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Teen Wolf: Season 5 ,Episode 7

Previously On Teen Wolf

The gang including Theo gather up to try and read The Dread Doctors book to see if they can get any clue from it but finding out it brings back memories they thought they never had anymore. Lydia, Scott and Stiles were the ones who were effected the most by reading the book.

In the middle of Stiles's vision, he gets attacked by one of the hybrids that The Dread Doctors cooked up in the lab and Theo comes to his rescue, fighting off the hybrid and killing him in front of Stiles.

Liam is still bugging Hayden about the money that he owes her but while upon visiting her at her work place, he finds out that she has been a victim to The Dread Doctors as he puts a glow stick to her face and can see something different in her eyes.

While at the hospital looking for Stiles and Lydia, Scott gets attacked by one of The Dread Doctors and Malia comes in to fight off The Dread Doctor, while Scott gets in the elevator with his mother, both waiting for Malia's return.

Episode 7 - Strange Frequencies

Werewolves & Dread Doctors

Liam follows Hayden out of her work place as she found out that Liam was holding a glow stick to her face was pretty strange and tells her about werewolves and Dread Doctors. Hayden doesn't believe what he has to say and so she goes to get in her car but before she goes, Liam says "What if i can prove it?" Showing his werewolf face and roaring towards her as she screams and punches him in the nose, driving away frantically. Liam falls to the ground as soon as he gets hit in the nose by Hayden and with a lot of blood pouring from it, while he moans in agony as he lies there on his back.
Credit to MTV
Hayden is still driving scared as she just saw Liam turn himself into a werewolf and drives faster down a dark lane, checking her rear mirror to see if there is anything strange behind her but shortly comes to a stop to take a quick breather and to calm herself down from what just happened back there with Liam. She looks in her rear mirror once more before looking at her bruised and bloody hand from punching Liam, rubbing it with the other hand and her injuries disappears, making her confused as ever. Suddenly the radio comes on and she can hear a strange voice say "Your condition improves"and her car completely switches off, with the sound of the clicking noises of The Dread Doctors walking towards her car. Hayden tries to start her car up and is unable to get it going and so she tries to get out but the doors keep on locking her inside. The Dread Doctors get closer and closer, with Hayden getting more scared but she can hear something on the top of her roof and it's Liam as he rips off her roof window off the car, pulling her out of the car and running off from The Dead Doctors.
Credit to MTV
So Hayden knows about the supernatural beings that wondering around Beacon Hills, which is probably a good thing now she is one of them but what is she? She can't be a real one if she was a victim to The Dread Doctors, so she's definitely a hybrid of some kind. This scene was major funny from the beginning because when Liam showed his true self as a werewolf, he literally growled at her with all his sharp teeth and glowing eyes. What do you expect? A punch to the nose would of been the minimum if it was me but saying that i would of drove off like a mad women like she did!

The Dread Doctors scene was pretty creepy though if you ask me, when Hayden stopped in the middle of the road and she could hear one of the Doctors say her name over and over again through the radio along with "Your condition improves." Plus that's a first, all the other hybrid beings have been told the complete opposite and killed right there on the spot. So it makes me wonder, if they actually get hold of Hayden and finish of their experiment, she could possibly be the most dangerous hybrid against Scott and the gang.

Mother & Daughter Quality Time

Kira is helping her father drop some stuff off at her school on a early Saturday morning, putting a box full of stuff on his desk. Her father goes out the classroom to get more stuff and as soon as Kira starts to unpack the boxes on the desk, she can hear a metal like sound which sounds like a sword being pulled from its belt and when she turns around, its her mother as she runs across the classroom tables and attacks Kira with her sword. "Mom, what the hell?" Kira says to her mother who's swiping her sword towards her and defending herself off at the same time of being attacked but her mother keeps on attacking her. "Kira, where's your sword?" Telling her mother she's left it and so her mother chucks her a sword to fend for herself.
Credit to MTV
"Kira, defend yourself" and the two of them fight it off with one another with their swords, battling through the classroom as they sway their swords at each other. Her mother gets the better of Kira and overpowers her, chucking her up in the air and falling to the ground in a dramatic fashion but she gets up to continue the fight. The two of their swords cross over as they hold each others glance for a couple of seconds, "Who are You?" the mother says in Japanese followed by "Show yourself, Kitsune." Kira's inner Kitsune power comes alive and attacks her mother with full aggression, snapping her sword with the one swipe from her own and falls to the ground in panic. Kira goes to finish her mother off who's sitting on the floor and her dad walks in to save the day, slamming down a ninja star on the table with Kira saying to her mother, "I could of killed you!"
Credit to MTV
Who drops stuff off on a Saturday morning, seriously? Why not of dropped it of the day before on the Friday? Or was it away to lure Kira into the school so her mother can bring out her inner Kitsune? At first i thought it was some sort of surprise training exercise for Kira, so she can improve on her skill on what has to come ahead of her future. Seeing her mother run across the tables like some martial arts movie was a bit to much for me and it didn't really suit the characteristics of the TV series if i'm honest.

I do like how the parents now know of her condition and the Fox that controls Kira's body but how did her mother even know? So many questions i can't answer, it's frustrating!! It was a quite surprising fight scene with the mother & daughter though, with some amazing sword fights and Kira getting furiously flipped in the air, only to become the Kitsune when her mother gets the better of her. I bet her mother regretted doing that, after her sword got snapped, she could of died! Like Kira said, Imagine! Also why did Kira snap out of the Kitsune when her father slammed down a Japanese Ninja star on his desk? Another question i really want to know! (Sighs) 

Trust Issues

"Who ever's stealing the bodies, probably isn't going to do it while we're standing guard over one of them," says Stiles to Theo, entering the veterinarian where they kept the dead body Theo killed the night before. Stiles tells Theo his new plan and places his camera phone directly over the body so they can watch who ever steals the body within his car outside. "Do you wanna take shifts watching?" Theo asks and Stiles sarcastically replies with "No, no i wanna spend some quality time with you." The two of them begin to talk about why Theo didn't mention to Scott that Stiles killed Donovan, with Stiles thinking he has some sort of motive by gaining trust from Stiles.
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"Do you know who you remind me of? My sister, she was smarter than everyone too...And a pain in the ass like you. She always looked out for me, the same way you look out for Scott," says Theo and Stiles is confused why he's telling him all this but Theo keeps on going, explaining he was the one who found his sisters dead body. "I was the one who found her body, she fallen into a creek, broken her leg. Told that she would of been OK if it wasn't one of the coldest nights of the year." A flash back scene cuts to when Theo found his sister but it shows the truth, not the made up story he's telling Stiles, that Theo was watching his sister beg him to help her while she was trapped in the creek and Theo was stood on the bridge, watching her slowly die.
Credit to MTV
I love scenes like this where two characters just talk because it paints a picture in your head and you kind of understand on where both characters are coming from, maybe relating it to some real situations in your own life. At first it was funny when Stiles was giving him a hard time about not trusting him and just being the typical sarcastic Stiles he is and saying "I wanna spend some quality time with you." 

The best part and most valuable part of the scene was where Theo was talking about his sister and how he found her dead body in the creek, to actually showing us a memory of Theo's and showing us he was actually watching her die. This makes me question Theo and why he even acted like that towards his own sister. He even shown Stiles his eyes because if they were bright blue, which they aren't, he would be classed as a cold blooded killer but they're normal. So does this mean he can hide his true emotions and literally knows how to get away with murder?

The Body Snatcher

Deputy Parrish is sat in his car outside Beacon Hills high school to keep a watch out for The Dread Doctors and to let Scott know, since it's his big master plan to try and capture of the Doctors using the school frequency. While Parrish waits, he notices a playing card near his feet, so he picks it up and its the Queen of diamonds but the queen looks a lot like Lydia. He then looks to the right side of him towards the passenger seat and Lydia is sat right next to him, touching his arm in a intimate way and eventually end up kissing each other passionately. While Lydia scratches his chest, it leave burnt claw marks down his body and when Parrish looks back up at Lydia, she isn't the same anymore but a burnt victim version of her, who then grabs Parrish by the face in an aggressive way and begins to kiss him once more as Parrish is horrified on what is happening to him.
Credit to MTV
Back at Stiles's van, the conversation between him and Theo gets more awkward and unnecessary but as the conversation dies down, Theo starts to smell something burning as he tells Stiles. "Smells like smoke or burning," says Theo and see's something coming towards him with a bright orange light shining towards him. Theo gets punched in the mouth by a fist that is on fire and with bloody splattering all over Stiles's face, with Theo getting pulled out of the car and leaving Stiles to get toppled over onto the roof of his own van. The van is set on fire as the person walks past. Stiles then gets dragged out of his burning van by Theo, "The body, the body has gone," Theo says to Stiles as he chokes on the smoke of his burning van.
Credit to MTV
What's the deal with this playing card with Lydia's face on it as the queen? Is it because he likes her and she is his weakness and the person who makes him turn into this fire human being uses Lydia against him, so they can control him and do what every they please with him. We see Lydia or what ever it is because we all know Lydia is inside the school, so the strange being sits next to him in the car as soon as he picks up the card with "Lydia" touching and kissing him but randomly turns into a burnt version of Lydia. This part of the scene was rather disturbing as we see Parrish pull from the kiss and see's a bloody and scarred face, to eventually force-fully kiss him once more, maybe to finish off the sequence to control him.

Que the epic music because Deputy Parrish is taking one more body on the road, but why? Also why did he have to brutally attack Theo and Stiles? He can attack Theo anytime of the week but don't attack Stiles and his legendary van which is now destroyed! (R.I.P). When Theo first smelt the burning he smelt back in Stiles's van, you just knew they were in trouble of some kind because you knew straight away that Parrish had lit himself on fire, then WHAM! A flamed fist comes smashing through the window and punches Theo right in the face with blood splattering all of Stiles's face. I thought Theo was a gonna when i seen him get punched that hard, especially with all that blood. Plus did you notice when he took the body from the veterinarian, he didn't show up on the camera? He pulled the body so the camera angle wouldn't see who was actually taking the body, leaving them with no evidence.

Their Gone

Now left alone in the school changing rooms is Liam and Hayden as they wait for Scott and Lydia to get back from getting Hayden's medication from her locker. On the way to the locker, Scott keeps on seeing a dog lead that is being dragged on the floor and into one of the classrooms of the school. Scott follows the dog lead and enters a empty room to suddenly being stabbed through the torso by Kira and her sword. Also waiting for Scott in the hallway, Lydia waits for him to return with Hayden's medication but something is taking him longer than usual and Lydia can see Tracey at the top of the stairs asking for help. When Lydia approaches Tracey, she grabs Lydia's tongue and rips it out of her mouth, as Lydia chokes on her own blood on the floor.
Credit to MTV
 Meanwhile back in the classroom where Scott got stabbed by Kira, she begins to strangle him with a wire around his throat and out of no where, Scott gets a cut on his hand with Mason saying "Sorry, sorry, Liam told me that pain makes you human" as he holds a scalpel he just cut Scott with, bringing him out of the dream where he was being attacked by Kira. Scott and the gang run back to the locker room to notice that Liam and Hayden are gone.

Liam and Hayden got took by The Dread Doctors when Scott, Malia, and Lydia was dreaming about being attacked, with both of them lying in The Dread Doctors facility. Liam is lying on his back face upwards where he can see Hayden strapped down faced down, with the three of the Doctors preparing themselves to work on Hayden.
Credit to MTV
The Dreams that Malia, Scott and Lydia was having was so gruesome but all awesome at the same time, i didn't know what think at the time of watching this scene, are they dead or aren't they? I can imagine for some viewers, they must of been so gutted seeing all them basically die. Also what kind of plan was Scott thinking? It was so terribly planned out and i felt like they were trapped inside of the school, rather than them doing the trapping. If they did actually catch one of The Dread Doctors thought, what would of they done? find a weakness or torture him till they find their Doctor lab where they make all the hybrids.

Seeing Liam and Hayden get took so easily like that was so disappointing on Scott's behalf since he did come up with the plan himself and he promised Liam that he will make sure they won't take Hayden but it turned out much worse than that, they took Hayden and Liam. What the hell Scott! We then see Liam tied up and noticing Hayden get prepared for the worst by The Dread Doctors, when we see them get ready to do an "Operation" you might say. Imagine seeing that though, seeing someone you really like go through something like that. It just adds more imagination to my mind on every cliff hanger they do, for example what will they do with Liam next? Because they already have plans with Hayden, so ask yourselves that question.


I would count this episode as a disaster episode, disaster as in the story was based on disaster and terrible events. Such as everyone getting out smarted by The Dread Doctors and Theo & Stiles getting brutally attacked by Parrish, who has no idea what he is doing, making me think he could possible be the most ruthless and unpredictable character in the series.

As for Kira, she is also another unpredictable character with the Kitsune controlling her every move and now that she is alone trying to sort things out with herself, she might become more dangerous as she thought she could fix things on her own.

Overall the episode was all down hill for Scott's pack and there was no high moments at all within the scenes, as we mostly seen Scott doubt himself and the plan he tried organising. I think this will make the Teen Wolf fans angry at Scott and his doubtfulness because we always want to see Scott at his best and have his friends safe as always, especially if you make a promise to one of them.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was you favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. Is Kira's Kitsune getting worse?
  5. Where did Kira disappear to at the end?
  6. Did anyone else laugh at the Werewolf & Dread Doctors scene?
  7. What will Scott do to rescue Hayden & Liam?
  8. How will Stiles find out Parrish is the one stealing the bodies?
  9. What will the do to Hayden?
  10. What can we expect from the next episode?


  1. Let me start by saying that this show is getting more mysterious everytime! Kira definitely seems like she is getting worse. She is borderline because twice she has already almost killed someone. My favorite scene was when Hayden was trapped in the car because it was so suspenseful and I like suspense. I knew Liam was coming to get her, it was basically a given I think, but still. That had to have been my favorite scene. Also, what's up with burned up Lydia?? I still don't understand what happened in the car scene between Parrish and fake Lydia.

  2. Let me start by saying that this show is getting more mysterious everytime! Kira definitely seems like she is getting worse. She is borderline because twice she has already almost killed someone. My favorite scene was when Hayden was trapped in the car because it was so suspenseful and I like suspense. I knew Liam was coming to get her, it was basically a given I think, but still. That had to have been my favorite scene. Also, what's up with burned up Lydia?? I still don't understand what happened in the car scene between Parrish and fake Lydia.

    1. I find Kira annoying to watch and I don't think she's necessary for the series. The fake Lydia is confusing, I think The Dread Doctors might be using him to collect bodies for a hybrid army? Or his power might be a Phoenix and resurrects the dead hybrids and turns them human again. Hayden will be the one to watch as she is the most promising hybrid for the doctors and Scott will have to fight/save her!

  3. this episode was pretty graphic. so werewolf eyes glow blue if they take an "innocent" life, that seems pretty subjective. who was the girl in the mccall house?? crazy phoenix deputy, is someone controlling him, like kira? this is not my idea of quality mother daughter time. poor hayden, i thought they might let 1 chimera survive. what happened to "Your condition improves." i don't get why the star snapped her out of it either. that darn theo is really messing with stiles. #sciles, lol

    1. It's basically telling us that Theo can get away with murder since he can hide his blue eyes because he's such a mad person! I think someone is controlling Parrish but it's hard to tell so far, I know his emotions towards Lydia helps him trigger it off though. I don't get why the star snapped her out of it either, maybe it's some old ritual object that the parent knew before it would happen?