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Under The Dome: Season 3, Episode 4

Previously on Under The Dome

Episode 3 it shows us Christine and Eva discussing about the egg and their journey on how they came across the egg, putting the two automatically inside of the dome and plugged in to the virtual world. Eva can't believe how real it felt and it makes her truly upset because Eva and Barbie was supposed to have a baby together, but all of that wasn't real.
After Eva's little episode back with Christine,  Christine goes back down in to the tunnels to speak to Melanie without any of the town people knowing their situation with each other. Christine tells Melanie, if Julia comes back down in to the tunnels, Melanie should kill her.

As the virtual world changed everyone dramatically, it changed Junior the most as he had a life of his own that he loved and where he became his own man, with out being over shadowed by his abusive father. Junior hit rock bottom and starts to contemplating on killing himself because all that he wanted was a complete lie and his father is still alive to greet Junior with a slap to the face as we see in the last episode. 
It also changed Norrie for the worst as she also had a good life in the virtual world as a sorority sister and had the hots for Hunter, while Joe had his suspicions of them both he actually didn't find out the truth about them almost kissing each other in the fake world they lived a year in. 

Barbie has been having one of the toughest times in the dome so far because he thought Julia was dead and grieved over a year for her, only to be brought back to reality to find out that she's still alive. Now that they seem to be happy together, Barbie's old girlfriend from the virtual world shows up in the flesh, as Barbie thought she wasn't real or ever going to see her again and this put Julia and Barbie in a awkward situation. 

The biggest mystery of the show Melanie, found Julia at the tunnels and begins to strangle Julia as Christine told her to kill her if she attempted going back down into the tunnels. In the process of killing Julia, Melanie gets stabbed in the back by Christine, which kills Melanie and makes her look like one of the good guys in-front of Barbie & Julia. 

Episode 4 - The Kinship

Joe Finds Out

After a hard couple of days with the virtual world and Norrie changing her personality with in the space of 2 days, Joe finally finds out the truth about Norrie and Hunter. The two of them are at the lake with Hunter having a swim and telling Norrie to get in the water with him, but Norrie isn't having any of it sits there saying "God i can't believe we stayed up all night, i'm not even tired." The episode before shown the towns people gathered together like zombies and started to stare up towards the moon. 

Their both talking about the unusual event that happened the night before and cant explain why they were all just standing there, looking at the moon. They come to realise that they don't really care on why it happened but how they now feel and so the two of them start to kiss each other near the lake. When they start to kiss each other they are surprised by Joe as he spots them both and tells Norrie that he was out all night looking for her, that he knew something was up and so he ends it there and then between them both. 

This was bound to happen, Joe finding out about Norrie and Hunter, but will they last together? If they do end up to be together, it would be so awkward for Joe because he got a new girlfriend and dumped with in the space of two weeks and he will be trapped in the dome together with the new obnoxious couple, that's if they stay together that is. 

Also i think with the whole staring at the moon situation, it makes them become people who they wanted to be in a different life and it makes them change in reality, making Hunter and Norrie act differently including the people of Chester's Mill. 

Big Jim Gets Caught

Big Jim moved from Chester's Mill town to a remote island across the lake because he knows the truth about Christine and Eva, from the video footage showing them both finding the egg. Jim moved so that the people of Chester's Mill will come running back to him as he will be in the right or he's just waiting for the worst to blow over like a coward. In the process of moving, Julia spots him and confronts him but she doesn't believe a word what he says to her, so Julia just takes it on board and walks away.

Now that hes living over the other side of the lake and set up camp there, he is using binoculars to spy on Junior, who has also set up camp but on the other side of the lake. While spying on his own son who is now speaking to Christine, he still has his suspicions and keeps questioning the unknown, like "who is she?" & "What are they doing here?" When big Jim has finished looking through his spyglass, he gets a unwelcome surprise as 2 masked men come from behind Jim and attack him on the ground until he is unconscious. 

Big Jim wakes up from the horrible events that just happened, but wakes up tied up to a wooden chair. Jim looks around the room to see two quarantined people, dressed in all white and preparing to inject Jim with something, as they pick up a needle and walk towards him. Jim is asking them "What are they doing?" but none of them respond to him and Jim's next response is to kick one of the quarantined people in the chest, but he can't do anything else as the other one is holding Jim down as the other one gets from off the ground and sticks a needle in his arm. 

Wait...A...Minute! How did these people even get inside of the dome? Dug a tunnel? I highly doubt it, unless they have or found another egg which allowed them to access their way inside of the dome. They must know something that the town doesn't, either that or why would they be quarantined in a scientific research lab? 

It had to be Big Jim to get caught by the researchers wouldn't it or it wouldn't be as entertaining to watch and no one else would put up a fight, i know Barbie would of but he has his 2 girlfriends on the other side of the lake to worry about and i think Jim is the only reliable character for this scene. What are they researching though? If i had to guess, i think they know something about Christine and the egg or they're working for Christine and the egg, that's the only thing i can come up with that makes sense in this situation. 

Julia Has Her Suspicions

Julia is the only person accept from Jim to not be effected by the virtual cocoons that everyone has been living in. When Julia and Barbie find each other again, Julia knows that Barbie isn't the same person as she used to know, as Barbie had another love life in the virtual world and she is jealous and suspicious of Christine and Eva, because she thinks they might be the ones to blame for all the unusual characteristics in the towns people. 

Christine and Julia are talking in the town hall, but Christine leaves Julia to take Norrie & Hunter to see Junior at the dorm building. Julia is left alone and see's Christine's office door open and goes inside to have a snoop around. Julia opens one of the drawers of Christine's desk and finds a voice recorder, but before Julia could press play on the recorder, Christine comes in and spots Julia snooping around her office, holding her recorder. Christine tells Julia that its notes of her and her clients on the recorder and hands it back over to Christine.

Julia has something else to show to Christine and pulls out of her pocket a I.D badge that she found at the tunnel exit, with Christine explaining that it was her old university badge from when she used to teach, Julia doesn't believe her and keeps the I.D badge as Christine goes to grab it from her. The two of them start a heated conversation about Barbie an Eva and how they were together the night before, letting her know of Barbies whereabouts as she stayed up all night waiting for him. 

Things are getting tense between these two as we see a lot of friction and awkward scenes with the two characters. If i was Julia i would of just pressed play there and then, so i actually knew the truth and her plans for Chester's Mill, but to be fair Christine did cover up her tracks pretty well with the whole confidentiality story of her clients. 

You could also tell that Christine was getting under Julia's skin as she brought up the topic of Barbie and Eva and letting her know on purpose of his whereabouts, Christine pretended go know that Julia knew about Barbie and Eva. Talk about passive aggressive! 

Old Buddy Malick

"Old Buddy Malick" Jim says towards him sarcastically since Jim went to Malick who was outside of the dome at the time, to make a deal to tell him where the egg was for the freedom of him and his family to get out of the dome, but Malick didn't follow through with the plan and left Jim angry and disappointed. Malick is now sat down in-front of Jim asking where the egg is and punches Jim a couple of times out of frustration because Jim won't give him any information. 

Malick shows Jim a tool bag with the tools Malick will torture Jim with if he doesn't tell him anything abut the egg, but Jim tells him he knows where it is as soon as he puts a knife in his face. Jim agrees to take Malick and his boss to the egg, so Malick cuts the ankle and wrist bands that had Jim attached to the wooden chair and Jim punches Malick as soon as he cuts the last band around his wrist and kicks him to the ground. The two of them fight it out until Jim gets the better of him and holds him hostage with a knife to his throat.

Jim tried to bargain with the superior of the research lab, but he has his guard shoot Malick from Jim's arms so time isn't wasted any further and asks where the egg is. Jim says "You need me" and runs out the back door, leaving the two men who don't care about him fleeing because they think he wont get far as he's on a remote island with no weapons of his own.  

I think Big Jim regrets going to the remote island by him self now, do you? at least he's slowly finding out the truth and seeing what the towns people can't see. Maybe he will be the unlikely hero of the series again and save the people of Chester's Mill, because hes the only one who's finding out useful information, well Julia kind of knows but she's not quite there yet. I think it would be cool though if Julia and Joe help to save the brainwashed people as they disappear from the community and sneak around the town while they save certain people to figure out and make a plan for the more important missions, like stopping Christine and getting out of the dome.

Norrie Is Her Old Self Again

Hunter takes Norrie to a storage room where he has some blankets laid down for her, lit some candles and found a bar of chocolate for Norrie to eat. Hunter goes to kiss Norrie as she says "Thanks you" because shes been having a rough day because Joe found out about them both, but Norrie does't kiss him back and goes to storm out of the room because she thinks Hunter only wants to "Screw" her (Her words, not mine) and leaves him alone in the storage room. 

Norrie is now waiting for Joe in his bunker where she can speak to him and Joe arrives but isn't pleased to see her, as he says "What are you doing here?" in a angry toned voice. She tells Joe that what they did was "Really crappy" and she's "sorry," Joe Replies with "Whatever" as he starts to bed down for the night. Norrie can tell that something is wrong with him and he explains that he went to meet Sam to forgive him, but he didn't show up.  

Norrie's face becomes angry as he explains to her about forgiving the person who killed Joe's sister only two weeks ago, "Why should you forgive him?! He Killed Angie" she yells at Joe. Joe sits up from his bed as he seems to be inspired and passionate on how passionate Norrie hates Sam and how she hates everyone else she tells Joe. "Why are you smiling?" says Norrie, "Because this is you, you're back" replies Joe with a huge smile on his face and the two kiss each other passionately.

Finally her stupid fling with Hunter is over! I hated how he acted like he was a big shot all of a sudden with Norrie, when really he's a computer nerd. I'm glad that Norrie and Joe are back to their usual self's as they were a god team together and how they were the brains of the town,  figuring out the mysteries and puzzles of the unknowing dome.

For Hunter, i do hope he changes as i don't like his new persona and i liked his more nerdy, computer geeks side because he was more of a help to the town, like Norrie and Joe are. Maybe he will turn back to normal when they figure out how to stop them all from being brainwashed and forgive Hunter and his creepy ways he had with Norrie. 

Julia Makes It Even With Jim

Julia s back at the motel room waiting for Barbie to come back from his day out with Eva, his other girlfriend he had in the virtual world. When he arrives at the motel room he doesn't seem himself and distancing himself away from Julia, but Julia confronts him and Barbie gets angry to the point he punches the wall behind Julia, which frightens her to death and tells Barbie that she doesn't know whats gotten into him or who this person is.

Julia is packing her stuff on to a rowing boat and checking her gun is loaded, and rows her self on to the other side of the lake where Big Jim is residing. Big Jim who escaped from the research lab is now being chased through the island swamp with the gunmen not far behind him. Big Jim stops in his tracks as Julia is pointing a gun towards him and so Jim explains that hes been captured by the same people who Christine works for. Julia looks at him, contemplating weather to believe him or not, and she shoots her gun at the man behind Jim who was about to shoot him and off they run in to the dark night.

I loved this part of the episode as we see Julia make her mind up weather to stay in Chester's Mill and endure it with Barbie, but that was always going to go Barbie's way, with the brainwashed Barbie thinking hes still in love with his other girlfriend Eva. I was totally shocked when Barbie burst out angrily towards Julia, how could he do that to her? I hope she teams up well with Big Jim to save the people of Chester's Mill. 

I also loved how bad ass Julia was in that last ending scene when she turns up on the island to save Big Jim. It was so tense and thrilling when she was trying to make her mind up weather to believe him or not, to eventually shooting the gunmen behind Jim. Does this mean the two unlikely people are going to team up now? I hope so!


This has to be the most action packed, thrilling episode of the season so far with Big Jim getting captured to fighting his way out of the research facility he was kept at, the tense and awkward scenes between Hunter, Norrie and Joe. Also Barbie's outburst towards Julia, which pushed her away to take matters in to her own hands to rescue Jim. Plus through out the episode Julia finds out the truth about the I.D badge and its company Christine works for who captured Jim on the island, this makes things more interesting with the story and future episodes.

There were a lot of unnecessary time wasting scenes they added in the episodes like the tent catching fire for no reason, which lead Barbie and Eva meeting each other again. When Barbie is about to fall of the cattle feeder, where he could of just jumped down since it wasn't high enough to injure himself, and so Eva goes up to rescue him. Another time wasting scene is where Sam finds the women trying to hang herself and he rescues her, i can see how it can make a good story in future episodes with Sam starting to drink again but it was just a boring scene to watch if i'm honest.

Overall it was one of my favourite episodes so far and i hope you guys enjoyed it also.

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. What will happen to the towns people?
  5. What will happen between Barbie & Eva now they have rekindled their love flame?
  6. Was you happy to see Joe and Norrie get back together?
  7. How will Hunter react to the situation?
  8. Why did they capture Jim to gather the eggs location?
  9. What will Julia and Jim do next?
  10. What would you like to happen in the next episode?


  1. I totally agree with everything you just said. I think my favourite scene was when Barbie got really angry and Julia kicked him out basically. She was being really strong and it pulled on my heart strings the most in that episode.

    As for Julia and Jim, a couple of my friends were talking and they were saying how they think the directors are going to create a "spark" between them two which I am totally against! But good on him for escaping :)

    1. I know, what was Barbie thinking? I thought he was going to hit Julia for a moment then!

      I think Julia and Jim will get along and try and help everyone, maybe try get Joe & Norrie on board as their the only ones who aren't effected by Christine anymore.


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