Sunday, 31 May 2015

Jurassic World Hype!

Jurassic World

OMG its almost here guys, Jurassic World and the hype is real! Coming out in the UK on the 11th of June and i'm sure every single cinema will be jam packed with die hard fans. If you haven't seen any of the others yet, i advise you to watch them all before you watch this movie. You will then know what the big deal is. This film is probably one of the biggest iconic films in our history. Changing the industry completely with new sound and visual FX.

When i watched the first of the franchise movie Jurassic park, i was only 3/4 years old and i bet you can imagine what it was like back then watching real life dinosaurs run around chasing a car full of people & making such realistic roars that it nearly popped my ear drums. This film was a real big trend around the world for kids my age and probably for many adults too. It was like a dream/nightmare come true if that makes sense at all.

All i remember as a kid i wanted to be was a dinosaur, you know the kind that runs super fast and jumps every where, the Velociraptor yes! This was like the coolest dino back in the day. Every kid was running round on the play ground making all kinds of weird noises, chasing each other like a scene out the movie. Thinking back then it does sound a bit stupid but Jurassic Park made this a playground for kids. Don't forget all the cool toys & merchandise you begged your parents for, instantly making you the coolest kid out of all your friends because you're wearing a luminous green t-shirt with a Tyrannosaurus Rex on it.

For all the kids out there going to watch this movie next week i envy your wild imaginations because i think this movie will blow your minds. If you're a parent taking your children to watch this film, make sure they have seen the others so they know whats installed for them on the 11th of June. Jurassic World has a all new cast and better FX than ever i'm sure it wont fail the kids of this generation and many die hard fans from the present years.

Chris Pratt

Speaking of a all new cast lets speak about the main character for this movie, Chris Pratt. If you
already don't know who this man is, he was the funny fat man in Parks And Recreation but not any more. As i said "was" the "funny fat man" he is now just the funny man. Losing a shred loads of weight to gain a all new appearance for himself landing himself big action roles such as Guardians Of The Galaxy and now Jurassic World.

If you have seen Guardians Of The Galaxy then you know this guy is hilarious and capable to play a action hero if needed to. When people watched Guardians Of The Galaxy i'm sure you were all shocked at how Chris Pratt looked. I mean this guy transformed himself from head to toe just to get this role and i don't think anyone could of played it any better. Since this guy is naturally funny in real life it would be stupid not to add some humor towards a action film, but he did play the part as serious as he could. In my opinion i now think that film directors and writers see him in a new light and take him serious enough to land him big movie parts. 

Leading up to the release date to Jurassic World i think he will be a great character as he was in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Hoping to see a lot of action scenes for Chris Pratt and some comical humor from this guy but nothing to funny since it is a disaster movie after all. Thinking from the last movie its hard to know if they will carry it on from there or just completely revamp the whole scene and make it original, since it is a new director. I will speak about Directors and actors in more depth when i watch the movie next week. I know this post isn't much about Jurassic World but i  hope you guys feel the same hype as i do!



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