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True Detective: Season 2, Episode 5

Previously On True Detective

Paul finds himself at a young males apartment after meeting him in the club Lux, after he got a little help finding out some information on Caspar while on his solo investigation. Paul doesn't like the situation he has just woken up to, so he leaves to go back to his hotel room but chased by paparazzi. 

With Paul's wild night at the Lux and waking up at the young mans apartment, he seems to feel some guilt and asks his ex girlfriend Emily, to marry him as she tells him she's pregnant. 

Since seeing Ani dump her fling with one of the Cops that work in the same building, her boss finds out and has no other choice to suspend her from duty, because someone has filed a sexual conduct report on her. Ani's boss also lets her know that he knew about her previous fling with her detective partner, telling her that she needs to finds someone outside of the work place as its very unprofessional.

Ray is having a spot of trouble with his ex wife as she's trying to get full custody of their kid, making Ray go to desperate measures and pays his son a little visit, handing him a glass casing with his fathers Sheriff badge inside

After weeks trying to find the suspected killer of Caspar, they finally found a him and go in with a team of detectives to bring him in and arrest him on charges of murder. As soon as the squad of detectives arrive at their location, they're rained upon by heavy gunfire and become main targets in a gun shoot out, ending civilian lives and their own and the only ones to survive are Ani, Ray & Paul. 

Episode 5 - Other Lives

Fighting Their Demons

Sitting in a room with a small group of men, talking about their sexual misconduct stories is Ani, as she looks around the room listening to the nonsense stories come from the male filled room. The lead spokesmen of the group asks Ani "How do you feel about your actions?" And Ani replies in the most sarcastic way imaginable, as she talks inappropriately about the length of the males genitalia, what the right size of it should be and "Girth" as she puts it. When she's talking about her made up persona on how much she admires the males genitalia, the group leader didn't expect her to say something on them lines, which makes him speechless.

 Now sitting in a roomful of lawyers, is Paul. Paul also got suspected of sexual misconduct with a women he stopped on the highway, saying that he asked for oral sex off her. "I'm innocent" says Paul across the table of lawyers, who are defending the women's case, but the lawyer keeps bringing up Paul's past and saying "How many people did you kill?" With Paul looking angrily at the women who looks back it him in a smug way. Paul tells the room that she's a liar, with the women saying "I just don't want what happened to me, to happen to anybody else."

"Will you submit to a blood test Mr. Velcoro?" asks the judge, who is present with Ray and his ex wife, assuming Ray is a drug addict. Ray agree's to take the blood test since he's trying his hardest to fight this case and stayed sober for 60 days he tells his lawyer, minus the heavy drinking he still does. Ray's ex wife believes that her rapist is the biological father of her son and not Ray, making the lawyers final terms are to contest Ray's paternity, making things hard for Ray since he is no longer a detective.

All three detectives...Well two detectives and one ex detective are having some major issues with their lives, seeing them all fight with their own demons. Ani's sexual misconduct, Ray's fake sexual misconduct and Ray fighting to keep his son, who may not be his son at all. The first scene with Ani and her group, was quite funny if you don't take the sexual profanity she was saying to seriously. Watching the men around the room perk up from their seats to listen what she had to say, telling the group leader to be quiet, so the group can hear what she's saying. I honestly think she was saying them things to either get herself chucked off the group therapy or so she doesn't have to share her real life problems, avoiding the truth.

About Paul's sexual misconduct, i actually feel sorry for him because it looks like he's losing the case battle to plead his innocents, that he didn't do nothing with the girl. It was so brutal to watch him get slatted about killing people in previous jobs he had done, i mean...What's that got to do with the case? I honestly think he is going to lose the case, making his life much harder and more intense to watch him slowly blow up.

The person that is the closest to blowing up is Ray, as he is being told that he's getting visitation visits with his son and their going to be contesting his paternity, meaning that his name needs to be on the birth certificate, the child is born with a married couple and he needs to be working. I think that what it means but i'm not to sure, feel free to correct me if so! If it is true, then it would make sense and make a great tragedy story to see Ray go through these obstacles. 

Ray's Got A New Job

"You need more money, i need more money" says Frank at Ray, who are both looking at the live camera footage of the casino downstairs. Frank explains to Ray that he might have a job for him, that the person who owned the waste company died, "I'm going to start listening to the hot feeling on the back of my neck" he says to Ray,  a job opportunity to "Tail Blake." Ray says he can do the job and asks him what he suspects of Blake, "Running girls?" But the conversation drifts off topic and starts to talk about Caspar and the Mexicans, shortly landing back on the job topic for Ray again, "I'll see about some extra shifts at the Lux" Frank says.

Driving in the middle of the desert at night, is Ray. Ray is speaking to his voice recorder he sends to his son to listen too and following Blake at the same time, as Frank told him to. Still speaking to the voice recorder, he see's Blake's car turn in to a different road that leads to a mansion in the middle of no where. Ray Keeps on following him, while turning off his car lights when he gets closer to the mansion, which Blake has just arrived at. Ray gets out his car and sets out on foot, to get a vantage point that over looks Blake and the mansion. Ray can see Blake examining three attractive women, by groping and looking at them closely and tells them to get in the car upon his approval. 

Ray follows Blake and the three women back in to the city and carries on spying on Blake with his binoculars, seeing the 3 women get out the car and unloading their suitcases out of the trunk of the car. Blake looks closely at one of the women's faces once more, with a couple of body guards around the building that the women are about to go inside.

Ray is starting to get himself knee deep on the other side of the law, now he started working for Frank, making Ray run around for him, because Ray is desperate for money to keep seeing his son. What else will he have Ray do? I mean he could have him do anything at this stage and its as if Frank is the puppet master and Ray his the puppet, with Frank controlling Ray's every move he does. I like where it's heading as it's building up the intense-ness of the series between Frank & Ray and it could all end badly between the two of them.

When Ray followed Blake, i think he ended up following him back at the mansion he previously investigated with Ani. If i'm correct, i think it was Caspar's therapist he was seeing for many years, but also did plastic surgery within the mansion, explaining why Blake was examining the women, to see if plastic surgery was up to his standards. I might be completely wrong, but further in the episode Ray pays the plastic surgeon  a visit and beats him up, until Ray gets some information and i think its the same place as where Blake just got the women from. Its all very confusing!!

You Took It

Paul is back at his mothers to tell her the good news about him and Emily getting married and having a baby together, "How pregnant is she?" His mother asks. She isn't pleased about the answer or the "good news that she is hearing from her own son, as she is drinking alcohol to make the conversation bearable to listen to. She starts to talk about how he could do anything that he wanted, that he's a detective now and "wants to be somebodies husband" as if to say its a stupid idea to get married in such a dangerous line of work. "If i was a man, i would of had the world" she says to Paul, before he goes to enter his old bedroom.

Now in his old bedroom, Paul is looking in a a hiding spot within his bedroom walls, searching up and down the dark empty space and out he pulls a old, dusty, rucksack. "No...No..No, No, NO!" he says to himself, opening and searching the empty rucksack. He enters back in the living room where his mother is sitting and shouts, "You took it!" But she pretends that she doesn't know what he's talking about. "The Money, the money i brought back from Afghanistan!" Explaining there was 25 grand in the bag, but she pretends to think that he hid it from her, to eventually find it for herself. 

He really does hate her, doesn't he? But i still don't know why! The two of them just argue every time we see them in a scene together and Paul should have the right to be angry, she took thousands of Dollars away from him! He was going to use it for his new unborn baby he explains but she hits him with "You've been back for 4 years,"meaning he had time to come back and collect the money. Also if she had all that money, why the hell is she still living in a ugly looking trailer still? At least buy a better trailer or just move out to a house. If the sexual misconduct wasn't enough for Paul to go crazy, i think this situation is perfect for him to go loose of the rails, as he will have this in the back of his mind. 

When things get heated about Paul's money, she starts to talk about how she raised him all on her own and known all about his weird goings on as a kid, about the boys and how he's gay, but this makes Paul mad. I think he's a closet gay and is afraid to admit it, as he just denies and lies about his sexuality. I think it would be good story if someone threatens to tell people, like send him photographs of him with a man and send them to people he knows, like Emily and the other detectives, but i don't think they would care to be honest.

Ray Knows

Ray meets up with Ani's superior detective, with Ani and Paul tagging along to see what Ray has to say about the new deal she offers him. He starts to frustratingly speak out towards Ani's boss, because she's trying to re open Caspar's murder because they don't think the person they shot in the gun shoot out was the person who murdered Caspar. She tells Ray that she's putting together a confidential special investigation on a missing girl Arina Roofer. If Ray agree's to investigate the missing girl, then she will make sure that Ray will keep his son, as its not looking to good for him in winning his court case battle against his ex wife.

When Ani & Paul leave the conversation to go investigate the missing girl, Ray and Ani's boss agree with him working on the investigation and tell him to start straight away. Ray asks her that he thought she thought he was the worst of them all, because of all the rumors of him killing his ex wife's rapist, but she tells him that she basically doesn't think that anymore because they caught the rapist who raped his wife, a couple of weeks back. Ray's face looks like he's seen a ghost as he just realised that he didn't kill his ex wife's rapist that Frank pointed him to, but a random guy that had no connection to the rape what so ever.

So there might be a chance for Ray to start over and win the court case battle to keep seeing his son, which i'm pleased about because it was terrible watching Ray suffer and try his hardest to fight this losing battle on his own. If it wasn't for Ani, he would be still struggling and working for Frank, so everyone say "Thank you Ani!" Anyway...I hope Ani's boss isn't lying to try get him to work for them and use him for leverage, as she put it in the last episode.

Now thinking he has another chance with his son and a new opportunity in the investigation, he is hit back down to earth from cloud nine, as he finds out that he didn't kill his ex wife's rapist, but a random guy Frank wanted dead. So Frank used his anger he had for the rapist and used it against Ray, so Frank could get someone killed, maybe a rival gang member that threatened Franks business. Who knows?

Photo's Of Who?

The missing women's sister got some random photos sent to her in the mail and Ani is checking them out, now she works down in the evidence & data room. She hands them to Paul to go investigate further as she is unable to do it herself and Paul goes to different jewelry stores around Vinci, because there's one picture of a blue sapphire diamond. Most of the stores have never seen this sort of diamond before, accept from one. The stores owner explains how rare the stone is and that another detective came in with exact same photo's and asking the same questions. He gives Paul the other detectives business card.

Ani & Paul are now driving up north to a location where Ani wants to investigate, where she thinks she will get further information about the missing girl. They talk about the diamonds and the detective card that the store owner gave to Paul, while they arrive to their location which is centered in the forest. The two of them walk to a stone cabin and no one is inside as they check from outside the windows and see all the furniture with white spreadsheets covering them from dust. Ani can see birds circling in the sky and so she has a hunch to go follow the birds near where they are circling.

The two of them walk through the forest, with Ani looking up towards the sky for directions and Paul confused on why she's even following the birds in the first place. "Now where following birds?" Paul asks, "Carrion Birds" she answers. They both discover a strong smell and come to a wooden type shed, with both of them pulling their guns out from their waist. As soon as they go inside the shed, they discover that the smell is much stronger, notice weird markings on the walls and a chair that is covered in blood, with masking tape around the chairs arms.

I'll explain the photo's a little bit more as i'm not including the scene on when Ani's receives them. When Ani got the photo's off the women, she finds out that there photo's of very important people, who indulged in a secret club of sexual fantasy and where no cameras were allowed, meaning the photos's were meant for blackmail against the people who were in the pictures. Make sense? Good! There was also a invitation to the premium club, stashed in between the random photo's, maybe this was a trap for the women to go to and become one of the sexual active girls that work at the club.

I'm still confused what detective was investigating the rare diamonds before Ani and Paul was, his name was Dickson i think...Feel free to help me on that one people. Ani and Paul have a good idea who it is and i'm expecting them to investigate him and why he was investigating the rare stones that you see in the photo's. My theory is that he's a crooked cop that also works for the premium club and wants to find out where the diamonds were, so he took photo's to black mail powerful people to tell him where they are. 


I'm going to say this was one of the hardest episodes to follow and to try make sense of, because it was purely drama based, where you had to connect up all the dots together and fit in the missing pieces. This is only because they have re opened the murder case of Caspar and coming up with new evidence further we go in to the episode.

As i would normally say, i think one of the three detectives will eventually blow up with stress from the demons that are taking over their lives. When we see each of them suffer more and more every time we see them, for example when they were all fighting their demons in sexual misconduct group and legal court case battles between their loved ones and some deranged ones. Overall the episode wasn't boring or exciting, it's what i expected from most of the episodes, pure drama to build up more of a story and plot for future episodes.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? &  Why?
  4. What will happen with their demons & issues?
  5. Will people find out that Paul's gay? & How?
  6. What will Frank do about Blake?
  7. What do the photographs mean?
  8. Will Ray win his court case battle against his ex wife?
  9. Is it a good idea for Frank & his wife to adopt a baby?
  10. What will Frank do to Frank, now he knows he didn't kill his ex wife's rapist?


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