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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 8

Previously On Teen Wolf

Liam tells Hayden about Werewolves and Dread Doctors while showing his true self as a Werewolf, scaring Hayden away to nearly getting caught by The Dread Doctors. Luckily Liam wasn't far behind and saves her and makes her believe in him.

Doing early morning chores with her dad is Kira as she helps him move stuff in his classroom at Beecon Hills High School. Kira's mother Noshiko attacks Kira and gets her to bring out her inner 
Kitsune, showing her true colours to her mother and nearly killing her while doing so.

Stiles is still having trust issues with Theo and tags along to keep him company when the both of them try and find out who's stealing the bodies. Unfortunately for the both of them, they both get attacked by Parrish as he steals the body inside of the Veterinarian.

Before stealing the body, Parrish comes across a playing card with Lydia's face on it and appears in his car out of no where. The two of them kiss each other but when Parrish looks at her again, she appears to be a burnt victim that summons Parrish to do his body snatching duty.

The master plan of Scott's was to catch one of The Dread Doctors in his high school but it all backfires as The Doctors teach them all a lesson with their own minds and take away Liam & Hayden for their next experiment.

Episode 8 - Ouroboros

Monster Homicide

"I Thought you said you had a situation" says Sheriff Stilinski to Scott's mother Melissa and she stops him from entering her house before explaining the circumstances and the situation that is insider her home. "If you come in, i need you to leave your badge at the door" She tells him and asks him if he wants to come in or not. When the two of them enter her house, Stilinski looks shocked to see a dead teenage girl lying on Melissa's kitchen table with a sword going through her body. "Has anyone seen Kira tonight?" Asks Stilinski as he recognise the sword sticking out of the girls torso and he calls in the police as he promised Melissa he wouldn't, so she slaps him across the face and Stilinski shouts "This was murder!!" Trying to justify the fact that he wont cover up a dead teenage girl because she has a "Family."
Credit to MTV
Wondering on the highroad of Beacon Hills is Kira as she walks down the road with cars beeping at her, telling her to get out the way but nothing fazes her as she looks to be in some sort of trance. When the police pull up behind her with the sirens going off, she snaps out of her trance and tells the police officer "Something happened here," with the police women offering her a ride home but Kira tells her that she thinks she came here to remember something. Kira then gets in the back of the police car as she thinks she getting a car ride home but the police women speaks on her radio, telling the police station that  "The Suspect is in custody" with Kira having no idea whats going on.
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Back at the police station Sheriff Stilinski tells the policewomen to take off the handcuffs as he tells her if she actually did do it, it was "Self defense" with her mother and dad entering the police station. "That's right Sheriff," says Kira's dad, giving the Sheriff a fake story so Kira is set free. He explains to Stilinski that he was attacked in his own home and he used the sword as self defense but the Sheriff doesn't buy it because he asks them both how the girl ended up at Melissa's house. Kira's mother Noshiko tells the Sheriff that "Apparently she wasn't quite dead," with the Sheriff questioning his motive and story but Noshiko says "Are you prepared to tell a different one?"
Credit to MTV
Imagine being Melissa and coming home to a dead body lying on your table? What the EFF would you do?! Especially seeing big ass claws coming from her finger tips. Also Stilinski deserved that slap considering he said basically said he wouldn't get the law involved because he "Left" is badge at the door and Melissa needs to understand where he's coming from as well, since he was right about not covering up a murder since the poor girl does have a family of her own. He should of slapped her back...No i'm just kidding but none of them were in the wrong really and i though the slap gave the scene a little bit more emotion to Melissa's disappointment with Stilinski.

Do you think Kira did it though? I thought the trance walking on the highroad was a bit strange, especially when she tells the police officer that "Something happened here" & that she "came here to remember something" but what could that be? I think she could be the key to find The Dread Doctors or something on them lines and she might be the only one to kill them? I think that will be a good story but also predictable. For some reason i think Kira will die in this series or come close to dying as the Kitsune will get to strong for her to handle and it will end up killing her within herself but only time will tell.


Liam Finally wakes up from being unconscious inside the lab of The Dread Doctors and see's Hayden straight away with the three of The Doctors around her. "Her condition worsens," one of the Doctors says as he puts a black light across her body, seeing a unnatural colour on her side as she looks towards Liam in a worrying kind of way. Liam shouts "Stop! Stop hurting her! Stop hurting her!" And one the Doctors walks over to Liam as he tries turning himself into a wolf but the Doctor boots him in the face to knock him out once more so they can carry on working on Hayden without being interrupted.
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"It hurts," Hayden tells Liam as she holds the side of her body with black substance surround the wound inflicted from the experiments the Doctors did on her. Liam tries to heal her the same way Scott does but is unable to as he is not an Alpha nor strong enough to carry such powers on him and he tries anyway by holding her hand to concentrate on her pain. He tells her sorry for failing in healing her and Hayden asks, "What are they doing to us?" But Liam doesn't have a clue and so he holds her hand once more to comfort her and they both stare at each other as they both lie on the floor in pain together.
Credit to MTV
Aww how romantic! I'm only kidding but you can see why the two of them are getting close with each other as the circumstances there in are horrible and they feel like they can comfort each other as they feel like their in the same boat together and who can blame them? If i was in the position with someone i knew, i'm sure i would be much more closer than usual as i would be terrified and would confine in them or they could confine in me for some comfort and tell them that "Everything will be OK," like most TV/Movie scenes do!

We also see Liam with a metal brace strapped around one of his arms as he lies on the floor roaring at The Dread Doctors, what could that even be? Is it to drain his Werewolf powers or is it to turn him into one of their hybrid experiments like Hayden and the others. As for Hayden, she's the most worrying part of the scene as The Dread Doctors tell her "Her condition worsens," making us think that she's going to be in danger sooner or later and they will try and kill her like they always do. This gives the episode and remaining episodes more suspense as we now know she could be in danger for her condition but will Scott and the gang be able to save her from the Doctors and her condition?

There's No Time

Storming through Stiles, Theo and Malia down stairs of the house, Scott ignores Stiles when he asks if Kira was OK and walks past them all to the upstairs bedroom where Corey is trying to finish reading the book of The Dread Doctors. "Sorry i'm only on chapter two...Kind of a slow reader," Corey tells both Mason and Lydia who are both watching him read and Scott storms into the bedroom saying, "He's right, we don't have time for that anyway," Sticking his claws in the back of Corey's neck while Lydia tells him not to but it's to late as he's already attached to Corey's thoughts and pulling them apart is life threatening for both of them, so she has no choice to let Scott carry on with his other bright idea.
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"What is he doing?" Theo asks, with Lydia answering, "Tapping into his memories, it's only something Alpha's do," Theo moves to the side from the group to get a better look at Scott's memory tapping process. "Does anyone know if it's working?" Masons asks, showing the memories of Corey as soon as he asks the question and showing Corey being carried through the hospital building by The Dread Doctors, then being dragged down some underground pipe line and ending up in The Doctors lab where they do all their experiments, with Corey screaming along the way. As soon as he gets enough information from Corey's memories, Scott pulls himself away from Corey with both of them suffering from exhaustion but Scott doesn't care as he begins to draw the water pipe line where The Dread Doctors took him, initially thinking its a clue where they took Hayden and Liam.
Credit to MTV
I thought that Scott was going to punch someone as he storms through the house, it certainly looked that way because he looked very angry and frustrated with something but only to grab Corey around the neck to gather some information from Corey's memories. It was interesting to see how interested Theo looked as he moves to the side to get a better look as if he's never seen or done it before and making me think that he might want to try it himself if he ever got the opportunity but i can imagine him doing it and it ending badly for him or the person he does it on.

When Corey was getting dragged through the hospital and then to the underground pipe line, i thought it was under hospital at first but then they found out it's near the water treatment plant. Why would The Dread Doctors be there though? I still think they're using some sort of portal to the other side of the supernatural, being between the supernatural world and Beacon Hills so it's near impossible to find. I think iv'e seen that scenario before on something but i think it would be a good edition to the series as we could see Scott and the gang try figure out how to get into The Dread doctors world and maybe make it harder for them while they all try and escape the other side of the portal. What do you guys think should or will happen?

Electric Cage

"Hayden wake up," as Liam shakes her to wake her up and she does so, lifting her shirt up to see the black wound get worse each time she looks at it. The two of them look around as they both notice they're inside a new room but with a caged gate in front of them. Liam gets up from the ground and grabs the fence, electrocuting him furiously and pushing him back down to the ground next to Hayden but out of no where they both hear a squeaky laugh and notice a teenage boy sitting in the dark. "Sorry, i probably should of warned you," he says and with Liam asking who is he, with the boy telling him his name is Zack but the better question is "What am i?" He tells them that he's just like them, "One of their experiments" and asks Liam if he would look at his back because The Dread Doctors took something off him but he can still feel something. Liam Agrees to look at his back and both Liam and Hayden are horrified at one they are seeing, two small clipped wounds where wings should of been.
Credit to MTV
Zack who is caged with Liam and Hayden is finding hard to optimistic as he's seen a bunch of other people who were experiments get taken away by The Dread Doctors. "They were failures, that's all they said," he tells Hayden and continues to explain the process of being one of their experiments. "First you forget, you don't know who you are or what you are doing and then you get violent...I watched two of them almost kill each other. One of them had a nasty looking cut just like that. Don't worry, black is OK...It's only really over when you start to bleed other stuff, when it starts turning silver." The three of them discuss on how many more failures there going to be and Zack brings up the point on wondering on what the successful  hybrid is going to look like.

The three of them are sitting there all exhausted from what ever experiments The Dread Doctors have done to them all and Zack can here them coming, as he tells Liam and Hayden "There coming" as soon as he hears the weird clicking noises they make before making themselves present. Zack touches his nose and see's on his finger tips that he has silver substance bleeding from his nose, saying "Oh god" as he know's he's in serious trouble. One of The Dread Doctors enters the caged room and drags out Zack by the collar of his neck, with Zack screaming at Liam and Hayden for help but both of them are to weak to do anything as Liam tries to stand up and is unable to.
Credit to MTV
It was a bit harsh by Zack to laugh at Liam as soon as he gets hit by a electric fence, pushing him hard and fast towards the ground within contact of the fence. Also what the hell is Zack? He had wings, which was disgusting to look at as you seen the little stumps of bone where his wings were, trying to flap his wings, which put me off my dinner at the time! I thought this scene was a bit pointless because we already no the process of the experiments and we know that The Dread Doctors kill the experiment when ever they see the silver substance come from the body but maybe it was necessary for the people who didn't fully understand what was going on, clearing up the situation for some of the Teen wolf fans out there. 

The Body Has Gone

Walking around the hospital with armed police officers guarding the hallways around him is Sheriff Stilinski as they stand guard watching over the dead teenage girl that was found in Melissa's house. Stilinski who takes his Sheriff jacket off because he's boiling hot and thinks the air conditioner in the hospital must be broken, telling one of the officers to go check it out as he says "I'm pretty sure that the morgue is supposed to be a lot cooler than this. As soon as he tells the officer to go check the air conditioner, the roof begins to make a sound as if its about to cave in and collapse on them all but Stilinski notices the fire sprinklers on the ceiling and pushes one of the officers out of the way as soon as the sprinklers explode down on them all with white steamed smoke coming from each fire sprinkler in the hallway.
Credit to MTV
Some of the officers who are stunned by the smoke coming down from the roof get tackled and punched within the smoke, making it hard for the officers to protect themselves from the assailant. "Clarke! Parrish!...Clarke!" Shouts Sheriff Stilinski looking for his officers but none of them respond to him and after a few seconds of looking around, deputy Parrish comes out of the smoke to say, "sheriff, I think i saw the suspect. Go get your son Sheriff" in a robot monotone voice and he gets interrupted by Stiles, telling him the body has gone and showing his father the empty mortuary container.
Credit to MTV
At the beginning of this scene it shows the police getting ready and standing guard over the hallways of the hospital with all their guns ready but not only that, they show Deputy Parrish been pointed guard right over the body inside of the morgue, only if they knew his condition and what hes capable of. At this point in watching this scene i knew it was going to be a bad idea putting Parrish in the same room as the body and maybe putting the rest of the officers in danger, which he did do as he made the fire sprinklers break from the heat he is able to make from his body and attacking them all so he makes a clear passage way through the building with the body. 

Theo, The Unlikely Hero

After finding out a major clue where The Dread Doctors might be hiding, Scott, Malia and Mason wonder around the underground pipe line the runs under the water treatment plant and they keep running in circles, which makes things worse as Scott can't pick up their scent because there's to many chemicals lingering around the tunnels. Scott collapses on his knees with the Malia and Mason telling him to take his inhaler but after he does, he can't help blame himself for letting this situation even happen, saying "It's all my fault. Where never going to find them, its all my fault." Mason hands his hand out with Scott pulling himself off the ground with Mason's help, "We should keep looking, we should keep trying," Masons tells Scott, helping him take the weight off his shoulders and so the three of them keep on looking.
Credit to MTV
Still exhausted and sitting inside the electrocuted cage is Liam and Hayden but they hear a sound and they think it's The Dread Doctors coming to collect one of them for the next part of the experiment. "Liam...Hayden" Theo shouts to them both and notices them standing inside the cage with Liam shouting, "Theo no!" as soon as he touches the electric fence, he gets pushed back and goes unconscious for a while and soon wakes up to the sound of Liam's voice calling for him, checking if he's OK. Theo tells them both that he's fine and slowly gets up from the ground with Liam asking him if he could get help and Theo tells him, "I am the help." He puts both hands on the electric fence once more but holds on as he takes the electric current through his body as he pulls open the gates with bolts of electric and sparks flying everywhere, to eventually letting go as the electric gate opens up for Liam and Hayden.
Credit to MTV
OK...So that happened,  Theo became the hero of the day and saves Liam and Hayden from their living nightmare but was this part of the plan to get more trust from the others or is he having a change of heart? I doubt he's having a change of heart and i think it's all part of The Dread Doctors plan. My theory is that he saved them both because both Liam and Hayden are contaminated with what ever's inside their bodies and it will change them into the hybrids that the Doctors wanted them to be, destroying Scott's pack from inside the group.

How will he explain this one to Scott? He offered to stay back at the house with everyone else, while Scott, Malia and Mason go look for them. The thing that has me heated is the fact when Scott got home to see Liam and Hayden on the sofa together all safe and sound, Theo walks up to Scott and gives him a huge hug. This makes me think that somewhere down the line, Scott will pick Theo over Stiles and bring up the moment where Theo saved Liam and Hayden, Asking why wouldn't he trust Theo over an act like that? I can see it coming, i really can! No doubt it will make a great story if this does happen and i would like to see Stiles prove to Scott that Theo is one of the bad guys and maybe save the day some how.


The episode was a more insightful view of how The Dread Doctors work and where they keep all their experiments, showing us that how ruthless they must be each time they fail to make the perfect hybrid. It also makes us question ourselves the question that we haven't been asking, "What will the perfect hybrid look like?" Making our imaginations run wild with thoughtss as we try and assemble a hybrid supernatural being inside of our minds.

We also see struggle, confusion and deceit as we see Theo bend his own rules and save Liam and Hayden from The Dread doctors, making Scott think he's more of one of the good guys and maybe considering putting him in the pack, which will annoy Stiles. Overall the episode as always was brilliant and entertaining to watch and more so as Scott is beginning to struggle and we all love when the strongest member of the group struggles because it adds more tension and depth to the remaining episodes to come.

  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. Did Kira really kill the young teenage hybrid girl?
  5. Will Malia's mother find her and kill her?
  6. Will Scott figure out what he thinks has "Changed" within Beacon Hills?
  7. What will Theo's reason on finding Liam and Hayden?
  8. Will Scott fully trust him after Theo's heroic day?
  9. What will they do now they know the truth about Parrish?
  10. What can we expect for the next episode?


  1. i think theo rescuing them was part of the plan. i liked that mason helped scott even though he's doubting himself. hopefully stiles will help him believe in himself again.

    the melissa slap was incredibly stupid & made no sense. it's like she forgot she's a mom, a kid is dead & the sheriff is a dad. it just made her look hysterical & stupid. kira's dad showed just what a dad will do for his kid.

    1. I totally get you, it's like the sheriff is letting Stiles do what ever he wants, even though he's not even a werewolf like Scott and that should make the sheriff more of a protective dad!

      Everything with Theo is a cunning plan but he doesn't reveal what it is. He's just desperately wants to get into Scott's pack so he can maybe tear them all from the inside out!