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When a goody two shoes medical resident Liv Moore attends a boat party that turns into a living nightmare, when a zombie attack spreads out of no where. Liv ends up getting scratched by a zombie making her join the brain eating beings. Despite the pale complexion, white hair and the urge to eat human brains, Liv still passes as a normal human being to the rest of the civilization. As she refuses to kill and eat fresh human brain, Liv eats the brains of the dead bodies that passes through the morgue she now works at and soon realizes she gains the memories of the dead ones. Now She knows the abilities she has gained, Liv decides to put this to good use and pose as a psychic, helping a detective solve murder mysteries. 


Thoughts & experiences

It's about 1 in the afternoon here in England i'v just finished watching the final episode of iZombie, after i started watching it a week ago. It's been a fun week catching up on the big CW series & a very sad one as the first season has just come to a dramatic end, but lets start from the beginning. 

At first i thought iZombie was going to be some kind of thriller/Horror series with loads of blood, guts and gore but its the complete opposite, well not the complete opposite as there is some blood and brains in the mix but nothing horrific that tells us its a typical Zombie series. A typical zombie series would be like "The Walking Dead" but who wants to compete with that show, its amazing in every way, so i'll save that for another blog post.

I would compare iZombie more to "CSI", but with a zombie theme to it. IZombie is more of a crime solving series more than a dead Zombies running around every were trying to kill you kind of show, but i think they might add that idea down the line somewhere. 

At the start of iZombie there's a girl called Liv Moore and lets be honest she is one hot chick, call me weird or what ever but i think shes more hotter now shes a zombie! don't you agree?.. No!,,, OK, i'll shut up now. Any way, when she got scratched as a zombie i thought she was done for for the rest of the show, but turns out shes one of these talking zombies that solve mysteries when she eats brains, gaining memories from them. At first i thought it was stupid idea from the writers of the show, applying that to a zombie and now i think differently now iv watched the whole series.

I think this will give it more in depth in stories, so the show will always be fresh full of ideas for future seasons. Plus each episode has a different murder/mystery to solve but always follows a back story of other characters and not just the crime of the show. This reminds me of "Arrow" as it also has two kind of stories, one where Arrow fights & protects his city & one of how he became the Arrow. This sort of thing is what the viewers want, specially me.

I mentioned back stories a minute ago and boy doesn't this series have a good one? the main back stories of the first season is mainly about Liv's problem being a zombie but also follows her ex Fiance named Major, who is trying to find out a mystery of his own. The mystery is him trying to catch the killer who is killing the kids from his old work place, but doesn't know that zombies exists yet. This is my favorite part of the show and for many other viewers, because its very tense and Major is a very likable character so the viewers wouldn't want anything bad happening to him. If anything bad did happen i think it will put the writers in a difficult position and the fans would rage with fury.

I also love the other characters they have put into the show as they are all very different and good actors to play the roles. I hope to see more good performances from the actors and maybe include more characters to the show, so its fresh and interesting to watch.

The future of iZombie?

We are all positive that she will always be Liv Moore in iZombie but what will happen next, now that Major knows shes a zombie? Will he leave her or stick by her side as he still loves her, i think? If i was him id be thankful that she saved my life even though i am a zombie. I'm pretty sure that Liv will sort him out with some brains from the morgue anyway.

As for her police work i think she will keep helping the detective with her crime solving abilities, but i think she might let other people know shes a zombie like her mother & detective. They will find out eventually but maybe for the last seasons.


After Majors crazy hard work trying to find out the killers, he finally did. Now he knows that zombies are real and very dangerous when hungry.

His future with Liv is uncertain from what i seen from the last episode, he was very angry with Liv as she lied all this time. If he does decide to forgive her i think the viewers would like a zombie couple and it will give Major Or Liv something to fight for if they get into trouble.

Dr Ravi
For Dr. Ravi i would be terrified as he is surrounded himself with brain eating zombie, well two of them are his friends, but their world becomes his world. If they get into a spot of trouble he will more than likely be caught up with it all.

Plus will he ever find a cure for zombism? I think that will come down to the final episode or season. maybe the whole city turns into zombies after a massive outspread to the disease.

Dt. Clive
The detective will just keep being the detective as he is blind to whats actually happening around him.

In later seasons he might catch on that there is zombies but don't realize that Liv & Major are too. Maybe he already knows but keeping it a secret so he doesn't get them into trouble.

I think a good twist to the show will be if he finds out and turns against them, trying arresting them some how or goes completely off the rails looking for zombies like major did.

The guy who looks like spike from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" will carry on selling brains and probably become very powerful as the seasons go on. he will get very rich, possibly making a army off zombies to work for him and pay them back with brains.

If he makes a army of zombies to work for him i think they will disobey him and possibly start a zombie riot into the city. This where Dr Ravi comes in with a cure.

Down the line he might get some competition from other brain dealers so we might see some action or partner up together.

I think Peyton reaction to Liv being a zombie is the biggest mystery as she fled and disappeared not to be seen by anyone.

Where did she actually go? maybe she went to some training facility to fight zombies so she can kick some zombie butt. I literally have know clue what will happen though.

I think she will be back for season two, maybe finding it hard to understand what happened or she might threaten to tell people. A better story would be if she threatens to tell people and Liv could just turn her into a zombie so she cant tell anyone.

I'v kept this blog post short and sweet as i hope to write more about iZombie for the next season and possible other future seasons.

But what do you guys think about the show so far? do you think anything could be improved or thought it could of been better? or what do you think will happen for next season?
i would like to know what you think, so feel free to comment below & i will get back to you.


  1. Very nicely write up. I notice that the newer zombie shows are trying a different approch to being zombies. I never did really like the idea of a dead person making an all out sprint to catch you. I think they run faster when they are dead! Thanks for the reminder of the show. I'm going to go get more info for me. Hagd

    1. I'm glad you liked the post Sheryl and I totally agree with you. I liked how the producers and writers gave Zombies a different persona and turned them In to something new and unique. Can't wait for next season!!

  2. I love your post! It's definitely better than mine ;)
    About iZombie - I absolutely LOVE this show. The show is so witty and funny, despite it covering love, drama, death and crime. I find it impressing to see all that in one show and them still being able to pull it off "lightly". I especially love David Anders, the guy who plays Blaine. Even though he does such gruesome things, I've still took a liking to him. As for the comment above, I also like this new approach. Zombies are always portrayed as these horrid creatures,who have no self control and who's main goal it is to eat the brains of the living. The fact that you clearly see that Liv didn't choose this zombie-life and just wants to LIVE makes her so much more intriguing. I'm very excited for season 2, as the show so far has done nothing to disappoint me.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Recapwizard, this was one of my first blog posts and it was still a learning curve for me but i'm glad you liked it :) i just read your blog post on iZombie and it's good, don't put yourself down and work hard on your blog!

      I agree with you also on how they make Zombies less threatening as you see Liv live among human beings, kind of like how a vampire would control their thirst for blood as you would see in some movies (Blade, twilight e.g) and its a first to see Zombie version come in to action and its intriguing to watch!