jones gets tackled by some people.

John finds Ted sellotaped to a table, with a knife nearly inserted inside of him, but John gets there in time to stop Donny from tearing Ted apart for the second time. John punches Donny in the face and unties Ted from the table, with the 3 of them escaping from Donny's vicious plan to the convention once more. When they think they have gotten away from the worst, Donny is hiding behind a pole, cutting the string that is holding the Star Enterprise prop above them that swings down at full speed towards Ted, and John runs in and pushes Ted out the way, hitting John at full pelt and injuring John very badly.

Donny gets arrested again, but John is lying in hospital in critical condition. The doctor comes out to Ted, Tami-Lynn & Samantha to tell them all that John didn't makes it, that he died. The 3 of them are all very upset as they enter his room and see John lying motionless in his hospital bed, with Ted crying over his dead body as he talks to him. When all 3 of them are all upset and crying over him, he surprisingly wakes up and shouts " I gotchoo!!" meaning John pulled a practical prank on them all by pretending he was dead. He explains that the doctor was in on the prank as the doctors says "No problem, we're a fun hospital"

When Donny got arrested i thought it was a cheap and time wasteful of a scene to see him get caught so easy like Ted did earlier, while Donny couldn't refuse dancing to his favourite song to make him stand out from the gang of Ninja Turtles who made it harder for the police to find him. It was probably the only way it could of gone, unless he made a dramatic scene by running off and making them chase him, but what is unique about that?

It went from a very upsetting dramatic scene to one of the funniest scenes in the movie, this could of ruined the whole feeling of the scene but it think it played out well, while others might of thought it did ruin the scene. In my opinion i found it hilarious to see John prank them all and make them scared out of their wits, even if it was obvious that he wasn't dead or he would of come back to life like Ted did in the first movie. 

My Funniest Scenes

The Liam Neeson cereal Scene 

Cookie Crisp In Your Bum Bum Scene

We Could Totally Be Lawyers Scene

Watching Law & Order High Scene

These are the very few of my favourite scenes i found funny. I found the smallest scenes to be the funniest as the ones that tried to hard to be funny, wasn't so funny to watch at all. I Hope you had a laugh watching these videos and please share with me your funniest parts of the movie in the comments below. 


From being disappointed by the first movie Ted, i was a little skeptical that the sequel would follow its footsteps. I was wrong as i thought the movie was fun and entertaining to watch, but it did have its moments where i thought it was stupid and cheap canned humor. I thought some of the scenes were a waste of time, the same type of scene you would see in Family Guy and i think if they didn't follow so closely to the same humor they do with Family Guy, then this movie would be a lot better and unique to watch.

However some of the scenes were hilarious, well put together and worth my time watching. I enjoyed the plot of the story as i thought it was better than the first (My opinion) and i didn't miss watching Mila Kunis because i thought she ruined the first movie as i kept on thinking about Family Guy to much, so i'm glad she wasn't part of the sequel. Overall i didn't regret watching Ted 2 but i certainly wouldn't pay money to watch it at the cinema, its the type of movie you would watch on a rainy Sunday morning if you're bored.


  1. What did you think of the overall movie?
  2. What did you think of the story plot?
  3. What was the funniest scene? & Why?
  4. What was the least funniest scene? & Why?
  5. Was the movie better or worse without Mila Kunis?
  6. Was it better or worse with Amanda Seyfried?
  7. What dud you think of the opening credits?
  8. What would you improve in the movie?
  9. Should there be a 3rd movie?
  10. If so, Should Donny return in the 3rd movie?


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