Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Teen Wolf: Season 5, Episode 2

Teen Wolf

Episode 2 - Parasomnia

The Dreams Are Real

The 2nd episode of Teen Wolf is upon us and it begins with a new face we haven't seen before, a girl who is talking to the school council about her night terrors. She goes on about how she usually doesn't remember them and she starts to explain one particular night terror she has. 

She's about to go to sleep, but shes tossing and turning as the rain is hitting the window pretty hard. This makes her look up to her ceiling window and she can see a crow knocking on the window above her, so the girl turns and looks back and its gone. As she looks towards a different window she is startled as she thought she seen a figure looking at her in the window but eventually the figure also disappears. The girl slowly walks up to the window to make sure it is locked and she gets back in to bed, hesitating switching her bedside light off. When she finally gets back in to bed she can feel a breeze coming from some where and she can see her ceiling window is wide open, this makes her get a chair to climb on to shut the window. The window is finally shut but a hand grabs the chair from underneath her and falls.

She explains to the school council women that her father found her beside her bed, next to the collapsed chair. The Council women doesn't really believe her so the poor girl gets up to leave for her next class, but as soon as she gets up, she starts breathing heavy and projects black vomit all over the desk and in that black vomit is a crows feather. The school council women and the girl look very worried because none of them have seen this happen before.

EWWW! What was that poor girl been eating? A Crow for breakfast? Also that dream was pretty creepy if you ask me. If i was in that situation i would of ran down stairs or even outside the house. Surely the night terrors must mean something to the girl?

Stiles Wont Trust

In the last episode of Teen Wolf we see a new character and maybe a new wolf to Scott's pack, Theo. Stiles is having problems in trusting Theo as he is very protective of his friends and Scott. Stiles and Scott take the time to talk to Theo in the changing rooms and question him on how he got turned in to a wolf, so Theo starts explaining his wolf turning process.

Stiles and Scott are a little skeptical about Theo's explanation on his wolf turning process, so Theo starts to talk about his 4th grade experience with Scott. He explains on how he had asthma and had to go to the school doctor, that Scott made sure that there was nothing to be afraid of, since Scott had asthma when he was younger. 

If i was Stiles i would be cautious of Theo as well, because him and the gang have been through a lot and Scott should understand where stiles is coming from.

No one believes in Stiles that something is up with Theo and that he shouldn't be trusted. This makes Stiles go in to full investigation mode and no one will help him because they all think hes crazy. The only person to help Stiles is the young and naive wolf Liam. Stiles & Liam begin to follow Theo in to the woods as they think he is up to something suspicious, but only to find out that he is visiting the spot where his sister died, since Liam can pick up his emotional state and feels that Theo is grieving.

I'm still suspicious of Theo to be honest because hes to quiet and mysterious for my liking. He's also to nice and polite to people, making me think hes trying to hard to fit in and throw peoples judgement off him to make them think he's a good person. 

A Helping Hand

When Scott finds out that Stiles followed Theo in to the woods and now thinks Stiles is in the wrong, Stiles feels embarrassed and angry at the same time. Stiles feels embarrassed and angry because Scott told him to trust Theo and give him the benefit of the doubt, which Stiles never did. While being angry at himself and Scott, he ends up hitting his broken down car very hard and ends up hurting his own hand. Scott looks at Stiles as if to say "What are you doing?" but actually heals Stiles's hand by covering it with his own, taking the pain and the injuries that was conflicted on Stiles's hand after punching his car.

I liked this scenes because it was very passionate and Stiles feels like hes losing his best friend to Theo, because Scott wont listen to Stiles, but then Scott heals Stiles's hand as if he is saying "I'm still your friend no matter what" and Stiles doesn't know what to say or think towards Scott after he did that kind gesture. 

Will The Night Terrors Ever Stop?

Another night terror is about to happen when the girl opens up her locker and the lights go out in the school hallway. The girl can see some black liquid coming out from one of the lockers on the same row as her and it opens up with a weird looking creature crawling towards her, up the side of the lockers. Lydia can see the terrified girl at her locker and notices that she is having problems because she can see the girl having one of her night terrors, so Lydia interrupts her and saves her from the living nightmare she was about to have. 

This girl has some serious issues or shes been eating to much cheese before bed!

Lydia feels sorry for the girl, so she asks Deputy Jordan Parrish to make sure that her house is secure and safe, so Parrish agrees and checks out her bedroom and gives it the all clear. Parrish tells Lydia that he will watch the house for a couple of hours to make sure its safe and Lydia insists on joining him, but only if Lydia brings the right coffee for Parrish as he advises her to.

They obviously fancy each other! 

When Parrish is outside, he looks towards the house with his binoculars and the girl who he thinks is inside the house asleep, is actually behind his car, looking at him while he gazes at the house. She then turns around and starts to walk in a weird and possessed kind of way. 

At the end of the episode you see the girl terrified as she has woken up from what i say is a sleep walk and finds herself in the weird scientific laboratory where the 3 robotic looking scientist were. She can also see the robotic scientist people walk towards her as she is muttering to herself that it isn't real and she is still sleeping. But shes not! 2 of them grab her arms from behind and put her on the floor, while the other one inserts a very large needle into her neck, 

A cut scene happens and shows the audience what her night terrors was caused by and it was all her own doing and she didn't even realise she was doing it.Also after being injected by the large needle, she slowly rises and looks up towards the camera and roars, showing her lovely sharp teeth and glowing yellow eyes. 
It all makes sense now... I think! The creature from the first episode was covered in that black liquid which the girl vomited out in this episode. She also got injected by something which turned her in to something else...Maybe shes the same type of creature as the one from episode 1? But what will the robotic scientist have her do next?


Another great episode but had more of a story behind it as the girl and the robotic scientist are linked together, causing her to have night terrors and I'm still wondering what the robotic scientist have planned and how they will try and get rid of Scott and his pack.

Also Liam told Mason about being a ware-wolf and i'm very excited how that story will pan out for the two of them. Maybe he will try get involved but Liam wouldn't want him to? 


  1. What did you think of the overall episode?
  2. What was you favourite scene? & Why?
  3. What was you least favourite scene? & Why?
  4. How will Mason act now he knows the truth?
  5. Who are these robotic scientist?
  6. What are their plan, now they control the girl?
  7. How will Scott and the gang handle things?


  1. This blog post, very owsom. And I like it,

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Im glad you like it.

  2. [ Smiles ] I have seen, "Teen Wolf" on a few occasions and I will admit that I enjoyed it.

    1. It's great! I think if it wasn't on MTV & on a more mature channel like AMC, I think it would gather more popularity.

    2. [ Smiles ] I think that the most appropriate channel for it would be the SyFy Channel.


      Because, it is a highly recognized channel and the views of "Teen Wolf" will go through the roof!

    3. Yes, exactly!! MTV really do have a good show on their hands and I hope they keep it that way.

    4. [ Laughs ] That makes the two of us.