Friday, 29 May 2015

Netflix - Love or Hate?

Love Netflix

So i think i can say for the majority of us love Netflix and why wouldn't we? Its cheap, reliable and easy to use. especially on the go with mobile devices and laptops.
I've been in some boring situations like on trains or cars and Netflix has come to my rescue so many times, its also amazing to waste travel time.
I have also embarrassed myself while watching Netflix on the go as i will laugh at something funny and people are looking at me confused and thinking to themselves what a "weirdo", but i bet some of you have been in that position as well.

The thing i love about Netflix is since iv'e watched a lot of movies and TV series its hard to find something new to watch, but with Netflix it gives me a whole new opportunity to search and watch a lot of new titles that i wouldn't of thought to watch in the past. For example, i would never of thought to watch House Of Cards staring Kevin Spacey in a million years, politics is not my thing. With Netflix giving the review of a movie or TV series and the whole scenario of it all it can be a really big eye opener for some customers including myself, this lead me to watch many titles of all genres.

The genre section is probably biggest turning point for me because they have the 'independent' film genre section. This is basically small production films based outside big company's like 'WarnerBrothers', 'LionsGate', '20th Century Fox' & so on. It gave me a whole variety catalog of independent films to watch and its great! Normally i would try to find the most popular movie/TV series to watch and i was limited because iv seen pretty much everything, sad i know.  If you guys haven't been to this section yet i recommend you to try it out. 

Hate Netflix

Iv'e been signed up to Netflix for about a year & a half now and iv been loving it so far. But the thing  is iv'e pretty much watched all of the movies on there, and i was pretty disappointing in them. If you're like me and seen a lot of movies over the years i'm sure you felt the same. OK i guess its my fault for being a movie nerd, but come on Netflix you're the leading company for online media streaming. I would of liked to see more popular movies on there as it seems to me when i go to a genre section it only has like 2-4 decent movies to watch and further down the list they get more worse. Plus the movie will also be added to other genres as the popular movie for that section, so it seems to be a waste of space.

I also hate movie rights that Netflix will have over some TV shows, this is a real problem for some people and myself. Say i'm sitting down watching TV and the ad breaks will come on and they show a awesome ad for a new TV series coming out for example 'Vikings', Netflix doesn't have this show because Amazon instant own the rights to it. Or if someone was a member to amazon instant they wouldn't be able to watch 'Better Call Saul' because its an original series to Netflix. I think all rights to media streaming is naff and i think some people would agree, but i guess that's just business.

One more thing that really grinds my gears is the European Netflix is not the same as the Us Netflix, i don't know why they have done that but its so annoying! I remember reading or watching something how the TV show 'Friends' was being added to Netflix and i was so excited to only find out that its not for the UK Netflix, i was so gutted. I know some people who changed their settings to have the Us Netflix and they have all said its a lot better than the UK's version, but i don't know if this is legal or illegal.

So far its been a love hate relationship between me and Netflix but i think i can say iv'e enjoyed it so far. Netflix could improve a lot more for its customers but its still a great way to watch films/tv series if you haven't seen many.


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