Friday, 5 June 2015

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond


A teen girl with scientific curiosity and a former boy genius meet on a dangerous mission to find the secrets of a place some where in time and space that exists in a distant memory as they know as "Tomorrowland." The two team up with a young female robot who is banished from Tomorrowland to help them both find their purpose to save their own planet.  

Thoughts & Experiences.

Disney films as we know is more about getting attention from kids and they do a right good job at it. Disney started focusing on animation films but as the years went on they also added real production films to their lists such as Mary Poppins, High School Musical, National Treasure 1 & 2, Princess diaries, Pirates Of The Caribbean and many more. Disney films are the one that stick with us the most as they touch our child like self's as we were a kid still. Now with their latest film Tomorrowland i think this one brings out the kid in me.

I'v literally just finished watching Tomorrowland and i had to jump straight onto my computer to write about this wonderful adventure film. I have not watched a good adventure movie in a long time, probably the last time i watched  a adventure movie was 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth' and that was back in 2008 so a very long time ago. This movie is enjoyable for anyone to watch and i mean anyone, i'm 24 & loved every bit of it so why couldn't you? 

In Tomorrowland there is a sense of wonder and hope about this film as the two main characters were big dreamers/believers that anything is possible and think this is what our young generation want to see and hear in a movie like this,  So if you're a parent and want your kid to believe that anything is possible in life then this movie is perfect for them. If you're a gown up like me then just watch it anyway and you will see the big kid in you pop straight out.

Adventure movies usually include a lot of excitement scenes, a lot of action and some funny moments to throw in there, this film had it all. The young female robot that i mentioned in the summary was literally doing back flips and kung-fu type moves to fight off her enemies and it was amazing because she was 4 foot nothing and she was beating up these fully grown adults, this would be amazing for your child or for any other kid as they would want try and beat you up after seeing this.

As i was watching this movie i was mind blown how good the graphics and FX were, it was like as it was real. I'm sure if i was a kid watching this movie i would want it to be real and hope to find the Tomorrowland coin to try and find the wonderful city as you see in the movie.


George Clooney who played Frank Walker in this movie did a excellent job. He maintained a good character for the Disney history years to come and i'm sure he will be remembered for a long time for his role in Tomorrowland. when the film began a kid played the younger version of Frank Walker as the boy genius. His role was cut off half way through as George played the older version to carry on the story when he meets Casey Newton.

Brit Robertson who played Casey Newton is adorably cute and funny in this movie and i think the female viewers would love her character. At first she is a bit scream-ish as she is confused about the whole idea of Tomorrowland being real, when she finally realizes authenticity of the magical place she discovered by touching a unusual coin, she then believes it is her destiny to save her own planet. 

Raffey Cassidy Who played the female robot, Athena. Athena is assigned to find recruitment geniuses for Tomorrowland and that how she met the young Frank Walker. Frank to a instant like to her and pretty much feel in love with her but was devastated after finding out she was a robot. Athena is smart, witty and very seriously looking. & Raffey Cassidy did a good job portraying these attributes.

Athena: "I'v figured out why you couldn't make me laugh"
Frank Walker: "Why's that?"
Athena: "You're not Funny."


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