Thursday, 2 July 2015

Scream: Season 1, Ep 1



What seems to be a innocent prank that ends up as YouTube viral, leads the teenagers of Lakewood as a catalyst of murders that opens up a window to the towns troubled past.

That Drew Barrymore Scene

Do you remember the Drew Barrymore scene from the original first movie, where she was making popcorn and the killer would phone her up and ask her "Whats your favourite scary movie?" To eventually torment her by asking her a bunch of Horror movie related questions and if she gets it wrong her boyfriend would die and if she got it right...Well her boyfriend would die. The killer would tease her on where he would be hiding and after killing her boyfriend out in her backyard, the killer starts to chase down Drew Barrymore and "Gut her like a fish" before hanging her in a tree where her parents would find her.

The opening scene to the adapted Scream TV series is the remake of that scene but with a few changes from the original scene. 

Nina & her boyfriend are in his car talking about the YouTube video they did as prank but Nina gets out as she is at her house. Her boyfriend really wants to go in with her since her parents aren't home and Nina doesn't allow him, which makes her home alone. Nina is now getting ready to go in her hot tub but she is interrupted by weird text messages which makes her think that her boyfriend is inside with her playing a prank, so she goes around the house looking for him. 

Nina is now in the hot tub and still getting text messages that she think is her boyfriend. She sees one of the lights go off inside the house and asks him if it that was him and she gets a reply making sure that she thinks it's him, but actually not saying it is him. Nina is relaxing in the hot tub and gets a last reply from who ever is sending the text, saying "Heads up" and something splashing in the tub next to her, so she slowly gets a closer look and she realises its her boyfriends beheaded head.

Being terribly frightened of what Nina just witnessed, she runs out of the tub to call 911 on her cell phone but is unable to and she runs around the garden patio doors trying to get inside. As she is trying to get inside, there is a reflection in the window of the killer and he slashes her back, making Nina fall to the ground with blood pouring down her. She then gets up but the killer grabs her from behind to slice her neck wide open and then chucks her in the pool to drain out.

Her parents get home the next morning not knowing what had gone on the night before and walk through the front door, shouting Nina to let her know they're home. The mother goes out back to see a trail of blood that leads to the pool to finally see her daughter lying in a pool of her own blood.

I don't think this scene could of been any better or worse, why? You ask, i'll tell you why. If they played the scene the exact same as the movies original, then it would tell the viewers that its just going to be a TV series that is just copying the movie, also they didn't add to many hidden Easter eggs in the scene to make it seem so familiar to the movie. The very different changes played out  well for the opening scene, but you knew at the same time that they wanted to portray the Drew Barrymore scene with their own uniqueness to killing Nina.

The Legend Of Brandon James

A lonely kid with a deformed face is hidden from society as he spends his days living in the basement of his parents house. Brandon developed a crush on a girl named Daisy and Brandon would spend his day sending love letters and heart carvings to her. He gathered the nerve to talk to Daisy at the Halloween dance at school but Daisy thought he was wearing a normal Halloween masks, until he took it off to show her his deformed face, ending Brandon to get beaten up by a gang of kids that thought he was a monster.

After a lifetime of torment, Brandon ended up killing 5 students before he was done, when there was a manhunt to bring him down at the lake where Daisy agreed to meet him. Brandon hands over his carved heart necklace to Daisy before getting shot in the back and lands in the lake, to never to be seen again.

To this day no one knows what happened to Brandon or who Daisy is...

If Brandon isn't the ghost-face killer i think its very smart to add a 2nd killer in the mix of the story to make things more interesting and entertaining to watch. I hope they keep doing flashbacks to the past, to reveal more clues about Daisy & Brandon.

A Present From Brandon?

Emma Duvall just opened the front door to find a brown paper covered box sitting on the front porch of her house, so she takes it to her mother and asks who Daisy is, but her mother replies "It must be for someone else." Emma leaves to meet her friend who is waiting outside in the car and this gives Margaret AKA Daisy a good time to open the box. Inside the brown box lies a message that says "Emma looks just like you at that age." And Margaret looks inside the box and sees a bloody heart lying inside of it. 

Now we know who Daisy is, she is the mother of the main character of the series, Emma. Emma doesn't know about her mothers past but i'm pretty sure that will all spill out eventually. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Remember in the original movie where the teenagers threw a huge party at the end of the movie but everyone was being killed off one by one? Well in this next scene is pretty similar but accept no one dies or finds out who the killer was. 

The teenagers of Lakewood throw a house party for the death of Nina, everyone from high school turns up and are having a good time with out being murdered. For a change! Drinks start to flow and conversations get deeper as we see Emma find out that her boyfriend slept with Nina before she got murdered. This makes her very upset and storms off from the conversation and ends up in the green house with new boy in town, Kieran. The two start talking about how Kieran's mother and step dad died and now has to live with his real dad. As Emma feels sorry for him and looks up into his eyes, the two start to kiss each other.

Well she moved on quick!

Emma's friend Brooke was the one to spill the beans about her boyfriend sleeping with Nina and she wanders off to the garage as she can see the light being turned on and off. When she's inside the garage, the lights are all off and she can see one of the car doors is open, so she closes it but she suddenly hears a metal dragging sound as if something was picked up. Brooke begins to run towards the garage door and bumps in to Emma's boyfriend, Will. She tells Will that someone is in the garage with her but he can't see anyone as he turns the lights on. In the process of talking to Brooke, he threatens her to never get in-between him and Emma again or he will break her. 

I'm unsure if this was another hidden Easter egg to make us think back to the movie where Sidney's friend gets murdered in the car garage by trying to fit through the dog flap that is on the automatic doors. As she tries to go through the small dog flap, the killer opens up the garage door with her still half way through the flap, to eventually crushing her to death.

Noah is best friends with the girl who had the video prank done to her and the two are at the party. Noah is the movie geek of the series, the same as the character from the movie, Randy Meeks. Noah begins to talk about how the party they are all at would be a good setting for a murder scene and then he starts to slobber his words to fall asleep as he is to drunk. 

He finally wakes up half naked in the middle of the lake on a floating boat dock, he screams for help but no one can hear him as he is to far away from the house. Noah decides to get in the water and swim back towards the house party, he is scared doing so because its the same lake where Brandon James got killed by the police. When hes swimming towards the house he feels something pull him down in to the water and he swims faster towards the house to be dragged out by Kieran. He explains to everyone that he felt like he was being pulled under by someone but Emma can see fishing line around his feet, making everyone think it was his imagination playing mind tricks on him. 

Was it Brandon James trying to pull him under water? I would of punched who ever put me on the floating dock because you can't be doing things like that! I'm a bad swimmer as it is and i don't want to be swimming when i'm half drunk thanks!


I think people would enjoy the series if they didn't compare it to the movie so much, i mean who wants to watch a series to be exactly the same as the movie? You will know what happens in every scene if it was the same. I think people should give the benefit of the doubt to the TV series to be able to enjoy it, like i did. 

I like how they kept the persona of some characters from the movie in the series, but gave them different back stories to make it more original. Overall i liked the first episode of Scream and i am intrigued on how the rest of the series plays out.

  1. What did you think of the premiere of Scream?
  2. Does it deserve to be a TV series after the iconic movie?
  3. What did you think of the characters?
  4. What was your favourite scenes? & Why?
  5. what was your least favourite scenes? & Why?
  6. What do you think will happen in the next episode?
  7. Will Brandon James Appear in the series?
  8. What do you think of the version of Ghost-Face?
  9. Could you see any hidden Easter eggs?
  10. Who do you think the killer/killers is?


Drew Barrymore as Casey & Bella Thorne as Nina

Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duvall
Tracey Middendorf  as Margaret Duvall AKA Daisy 

Connor Weil as Will Belmont

John Karna as Noah Foster

Bex Talor-Klaus as Audrey Jensen

Tom Maden as Jake Fitzgerald

Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox


  1. The MTV productions part is what concerns me, they generally make something good for about a season but they lose focus quickly. I'm a little weary if I'll give it a full fledged chance but I may. Good write up bud.

    1. I was the same as you, I was skeptical of it all because I'm such a huge fan of the movies and how MTV deliver on previous TV series. I think you would enjoy it if you don't compare it to the movies to much and thanks for the kind words mate :)