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Poltergeist 2015

A Host Of Ghosts

Poltergeist, the legendary film from the 80's has just been remade and released in to our cinemas & everyone is going crazy, why is this? maybe because it was such an iconic film back in the 80's that the audience thought it would be as scary as it was back then, but was it?

I think the new Poltergeist movie was scarier than the original but the scare factor bar from the 80's was pretty low, so the audience would be scared of anything new back then as it was the generation of new horror. Now we're in 2015 the bar has risen that horror films today are much scarier then ever before, making the new improved Poltergeist more horrific to watch.

As being a 90's kid i was the perfect age to watch classic 80's movies such as Poltergeist and i loved it as it was its first of its kind. Now that i have watched the new Poltergeist it is uncanny how a like it they are, i know its the same movie but it was like the 80's versions was just decorated in new technology, modern homes & new actors. This worked really well for the remake as you don't want to change to much from the original.


A family just move in to a suburban home and finally settle in until the house starts to come alive with angry spirits. The first of the family to notice the strange activities was the youngest girl Madison Bowen after the brother catches her talking to her "imaginary friends," as her mother calls it. The brother who is terribly afraid of everything starts to notice that his little sisters imaginary friends are real & the activities star to escalates. After the evil spirits lore and take Madison from her home the family then come together to try and rescue her from the other side.  

Thoughts & Experiences.

I'll be honest i was a bit skeptical before watching this movie because the original was such a big hit in the 80's and remakes are normally a bad idea as the shoes are to big to fill, so its bound to fail. Well no, in my opinion i don think it did fail as a remake as most people would think and i think Gin Kenan the director should be proud of his work as i don't think it could be any more better.
I like how he kept the originality from the original movie so you wouldn't lose the same emotion and concept as you would with other remade movies. As the director did a good job for his work i think it would pull the older viewers in who loved the original to watch the new, as i did.

Gin Kenan is not so well known for many movies but i think he dared himself to push this to the very edge and put some new and improved things in to the movie without being labelled as a failure for his work with poltergeist.

At the beginning of Poltergeist there was some humor in there but not to much to ruin the movie. I think this would let the new viewers ease into the movie but then be surprised by some horrific moments. If i was a new viewer and didn't actually know what the film was about this would easily make me a little calmer as i wouldn't think it was such a serious horror, but after watching the scary scenes i know i would be wrong and be very surprised. Some horror moves lack this and dive straight into the scary scenes making it very predictable.

Like i said before, the original was scary back in the 80's because it was first of its kind, but now its been remade i don't think it was scary at all because i have seen the original and kind of know what will happen in the film. This was major down side for me from watching the new Poltergeist as the experience wasn't all so good and i think this will effect the original fans of poltergeist. This is what happens if you keep the same originality as the first, as it will always be compared together.

2015 gave the director more advantage than it did in the 80's with all the new technology and equipment now used for the film industry. This gave Poltergeist better FX, graphics, cameras and even flying drones, yes i said flying drones people! In the movie they used a drone to get more of a dynamic view of the film & was used to view the spirit portal in the haunted closet of Madison's bedroom. This is what i loved about Poltergeist because it has 2015 written all over the film, showing us being more advanced than ever and a bit obnoxious showing off all our new flying drones of the future. You wouldn't be able to put that kind of stuff in a 80's film unless you super glued up a weird flying toy together, pulling it up and down with string for flying motion.

Acting for this film wasn't to much for the actors as there wasn't to much drama as i thought there was going to be. There was some upsets and tears as you would expect but nothing major and everything was more focused on getting the daughter back. I think if the movie was a little bit longer i think the experience for the actors would be different and a bit more emotional for them to act out.

So my conclusion for the 2015 movie is that its worth the watch for the poltergeist original fans but don't get your hopes up. For the new viewers i think you wont like it as much as other horror movies but if you're open minded and easily pleased then watch this legendary film.

Old Vs New.

Father 1& 2

Mother 1 & 2

JoBeth Williams/Diane Freeling

Rosemarie DeWitt/Amy Bowen

Daughter 1 & 2

Son 1&2

Youngest Daughter 1&2


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