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Mad Max: Fury Road

Picture by Jorge Figueroa.

Mad Mad: Fury Road


A story set in a desert landscape where the human race is broken after water sources dry up making it near impossible to get water, and where the crazed fight over the necessities of life. In the mixed over this crazy dried up world, two rebels who are on the thinking they can change and restore good order for humanity. 

Max, a man who speaks very little but shows most of his emotion with his fists is trying to find peace of mind after the loss of his loved ones that he couldn't save. Max is tormented by horrific dreams & visions across the desert on his way to restoration.

Furiosa is a women of action and believes she is supposed to embark on a mission of survival, trying to get back to her birth home where she thinks its a better place to live than the dried desert. 

Thoughts and experiences.

If you're a Mel Gibson fan or even a Mad Max fan you initially know what Mad Max is all about. Mad Max was a popular movie back in the late 70's and early 80's starting up a franchise of its own movies, ending up as a trilogy.

So i decided to have a very late night last night because i had a bright idea to watch 'Mad Max,' i am super tired this morning but it was worth it as i thought it was an amazing film overall. The only thing was i didn't have was any crazy Mad Max dreams as i watched it just before bed, but enough of me lets talk about the movie. 

As the first half an hour past by when i was watching Mad Max i was instantly glued as it didn't waste any valuable time getting into the big actions scenes and explosions. I also liked how bright and visual the setting was and i think this would instantly capture the audiences gaze & attention for the rest of the film like it did with me. The bright visuals of Mad Max kind of reminded me of a video game or a comic book of some sort but i don't know why, probably because i have a weird imagination. 

When my imagination starts to run wild with all sorts of things i then see big customized vehicles chasing through the desert like a wolf pack chasing after meal. These vehicles were so huge & crazy, any creative engineer would love this part of the movie. If you have seen the old version of Mad Max you can already see a big difference in vehicles.

The guys on the bikes were incredible doing all kinds of stunts and jumps like they were performing for a circus show. They will be jumping over a huge oil tank while throwing grenades towards it, that part was spectacular in every way.

Speaking of a circus show, most of the vehicles had these long flexible poles attached to them with a person at the top and they would swing from side to side, attacking whoever they wanted to reach & all this was done while driving at full speed. All this was compelling and very excitable to watch. kids would love this.

If i was one of these crazy bad guys on top of a pole swinging side to side while driving forward, i think i would literally throw up all over the driver, blinding him and crashing in to other people. That's how my Mad Max journey would come to an end, i would be a useless bad guy.

At the beginning of the movie you hear a commentary of Max speaking about himself and the horrible future of humanity. This is probably the most you hear from Max in the whole duration of the movie and it was interesting as you would think the main character would have the most lines to say, but i think it played a massive role of the whole mystery behind Max. Don't get me wrong he does speak in the movie but Max is not a man of many words.

Max is captured by these crazed animals called war boys and believe in Valhalla, which they welcome death with open arms, this makes them reckless and fearless. When he finally gets away from the War boys they are soon on his trail & Max is teamed up with the rebels who are also fleeing them. Max who is chained up on a leash to another war boy approaches the female rebels for help but end up in a three way fight.

.The three way fight was crazy and funny at the same time because Max who is carrying a dead war boy on his shoulders who is actually not dead but unconscious wakes up in the mix of it all. So Max, the war boy and the female rebels all get into a fist fight while Max an the boy are chained up, so they are constantly pulling & tugging each other all over the place. You can see how historical it all sounds.
This is one of my favorite parts of the movie and i'm sure the male and probably females would agree with me on this one because there are some sexiness among the rebels. The part when Max first approaches the women and sees a bunch of half naked women washing them self down with a hose pipe. If i was Max i would think i was dead and arrived in heaven if i witness this

Lets talk about the female rebels that i keep mentioning because they are the main reason for this story. The main female character is Imperator Furiosa, a leader of one of the war boys army, who is now getting chased by them through the desert for abandoning her orders. Furiosa is driving a big water tank, transporting the "mothers" to a better place to live. The "mothers" are the war boys leaders companions used for re-population, so you can see why this guy is chasing them because the "mothers" are carrying his unborn children.

I nearly forgot to mention that Furiosa has half an arm missing, she didn't even have a story to tell on how she lost it.All she does is put on a robotic arm for replacement and it looks cool as hell! imagine getting hit by a fake robotic arm though, it would do some serious damage towards them war boys i tell you.

The thing i liked about this movie is that its not just an action movie run by over powered men with guns, the females are bad ass in this film as well. Blowing and shooting everything that moves or jumps over them. Max is also rescued many times by the women and including Furiosa as Max falls off the truck she grabs him quickly as he nearly gets crushed to death. So if you're a fan of sexy women shooting guns then this film is for you.

When the road rage ends with the rebels and the warboys, the rebels end up going back from where they started. Max ends up showing the warboys the dead body of Immortan Joe and the rebels are seen as heroes from the dying community who despised joe and are welcome back in to the community. As they are welcomed back in Furiosa sees Max walking away, What do you think this means? & what do you think is installed for us next? since he isn't  staying with the rebels. All i know is i hope the next sequel will be as good as the first.

Kieron's Rating: 8.5/10


Tom Hardy who plays Max in the movie is incredible and mysterious as his character doesn't say much. He is a man of action and delivers when hes in sticky situations as you see many times in the movie.

Tom Hardy is a upcoming British actor known for is work such as Inception, Batman the dark knight rises, Warrior and now Mad Max. His previous performances as a action star gave him the chance to prove him self worthy of this role and he delivered better than ever landing him for a sequel to the Mad Max movie.


Charlize Theron is the sexy actress who plays the dominant female role, Imperator Furiosa. Even with the skin head and half an arm missing she is still sexy and plays her role perfectly.

With her half arm and half robotic arm she is deadly with a assualt rifle gun, hitting every shot she takers so she s not the one to mess with from long range.

I think the female audience will love her as she is a good women figure in the movie, standing up for her own rights and not afraid to take action when she believes its right to. 

Nicholas Hoult, anpther British actor who stared in Mad Max as one of the war boys, Nux. After thinking his role was shortly cut from a near death scene, Nicholas was one of the main characters along bored the rebels after failing to kill them in front of his leader, this lead him to betray his faith and side against the war boys.

Nicholas started off as a young actor and first stared in "About a Boy" the British comedy. His previous work as also landed him in the X-Men movies and a very funny Comedy movie called "Warmbodies," since he was pale and dead in the Warmbodies he was perfectly added to the role in Mad Max.

Hugh Keays is a Indian born actor known for his small production films and TV such as "sleeping Beauty" & "Moby Dick". He was also one of the original actors from the previous Mad Max movie starring as Toecutter.

Hugh played the infamous war boy leader Immortan Joe. Immortan Joe had several wifes in his community and 2 sons. some of joe's wifes also called the "mothers" decide to run away with some of his property which enrages him. 


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