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True Detective: Season 2, Episode 8 - The Finale.

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While the three detectives investigate the newly found evidence in the motel room where they're hiding out, Paul gets an anonymous text threatening him him with the intimate picture he had with one of them men he met at club Lux.

Ani finally finds the missing girl she has been looking for while she was a undercover prostitute at a premium mansion for the rich and the important. Ani and the missing girl speak in another motel room as Ani asks her questions about the diamonds in the photographs and gives her valuable information that comes in use.

having a normal conversation in his casino office is Frank, talking about business and quickly the mood changes from business to personal business as Frank knows everything that Blake has been doing behind his back. Frank smashes a glass across his face and get more information from Blake before shooting him in the stomach.

Ray decides to show Davis the new evidence they got from the private sex party to see what she has to say and what else they have to do. When Ray gets to the location to meet Davis, he suddenly see's her lying dead in her on car, with blood coming from her torso and so he drives away in his own car as fast as he can. 

The three detectives regroup after splitting up for the day and Paul gets another text message telling him to meet to buy the intimate pictures for blackmail. When Paul gets there, he is lead down into the underground tunnels to meet Detective Halloway and it all goes wrong for Paul as he shoots his way out of the tunnel full of security guards and shot in the back as soon as he leaves the building leading from the tunnels, leaving him for dead. 

Episode 8 - Omega Station

Omega Station

After Ray and Ani find out the truth about the orphaned siblings Erica and Lenard back at one of the houses they investigated, they find out that Lenard went to meet Chief Halloway to exchange the video tape he took out of Caspar's apartment when Ray got shot there but the sibling Lenard only went to meet Holloway to get revenge on him for executing his mother and father. Ray tells Ani to look after Erica while he goes to the Omega station where the exchange is taking place, leaving Ani without having any sort of reply and slams the door behind him. Ani is then forced to buy Erica a one way ticket out of Vinci to Seattle, so she can start a new life but Erica said that her life ended years ago, with Ani telling her it never and so Erica gets on the bus to Seattle to never see the life of Vinci ever again.

Turning up at the Omega station in a cowboy hat and denim clothing is Ray dressed in a disguise as he is a wanted man alongside Ani, seeing his face printed all over the news when he see's himself on the TV when he's going up on the escalators to find Lenard. When he gets to the top he spots Lenard and Ray comes up from behind him, pulling a gun on which is pointed at his back in a discrete manner. "Don't turn around or i'll cut you in half before the show even starts," Ray says to Lenard who seems surprised from the unexpected and Ray begins to tell he knows everything about what they did to his parents and sister, telling him that suicide isn't the right way to get revenge and he should drag the truth out into the light for justice. Ray knows that he won't get through to Lenard and stop him on his suicide mission and he nods his head as if to say "OK, I understand" but he actually says "OK then you listen to me."

Chief Holloway just arrived at the Omega station with Lieutenant Burris looking at his every move and Halloway is looking around for Lenard to exchange the diamonds for the video tape along with some other things that could also get him into trouble but instead he see's Ray standing there with a bag, whistling him to come over. They both sit down to discuss a new deal that Ray has in mind and starts to talk about who killed Caspar, the Vinci land deals, the diamonds and about Lenard and his sister Erica, saying awful things about them both but Lenard is sat right behind them both listening to the conversation and attacks Holloway with a knife.

Lenard has Holloway on the floor stabbing him multiple of times in the middle of the station and Burris comes out from hiding and starts to shoot at Ray who drops his gun and recorder he was taping Holloway for evidence but the recorder gets crushed by one of the panicking civilians running away from the gunfire. Burris gets shot in the arm by Ani as she enters the station and picks up Ray from the floor before three police officers come to the scene where Lenard is attacking Holloway still, only to get shot of the floor when Holloway shoots off his gun at Lenard but both die by the hands of the police. Both Ani, Ray and Burris escape from the station in separate ways of the station, with Burris holding his wounded arm down the escalators and the two detectives holding onto each other as they flee outside along with the scarred civilians.

I loved Ray's get up outfit as he walks in the Station, it's so Ray and i honestly don't know how he got away with it, after showing his face on every TV inside the station but imagine being Lenard, standing there waiting for someone and a macho cowboy comes up from behind you and sticks a gun in your back. What would you actually do? Plus if i was Ray i would be tempted to shoot him there and then because Lenard was the person who shot Ray in a chest with a shotgun but luckily the gun didn't have real bullets which ONLY broke his ribs! 

When Ray told Lenard "OK then you listen to me," you just knew he had a plan of his own even if Ray thought Lenard wasn't going to listen to him. At the time i was thinking they was going to drag him in the bathroom and put a occupied sign on the door and maybe kill him there, that's what would of happened in most most TV series but not this time. Ray tries to get information from Holloway and record everything that he's saying but when Lenard gets angry it messes things up and destroys the evidence. I was literally holding my head in disappointment and swearing to myself with frustration! i'm sure many people wanted Ray to get the evidence so him and Ani can get away but that wasn't the case and Ani saves his ass at the station with both of them fleeing the scene.

You Need Money

"You got money to run? You can't even access the bank, no credit cards" Frank tell Ray that he's not the type of person to retreat, "You wanna stay alive, you and yours...You need money," Frank says to Ray who eventually stands up to think things through. Ray brings up the person who sold him the fake assailant who attacked his ex wife and Frank tells him it was Blake, saying "I spared you that one" and telling him "He didn't go nicely." Frank then shows Ray a map to the mountains where the money exchange is taking place with the Russians, explaining that the Russians will never see it coming. "Men like this, they always skate," Ray says, "Not with me they don't, i did not live my life to go out like this," Frank says starring at all the guns and ammunition lined up on one of the beds in the safe room they're staying in.

In the next room Felicia and Ani are talking about how she can get them both to Venezuela without getting caught by authorities. "You done this a lot?" Ani asks Felicia, who answers with "Much easier to bring people in than out." Felicia talks about how she knows Ray and Franks, saying she knows Ray because he was the one who helped her get justice with the man who attacked her, putting him behind bars and she knows Frank because he gave her the money to buy the bar that she now runs, saying that Frank never asked for the money back. "How do you know Ray?" she asks Ani, "I guess we saved each others lives."

OK, if i was one of the Russians, i would initially go check out every place where Frank goes to and what place does he go to the most? The bar where he meets Ray for his little discussions and even if he isn't there, i would of thought the Russians would of got revenge and burnt the bar down. I think i'm thinking into a little bit much and come up with scenarios as if it would happen in real life or what iv'e seen on previous shows but that's what i like about True Detective, it's different in every way possible. 

When Frank was speaking with Ray i knew for a Fact that they was going to war with the Russians because the amount of guns Frank had set out on the bed in-front of them both. When he brought the money situation up with Ray, i thought he would of blackmailed him to help him but if he did blackmail him, i think Ray would of done anything at that point in time because he had no money to flee with and so if he helped Frank, they both would be rich men in Venezuela either way. The burning question i had in my head at this time was "Which one would be killed?"

Up in The Mountains

After their meeting about the money exchange that the Russians are about to do, Ray and Frank are a stones throw away from the compound where it's all taking place, hiding in the bushes fully loaded with guns and gas masks. Frank takes two of the guards out in front of the cabin with a silenced pistol and Ray comes out from the back of the cabin bushes, shooting a gas grenade gun through the windows of the cabin, which then fills the whole building up with gas. Frank shoots more gas canisters inside the cabin and waits patiently outside the front door with an assault rifle, with both of them shooting everyone who comes outside of the cabin choking. With most of the Russians dead they put their gas masks on to go inside of the gas filled cabin and finish off the remaining Russians who linger inside, to see Osip crawl from the smoke. "Old times Frank, I saved you...You're like my son" but Frank doesn't listen on what he has to say and shoots him with a pistol.

Now the hard part is over, Frank and Ray take a long stare at each other and begin to put the millions of dollars in their black rucksack bags they came to collect, taking their time because there's so much money inside of the cabin. The two of them arrive at car park together and Frank sets the blacked out Land Rover on fire so the police can't trace any evidence, putting the bags of money in each their parked cars. "See you down south. You're going right? You gotta get out," Frank says to Ray who seems a bit reluctant in the idea of living on the run in a different country but tells Frank "That's the plan." "Thinking about your boy?" with Ray nodding to say yes and with both of them shaking hands to thank each other and to see each other down south soon as it's their plan.

This partnership was deadly and very thrilling to see them both take out the Russians so easy and precise, it was like if they planned it for weeks like a SWAT team would do and make it the perfect plan, which it was! It was just so epic watching Frank take out the two guards like they ere nothing to see Ray pull out a smoke grenade launcher, thumping the smoke grenades through the windows. You could say it was like taking candy from a baby and it was exactly that, it just seemed to easy but it showed us how determined and ruthless Frank was and how much he wanted to end the Russians, eventually stealing the money also.

I thought the scene with Frank and Ray saying goodbye to each other was pretty emotional because despite their differences, they made a good team and they were loyal to one another, even if they were on different sides of the law. You could tell that Ray didn't want to flee away but he had no other choice and he had to for Ani's sake and so they both shook hands with respect, driving away with a load of money each. It's was just thinking if they will both make it to Venezuela on time and without dying.

One Last Detour

Now driving back to meet Ani and their plan to escape the country, Ray is having some final words with Ani on the phone before his arrival and tells her that maybe they can take their evidence to the press to shed some light on the truth. "We've got a hell of a retirement bonus, i'm on my way now, you understand?" With Ani agreeing and Ray re-ensures her that he's 40 miles away and he will be there in time to catch the boat to Venezuela. Both of them out the phone down to each other, with both of them thinking about each other like they never did before because they're going to be starting a new life together in a new country but before Ray drives back to the safe compound, he cant stop thinking about his son and makes a hard decision to take a detour before leaving the country and drives off at the last exit back into Vinci.

Ray's now outside of his sons school looking through binoculars to see if he can find his son in the playground of the school but is unable to spot him, so he decides to get out his car to go look for him. He comes to the cage fence that surrounds the playground and looks around to see his son and at first he can't see him as he looks around more than once but then out of no where, he see's his son sitting down at one of the tables with the detective badge he gave him as a present, making Ray smile to himself. His son looks over to the fence to see Ray standing there, starring at each other as Ray gives him one last salute wave goodbye to him and his son does the same before his father walks away from the school fence.

When Ray returns back to his car he notices a puddle from under his car and a red light reflecting from the puddle, assuming it's a sticky bomb or a tracking device. He tries to pull off the device that is stuck under his car and is unable to, so he looks around the streets to see if he can find the person or people who were responsible and can't find anyone. With nothing else he can do, he decides to get into his car and drive away but a couple of seconds later a parked car pull in onto the road and follows Ray and he phones Ani up to tell her the situation he's gotten himself into. "I thought we had time, i just wanted to see my boy again, there's a transponder on my car...Maybe they were watching from school, i don't know." He tells Ani to stick to the plan and he will meet her in Venezuela, "Please get on the boat, trust me...I can lose these A-Bleep-holes with a tricycle." Ani passes the phone to Felicia and tells her "I'm not going to make it," making her promise to get Ani on the boat.

Ray drives back up towards the mountains to try and lose them in the forest and ditches the car, trying to get the money out but drops it as it falls out of the bag and begins to run down the hill and hide behind some of the tree's because Lieutenant Burris is right behind him with armed men, searching the forest for any sudden movements. "You still got time Ray! Where's the papers?! Where's the women?!" Shouts Burris pointing a gun as he searches for him but Ray doesn't respond and shoots one of the armed men in the head and runs back down the hill some more, shooting another armed men in the back but this time the remaining men shoot back at Ray as he runs further. Only a shotgun is his possession, Ray plonks himself behind a tall tree and looks up towards the sky which gives him clarity on what he's going to do next. Burris is still shouting and asking about the girl he wants and Ray whispers to himself "In a better place" and runs out from behind the tree with his shotgun and automatically shot by the armed men, shooting Ray multiple of times which kills him instantly.

I cringed and shouted at my TV when Ray pulled in at the exit to go see his son, i jut knew that something bad was going to happen if he didn't go and meet Ani straight away. I will say this though, the scene where him and his son salute each other was so sad and emotional to watch, it was like Ray was saying bye for good and his son understood him and saluted him back to say bye as well. It also gave me chills when i seen his son keep the present Ray gave him and brought it to school so it was close to him at all time, making Ray smile to himself, i was like "Aww!" 

When Ray spotted the liquid surrounding his car, i was positive that the liquid was petrol and the transponder on his car was a bomb, thinking they would of blew him up there and then but like i said before, True Detective is so different and make the expected the unexpected. It must of been hard for Ray to speak to Ani on the phone and lie to her that he will be OK but telling Felicia "I'm not going to make it" but i guess that was just to calm her down and put her mind at ease.

At first i thought Ray was going to take the men to the cabin where him and Frank killed the Russians and maybe get inside the cabin for safety and shoot them all. Obviously i was wrong because yet again the unexpected happened and he just tried doing the simple thing and lose them in the forest, which was the stupidest plan ever. I thought he was going to get away with this as he already killed two of the armed men and kill the rest of them but he only had a shotgun and when he came to the realisation by sitting under a tree and looked up towards the sky, he made his suicide move and got himself killed. This as very sad for me because i would of liked to see Ray start fresh with Ani.

He Wants Your Suit

Driving through the night to carry on with his plan, Frank comes to a stop underneath a bridge and notices something odd and see's that he's being trapped in from the front and from behind of his car, with him getting his gun ready which is strapped to his ankle. Before he could get to his gun, the window smashes into his face and with a gun pointed at his head as the Mexicans get in the back of his car and drive him away from under the bridge."Why?" Frank asks but none of the Mexicans respond to him and carry on driving to where ever there taking him.

"You taking me out? I was already gone...What the F-Bleep-ck did you come out to say?" Frank says to the gang of Mexicans who are surrounding him in a deserted desert. "We had a deal, no clubs, no locations for us," the Mexican leader tells Frank and he replies back with, "What else was i suppose to do? you wanna get square? There's a flat million in the suit case, that's my trade." The Mexicans take the suitcase and Frank asks them if their all square with him, "It will buy you something" says the Mexican. "A million dollars doesn't buy a lift back to town?" sarcastically asking the Mexicans but one of the Mexicans tells the leader that they want Franks suit, trying to make him take it off in the middle of the desert. " I didn't even wear a suit till i was 38" says Frank before punching the Mexican in the face and tackling him to the ground but one of the other Mexicans stab him in the side of the body.

"We made a nice bed for you, lie down Frank" he tells Frank as he lies on the desert floor in pain and with a grave the Mexicans dug for his body. Frank is left alone in the desert and he starts to limp through the desert and his conscious comes into play, showing memories of his abusive father walking along side him in the desert, a gang of black teenagers, Blake on his knees and finally see's his wife. "You made it? You OK?...I'm coming, hold on," he says to his wife all dressed in white. "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" she says and Frank begins to walk normal as his limp has disappeared, "Just waking my way baby...I told you i'll make it," he replies but his wife agrees on him and tells him he can rest now, "No rest, never stop moving" but his wife tells him he stopped moving way back there, with Frank looking back behind him and seeing his dead body lying behind him and falls to the ground.

After seeing Ray die i was almost certain that Frank wouldn't die because if Ray died, that would cancel out the possibility of Franks death but i was wrong AGAIN! They should of called this episode "The Unexpected" because iv'e been wrong every time i thought how the situation would go. I thought this was the stupidest scene of the episode because he died by protecting his suit which he wouldn't take off for one of the Mexicans. He died because of SUIT! What the hell? That was so pity and a very cheap way to die.

The strange thing about this scene was when all his conscious memories came to surface and showed his abusive father shout abuse at him and other memories to finally having one of his wife, making Frank think he made it to Venezuela and asking her if she's OK. The most heartbreaking part of this scene was when he looked back behind him and seen himself lying on the ground dead as soon his wife told him. 

Telling The Truth 

"A lot of the rest was in the papers so for the next year...You know where to look...These facts were paid for in blood... So honor that... I don't know if it will make any difference but it should because we deserve a better world" As Ani narrates a scene with the police putting up a memorial sign for Detective Paul, Ray's ex wife looking through old pictures of him and his son, people making more land deals with each other and showing Tony Chessani become the new Mayor of Vinci. "And i owe him that, i owe his sons that. Anyways this is evidence, most of it's here, some of it's not...The truth, it's naked larceny, open murder and cascading betrayals," Showing Any speaking to a Valenzuela reporter. The reporter tells him to testify with him with the evidence she has just told him about but she tells him to stay in the hotel room until she has been gone for an hour.

In the other room, Franks wife Jordan is playing and cuddling with a baby, until Ani walks into the room, nodding at each other and hands over the baby to Ani. "He's restless," says Jordan, "Long trip ahead," replies Ani holding the baby in a baby sack around her torso. Ani puts her trusty knife in the opening to her boot and Jordan carries two rook sacks bags on each shoulder as they both walk down into the street to meet Franks body guard who promised him he would look after Jordan, with the three of them walking through the parade full of people that cover the streets of Venezuela.

WOW so Ani was pregnant with Ray's child! That just made things more sad and makes you think on how gritty this show really is. When Ani mentions "Long trip ahead," what does that even mean? Does it mean their going back to Vinci or somewhere else? It must mean something or she wouldn't of said at all. Also what if they carry on the story like 20 years after and with Ray's both sons grown up and they try and finish the job their father couldn't finish. Maybe they will continue it because both Ani and Jordan was packed and prepared to do something major, which they might show if they continue it on, Maybe? What do you guys think? Because even though though it was an amazing scene and episode, i just thought it was cut off to soon and should of had more episodes or made the previous episodes a bit more valuable and entertaining/Thrilling.


When i thought last episode was all about upsets and tragedies, nothing can beat on how sad and emotional this episode was, showing us multiple deaths with out favourite characters and heartbreak through out the whole episode. Even though the series had a very slow start and only had a certain amount of good episodes, the produces and writers to True Detective never failed on delivering on how gritty, truthful and hateful the world can really be at times and that we should all count ourselves lucky. I thought this was by far the best episode of the series and that's quite a sad thing to say because you want most of the episodes to be the best episode and memorable but all the memorable parts of the series were different scenes, where i couldn't think of one major episode that was good enough to think of, accept until the last episode of the series.

Now that the series has ended, it still feels like it hasn't ended if that makes sense? Because as i said before i thought the series ended to quickly and they tried to jam in all the stories for the 4 main characters, making most episodes drag out and make things a lot slower. It felt like it was still a cliff hanger for more episodes to come and i think they could of done more episodes or they might do more episodes but who knows? Will season 3 be continues from season 2 or whole other story?


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. Do you think Ray should of got the evidence he deserved back at the station or not?
  5. Which part of the episode was the most emotional and why?
  6. Did Ray deserve to die the way he died?
  7. Did Frank deserve to die the way he died?
  8. How else could it of gone?
  9. Should there be continued season for season 3?
  10. Where do you think Ani and Jordan are going to next?


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