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Tris, Four and her remaining allies are on the run from the ruthless Jean Mathews, and her Erudite faction, where they are hiding at the Amity stronghold. While they are there, Tris has learned that the Erudite have gained power and must fight against them, facing her inner fears and decide what to do to protect their home.


Tris and her friends who are on the run from Erudite, have been given another chance to over stay their welcome at the Amity compound, after a fight broke out between herself & Peter. After a while in hide out, the 3 of them and including Tris's brother Caleb, have been found at the Amity stronghold by Jeanie's Erudite army. Peter who is hiding with Beatrice(Tris), Four and Caleb, gives away their position by shouting "There up here!" and the 3 of them climb out of a window and jump on top of two Erudite officers, taking their guns away from them, while Peter surrenders to the Erudite army. Tris, Four & Caleb are all on foot and running through the wooded area, while the Erudite people chase them down, shooting at them as soon as they get in to the open field. The three of them run as fast as they can through the open field and hop on board a moving train, escaping the gunmen who are still shooting at them.

Once inside the fast moving train, they all think its over and are safe from the Erudite army, but they have boarded a train full of Factionless. Factionless are a rebels who don't take part in any any of the social classes they have been assigned to, such as Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Amity & Candor. The Factionless rebels decide they want them off the train and the three of them try to negotiate with them, but nothing will stop the Factionless from fighting them off the train. Tris, Four & Caleb all get attacked by the rebels and begin to fight within the train, with Caleb trying to run away he gets in to a fight himself and protects himself with a iron bar. Tris and four on the other hand are fighting, until Four stops the fight and tells them "Tobias Eaton."

I must admit, i didn't really like the first movie "Divergent" because i thought it was unoriginal and had poor choice of actors to play the characters, but from the beginning of this film, it had my attention straight away as we see some action from the start. I was a little disappointed in Peter when he purposely told the Erudite's where Tris, Four and Caleb were. If i was one of the three characters in that situation, i would of punched him there and then, what a back stabber! At the time they were getting chased in to a open field, i thought "How are they going to get away?" but of course, a on coming train is on time to save the day, how unoriginal, but probably very necessary.

I thought it was to good to be true and to easy of them to get away like that and so income the Factionless rebels to ruin the day. I liked this part of the scene because it spiced things up and didn't make it to easy for the three of them to get away. At first i thought they was going to capture them and hand them over to Jeanie for some kind of reward, but no...they had a intense fight on the moving train. The fight scene was pretty standard and not to dramatic to watch, plus it was a good way to have Four show his true identity to the Factionless, including Tris who didn't know who Tobias Eaton was.

Four Has A Mother

The 3 of them follow the rebel gang to the Factionless compound which is underground and with a load of armed weapons, as if they're preparing themselves for war. They follow the rebels further in to their compound and stop to see a women who says "Tobias," With Four replying "Mother." Later that night, the four of them including Four's mother are having dinner around a table and its a very awkward dinner as no one is eating or talking, until Tris asks what is going on. Four's mother explains how she faked her own death to get away from Four's abusive father, saying that she tried to reconnect with him a year ago. Four only thinks that she tried to reconnect with him is because she wants to create an army, to stop Jeanie from killing and creating a prison between the four factions by the dividing walls, that separates them from one another.

The next morning the three of them go to leave the Factionless compound to go find the rest of Dauntless people who are in hiding, "I'm not going with you" says Caleb to Tris and Four who are walking in front of him, about to leave the compound. Caleb explains to them that he has no reason to follow them to find the rest of the Dauntless people, that he's "not cut out" for this type of thing since he is he Erudite, he doesn't believe in conflict, but the power of knowledge. "Maybe i should go back to Abnegation" he says, "There's nothing left at Abnegation" Tris replies, watching her brother walk back in to the Factionless compound.

I did not expect that! Did you? Well i guess you die hard Divergent fans did, the one's who have read the books. For the rest of us movies nerds, i'm expecting most of us didn't expect that what so ever, plus we find out she was supposed to be dead. Imagine going to an unknown place to find out that your own mother is alive and!...She wants to create an army to kill Jeanie. That is messed up and mind blowing all at once, talk about feeling used. You could tell that Tris wanted to stay there, when she herd his mother admit to wanting to kill Jeanie and stop the dysfunctional factions that she think is the reason for all the violence.

When Caleb decides to stay at the Factionless compound, i thought he was going to stay there and further on in the movie, he was going to be trained and become all tough, so he can fight along side Tris and Four. That wasn't the case at all, but i won't say anything yet, because it will ruin the movie!

Truth Serum

Tris and Four arrive at the Candor compound where the Dauntless people have been hiding and ask how many Dauntless they have, "175" the Dauntless women tells Four, but as soon as they further on their conversation they are surrounded and outgunned by the Candor security. The two of them surrender and put their guns on the floor, taking them to the leader of the compound Jack Kang. He tells them that they have criminal record on their heads and he his oblige to hand them over to the council, "You might as well kill us now, if Jeanine finds us we're not going to live to stand trial" Tris tells Mr Kang and disagree's with Tris as he doesn't think that Jeanine would do such a thing and orders the guards to take them away. As soon as they get taken away, Four asks Mr Kang if he thinks it would be more fair to stand trial in his compound rather than Jeanine's Erudite compound since he's the leader of Candor, "The honest" faction.

The two of them are set to have a trial in the Candor chambers and injected with Truth Serum, a needle that inject them both and makes them tell the truth, and if they resist from telling the truth, they will feel pain throughout their entire body. They inject Four first and he begins to tell his side of the story on how they are innocent and didn't kill anyone, that he couldn't leave the city because he fell in-love with Tris. Tris is surprised on what he had sad and steps up to take trial next, she didn't want to do the truth serum because she didn't want people know about her parents dying and killing one of her friends friend, after he tried to attacking her. She struggles in pain as she tries to avoid telling the truth and eventually it all comes out, showing the Candor & Dauntless people she is innocent.

I'm still confused why dauntless are in hiding...Did i miss something from the last movie? Anyway, i loved this part because before the two arrive at the compound, one of Tris's first friends greet her and ask her where Will is, but Tris lies and says she doesn't know and she does know because Tris killed him. Tris didn't want to do the Truth Serum because she didn't want her friend finding out that she killer her friend and lied about it straight to her face. If i was Tris i wouldn't want to do it either! Her friend shouldn't be mad for killing him as she was only trying to defend herself, instead she should be mad for lying to her about it. 

"Take my money now!" is what i would say if Truth Serum was an actual thing, imagine if that stuff was real though. I would use it on all my friends and people just so i can find out all their secrets (Evil laugh). I wouldn't really but i do think it would be funny to use on someone as a practical joke or it could be useful like it was on the movie. We could actually use it in the court of law and find out if the criminal is innocent or not, it would be evolutional.

Flushing Tris Out

The Erudite army have found Tris once again as they come zip-lining in from the rooftop of the skyscraper buildings and shoot at Tris, Tris is trapped in a stairwell full of screaming people and they all get shot one by one, including Tris and collapses on the stairs. She soon wakes up and notices a metal baring stuck inside on the surface of her shoulder and see's everyone else unconscious on the floor. She gets up and goes to the armory to get some weapons, but as she tries getting some weapons she gets caught by the leader of the Erudite army Eric. They handcuff all the ones that are awake from being shot, as it separates the Divergent's from the others and test to see what percentage of Divergent they all are. Eric kills the ones that aren't 100% divergent and incomes Four, armed with the rest of the Dauntless and Candor people. Four goes to fight Eric and takes him down, pointing a gun to him "Iv'e learnt to live with the blood on my hands, can you?" Eric asks and Four gives him a long stare before shooting him in the head.

After waking up and witnessing what Janine is capable of doing, Four takes the Dauntless and Candor people to the Factionless compound, to team up and build a stronger army against Jeanine. Tris is sitting in the main hall of the Factionless compound and hears screaming coming from the people, yelling towards the 3 people on top of a ledge overhanging the main hall. "The traitor, Tris Prior must be surrender to Erudite or every day, more deaths will follow" the 3 people chant to the crowed of people below them, walking closer and closer to the open edge of the hall. Tris and one of the Dauntless people run up the ladders and stairs, to try and stop the three people trying to kill themselves. Tris and the other women grab two of the 3 people, with the other one walking off the ledge, killing herself instantly.

I was impressed by the way the Erudite separated the Divergent people with a device that puts the other factions to sleep, while it doesn't effect the Divergent's, making them easier targets to find among the other people. It was a highly entertaining scene as we see a load of Erudite people swing, abseil and zip-line in from the top of the tall buildings outside, but also a bit stupid on how many bullets missed Tris. I'm also glad they put an end to Eric because he was starting to annoy me with his presence every time i seen him on the TV. 

You witness the people see how Janine acts out to Divergent people, making the realise that it must stop and so they unite with the Factionless people and make a plan to attack her. Sounds so easy and straight forward doesn't it? Well it was smart of the produces to come up with a distraction and obstacles for the people when 3 of the people were made to kill themselves. When they got shot before with the metal baring's still intact inside of their skin, Janine can use the metal baring's as a transmitter and control the people to kill themselves, but if they try and take out the baring, then they will die. This just got a lot more interesting, i was thinking on how the hell is a metal baring going to kill someone and they actually show us that they attach to the nearest artery, ripping it if it is disconnected from the body. Smart!

A Message Beyond The Walls

The pressure had gotten to Tris as she wants the killing and suicides to stop, so she decides to surrender herself to Janine, but in the process in surrendering she finds out that Four has been captured and her brother Caleb, now works for Janine. Janine wanted all Divergent's people, so she could unlock a box with a hidden message inside and to open it up, the Divergent's must go through a sequence of tests of the factions. Since Tris is 100% Divergent, she will have the best chance to pass them all, unlocking the mysterious box. Tris will face a numerous of obstacles in the sim, where she will have to face her deepest fears, saving her dead mother, confronting herself belief and many other obstacles. When Tris is on her last test, she is faced by confronting Janine, to all of a sudden falling from a skyscraper and dying as soon as she hits the floor inside the simulator.

Tris wakes up from the dead after Four has been shown her dead body and Peter gives him a signal to take out the security guards that have him prisoner. Four takes Tris to the simulator as soon as he takes out the guards, so Tris can try and complete the simulator. She plugs herself back in and begins the test once again, but this time its different as she has to fight herself in the simulator as her deepest fear is herself. The two identical Tris's fight it out on top other building roof, while she is being confronted by her simulated version of her self, saying that"no one will miss you" & "Forgive you," but Tris says "But i will." The Simulated version of Tris runs towards her and smashes to pieces, as Tris forgives herself and for refusing to fight against it anymore.

Everything around Tris is smashed to pieces, including the simulator version of herself and all the buildings around her. The only two things that are left behind is herself and the box that contains a message inside of it, floating towards her and opening at the same time. A hologram emerges in front of Tris and it's a women, a women that is telling Tris that there are people living beyond the walls, that the city and the different Factions was created for peace and to experiment, so they could recover the humanity that is lost.  The women continues with the message and tells them all that Divergent's are vital to humanities survival, telling them to rejoin them who are beyond the wall.

This was the best part of the movie for me because the FX was amazing and it kind of reminded me of Inception a bit, how the buildings would break into small pieces when ever Tris would tackle the simulated version of herself and then the pieces would float around the sky, it was very dynamic. It was very smart how they used a simulated version of Tris, representing the grief and anger she held against herself, to finally forgiving the the feelings she had towards herself and completing the simulator, showing the message towards the end. 

While Janine watches the message along with all the other people, she tells the guards to kill them and bury the box so no one else can find it, but as soon as she orders the kill, the other factions come in to rescue them and put Janine in prison. What does the next two movies have install for us do you think? now that they're all going across the border to see the people beyond the wall. I think that the person who sent the message, is also bad or even worse than Janine and their might be some conflict with Four's mother and her, that's my theory.


Insurgent didn't lack any depth like the first movie did for me, i was truly bored watching the first part of the series and thought that the sequel was going to be the same or even worse in-fact. I was completely wrong, because i was very interested in the story of the movie and it had me glued to the screen at all times. I did think that the actors of the movie are still a poor choice for the characters of the story and i'm trying to ignore my judgment, so i can enjoy the rest of the series for the future to come.

Overall i did enjoy it and i think i would watch it again sometime, the film is perfect for teenagers and i think the die hard Divergent fans would also love it too, even though some of you might of read the books, so don't judge it to soon like i did.


  1. What did you think of the overall movie?
  2. What did you think of the Actors/Characters?
  3. What did you think of the plot of the story?
  4. Did the story match the story in the books accurately?
  5. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  6. What was you least favourite scene? & Why?
  7. What could of been better within the movie?
  8. Did you like the special effects?
  9. Is Janine really dead?
  10. What does the next movie have install for us?


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