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Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 1

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Teen Wolf

Lydia, The Not So Wailing Banshee

The opener to Teen Wolf was certainly a random one, as we see Lydia standing in the shower, motionless and doesn't reply to the women who is standing yards behind her, shouting Lydia's name to get out of the shower. The women slowly walks up to Lydia who is still in the shower and calls her again, but nothing responds. When the women gets close enough to Lydia, she grabs her face and tilts it to the side but Lydia still doesn't respond,

In a cut scene Lydia is walked down a long hall which looks like a psychiatric hospital by two escorts guards, one is male and the other one is the women who shouted her name in the shower. The women guard thinks its all an act and that Lydia is pretending and says to the other guard, "up the dosage up to 3mls," as the male guard is preparing to stick her with a needle.

As Lydia is lying in bed motionless and staring up at the ceiling, the male guard says "I promise to be gentle," as he sticks the needle in to her arm. The guard is still speaking to motionless Lydia and says "Sorry about that, i couldn't find a good vein...Try again." He sticks the needle in to her arm for the 2nd time but with a bit more aggression as the guard is taking pleasure from it.

Lydia is still motionless to his voice and sense of touch and the man speaks out again, "I'll just have to find a bigger vein," tilting Lydia's head to the side for a better view of her neck and positioning the needle in a stabbing grip with in his hand. As he goes to stab her right in the neck Lydia screams out loud, smashing every light bulb and pushing the man back with force. 

I was trying to think back to last season when she got put in a psychiatric hospital, but she never, did she? So how the hell did she get there? have i missed something? Anyway it was a very confusing opening scene of Teen Wolf. It was also jam packed with action as we see Lydia fighting off the guards with new fighting moves but i didn't want to get in to that right now, i'm just curios why she was there in the first place. Maybe it's another one of her dreams that come true or shes stuck in some kind of dream?

Episode 1 - Creatures Of The Night

Don't Go Inside The Dark, Creepy House

Deputy Jordan Parrish is complaining to the sheriff (Sheriff Stilinski) about that he has served all his duties on time but now has nothing to do and that he is stuck behind a desk doing nothing, while the power lines are out and people are in trouble.Parrish thinks he deserves to be out in the field helping the people in need, sot the Sheriff hands him a noise complaint form and tells him to check it out.

Parrish is now at large white house, with all the lights out and frightening lightening in the dark sky night. He bravely goes inside the creepy looking house with a flash light and calls out to see if anyone needs help, but no one replies back. While there is no reply, Parrish goes down in to the dark basement to see if anyone is down there, so he slowly looks around the basement and hears a knocking sound coming from a wall and Parrish walks up to the wall cautiously calling out as he eventually puts his ear to the wall...
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Parrish gets a knocking sound from the wall and he takes it as a reply for help, as he thinks someone is trapped with in the wall. Being the hero Deputy, he runs to his car and grabs a tool to hack open the concrete wall. When he starts bashing the wall he makes a small hole which seems to have something black dripping from the hole, on to the ground. The Deputy looks closer and the black liquid squirts on to him and something grabs him from inside the wall, which lifts him up as he is nothing. 

The creature that lifts Parrish up in to the air, stabs him with his abnormal blue glowing claws and begins to glow the same colour eyes as Deputy Parrish. As the creature was about to leave the bloody mess of Deputy Jordan Parrish he asks where Scott it.

Very tense, thrilling scene we have here! Loved the background setting at the creepy house and how it all played out at the end for Deputy Jordan Parrish. Unfortunately for Parrish it wasn't so pleasant, as he nearly got chocked to death in mid air and got his chest torn open by the unusual creature.

before the creatures eyes glowed the same colour as Parrish's, they glowed bright blue which tells me when the creature stabbed him with his glowing blue claws, he must of absorbed the powers of Parrish, that's what i was thinking when i first saw this scene. We also know that the creature has a plan of attacking Scott as he asked where he was with in this scene.

Electricity Is Everywhere

Through the whole episode we see a bunch of scenes with a lot of electrical phenomena, like when we see Stiles, Scott and Liam get stranded on the side of the road after Stile's car breaks down, but when their trying to fix the car, a bunch of lightening bolts hits very close to them from where they are stand and making the three very confused and anxious to leave in a hurry.

Very strange on why there would be an electrical storm that would nearly hit the three on numerous of occasions. Have you not herd about how lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place?! It made me think if someone or something was controlling the electricity and has it in for the three of them. 

Kira is stuck in traffic due to the "electrical storm" and she can't get any phone service to get in contact with her supernatural friends. Is this due to the electrical storm or did every phone service tower go down during the storm?

The weirdest scene was when Scott arrives home and sees the note he left his mother on the floor, which was originally stuck on the fridge. In the process of examining the note he left for his mother, he hears a bunch of things fall on the ground and it's the magnets falling off the fridge. Scott also notices the clock has stopped working and its beginning to make one of the hands twitch in a weird motion, and when Scott is looking up at the clock, all of the magnets that fell off the fridge suddenly rise from off the floor and back on to the fridge door.

I told you this was the weirdest scene... didn't i? Anyway, what sort of electrical storm does that to objects? So it must be directed or controlled in some way. 

Scott Needs Help, Or Does he?

Now that Parrish has been saved by the sheriff and took back to the hospital to eventually heal himself, he tells Scott's mother and the sheriff that this creature is after Scott and that he might be able to absorb Scott's power, since he is a different creature after all. When Parrish is trying to explain the situation Scott faces, Liam over herd them in the hospital corridor and indistinctly runs to warn the others and Scott.
I thought this was going to be the alpha for the rest of the season when Parrish said that, but it was a bit soon to reveal the main villain this early in the series.

Scott and Kira have just met up with each other but the love couple get intruded upon by the creature, and now all 3 are fighting in the raining night. Scott gets chucked to the ground by the creature and says to Scott "A True Alpha? Where's your powers Scott?" Scott then turns to his alpha form and starts to throw some blows and scratches but Scott is thrown against the wall and ground. Kira unwraps her belt from around her waist that turns in to a sword and starts flying in with her belt sword and is unable to make contact with the creature.

While this fight is going on and the creature walks back up to Scott and a uninvited guest jumps in to save Scott and throws in a heavy punch from jumping of the wall and gets a couple of scratches in but is also chucked to the ground. Scott gets back up to fight the creature but is instantly lifted up by one arm, while his claws from his other hand gets inserted in to Scott's stomach and when you think its all over for Scott, he finds the inner alpha inside of him and fights back, breaking the creatures arm and making him run away injured.

Wow what a epic first fight scene for the first episode of season 5! I thought Scott was done for as you see his red glowing eyes go out as if he was about to die or something, but in that slight moment he found faith and the inner strength to fight back to make the creature flee in to the stormy night. 

We also find out that the uninvited guest was a old friend of Scott's and Stiles from 4th grade, his name is Theo, but Stiles doesn't trust him one bit.

The Fate Of The Creature

The creature has returned from where he has come from but with a broken arm and a couple of scratches. He is talking to someone, asking for more power and to have more chances. Out come from the side, of the creature are 3 very tall robot looking beings with metal faces, metal hands and torso. The 3 metal faced beings reply to the creature, telling him that he has failed and no 2nd chances, and all 3 of them surrounds the creature while one holds a very long sword and sticks the creature in the chest with it.

The place the creature has just arrived at looks like a scientific lab, from what i can tell by the human sized tube containers and machinery that is around the facility. Could this be the place where the creature was created? Or where they have controlled the electricity?

The 3 of them look like they have a plan to create some havoc for Scott as they clearly wanted "obstacles" removed as they said to the failed creature. If the obstacles were removed, what was their next plan of action? Only Scott and his pack can stop them in their tracks. 

Lydia's Other Mind

At the very ending of a very interesting episode of Teen Wolf, we see one more last look at Lydia in the psychiatric hospital, and it looks like shes talking to one of the twins Aiden. Aiden is asking Lyida "What happened to all your friends?" but Lydia doesn't believe its him. While she is denying anything happened to her friends, she is getting all kinds of flash backs of them all being killed or in bad situations. Aiden keeps asking what happened to her friends, but Aiden's voice begins to deepen and the true identity of the person asking the questions is revealed, as if Lydia has found the strength to see the truth.

I'm still confused about this part of the story, aren't you? Is she trapped in her own mind or something? At least we can see the person behind all the questions now. 


Love this episode, the writers and the producers never fail to surprise me, as it was very confusing and thrilling in some parts and emotional in some others. I'm confused about the Lydia situation but i'm sure that will get revealed sooner or later and maybe she has to go on a quest to break out of the psychiatric hospital to save her friends.

The scientific robot beings are still mysterious but i think they will play a major part in the villain department and cause more havoc for Scott's pack.


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was your favourite scenes? & Why?
  3. What was your least favourite scenes? & Why?
  4. What do you think will happen in season 5?
  5. Do you think there will be any more major character deaths?
  6. Why is Lydia in a psychiatric hospital?
  7. How will she warn her friends and save them?
  8. What part will the robots beings play?
  9. What are they planning to do?
  10. Should we trust Theo?


  1. this was a great start to the season. i'm not a fan of the "this season spoiler" like on archer vice but at least it sort of explained why lydia was in eichen house. i'm hoping she was tricked about everyone being dead. my favorite part was when scott alpha'd out & said "you can stay & i break something else, or you can run." that was awesome.

    1. I didn't know anything about any spoilers luckily & yeah that bit was great, but either way if he stayed or didn't, he ended up dying anyway by the dread doctors haha

  2. Hi,

    Nice start. I am interested what you think about the latest part of season 5? Also check my blog and stay tuned ;)

    1. It's a good season I think. Not the best one but it's still good to watch :)